Oklahoma Census Records
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Oklahoma Census Records

Yesturday I kudn't spell sinsus takur, now i are wun
Courtsey Of Bill Walsh

Compiled by Sharon Burnett Crawford
These are some census records I had stuff in files, mostly BURNETTS, but copied all families on the census sheet that I copied the whole sheet, some were just taken from soundex.

1890 Oklahoma Territory
, William, 38 IN, res. 1 yr.,
ROGERS, John F. 53 MO, res. 6 mos.
ED#32, Enumerator, E.D. PHILLIPS
, age 70, VA., res. 13 mos., Mex.Army
ED#8, Enumerator, George P. HODKINSON
, age 61, Tennessee, res.13 mos., wife Elizabeth, age 54 AR.; Rohland, age 16 MO..
ED#8 or 1. Enumerator, James P. BARTON
, age 23, MO., brother, Samuel, age 20, b. MO., res.12 mos.
ED#8 , Enumerator, George P. HODKINSON
BURNETT John S. , age 30, AR. wife Linda A., age 22 England, yrs. in US,15, Bertha M., age 2 Kansas., res.4 mos.
BURNETT *John J., age 47, KY, wife Nancy, age 45, KY; son, Charles R., age 26, KY; Harry T., age 16, b. KA; Leona, age 14, KA; Julie M., age 13, KA; Gracy E., age 8, KA.
BRIDGES, William H., 48, Ill., res.4 mo. C.L. 5th Kansas
wife; Ellen, 41, Ill.; male, A. Crawford, 16, Kan; fem, Lennie, 11, Kan.; fem.Edna, 6, Kan.;fem. Elma, 6, Kan.
BRIDGES, J.H., 24, Ark., res.8 mos.; wife, Minna H., 19, Wis.; son, Lloyed D., 3, Kan.
Enumerator, James P. BARTON, West Guthrie
, Aaron R., 49 IL, res. 13 mos., wife Columbia, 36 OH, res. 1 mo., dau., Jennie R., 11 IL, res. 1 mo.
ED#40, Enumerator, C.W. SMITH, East Gurthrie
UNDERWOOD, Jennie, Lodger, 27 Kan., res. 1 mo.
Enumerator, P.H. BARRIN
UNDERWOOD, Joseph, R., 38 Kan., res. 2 mos., wife, Emma L., 28 IL, , son, John H., 8 IL.
E.D.#25, Enumerator, J.E. QUEIN
UNDERWOOD, Frank, single, 74? VT., res. 8 mos., mother, Hannah, ? MO, res. 8 mos.
ED#16, Enumerator, Herbert L. WHITE
UNDERWOOD, James G., 26 MO, res. 9 mos., wife Jenetta, 21 MO, son, Walter H., 2 MO, dau., Omelia, 3 mos. OK.
UNDERWOOD, Earl, Brother (see KELSO, Erasmus L.)
ED#18, Enumerator, Wm. J. MAHARRY
UNDERWOOD, Edgar, 35 IA, res. 13 mos., wife, Mary, 34 IA, dau. Clara, 3 KS, mother, Elizabeth, 69 N.Y., res. 5 mos.
ED#26, Enumerator, Samuel WILBUR
UNDERWOOD, Daniel, color:Black, 49 KY, res. 8 mos., son, Grafton, 13 KY, dau., Effie G., 11 Kan..
Enumerator, James P. BARTON
UNDERWOOD, Earl, single, 21 IA, res. 3 mos.
ED# 38, Enumerator, Ziba BELDEN
UNDERWOOD, Adrian, 27 TX, res.13 mos., wife, Nanie, 22 IN., dau., Fay, 4 TX
ED#8, Enumerator, Geo. P. HODKINSON
UNDERWOOD, Charles, 40 IN, res. 1 mos., wife, Martha J., 35 IA, son, John W.,14 Col., son Samul, 12 MO, son, Robert E., 9 MO, dau. Mary A., 7 MO.
ED#40, Enumerator, C.W. SMITH
UNDERWOOD, Smiley, color: Black, 35 ?, res,12 mos., wife, Allice, 22 ?, dau., Urvil, 6 mos. OK
Enumerator, P.H. BARRIN
UNDERWOOD, William, 55 IL, res. 10 mos., wife, Laura, 47 IL, son, Joe, 23 IL, son, Walter, 20 IL, dau. Kate, 17 IL, son, John, 13 IL., son, Ralph, 8 IL.

1890 Indian Territory

, age 42, b. KY, wife age 42, five children listed.
Garvin County.
BURNETT C.T., age 31, b. KY, wife Ida, age 21, son J.B. age 3, Cornelius, age 2/12 mo. Garvin Co.

1900 Indian Territory SOUNDEX

, George, ED#359?, 52 IL., wife, Jennetta, 46 IL, son, Andrew, 23 TX, son Isaac C., 11 I.T., Andrea E., 9, I.T., Jessie Lee, 5 I.T., George, 3 I.T.
age 63 b. Tennessee(sons were Thomas & Frances)-ED#128
Arch M. BURNETT, born Missouri-ED#8
Birch BURNETT, born Tennessee-ED#14
Calvin BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#26
Elizabeth BURNETT, born Missouri-ED#48
George BURNETT William BURNETT, born Kentucky-ED#13
Henry A. BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#48
James E. BURNETT, born Kansas-ED#4
Jerry M. BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#10
Jessie BURNETT, born Mississippi-ED#10
James BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#45
Lilas K. BURNETT -ED#6
Lucy P.BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#48
William O. BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#48
William R. BURNETT, born Mississippi-ED#8

, born Alabama-ED#55
Maggie BURNETT, born Illinois-ED#69
Robert BURNETT, born Texas-ED#69

, Calfie, Dec. 1873, AR., ED#120, wife Julia (BURNETT), July 1878, KS, son, George H., Feb. 1898 I.T., dau., Biddy, May 1900 I.T.
TOWNSEND, Joseph E., Dec. 1871 AR, wife Leona (BURNETT), Nov. 1875 KS, dau., Gracey A., Sept. 1895 I.T., son, Robert, July 1898 I.T.
UPTON, Jobe, May 1830, 70 N.C., m. 35 yrs.wife, Annie, 55 MO., Eli D., Sept. 1882 TX., Pink A., Mar. 1889, I.T. 11 children, 6 alive.
UPTON, Avery, Apr.1874 MO., wife, Nora, Nov. 1879 KS., son, Roy, July 1897.
, Hiram, ED#185, Aug.1850, 49 MO., m. 22 yrs. to wife, Nancy C., May 1863, 33, dua. Maggie E., Apr. 1879, TX, son, George W., Jan.1881, dau. Vianna, Apr.1885, son, Robert L., Dec. 1888, dau. Daisy M., Jan. 1891, dau. Lucy J. Feb. 1893, son, Bertha L., July 1895, son, Lillie M., Nov. 1896, dau., Ethel D., Jan. 1900.
, James A., Feb. 1858, 42 TN, ED#98 Kay Co., dau. Mary E., July 1882 KY, dau. Jessie W., Dec. 1886 KY.
, Lafayettee, Oct. 1849, 59, TN, F:TN, M:TN, wife, Mary E. Dec. 1848, 51, son, George, 23 MO, dau. Aminda, 14 MO, dau., Ida, April 1888 MO, dau., Dora, 9 mos. MO  
, Eli A., Jan. 1840, 59 TN, F:TN, M:KY
MUSGROVE, L. Marion, Oct.1879, 20 MO, wife, Lona, Dec. 1880, 19 LA
, born Texas-ED#120
Andrew J. BURNETT., age 35, born Mississippi, ED#161, wife Molly E., age 26, b. TX; son Baxter, age 10, b. I.T.; son Claudie, age 7, b. I.T.; son Clarence, age 5, b. I.T.; dau. Susie, age 0, b. I.T.
Birk BURNETT, born Texas-ED#131
Eli BURNETTW., age 68, born KY.-ED#131
Frank BURNETT, born Ohio-ED#142
George BURNETT, born Missouri-ED#150
Henry BURNETT A., age 32, born Mississippi-ED#161, wife Martha, age 27, b.S.C.; son Elvin, age 11, b. TX.; Harley, age 9, b. TX.; son Ray, age 7, b. TX.; son Urbil, age 5, b. I.T.; dau. Lessie E., age 2, b. I.T.
J.C. BURNETT, born KY.-ED#158
Jodie BURNETT T., born Arkansas-ED#172
John R. BURNETTage 32, b. MO., wife Catherine, age 52(Indian), b. I.T.
Luther BURNETT-ED#120
Luther BURNETT-ED#149
BURNS, Luther, 54 AL, wife, Alice M., 32 AR, dau., Rosa A, 12 I.T., dau. Bertha L., 11 I.T., dau., Josie, 8 I.T., son, William J., 5 I.T.dau., Drewweilla, 1 I.T., sister-in-law, Lizabeth FRENCH, 21 AR.
Nathaniel BURNETT, born Texas-ED#145
*UPTON Polie , age 24, b. AR. ED#132, wife Rosie(BURNETT), age 25, b. AR.; son, Ewrin, age 7, b. I.T.; Benjamin, age 6, b. I.T.; Edward, age 4, b. I.T.
Riley BURNETT C.-ED#123
Robert BURNETT, born GA.-ED#128
*Rufus BURNETT, born KY-ED#132, wife Harriet, age 50, Charles M., age 12; Benjamin S., age 9; Isaac Fulson, brother-in-law, age 52.
Samuel S. BURNETT, born Texas-ED#123
Samuel,BURNETT age 67, wd., b. MO.
Susan J. BURNETT, born Alabama-ED#125
Walter G. BURNETT, age 28, born Kansas-ED#161, wife Dora(Blain), age 27, b. IA.; dau. Violet M., age 3, b. I.T.
Walter R. BURNETT., b. Jan.1863, age 37, born Mississippi-ED#142
William J. BURNETT, age 28, b. TX., ED#139(boarder of Abner J. Miller)
*William BURNETT, age 57, born KY-ED#132, wife Anne, age 43; Alice, age 20; Freddie, age 18; Herbert, age 15; Clarence, age 12.
William H. BURNETT, age 12, born Texas-ED#123 (living with father, Andrew Castor)

, James, b.Jan.1875, 25 MS, ED#90, wife, Ella, June 1879, 20 MS, son, Burt, Aug.1895, 4 I.T., son, Jack, Apr. 1898, 2 I.T., dau. Mary, Nov. 1899, 1 I.T.
, John H., 54 IN, wife Louisa, 49 KY, dau. Oleva, 19 KY, mother, Lousia Standiford, 79 KY., ED#96
, born Arkansas-ED#75
Jino BURNETT, born Tennessee-ED#91
James BURNETT, born Texas-ED#92
Jessie BURNETT, born Texas-ED#94
Troy BURNETT, born Arkansas-ED#101
George BURNETT W., born N.C.-ED#107
Pearl BURNETT, born Indiana-ED#179

OVERSTREET, Ab, ED#177, 42 MS, son, Thomas, 20 TX, son, George, 13 TX,son, Houston, 11 TX, dau., Marti, 9 I.T, son, Bailey, 8 I.T., son, William, 6 I.T., sister-in-law, Cathy MARVIN, 19 TX, Dell, 5.

1900 Oklahoma Territory
, b. April 1874, wife Martha, b. Sept. 1870, George, b. July 1893, Bertie Lee, b. Jan. 1896, Arthur, b. Nov. 1897, Agnes, b. July 1899.
ROGERS, William N., ED#241 Woods Co., May 1838, age 62 IN, son, Frank P. b,Sept. 1877 MO.
ROGER, William, ED#161 OK Co., b.Sept.1852, age 48 IN, wife Harriett, June 1858, 42 ILL, son, John W., b.April 1881, 19 MO., son, Henry A., b. Sept. 1883, 17 MO.
VINCENT, Joseph A., Aug. 1874, 25 MO., ED#33 Cleveland Co.
VINSION, Robert A., Jan. 1872, 28 TX, wife, Claudis M., Mar.1879, 21 MD, dau. Mary A., 1898, son, Hary, 1899, ED#83 Geer Co.
 RUTH, William, May 1869, 31 MO, ED#88, Kay Co.
RUTH, William A., Jan. 1854 MO, ED#98 Kay Co., wife, Mary A. Mar.1860 IL, dau., Annie H. May 1888 KS.
VINCENT, Thomas, Sept. 1867, MO., ED#33 Cleveland Co.

1910 Census

Johnston Co.

BRIDGES, James, ED#119, 48 ILL, wife, Lena, 35 TX, dau., Incy, 3 OK, son, Henry, 2 OK.

Dewey Co.
Wesley, 33 IN, ED#297, wife, Lena, 29 MO, dau., Geneva, 13 IN, son Marvin C., 6 IN.

Pontotoc County
, William, 44 OK Choctaw Indian, wife, Dona, 40, son, Vincent, 10 OK, Wilson, 4 OK, dau. Rene, 2 OK, dau, Ella, 15 OK, married, granddaughter, Baby SHRUM, 2 mos.
George, ED#249, 52 ILL, dau. Audrey, 18 OK, dau., Jessie, 14 OK, son, George, 13 OK.
John M., 46 AL, F:AL, M:AL, ED#260, wife, Sallie, 46 TX, F:MS, M:TX, son, Roy, 18 TX, son, Homer, 17 TX, son, Marvin, 14 TX, son, James, 13 TX, dau., Bessie, 11 TX, dau. Jessie, 8 OK, dau. Elsie, 6 OK, son, Earl, 2 OK,
*UPTON Columbus" N. , 36 MO., F:N.C, M:MO, ED#260, wife Rosa B.(BURNETT), 34 AR, F:KY, M:AR (cousin to L.F. Burnett and daughter of Rufus); son, Erwin, age 17. OK; Benjamin, 15, OK; Edward, 14. OK; Marshal, 8, OK; Parker, 6, b. OK; Anna, 4, b. OK, Marvin, age 2/12, b. OK; Loyd, age 2, b. OK; adopted dau., Lallah BROOKS.
*BURNETT Lonnie F., age 27, b. AR., F:KY, M:AR., ED#0260, wife Joey Ann(UNDERWOOD), 22 TX, F:TN, M:TX, (married May 19, 1909)
BURNETT L.R .(living with G.W. Burnett)ED#0199
*BURNETT Rufus , Pontotoc Co.ED#260, wife Harriett, granddau. Alice Fillmore, age 6, b.OK; son, Benjamin, age 18, Daughter-in-law, Gertrude, age 20, b. OK
*BURNETT Rufus M. ,age 63, b. KY. Pontotoc Co. ED#0260, wife Harriett)
BURNETT Walter , age 20, b. OK.(living with Troy McBride)
BURNETT, Walter G., Dec.1871, wife, Dora, Apr.1873, dau. Violet, Aug.1896
*THOMAS, Harmon P., 39 IN, F:NJ, M:NJ, wife, Pearlee (UPTON RUSSELL), 40 MO, F:N.C, M:MO(sister to C.N. UPTON)
SUTHERLAND, John H., 44 TX, F:AL, M:AL, wife, Sallie E., 41 TX, F:GA, M:GA, dau., Allie B, 19 TX, dau., Sallie E., 17 TX, Anna, 15 OK, dau. Jessie, 13 OK, dau., Mandie, 7 OK, dau., Tommie, 5 OK, dau, Kittie, 2 OK, dau, Fannie 2 mos. OK
FARMER, James H, 37 MO, F:MO, M:MO, wife, Delia, 35 KY, F:KY, M:KY, dau., Mollie, 15 OK, dau., Rosa, 13 OK, Linda, 10 AR, dau., Maima, 8 AR, son, Jasper, 6 AR.
*ALLEN, William T., 74, ILL, F:VA, M:VA, wife, Jerush, 67 IA, F:N.Y, M:VA
*ALLEN Benjamin F, 29 MO, F:ILL, M:IA, wife, Mary A.(WRIGHT), 24 AR, F:AR, M:MO, dau., Rosa P.(Pearl), 10 OK, son Chester F., 6 OK, son, Emmet, 2 OK.
BLOOMINGKEEPER, William A., 43 MO, F:Germany, M:AR, wife, Effie, 33 KS, F:OH, M:OH, dau, Ruth, 14, MO, dau. Maudie, 14 MO, son, Ernest, 12 MO.
WATSON, Woody W., 40 AL, F:LA, M:AL, wife, Mary, 29 TX, F:AR, M:TX, dau, Anna, 13 OK, dau, Maggie, 12 OK, dau., Eva, 8 OK, dau. Lodestie, 5 OK, dau., Jewel, 3 OK
DEANLOW, Maly, 22 AL, F:AL, M:AL, wife, Mettie, 18 TX, F:TX, M:MO, grother, Tilman, 29 AL, F:AL, M:AL

Pushmataha County
*BURNETT Cornelius T
, age 52,  KY, F:VA, M:KY, ED#0273, wife, Ida R., MO.; son, Rufus B. age 28, b. AR; Robert R., age 17, b. OK; Etta May, age 15, b. OK; Willie S., age 10, b. OK; brother, William H., age 67, KY
*BURNETT William H., age 67 KY. F:VA, M:KY, ED#273
*BURNETT, Joseph, 23, OK, F:KY, M:MO, wife, Lillie, 16 AL, F:AL, M:AL
WILMOTH, Arthur, 24 AR, F:TX, M:AR, ED#0272, wife, Josie, 20 OK, F:OK, M:OK
HORNE, Lewis B., 29 MS, F:MS, M:MS, ED#0272, wife, Lizie, 20 OK, F:MS?, M:MS?, son, Edward, 1 OK.
BOX, Edward, 36 MS, F:MS, M:TN, ED#0272, wife, Emma, 28 OK, F:?, M: Ireland, son, Edward M., 10 OK, dau., Duscile, 8 OK, son, Marvin, 6 OK, dau., Ada, 7 mos. OK, boarder, HUCKOBEY, Ben M., 24 TX, F:GA, M:TX
BALDWIN, Elizabeth, 58 LA, widow, ED#0272, F:MS, M:MS, dau. Gertie, 22 OK, F:IN, M:LA, dau. Ida, 39 ILL, son, John, 28 OK.
?LEBATAN, John, 37 GA, F:UNK, M:GA, ED#0272, wife Denie, 28, dau. Alice, 3 OK, son, Olin, 1 OK.
?BRANBLETT, Walter, 27 KY, F:KY, M:KY, ED#0272, wife Ollie, 17 TX, F:KY, M:AR
PENNY, Roy, 25 OK, F:UNK, M:UNK, ED#0272, wife Allie, 19 OK, F:TX, M:ILL
FLOYIER, Willie, 34 AR, F:TN, M:TN, ED#0272, wife, Katie, 35 TX, F:TN, M:TN, son, Lawrence, 15 OK, dau., Sarah, 12 OK, son, Johnie, 10 TX, dau., May, 8 OK, dau., Marie, 2 OK
BALAND, Frank, 45 AL, F:KY, M:UNK, ED#0272, wife, ?Melie, 44 LA, F:AL, M:AL, son, ?Dixtar, 18 AR, dau.,Annie, 13 TX, dau., Grace, 12, TX
MOSLEY, Abner, 36, AR, F:TN, M:MO, ED#0272, wife Sue, 25 TX, F:TX, M:TX, son, Eric, 3 OK, F:AR, M:TX, stepSon, Henry STANDIFER, 8 OK, F:TX, M:TX, dau. ?Ninny, 11 OK, F:AR. M:AL, son, Jay, 10 OK, F:AR, M:AL, son, Frank, 7 OK, F:AR, M:AL, son, Guy, 22 AR, F:AR, M:AR.
DUNCAN, Thomas, 25 AR, F:TX, M:GA, ED#0272, wife, Maud, 27 OK, F:GA, M:GA, dau. Sara, 11 OK, dau.?Irana, 7 OK, dau., Mabel, 8 OK
BOATMAN, Samuel, 35 GA, F:GA, M:GA, ED#273, wife, Mattie, 35 AL, F:AL, M:AL, son, Kingford H, 12 OK, son, William M., 10 OK, dau., Minnie L., 7 OK, son, Thomas J., 4 OK, dau., Ruby M., 1 yr.6mos. OK
?THIRNTINE, William G.., 34 AR., F:AR, M:AR, ED#273, wife Mary M., 26 AR, F:TN, M:GA, dau., Grasie M., 6 OK, son, Carl, 4 OK, dau., Lucy, 1 yr.6mos. OK
????WELL, James H, 30 TX, F:LA, M:LA, ED#273, wife, Nona, 28 TX, F:MO, M:MO, dau. Rosa, 9 AR, son, Roy, 7 OK, son, William B., 1 yrs. 6 mos. OK
LUTHER, Lewis, 49, Germany, F:Germany, M:Germany, wife, Nancy, 31 AR, F:TN, M:TN, dau., Mary, 16 OK, son, Fred, 15 OK, son, Edd, 13 OK, dau., Helen, 10 OK
BOWEN, James, 55 MO, F:AL, M:KY, wife, Dollie, 54 MO, F:KY, M:KY
ROGERS, James A., 42 AR, F:TN, M:TN, wife, Margaett, 26 MO, F:Germany, M:France, son, Croix, J.C., 4 AR, son, Paul, 2 OK
MOORE, William, 38 TX, F:TX, M:TX, wife Nora, 28 TX, F:TX., M:TX
(sheet cut off but they have 3 children, one is a son, age 12 TX, and have been married 15 yrs.)

Garvin County
, John, ED#0074, 60 GA, wife, Margaret, 62 GA, Granddaughter, Bessie GRIFFIN, 12 TX.
LAYFIELD, John, 32 GA, wife, Flora, 20 MO, dau., Eva, 4 OK, son, J.D., 2 TX, nr., Pearl ,OK
, age 36, b. TX, Gravin Co. ED#0084, wife Hannah
BURNETT George , age 34, b. KY, Garvin Co. ED#142, wife Mattie, age 24(living with Thomas Bell)
BURNETT Henry A., age 42, b. MS., Garvin Co. ED#131, wife Martha A., age 39, b. AL.; son Ray, age 17, b. TX.; Urbil R., age 15, b. TX; Lessie E., age 12, b. OK.; boarder Jennie Hattis, 28, b. OK.
BURNETT John , age 55, b. TN. Garvin Co. ED#321, wife Lucy A., age 57, b. TN.; Logan J., age 25, b. TN.; Oliver, age 18, b. TN.
BURNETT John H. , age 24, b. OK. Garvin Co. ED#244, wife Maggie M., age 19, b. OK.; Haskell, age 1, b. OK.
BURNETT John L., age 41, b. KA., Garvin Co. ED#327, wife Catherine, b. OK
BURNETT Joseph , age 20, b. OK., Garvin Co. (living with Lee Perkins)
BURNETT Luther , age 36, b. AR. Garvin Co. ED#57, wife Larah, age 30, b. TX; Laraah M., age 13, b. OK.; Lillie, age 11, b. OK.; Fayette G., age 8, b. OK.; Sarah, age 6, b. OK.; Letta M., age 2, b. OK.; Margaret A. Bailey, age 64, b. MO.
BURNETT Madison M. ., age 46, KS., Garvin Co. ED#246, wife Eliza, age 43, b. KS.(married 23 yrs. had 12 children, 4 alive. Bird, age 30, b. OK.
YATES, Dewitt C., 52 KY, ED#0088, wife, Katherine, 42 KY, dau., Hilary, 23 KY, son, Sira D., 17 KY, son, Arthur S., 15 KY, son,  Omar C., 11 KY, son, Tery, 9 KY, son, Coleman, 7 KY, dau. Pearl F., 4 KY.

Grady County
, age 36, b. KA Grady Co. ED#0090, wife Martha, age 38, b. AR; son, George, age 15, b. OK; Berdie, age 14, b. OK; Arthur, age 12, b. OK; Agane, age 10, b. OK.
*BURNETT John BURNETT, b. KY., Grady Co. ED#0090(living with Harry Burnett)

Hughes Co.
Chas. O. BURNETT, age 28, b. AR., ED#0114

Pottawatomie Co.
Charles BURNETT, age 46, b. KY. ED#0192
Eugene BURNETT, age 26, b. AR, ED#0221
Fred BURNETT, age 25, b.MO., ED#0165

Woodward Co.
W., age 58, b. AR., ED#0291

Unknown Co.
Harley BURNETT, age 19, b. TX, wife Blanche, age 18, b. MS.
John BURNETT, McClainCo?.ED#85
John BURNETT, Adair Co.?ED#5
John BURNETT, Atoka Co.?ED#411
J.C. BURNETT., Cherokee Co.? ED#158
Joel BURNETT K., age 56, b. TX.; Elizabeth, age 52, b. IA.
Lester BURNETT, McCurtain Co.?ED#137

Harmon Co.
J.J. BURNETT, age 51, b. KY. ED#0131

Cimmarron Co.
John J.BURNETT, age 65, b. VA., Cimmarron Co. ED#0105

LeFlore Co.
W.H. BURNETT, age 36, b. TX., LeFlore Co. ED#0161

Bryan Co.

OVERSTREET, Richard, 31 TX, ED#34,  wife, Birtie, 29 TX, dau. Bertha, 9 AR, dau.,Ola, 7 OK, dau., .Hakill, 6 OK, son, Thomas, 3 OK.

Haskell Co.

ALLEN, James W., 35 MS , ED#0089, wife, Ella, 32 MS, James, 13 OK, Mary, 11 OK, Clara, 7 OK, Effie, 5 OK, son, dau. Lusie, 1 OK.

Craig Co.
SUMAN, Earl, 80, living with Frank P. CHEWING

1920 Census

Muskogee Co.
,  George, 61 IL., F: KY, M:KY, wife, Sarah, 59 IN, Knight Kendall, 7 AR, Lodger, John BUCK, 52, IN 

Pontotoc County
Benby B., 36, ED#183, wife, Cordie E., 22 I.T., son, R.B.12, son, Linie, 11 OK
ALLEN, William B., 40 TX., wife Polly L., 37 TX, son, Doria, 14 TX, dau. Elois, 12 TX., dau. Oleta, 7 OK, dau. Bertha L., 5 OK, son, Weldon L., 3 yrs. 7 mos. OK, son, Ardell, 1 yr. 5 mos. 
, James, 45 AR, ED#168, wife, Mannie, 27 AR., dau. Norah, 3 OK, dau., Willie 1 OK, son, Hortin?, 18 AR, son, Luther, 15 AR., dau. Bessie, 13 AR., dau., Sarah, 11 AR., dau., Ava, 9 OK, dau. Thelma, 7 OK.
, Benjamin J., 52 AR., ED# 172, wife, Nettie Gladys, 20 AR., son, Landys, 15 AR., son, Ray, 12 AR., dau., Rachel, 11 AR, dau., Ruth, 7 AR.
THOMPSON, John M., 56 AL, F:S.C, M:GA, wife Sallie, 57, TX, dau., Bessie,21 TX, dau., Jessie, 17 OK, dau., Essie, 15, OK, son, Earl, 12 OK
, age 20, b. OK. Pontotoc Co. ED#170, wife Una, age 18, b. OK.; son Villie, age 10/12 mo., b. OK
BURNETT, C.L. age 28, b. AR. Pontotoc Co., wife Lilly (Perry), age 25, b. OK.; (dau. Cora Ann, was b. Dec. 9, 1922, at that time they had three other children)
*UPTON C.N. , Pontotoc Co. ED#186, wife Rosa(Burnett), b. AR; son, Ed, age 24, b. OK; Marshall, age 19; Park, age 16; Annie, age 13; Loyd, age 12; Marvin, age 9; Everett, age 7. (married Dec. 28, 1891)
*BURNETT Clarence E. ., age 7, b. OK(living with uncle, Lonnie F. Burnett), Pontotoc Co. ED#186
BURNETT George , age 25, b. OK. Pontotoc Co. ED#170, wife Harriett, age 25, b.OK; step-son, Chester Underwood, age 4, b. OK.
*H.I. BURNETT., age 69, b. OK., Pontotoc Co. ED#186, Son, Charles M.BURNETT,wd. age 32; Grandson, Walter, age 9; Grandson, Glen age 7.
John W. BURNETT., age 55, KY. Pontotoc Co. ED#183, wife Calie, age 53, b. KY; son, Kelly, age 22, b. MO; Rhonda, age 20, b. MO; Nora, age 17, b. OK; son, Mi??, age 12, b. OK
John BURNETT, age 32, b. OK, Pontotoc Co. ED#164, wife Allene, age 26; Robie, age 3.
*L.F.(Lonnie)BURNETT, age 38, b. AR., Pontotoc Co. ED#186
THOMPSON, Charlie, 33 TX. F:S.C., M:GA, wife, Rosa, 31, AR. F:AR. M:MO, dau, Alora, 11 OK, son, Rex, 9 OK, son, Jim, 7 OK, dau., Nioma, 5, OK
THOMPSON, J.H., 27 TX, wife, Bertha, 27, OK, dau. Winnifred, 9 mos. OK.
PRIVETT, Harvy, 21 OK, F:TX., M:AR, wife, Burlah?, 16, OK, F:AR, M:AR
COOPER, James, 36 TX, F:AL, M:TN, wife, Maggie, 30 TX, F:TN, M:GA
GUY, Timothy, 59 IN, F:IN, M:OH, wife, Edna E., 52 IN, F:ILL, M:IN, son, Shines? D., 28 ILL
CRAWFORD, William, 43 TX, F:MS, M:TN, wife, Alice, 39 TX, F:GA, M:GA, son, Lloyd, 17 TX, dau. Emma, 9 OK, dau. Viola, 6 OK, son, Leslie, 4 OK, son, Lakey, 1 yr.6 mos. OK
KING, Jesse, 36 TN, F:TN, M:TN, wife, Sarah, 32 TN, F:TN, M:TN, dau., Lina, 14 TX, dau., Addis, 12, TX, son, Alfred, 9 TX, son, Jesse, 7 TX, son Lester, 4 yr.3mos. OK., dau., Nora, 1 yr. 1 mo. OK.
HOOVER, A.V., 34 AR, F:US, M:US, wife, Josie, 27 OK, F:MS, M:US, dau., Parela, 8 AR, dau. Laura, 5 AR, dau. Reba, 8 mos. OK., sister-in-law, FOSTER, Kizzis, 22, married, OK, F:MS, M: US
STANDFIELD, W.M., 47 TN, F:TN, M:TN, wife, N.L., 43 AR, F:GA, M:TN, son, Shelby, 16 OK, son, Bruce, 14 OK, dau. Vilma, 10, N.M., dau., Lois, 6 OK.
SUMNER, ?, 40 TX, F:ILL, M:ILL, wife, Mollie, 22 TN, F:TN, M:TN, dau., Julia, 14 OK, son, Johnnie, 4 yrs. 3mos. OK
*BURNETT Rufus M. ., age 71, b. KY., Pontotoc Co. ED#186
WRIGHT, Andrew J., 60 AR, wife, Nettie, 51 MO, son, Albert, 18 OK, son George W., 17 OK, dau. Alice, 15 OK, Ora, 13 OK, son Charley S. 11, OK

Garvin County
, Chester, 20 OK ED#29, wife, Vera, 22 OK, dau. Kathryn Louise, 1 yr. 2 mos. OK 
, Chester G., 48 AR., wife Rachel, 27 AR, Willis, 8 AR, dau. Venie, 6 AR, dau. Cora, 4 AR., sister, Maud CARPENTER, 31 AR., nephew, Sherman, 12 AR., niece, Letha, 6 OK, nephew, Clifton, 4 OK.
Charles L. BURNETT, age 25, b. AR., Garvin Co. ED#37, wife Lettie M., age 20, b. OK.; Margaret, age 2, b. OK.
Claude C. BURNETT., age 27, b. OK. Garvin Co. ED#33, wife Bertell, age 18, b. TX; dau. Claudie, age 1, b. TX; son, Clarence, age 5/12 mo., b. OK.
Everett BURNETT, age 18, b. MO.Garvin Co.(living with Oscar Sorrels)
*Frank BURNETT, age 28, b. OK. Garvin Co., wife Alice Gertrude, age 30, b. OK.; Wanona, age 5, b. OK.; John, age 3, b. OK.; Frank, age 2/12 mo.; Meda Brown, b. TX. (married Dec. 20, 1909)
James BURNETT, age 54, b. MO. Garvin Co., wife Mary, age 53, b. AR.; Stella, age 14, b. AR.; Jennie, age 11, b. OK.; Katie, age 7, b. OK; Asbury Coursey, age 18, b. OK.; Henry L. Melsop, age 34, b. AR.; dau. Spicey, age 16, b. OK.; g.s. Jessie L. , OK.
John W. BURNETT., age 64, b. TN Garvin Co. wife Anna A., age 65, b. TN.; Clifford Haskins, age 18, TX
Lee BURNETT, age 26, b. TX. Garvin Co.; dau. Gladis J. age 6, b. OK.; son , age 2, b. OK.(living with T.L. Burcham.
Loy BURNETT W., age 46, b. IL. Garvin Co.wife Emma, age 41, b. IA.; son Loy W.BURNETT, age 17, b. OK.; dau. May, age 13, b. OK.; Harvey, age 12, b. OK.; Woodrow, age 6, b. OK.; George, age 4, b. OK.; Lawrence, age 1, OK.
William BURNETT, age 35, b. IN. Garvin Co. wife M.L., age 29, b. OK, son Charles, age 11; dau. Morene, age 9; Leona, age 7; female, age 5; Beatrice, age 3; Mary, b. OK.
William BURNETT, age 34, b. TX. Garvin Co. wife L., age 32, b. TX; female, age 8, b. TX.; female, age 5, b. TX.; female, age 3, b. OK.

Pushmataha County
, Edgar, ED#236
*Charles R. BURNETT
., age 64, b. KY., Pushmataha Co. ED#276, wife Marinda, age 64, b. AR.; dau. Bertie, age 22, b. AR; Grandson, Glen, age 14, b. OK.
Eli L. BURNETT. , age 44, b. AR., Pushmataha Co. ED#236, wife Lucille, age 23, b. AR.; brother May Kelton, age 32, b. AR.; brother Smuel Kelton, age 11, b. OK.
Harrison B. BURNETT. age 28, b. AR. Pushmataha Co. ED#236, wife Kate, age 25, b. AR.
John J. BURNETT., age 71, b. AR. Pushmataha Co. ED#236, wife Charity, age 67, b.AR., son, John A., age 46, b. AR.
*Rufus B. BURNETT., age 39, b. AR., Pushmataha Co. ED#226, wife Lucy, age 28, b. OK; dau. Mabel, age 8, b. OK; dau. Alice, age 5, b. OK.

McClain County
UPTON, Alf, ED#80
, age 20, b. OK. ED#76, wife Agnes, age 15, b. OK.
*Charles R. BURNETT, 55 KY, ED#75, wife Harriett, Charles, age 20; Perry, age 18; Loyee, age 15; Hattie, age 11; Roy, age 10; Gladys, age 9; Doris, age 4; Robert, age 1.
BURNETT, Charles R., 64 KY, wife, Marinda, 64 AR., dau. Bertie, 22 AR., Grandson, Glen, 14 OK.
E.R. BURNETT., age 25, b. OK. ED#83, wife Ruth(Northcutt), age 20, b. AL.(married Oct.2, 1917)
H.T. BURNETT., age 45, b. KY., ED#83, wife Martha, age 48, b. AR.
Harry T. BURNETT, age 46, b. KA. ED#83, wife Martha, age 48, b. AR.(married June 4, 1892)
John BURNETT, age 55, ED# 85 (living with Clate E. Wheeler.)

McCurtain Co.
Allie BURNETT, age 34, b. TX., (living with father, John Kerly)ED#141

Choctaw Co.
BURNETT Alonzo F. , age 39, b. AL. ED#64, wife Edna, age 28, b. TN; dau. Emma, age 8, b. OK.; dau. Opal, age 6, b. OK.; son Pershing, age 2 11/12 mo., b. TX

Cimmarron Co.

Cherokee Co.
THORNBURG, Andrew F., 47 TX, F:IL, M:IL, wife, Bettie J., 36, TX, son, Andrew J., 16 OK, dau., Mattie E., 13, dau., Nettie, 10, dau., Voilen J. 7, son, L. 4 yrs. 5 mos., son, Jarris?, 1 yr 11 mos.

Kay Co.
, ED#119

Okmulgee Co.
Charley BURNETT, age 27, b. AR., ED#104, wife Ida, dau.Viola, age 7, b. AR.; Mildred, age 3, b. OK.
Dewitt BURNETT, age 43, b. Wisc., ED#135

Bryan Co.
, age 40. b. AR.(had been in TX) ED#19

Johnston Co.
BURNETT John J. ., age 32, b. TX., ED#97, wife Dora, age 30, b. TN.; Oddis, age 11, b. TX., Rufus, 10 TX, Bertha B., 2 yrs, 7 mos. OK
SMITH, Rubie, ED#85, 28 TX, dau., Elma, 12 OK, dau., Nellie, 9 OK, dau. Geneva, 8 OK, son, Willie, 7 OK, son, Jode, 3 TX, son, Melvin, 1 OK.

Adair Co.
Frances BURNETT, age 58, b. AR., ED#5

Pittsburg Co.
Fred BURNETT, age 20, b. AR., ED#207, State Pen.

Seminole Co.
BURNETT Grover C., age 33, b. AR. ED#255, wife Lizzie  STARR, age 28, b. TX; son, Rubin, age 6, b. OK; Verlin, age 1 4/12, b. OK.; Father-in-law, Dave Starr.

Texas Co.
John J. BURNETT., age 75, b. VA., ED#191, wife Margaret, age 74, b. VA.

Unknown Co.
John L. BURNETT., b. TN. dau. Maggie, age 25, b. KY.; g.s. Paul D., age 5, b. OK.; g.d. Mary L., age 3, b. OK.; g.d.May age 1, OK.(living with David Stephens)

Atoka Co.
John BURNETT, age 39, AR., ED#11, wife Maud, age 30, b. TX; Susie, age 14, b.TX; Ruben, age 12, b. TX; Odis, age 10, b. TX; Edear, age 7, b. TX; Ned, age 5, b.TX; Mary M., age 1, b. OK. John Sr., age 82, b. TX(father)

Commanche Co.
Sam B. BURNETT., age 68, b. KY., ED#134, wife Louisa, age 64, b. KY.

Tulsa Co.
William H. BURNETT., age 28, b. KY., ED#182

Mays Co.
W. BURNETT., age 64, b. KY., ED#41, wife Rosa, b. VA; Rufus, age 10, b. TX; Bertha B., age 2, b. OK.

Dewey Co.
William H. BURNETT., age 55, ED#214

SUMAN Elish A. , E.D.#162, age 67, b. Illinois; wife, Edna A., age 54, b. Wisconsin; daughter, Ella M., age 24, b. Kansas
SUMAN, Edwin E., ED#162, age 29?, KS, 118 West C Ave., wife, Ruth M., 22 TX 
BRIDGES, William F., ED#143, 53 ILL, wife, Susan, 54 GA, dau., Verna Meadon, 16 OK

Hugo Co.
WRIGHT, A.J., ED#65, 58 AR, wife, Nettie, 52 AR, dau., J.B. RISINGER,26 AR, son, A.J. Jr., 14 OK, Granddaughter, Vivian RISINGER, 8 OK, se?, Annie GENTRY, 66 AR.

Haskell Co.
UPTON, Andrew, ED#23

Grady Co.
ALLEN, Dan, 51 KS., wife, Vicie, 47 TX, son, Chester R., 20 I.T., dau., Edna V., 18 I.T., dau., Della A., 15, son, Dan M., 12, dau. Alice, 9, Augusta, 5 OK.

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