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The Soper Democrat

January 8, 1931

A.J. GAMBIL Died Last Week At Ardmore
A.J. Gambil, aged 66 years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ora Walters, at Ardmore, Monday, December 29 at 4:30 a.m.. Burial was in the Ardmore cemetery Tuesday afternoon.
The cause of his death was not announced but he is said to have been sick a long time.
Deceased lived in this section for many years, moving from Soper to Wellington, Texas, a couple of years ago. A few months ago he moved to Ardmore.
Besides his wife he is survived by a son, Marvin Gambil, two daughters, Mrs Ora Walters and Mrs Wiley Davenport.
Mr. Gambil was a good man, loved and respected by all, and Soper friends are grieved to learn of his death.
Mrs. Gambil returned to Soper with her daughter, Mrs. Davenport, and will visit here awhile.
Note: Gambil is misspelled, should be GAMBILL

Death of Mrs. Ozie ARMS
Mrs. Ozie Arms died at the family home in the Lively community Tuesday after 11 days of illness of pneumonia.
She was laid to rest in the Sugar Creek cemetery by the side of her husband and daughter, Wednesday.
Funeral services were conducted by Eld. M.A. Pillars. She leaves one son, Loyd, two sisters and three brothers to mourn her death.
A good woman has gone to rest. May Gods richest blessing rest upon that home.

Rev. J.D. BRANNON, pastor of the Baptist Church, will preach Sunday night on "The Crowned Christ"

Jno. A. BRYAN, of Nelson, was transacting business here today.

Mr. and Mrs. Grover HALL, of Cushing, Okla. arrived yesterday for a visit with Mr. Mrs. R.L. HALL

Ex-Seniors Home For The Holidays
Some of the ex-seniors of S. H. S., home for the holidays were : Jeff WORTHAM, of Marlow, Okla.; Mrs. Olive Mae STONE, of Dallas.; Welcome WILLSON, who has been attending Murray College at Tishomingo.; Francis and Jess TAYLOR, of Brainard, Minn.; Bess TAYLOR, Merle GUTHRIE, Ruth BUSH, Junia REOBUCK, who are attending S.T.C and O.P.C at Durant.; Ruth BALCH, who has been attending Central State Teachers College at Edmond.; Bob BAKER, who has been employed at the Antlers American at Antlers.; Ray WORTHAM, who is now living at Marlow.; Freda WILLIAMS, from DeQueen, Ark.; Charles Barber ALLEN, who is attending A.&M. at Stillwater.; Evelyn ROUTON, who is teaching school at Cloudy.; Lowell DENNIS, who is working in Okla. City.; Mae Ellis CALFEE, of Okla. City.; Mrs. Irene ROWLETTE, of Dallas.; Mrs. Homer ELLIS, of Vernon, Texas.
Several of the ex-students of S.H.S have visited school this week; The were Edith LINDSEY, Mae Ellis CALFEE, Dixie ARCHER and Ruth BALCH. Seems natural to see them in the study halls and classrooms.
Adrin RANKINS, who is attending A.&M. College at Stillwater, visited school Monday.
Ex-Soper students who were here for the holidays were : Ruth HENSON, of Brownsfield; Erma MCKEE, of Norman; Rayburn PHILIPPI, of McAlester; Mrs. Peggy CAMPBELL, of Tulsa; Texie ARCHER, of Vernon, Texas; Imojene BENTLEY, of Paris, Texas, and Ben VANDERGRIFF, of Ardmore.

We are sorry to lose on of our classmates. John EASLEY is moving to Louisiana this week. We wish you lots off success in your new home, John.

The Tulsa Tribune, Tulsa's Leading Newspaper Delivered to your early each morning For 15 cents a Week.
Willard BAKER, Carrier.

Regret for his act of robbing a store in Newark, N.J., caused Freeman BECK to surrender to the police and hand them $74 of the $84 he had taken.

Mrs. Edward MEIR of Helvetia, Ore. took 50 stitches in one of her hens to save its life after she had been struck by a motor car.

John MOLLER, of Denver, didn't mind washing the dishes and cooking while his bride listened to the radio and read magazines, but when she refused to kiss him he obtained a divorce.

Providing that he pay for the teeth he knocked out, Miss Alice DAVIS of Patterson, N.J. promised she would forgive her sweetheart, who was about to receive a month's sentence when she intervened.

The National Bank of Commerce, Hugo, Oklahoma
United Stated Government Depository
Capital and Surplus
F.H. SHERWOOD, President
Max WESTHEIMER, Vice-President
S.B. COCKE, Cashier
J.P. CARSON, Assistant Cashier
R. OLIVE, Asst Cashier

Mr. and Mrs. Ray RILEY and children, of Wichita Falls, Texas, came in last week for a visit with Mrs. Riley's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. THORNTON. Mr. Riley has returned to his home and Mrs. Riley and children are continuing their visit.

Jay  MCKEE and Bob BAKER left yesterday for a few days trip to Okla. City.

Mrs. Irene ROWLETTE and little daughter, Lera Jean, of Texaskana spent the holidays here with Mrs. Rowlette's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. WILSON.

We are sorry to lose one of our classmates, Paul TYREE, who is moving to El Paso, Texas. We hope he has much success in the new school which he attends.

Joe and J.B. HAMMONDS have re-entered school after several days absence. We are glad to have them back with us to work.

Herman BUTLER was absent Wednesday for the first time this term.

Eighth Graders Nicknames:
Edith WISE - Ed
Pauline WHITE -Polly
Alva DOWNS - Night owl
Inez DOLE - Sister
E.L. LOGAN - Knee deep
Walter CARLSON - Mill boy
Thomas NEX. Jr.- Giant
Charlie COOKSEY - Cry Baby
Leonard WILLIAMS - Sugar lump
Sibble BROWN -Sally
Ruth EDGAR - Rufus
We would have had Mr. KENNEDY'S name in this list but he doesn't have a nickname unless it is Soper's Wild Nut.

Sugar Creek School News
School is progressing nicely this week. Everyone is working hard.
Mrs. MCCLURE, County Demonstration agent, made a visit to the 4-H Club Tuesday.
New students at school this week:
Dorothy, James, Juanita and Kirk DAVENPORT
Margurete, Elizabeth, James, and Dorothy HAMMONDS
Edward, Leonard and Delbert SMITH
James and Curtis MACK are back in school after several days of sickness.
Nell and Wlater DAVENPORT are back in school after several days absence on account of the death of their grandfather, Mr. GAMBLE.
Mattie Lee BOWLIN is back in school after several days absence.
Clarence BLANKENSHIP and Raymond ALDERS were visitors at school this week.

Mudsand Items
We are having some pretty weather up our way and the farmers are making good use of it.
Mr. and Mrs. O.J. THORNLEY and children were dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. S.K. HAWKINS, Sunday.
Ben NICHOLS, of Byers, Texas, is visiting relatives and friends in this, his former home, at this writing.
Edde GAWKINS and Johnnie MCKEE were transacting business in Bryan county Monday.
Misses Reba and Mildred THORNLEY visited Bernice MATTHEWS, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edd RODEN and children will leave one day this week of Byers, Texas, where they will make their future home.
Reba, Mildred and Freda THORNLEY visited their cousin Ruby MCKEE, Saturday afternoon.
Mrs. Sam SMITH and children visited Mr. and Mrs. G. H. SMITH, Sunday
Mrs. O.J. THORNLEY and daughter, Miss Helen, and son, Baby Ray, visited Mrs. S. K. HAWKINS, Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. J.D. MCKEE, visited her son and family, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. MCKEE Saturday afternoon.
Miss Lorene JOHNSON visited Mrs. Will PILLARS, Saturday afternoon.
Charles GREEN, Eddie HAWKINS, and Johnnie MCKEE were Soper visitors Saturday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Will PILLARS visited Mrs. Pillars brother and family, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram SMITH, several days last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. MCKEE and children visited relatives at Sand Bluff, Sunday.
Charles GREEN was a supper guest of O.J. THORNELY, Sunday night.
Mrs Myrtle VICK visited Mrs. S., HAWKINS Friday night.
Newt TAYLOR visited relatives near Hugo several days ago.

The Loud Speaker
Altas School Paper
Volney BRADLEY, Jr. Editor-in-Chief
J.T. VANSICKLE, Associate Editor
V.V. BRADLEY, Sponsor

Mrs. MCCLURE and Mr. GERNERT, our new county agent, were here with us Thursday.

Mr. BLACK and W.D. HILL visited us Tuesday.

Seventh and Eighth Graders
Two new students, Ruth BUMPASS and Floyd SMITH
Lost of of our best pupils this week, Elven THOMS. We are sorry to lose him.
J.T. VANSICKLE was on time Friday for the first time this week.
Those absent this week were: Julia HILL, Vester BEADLE, and Curtis HILL.

Honor Roll
6th grade- Gladys PATE and Bessie BRADLEY
5th grade- James and Margaret JOHNSON and Orval PATE.
4th grade- Silvia JOHNSON, Nadine OAKES and Linda BRADLEY.

We have lost four of our pupils, they are Wagner Thoms and Oscar and Virgle CHESNEY. We are sorry to see them go.

Primary Room
New pupils this week are Carl BUMPASS, Velton PATE,  Clyde CROW and Frances CROW.
Mrs. Roy AWBREY visited our room Thursday afternoon.
We are sorry to lose Hurshel and Raymond ANTWINE.

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