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April 27, 1895

Killing At Violet Springs On last Saturday morning at Violet Springs, in the southeast part of this county, Will TURNER, a deputy sheriff, went to arrest Bob CHRISTIAN on a warrant for grand larceny.
The deputy told CHRISTIAN he had a warrant for him when CHRISTIAN said "d--- you, you had better keep it" and reached for his gun, but the deputy was too quick and pulling his gun, told CHRISTIAN twice to throw up his hands, but he paid no attention and the deputy shot at his breast, but as it did not seem to take effect he shot again at his head, hitting him a glancing blow in the forehead, knocking him down and it was afterwards learned that it made only a flesh wound.
As soon as Bob CHRISTIAN'S Gang saw what was going on, they opened fire on the deputy, killing him instantly. The ones who shot Deputy Turner are the two FRISCAN boys, Buttermilk John and a young man named HOLBROOK.
The last two are in jail here but the two FRISCAN boys have not been captured. It is reported that CHRISTIAN was only slightly hurt.
The bystanders say that CHRISTIAN must have had a breast-plate on as the first shot Turner made was within two feet of him and the gun was pointed square at his breast.
CHRISTIAN'S friends got him away and it is said he is in hiding in the woods. It seems that the CHRISTIAN Gang are a bad set, and they should be rooted out.
Submitted by: Carl Phillips badge327@yahoo.com 

May 3, 1895

Murder Most Foul
Deputy Sheriff W. C. TURNEY Shot Down By Outlaws While Attempting to Make and Arrest
Early last Saturday morning Deputy Sheriff  TURNEY was murdered in cold blood near Violet Springs in the southeast part of the county, by toughs known as the Christian gang. TURNEY was out looking for his horses and met Bob CHRISTIAN for whom he had a warrant. On being told that he could consider himself under arrest, CHRISTIAN reached for his revolver. Both men drew their guns and commenced firing almost simultaneously and continued firing at each other until their revolvers were emptied.
About this time several men appeared at the head of a draw a short distance from where the two men were standing and opened fire on TURNEY, killing him instantly. CHRISTIAN was wounded by TURNEY, how seriously is not known. News of the murder was brought to town by Deputy Marshal Hank WATTS, who arrived here about 3 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day, direct from Violet Springs. Deputy Sheriffs SPRINGFIELD, BLAGG and COONROD left immediately for the scene of the murder.
Sheriff  TROUSDALE was at his farm near Moral when he heard of the murder. Hastening across the county he met his deputies at Avoca and proceeded with them to Violet Springs.
Saturday evening Mun FRANKS and a Mr. BAKER, farmers residing near Violet Springs, brought in Foster HOLBROOK, alias 'The Kid', one of the gang, whom they had captured a short time after the killing occurred.
Sunday morning Sheriff TROUSDALE and his posse captured J. W. MACKEY, alias 'Buttermilk John', another of the gang and Sunday evening Deputy COONROD and C. R. GULUN arrived in town with him and lodged him in jail. Sheriff TROUSDALE and Deputies BLAGG, SPRINGFIELD, and RUTHERFORD remained in the vicinity in hope of capturing the CHRISTIAN brothers.
RUTHERFORD came in Tuesday evening, SPRINGFIELD Wednesday and TROUSDALE and BLAGG Thursday. No clue was secured relative to the hiding place of the two outlaws. Sheriff TROUSDALE and his force have earned the respect and confidence of every good citizen by their prompt and fearless action.
The preliminary trial of 'The Kid' and 'Buttermilk John' began yesterday. We go to press too early to give result. Friends of the murdered deputy have employed MELTON and CHASE to assist the county attorney in prosecuting the outlaws. B. B. BLAKENEY is conducting the defence.
Carl in Hangtown Submitter's Note: Sheriff Billy TROUSDALE was my third cousin, three times removed
Submitted by: Carl Phillips badge327@yahoo.com

May 18, 1895

A hack load of young men started to Shawnee last Saturday night just after dark, and when about a mile north of town they ran up on a stump and broke down. The boys had to walk home.

The "Honky-tonk" outfit of Shawnee were taking in Tecumseh this week. They got drunk and the city marshal "pulled" them. This outfit will find that Tecumseh has no use for such a corrupt gang. The Tecumseh dancing club will give a dance this Friday evening at SMITH'S Hall.

October 12, 1895

S. T. WARD, Undersheriff, requests us to state that he is not leaving the sheriff's office because he is dissatisfied with Sheriff TROUSDALE as Mr. TROUSDALE is a gentleman in every respect and is making as good a sheriff as Pott County could have.
The reason he is going to leave is because his business at home requires him to be there. This statement is made to correct an impression that is out. Mr. WARD returns thanks to the sheriff, deputy sheriffs and all friends, for kindness shown while in charge of the sheriff's office.

The clinch bug eats up the farmer's wheat and moth eats up his honey. The bed bug plays about his feet and the banker gets his money.

Tecumseh has four newspapers and they have job offices in connection, there is no reason for sending county printing outside of the county seat.
Carl in Hangtown Submitted by: Carl Phillips badge327@yahoo.com

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