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Articles from the Shawnee Herald Contributed by
Minnie Lewis

The Shawnee Herald

Sunday Nov. 19, 1905

Real Estate Transfers

Royce WYANT to Lena CARSON, $600, block 12 in Wyant's second add to Shawnee.

S. B. BOOTHE to S. J. POTTS, $40, part of sec. 18 twp. 7 N P 3 E I M

Mrs. Delia PARRISH to Harvey HEAD; $1,200, E ½ S W ¼ 17-8-2 E I M

W. T. SELLERS to A. J. POTTS, $20, part S W ¼ of 1-7-2 E I M

U. C. GUSS to Frank C. WRIGHT, $300, lot 12 block 28 North Wanette.

Gertie KELLEY to Daniel D. DUNNAGAN, $175, lots 12 and 13 block 6 Whitaker's add to Shawnee

W. W. IVES to Daniel D. DUNNAGEN $1000, lots 13 and 14 block 1 Pern's add to Shawnee.

L. C. JOHNSON to Daniel D. DUNNAGAN, $250 lot 14 block 161 A P to Shawnee

J. S. HAWKINS to B. H. SANBORN $200 lots 13 and 14 block 1 Pern' add to Shawnee

Delia M. PARRISH to Dr. F. BENCE, $45, lots 16 and 18 Douglas Ave in Burnett.

Ella M. PATCHIN to I. W. ROLEY, $400, LOTS 5 to 10 block 5 Deer Park add to Shawnee.

Edgar L. VALANDINGHAM to Mary E. VALANDINGHAM, $950, S W ¼ of, N. W. ¼ 5-8-5

J.P. RYKER to R. C. TATTIE, $540, S W ¼ of N W ¼ 5-8-5.

J. C. GIBBONS to W. P. GIBBONS, $300, lots 29 and 30 block 12 in Dale.

Robert ALLEN to William LIVELY, $60, part out lot 8 Granger's add to Shawnee.

Nannie Adelia SEXTON to William LIVELY, $150, lots 17 to 21 Grangerr's add to Shawnee.

Cases Filed in District Court

Milbert F. PRICE and others vs. Elbert BURTON and others, recovery of money.

September, 1906

Licensed to Wed.

J. E. FIZPATRICK 23, and LAURA HUSSELMAN 18, both of Shawnee.

HARMON HARRIS 40, and EVA ROBARTS 22, both of Shawnee.

J.W. MORRIS, 26 of Lincoln county, and DILLIE SMITH 18, of Keokuk Falls.

M. C. BICKFORD 24, and LIZZIE CLEVENGER, 16, both of Asher.

EMERSON CHAPPEL 31, and RHODA MILLER 22, both of Indian Territory.

C. M. VICKERS 31, of Post, Okla., and LELA M. COOLEY 21, of Tecumseh.

W. F. CAUDLE 23, and MARY L. CARVER 16, both of Asher

OLIVER WOOD, 22, of Arkansas City and SYLVIA HARDIN 1 9, of Cleo, Oklahoma.

J. A. GREEN 30, of Shawnee and EVA K. JERMAN, 20 of Oklahoma City.

W. M. SEBOM 33, and LENA ROBERTSON 26, both of Shawnee.

B. C. McWATERS 33, and CLYDE MARY WALKER 17, both of Avoca.

B. A. WORLEY 19, and MARY STILES 18, both of McComb.

Real Estate Transfers

C. B. HARLAN to A. H. THOMAS $1, 500 lot 19 and 20 in A. P. of L. 3 and 8 in block 12 of North Park Addition Shawnee.

Fred K . VONDREIS, guardian to Jos. F. SEFSICK $133.33 2.21 interest in N. E. 1-4 of Section 5-10-5

Eli ELLIS to Joseph SEFSICK, $1.00 N. E. 1-4, 5-10-5.

Thomas WILLIAMS to Joseph SEFSICK; $100, N. E 1-4, 5-10-5.

Fannie ELLIS to Joseph SEFSICK, $1.00 N. E. 1-4, 5-10-5.

C. B. FUNDIS to W. L. W. L. HUGHLETT $2,000; S. E. 1-4 of N. E. 1-4 and E. 1-2 of S. W. 1-4 of N E. 1-4 9-6-3 E. I. M.

Tuesday, April 2, 1907


W. E. GREENWELL age 47, and Malanie AGEZ(?) Age 50, were married Monday by Judge MABEN.

J. E. NIEESHAUS age 22, and Miss Annie SHOEMAKER age 21, both of Sacred Heart took out marriage license Monday.

J. E. TRAVIS age 39, and Miss Lillie BENNETT age 35, both of Shawnee procured license to wed Monday.

Mr. Edgar Lee SCHNEITER and Miss EVANS having procured their license repaired to Judge MABEN'S residence in Shawnee and were united in marriage by the Judge.

MR. Ed JACKSON, one this city's most popular young business men, and Miss Ethel ALEXANDER, who is not only pretty but charming as well, were united in marriage by REV. A. P. STONE. Only a few friends and the immediate members of both families were present. A splendid dinner was served after which the happy couple left for Asher where they will spend a few days visiting and will then return to Tecumseh.

MR. Artist KENNEDY and Miss Clemmie ALLEN were united in marriage Sunday morning at 11 o'clock by Rev. STANSON at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. ALLEN, two miles south and one and one-half miles east of Brown. Mr. and Mrs. KENNADY will leave for Osage, Okla., today where they will make their future home.

Real Estate Transfers

O. D. HERBERT to W. E. PENNINGTON, $5OO; LOT 11, BLOCK 19, Romulus, Okla.

WILLIS L. HONEYCUTT to Claud ASHMORE, $ 200; lots 22, 23, 24, block 12; South Mand Addition, Maud, Okla.

W. J. RIGGS to Lena JARVIS, $575; lots 4, 5, block 5, Fair Grounds Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

Sarah J. COOK to J. C. FISHER, $600; lots 4, 5, block 5, Fair Grounds Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

A. J. KNOUSE to M. A. COBB, $1000; pt block 5, Estes Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

Homer BROOKS to H. L. EWING, $100; LOTS 2, 3, BLOCK 4, Brooks Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

A. B. CLARK to W. W. ANDREW, $600; 11, 12, block 14. Hoffman's Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

Andrew J. CHAMP to Richard W. CHAMP, $500; lot 11, block 152, A. P. Shawnee, Okla.

CJ. IVEY to G. W. CLARK, $1000; N 1-2 NE 1-4 8,7, 4 E. I. M.

Richard W. CHAMP to Andrew J. CHAMP, $500 ; lot 10, block 152, A P., Shawnee, Okla.

Hester CRAIG to Archie F. McMILLAN $1.00; lots 1, 2, 3, 4, BLOCK C, Dill's Addition , Shawnee, Okla.

Hester CRAIG to Archie F. McMILLAN, $1.00, pt block C. Dill's Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

Forest W. THURMAN to Luanna HILDERBRANT, $300; lots 9, 10 block 6, Newport's Addition Shawnee, Okla.

Nancy F. RAGAINS to Lewis RAGAINS, $1.00; SE (?) Can not read.

May, 1907

Real Estate Transfers

Philip O. BROOKS to Sam ELZO, $1,750.00; 1-2 lots 23 to 30, block 12, McLoud, Ok.

C. J. BENSON to R. W. CONGDON $3,000 lot 28, block 24, A. P. Shawnee Ok.

R. W. CONGDON to J. W. RUBEY, lot 28, block 24, A. P. Shawnee, Ok.

R. W. CONGDON to J. W. RUBEY, $6,600.00; lot 25, block 24, A. P. Shawnee, Ok.

H. T. DOUGLAS to J. W. RUBEY, $1,800 lot 5, block 28, A. P. Shawnee, Ok.

C. J. PATTERSON to Jessie EMLING, $500; part lot 6, 30-10-4 E. I. M.

D. N. KENNEDY to W. A. ALBAUGH, $500.00; lots 3 and 4, block 16, Hoffman's Addition Shawnee, OK.

Samuel W. WADDLE to P. O. BROOKS, et al; $12,000.00 NE1-4 NW1-4 26, SE 1-4, 23, SW1-4 24, N1-2  NW1-4 25, 10-4 E. I. M

Okemah, to Ida B. BENTLEY, $1000; lots 1 2 5, 25 10- 3 E. I. M.

L. A. MORRISON to R. B. ENSEY, $40; lot 8 to 12, block 4, Violet, Okla.

R. B. ENSEY to Mary S. SPRADLEY, $60; lot 8 to 12, Violet, Okla.

BROOKS & CREWS to Samuel M. WADDLE, $7200; pt. Lot 10 to 13, block 13, and lots 16 to 21 in block 22, McLoud Okla.

?nna S. VINCENT to Joseph M. TRIGG $4500; pt. Lot 6, block 3, Estes A. P., Shawnee, Okla.

Andrew J. CRAHAN to Fleda Abtes(?) $2500; lot 5, 6, block 27, Choctaw Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

A. J. GRAYSON to Maggie DAY $1,000; lot 1, 2, 3, 8, 9, 10 and pt. 4 and 7, block 53, Earlboro, Okla.

Henry LIMKE to C. J. LEMKE, $300 SW 1-4 NW 1-4 33, 7, 2 E. I. M.

Thos. J. CONROY to August ZOELLER, $2000; 1-6 lot 1-2 sec. 14 and lots 6, 7, sec. 10 and lot 1, sec. 11, twp. 11 R. 2, E. I. M. and lot 15, block 16, Choctaw Addition, Shawnee Okla.

J. H. MAXEY, Jr., to W. a. PERKINS, $250; lot 48, P. outlot 13 and 12, Spaulding Addition, Shawnee, Okla.

DeWitt Clinton STOUT to W. J. STRATON, $3200; SW 1-4 1, 11, 2 E. I. M.

J. O. BLAKENEY to Elton M. CRUM $400; lot 7, block 21, McLoud, Okla.

Citizens Band, of McLoud, to J, O. BLAKENEY, trustee, $400; lot 7, block 21, McLoud, Okla.

John M. ESTES to John RANDLE; $1,050; NE 1-4 NE 1-4 15, 11, 2 E.I. M.

Saturday May 11, 1907


Yesterday at noon there arrived in Tecumseh DAVID ANDERSON of Shawnee and MISS. KATE KATE GILRUTH, both aged fifteen years. The boy's father accompanied the couple to the court room, where a,

Marriage license was issued to boy and girl, and the trio thereupon proceeded to the home of Justice CLINKSCALES where DAVID and KATIE were married. Upon inquiry it was learned that ANDERSON SR., was a widower and needed a housekeeper and also that the bride was from Paden, I. T. and ran away from home to become a bride.

Saturday, May 11, 1907

W. D. KOONS is visiting in the city.

Mr. and Mrs. Ben BLAKENEY were in town yesterday.

T. D. SMITH is again on the streets after a short illness.

Mr. Walter PIKE of Romulus spent yesterday in the city.

W. A. RUGGLES made a flying trip to Shawnee yesterday on business.

Mr. H. B. FOSTER, the gin man from Tribbey, greeted Tecumseh friends today.

Will CUTLIP of Shawnee made his father T. G. CUTLIP a short visit yesterday.

Austin LEWIS and Eb. NEWELL enjoyed a ride on the interurban last evening.

Mrs. M. J. MUNDAY, OF Asher is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Herbert NICHOLS.

W. J. CARSON, D. D. KLAPP are in Oklahoma City attending the druggist convention.

Robert ROBERTSON, of Shawnee came over Thursday night to spend a few hours in a "good town."

Charlie FOX, of McComb, republican candidate for commissioner, for the 3rd district was in the county seat yesterday.

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie GRIMWOOD and family of Brown took advantage of the beautiful day to shop in our city yesterday.

The large crowd who attended the speaking by Robert OWENS, candidate for United States Senator, came back very enthusiastic.

The rose hedge around Mrs. GOEKE'S yard, is a beautiful sight, just now , and shows to what perfection roses can be grown in this city.

The burial of the baby of Mr. and Mrs. C. E. FRANCIS, took place yesterday at Earlboro, the afflicted parents have the deep sympathy of all of their friends in the loss of their dear little one.

J. B. ALLENSWORTH of Hopkinsville, Ky., was looking at the beauties and advantages of the county seat yesterday with a view of locating here in the practice of law.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur PRINCE are rejoicing in the arrival of a beautiful baby daughter on Thursday morning. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. PRINCE unite in welcoming little Eldora Elizabeth to our city.

Blanche ASHER recently returned from Jamestown Va., and reports the exposition as a tame affair, the buildings, parks, drives, promenades, etc. not being completed and everything drenched with rain.

The school board at their meeting last night appointed Mr. Howard PAYN, present superintendent of our city schools, to succeed himself for another year. The appointment will give general satisfaction throughout the city.

The hearing of the case of the Territory vs. J. R. COWITT, charged with murder, for application for bail, was on today in the District Court. Territory being represented by W. T. DURHAM, assistant county attorney and J. W. MAXEY, for the defendant.

Mrs. T. M. DURHAM was prostrated with grief yesterday on the receipt of a telegram from Lakeland, Fla., which stated that her son J. A. FREEVUK, a young man of nineteen years of age, had been run over by a train and instantly killed on Thursday night. It is indeed sad, for a mother to lose a child in such a way. Mrs. DURHAM is quite ill today and it was not learned what disposition will be made of the remains.

Mr. and Mrs. Earl BIGGS entertained their friends on Thursday night with an old time dance in honor of Miss PHELPS of Anadarko, who is visiting the family of McLain TAYLOR.
Music was provided by an old time fiddler and a genuine good time was enjoyed by all present. Among the guests were, besides the honor guest, Miss PHILPS: Mr. and Mrs. W. A. RUGGLES, Mrs. OUTCELT, Mr. and Mrs. COOK, Mr. and Mrs. H. NICHOLS, Judge ASHER, Mr. Walter DICKENS, of the Mission; Misses Elma COPELAND, Gertrude and Helen TAYLOR and Mr. Oscar RUSSELL.

Sat May 11, 1907

City in Brief

Today Rev. BIRCH, Episcopal rector, will go to Tulsa to attend the Episcopal convention.

A new girl baby has come to Mr and Mrs. Willard JOHNSON. The mother and child are getting on finely.

Mesdames L. P. KELLY, Amandy KELLY, E. RYAN are here from Oklahoma City visiting Mrs. Gene MORRIS.

Mrs. J. P. TOMPSON AND Mrs. Orlin SENNER have been summoned to Wetumka by the serious illness of their father, A. R. MACKEY.

Park Hotel refurnished, good meals and clean beds, Reasonable rates, 212 North Beard, Mrs. Eugene GOOCH, Prop.

Sunday May 12, 1907

Marriage Licenses Issued

A. B. BEST, AGE 69, of Tecumseh, and MISS. S. SHABAN, 60, of Tecumseh.

JAMES DOWNS age 24, of Shawnee, and NELLIE ARRANGTON, age 16, of Hagar, Okla.

JAMES CLARK, colored, age 24, and MAHALAH MADSIUS, 19, colored.

A. J. LEWIS, age 25, and MISS. MAUDE WYANT, both of Newalla, Okla.

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