Pawnee County Schools
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Pawnee County Schools
Contributed by Gladys Kitchen [email protected]

I-1 Twp-21R-5Sec-6 Pawnee OperatingGrades1-12
D-2 Twp-20R-7Sec-29 Jennings Operating
C-2 Twp-20R-7Sec9 Hallet Annexed to Cleveland-July 8 1958
D-3 Twp-R-Sec-
C-3 Twp-20R-6Sec-5 Marame Operated-June 4 1916 - May 13 1968 Annexed to Pawnee
C-4 Twp-22R-5Sec-18 Skedee(Lemert) Annexed to Pawnee/Ralston 1967
D-4 TwpR-Sec- SquareTop(HouseCreek) Annexed to Terlton-Feb. 26 1921
C-5 Twp-22R-8Sec-30 Terlton Annexed to Cleveland-?197
D-5 Twp-22R-6Sec-3 Osage Part Annexed to Skedee-Nov.141944 Annexed  to Blackburn-Aug. 31 1949
D-6 Twp-23R-5Sec-36 UnionValley Annexed to Pawnee/Skedee
I-6 Twp-21R-8Sec-9 Cleveland Operating Grades1-12
D-7 Twp-20R-6Sec-1 SilverCreek Part Annexed to Hallett-Aug.17 1944 Annexed to Maramec-July 2 1948
C-7 Twp-23R-3Sec-5 Diamond-Wolf Annexed to Pawnee/Morrison
D-8 Twp-20R-6Sec-31 Quay Annexed to Yale-June28 1968?
D- Twp-20R-6Sec-27 Bethel Annexed to Quay June19 1851
D-9 Twp-20R-8Sec-30 Terlton Became C-5 Feb. 26 1921
D-10 Twp-23R-5Sec-19 Victor Annexed to Pawnee/Ralston/UnionValley-Feb.26 1960
D-11 Twp-21R-8Sec-17 CollegeHill Annexed toCleveland-May29 1922
D-12 Twp-20R-6Sec-8 Enterprise Annexed to Maramec-June 4 1912
D-13 Twp-21R-4Sec-10 OliveHill Annexed to Pawnee-1958
D-14 Twp-21R-4Sec-24 Duff AnnexedtoProsperity-June11 1948
D-15 Twp-22R6Sec-20 PrairieMound AnnexedtoSkedee-Sept.28 1919
D-16 Twp-21R-5Sec-3 PleasantView AnnexedtoPawnee-July 8 1953
D-17 Twp-22R-7Sec-8 Brocaw/Hagle(Logan_) AnnexedtoBlackburn-June30 1931
D-18 Twp-22R-4Sec-15 LoneJack Declaration by State to Pawnee/ Morrison-July7 1968
D-19 Twp-22R-6Sec-18 Skedee/Lemert Became C-4- Sept. 22 1919
D-20 Twp-R-Sec- Capron Teacher-Katherine Cushenberry
D-21 Twp-21R-4Sec-26 Star-A-Star Annexed to Pawnee-1955
D-22 Twp-21R-4Sec-29 SouthLiberty Annexed to Pawnee/Glencoe
D-23 Twp-22R-4Sec-18 BlueValley Annexed to OliveHill/LoneJack Aug. 211944
D-2 Twp-23R-3Sec-20 ValleyGrove Annexed to Laird-Aug .21 1947
D-25 Twp-22R-5Sec-18 SkedeeValley Annexed to Pawnee-July7 1949
D-26 Twp-21R-5Sec-27 Prosperity Annexed to Pawnee-July 3 1959
D-27 Twp-22R-5-Sec-23 BuenaVista Annexed to SkedeeValley
D-28 Twp-21R-6Sec-29 PrairieView Annexed to Maramec/Pawnee- July 26 1947
D-29 Twp-21R-6Sec-7 UnionStar Annexed to Pawnee-July 2 1948
D-30 Twp-21R-7Sec-22 PleasantMound Annexed to Pawnee/Blackburn
D-31 Twp-20R-5Sec-8 LoneChinmey Annexed to Pawnee/Glencoe Sept. 4 1954
D-32 Twp-20R-5Sec-30 Sagerville Annexed to Maramec/LoneElm July 10 1947
D-33 Twp-20R-5Sec-26 LoneElm Annexed to Quay/Glencoe
D-34 Twp-20R-6Sec-30 LagoonValley(Hunt) Annexed to Quay/Hunt-Jan.181907
D-35 Twp-21R-4Sec-7 Lela(Valeria) Annexed to Pawnee-Sept.03 1956
D-36 Twp-22R-3Sec-22 LoneStar Annexed to Morrison-July16 1947
D-37 Twp-23R-3Sec-5 Diamond(Wolf) Became Diamond-Laird-May 24 1949
D-38 Twp-23R-3Sec-35 Laird Became Diamond-Laird-May 24 1949
D-39 Twp-20R-5Sec-2 Bryan Annexed to Maramec-April 29 1947
D-40 Twp-20R-10Sec-17 Leroy Annexed to Keystone-Sept.20 1941
D-41 Twp-21R-7Sec-6 Daisy Annexed to StonyPoint/Blackburn
D-42 Twp-20R-9Sec-35 EastBasin Annexed to Mannford-June 2 1921
D-43 Twp-R-Sec-
D-44 Twp-21R-6Sec-26 Valley Annexed to Maramec-Dec.9 1941
D-45 Twp-21R-7Sec-18 StoneyPoint Annexed to Blackburn/Hallett/Pawnee/Cleveland-July161947-ThelmaTyler-Teacher
D-46 Twp-21R-7Sec-31 GreenUp/Cassady Annexed to Hallett-May17 1927
D-47 Twp-R-Sec- Banner Annexed to Hallett-Mar.12 1910
D-48 Twp-20R-7Sec-26 ak Dale Annexed to Jennings/Terlton
D-49 Twp-20R-7-Sec-2 ToadHoller DogCenter BlueBell
D-50 Twp-21R-7Sec-22 HighGrove Annexed to Cleveland-July16 1947
D-51 Twp-21R-8Sec-26 PleasantRidge Annexed to Cleveland
D-52 Twp-20R-8Sec-8 Greenwood Annexed toTerlton-1938
D-53 Twp-R-Sec-
D-54 Twp-20R-8Sec-12 Grandview Annexed to Cleveland-July 7 1950 (State)
D-55 Twp-20R8Sec-25 StonyPoint Annexed to Mannford
D-56 Twp-20R-9Sec- WestBasin Annexed to Mannford-June2 1921
D-57 Twp-R-Sec- DryLake Annexed to Keystone-Operated1912-26
D-58 Twp-20R-9Sec-14 Sinnett Annexed to Cleveland-July16 1947
D-59 Twp-20R-9Sec-17 Rigsby Annexed to Cleveland-June 30 1967 
D-60 Twp-22R-7Sec21 EastBend Annexed to Blackburn-1948
D-61 Twp-R-Sec-
D-62 Twp-R-Sec- >
D-63 Twp-23R-5Sec-35 SpringCreek Annexed to UnionValley-June 6 1947
D-64 Twp-22R-5Sec-4 Hopewell Annexed to UnionVallley-June16 1947
D-65 Twp-22R-4Sec-3 MoundCenter Annexed to Pawnee-1947
D-66 Twp-23R-4Sec-31 OakGrove Annexed to Laird-May 29 1948
D-67 Twp-23R-4Sec-22 Highland(Masham) Annexed to Pawnee-July 26 1954
D-68 Twp-23R-5Sec-22 CresentStar Annexed to UnionValley-June16 1947
D-69 Twp-23R-5Sec-2 Ralston Operating(Woodlands)
D-70 Twp-24R-4Sec-27 Woodland Annexed to Ralston
D-72 Twp-22R-7Sec-19 Blackburn Annexed to Pawnee/Cleveland-May 15 1968
D-75 Twp-21R-8Sec-30 RoundPrairie Annexed to Cleveland
D-76 Twp-23R-5Sec-4 PleasantValley Annexed to Ralston/Victor-1947
D-77 Twp-20R-9Sec-6 Dixie Annexed to Cleveland-July 1950
D-78 Twp-22R-5Sec-6 NorthLiberty Annexed to SkedeeValley-June25 1947
D-79 Twp-23R-4Sec1 Fairview Annexed toVictor-1947
D-80 Twp24R-4Sec29 UnionCenter Annexed to Ralston-1946

Schools Unknown By Name Or District#

Twp-20R-8Sec-4 3  possible Redcalf  note on map  Colored School
Twp-21R-8Sec- Booker T Washington District  unknown-East of Cleveland
Twp-20R-7Sec-17 Westbrook
Twp-20R-8Sec-4  Redcalf (coloredschool)
Twp-20R-6Sec-26/27 Bethel
Twp-21R-6Sec-21 Casey
Capron, District #20 ,Twp-24R-4Sec-27
Disrtict#70, SquareTop Banner
District#57, Dry Lake
Disrtict#47, Twp-20R-8Sec-10, Sinclair Pawnee also had Pawnee Agency School Black
School on East Boulder where the Animal Clinic is now
Wolf School was built in or around 1910 ,just East of where Diamond School is.

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