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The Times

Thursday, June 20, 1901

Roe SHORT has a fine line of Groceries and Canned Goods, Leader and Big B flour, which are known by everyone to be good brands. Salt Pork, 11 cents. He will close out a lot of tinware close to cost. Therefore big bargains in these goods, Be sure to see him when you wish to buy or sell eggs or poultry.

Will duplicate Ardmore Prices. I am aware that in order to sell goods in this country I must meet prices made at Ardmore and other railroad points. On some things I will do better. I can afford to do this because my expenses are nothing compared to those of men in business on the railroad.
I handle nearly everything needed on a farm or in a family; Dry Goods, Notions, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Groceries, Hardware, Tinware, Harness, Etc.
Call in and compare my prices with any railroad town. Don't waste your time in going to the railroad because time is money. Some good tents for sale cheap. Respectfully, E. L. MARTIN, Mannsville

John RHODES aged 9 years and the son of a wood chopper in Miland had the misfortune to cut off two of his toes on his left foot while chopping wood last week.

The soldiers of Troop A. of the Eighth Calvary, United States Army, stationed at Fort Gibson, have a habit of riding their horses into deep water in the Grand River.
Saturday, two of the Soldiers, Privates LIPS and MARTIN rode into deep water and got into a swift current when their horses became entangled and threw both of the riders and made for the bank. LIPS was not a good swimmer, and hampered by clothing, was struggling under swift currents thirty yards below. MARTIN saw LIP'S danger and knowing that he could not help him, swam down towards him, at the same time calling his horse by the familiar name Fritz, which he had repeated but a few times, when the animal took to the water and swam out to him near enough for LIPS to catch hold of the his tail and be taken safe to land. Assistance came none too soon, as the man was about exhausted in his struggles to keep afloat.

Sylvester SMITH a former resident of Vinita was drowned in the Verdigris River last week while seining for fish.

Last Wednesday at Dead Horse Mine, Coalgate, Albert LABELLE lost his life.
One of the empty cars on the slope jumped the knuckle and ran over him, crushing him.

Joe WHITAKER, a young man residing at Tishomingo, was drowned near the place Sunday, he was standing on the bank of a pool and in some manner fell in to the water, Being unable to swim, he sank before his companions could reach him.

Dr. WOODS has had a fine well bored with plenty of water a 22 feet.

Rev Wm. MOORE and family returned from an extended visit to Gordonville, Texas.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. FREEZE Wednesday, a 10 pound boy.

Rev E. M. GARRETT went to quarterly conference Saturday at Russell. District conference will convene in Ardmore, Saturday, June 22.

Sam MORITZ of Ardmore was a visitor here last night.

Richard MCCHAH of Ardmore, who controls the new townsite was a visitor here last week.

Sam SAWYER one of the Choctaw surveying party went to Kansas City Friday.

The little three year old girl of Gus BONNER living just across the river, drank some turpentine from a bottle Wednesday of last week, which made it very sick, nearly sending it into convulsions. Dr. PONDER tells us it was all right by the next day.

Chief Engineer WOOD of construction on the Choctaw came by Saturday looking over the work.

Resident Engineer S. A. MCCOY of the Choctaw, returned Kansas City where he had been to take Mrs. MCCOY.

Roe SHORT went to Ardmore Wednesday.

E.L. JONES and Bride returned from Shawnee and Oklahoma City.

Rev W. J. SIMS presiding elder passed through town friday on his way to attend quarterly conference at Russell.

The Choctaw corp of surveyors are moving right along with their work in this vicinity.
They are S. A. MCCOY O. E., S. P. SAWYER, Warren BURG, and Charles O'NEAL.

The young men of Mannsville are making a good effort for a Brass Band. They say they have the promise of some of the business men to assist them. A Brass Band is a good thing for a town and ought to be encourgaged.

The Muldrow Press tells a good story on the town Marshall of Muldow.
It says that while Marshall MABRAY was eating honey the other day he swallowed a live bee, and that the bee got in its work on his espophagus causing the catcher of criminals to fly high in the air and perform many gesticulations before the removing of the troublesome insect.

Twenty five thousand dollars worth of cattle were shipped from Madill last week.

W.W. ALLEN, Wynewood (sic Wynnewood) dislocated his shoulder by falling from the train at Ardmore last week, just as it was slowing up to stop.

Hugh FAULKNER was arrested for Assault to [?] near Cumberland and jailed.
John TRIMBLE charged with horse theft, was brought to Ardmore from Shreveport, La and jailed.

J.D. COLEMAN, C. C. VANNOY and G. W. STEWART were appointed jury commisioners to select the jury for the fall term of Ardmore Court.

The Ardmorite responsible for the statement that US Deputy Marshall J. M. REYNOLDS says he can put a man within 100 feet of where four wagon loads of gold and silver were buried near Ardmore by the Mexicans and that he would give any one big money to find it for him.

Ex Governor Wilson N. JONES of the Choctaw Nation died last week at his territory home 17 miles east of Caddo.

D.C. MCCURTAIN has been appointed delegate to Washington. vice J. S. STANLEY resigned.

J. George WRIGHT says orchards planted out prior to the year will be regarded as substantial improvements and will suffice to hold town lots.

A man named MOORE and a woman named SPRINKLES were arrested and jailed for peddling whiskey on the streets of Paul's Valley just five hours after Judge THOMAS had left town.

The Creek being the first of the five tribes to put their lands on the market will doubtless become the foremost, as she is now the most backward of the tribes in wealth and development.

Ben SIMPSON, living near Bartlesville, was held up by highwaymen last week and relieved of $216.65.

Tom REEVES killed Reuben MCERNEY near Marble last week shooting him in the head with a shotgun.
REEVES and his two sons were arrested.

C. J. CLOSSEN 's store at Lehigh was robbed one night last week. A small amount of goods was secured.

A Scaffold about twenty-five feet high broke with workmen near Bartlesville last Wednesday and Albert YEATES was killed and several others injured.

Judge PALMER of Denver threatened to punish Denver clergymen for contempt of court because they denounced him in their pulpits. Some day a judge will stretch this contempt of court business so far that the people will have an extra judicial hanging with the judge as the central figure of attraction.

Mrs E. L. MARTIN went to Ardmore Wednesday.

One whole block burnt in Durant this week, making the heaviest loss by fire she has ever had.

Dr. BUTT spent Sunday week in Ardmore.

Earl Community News

Cotton is about clean and is looking well. The corn is doing extra well and promises an unusually high yield. A good rain now is generally desired.

Mrs. Dr. HEFFLIN is teaching a very good school in Earl.

J. D. SIMS is putting an addition to his residence.

Rev J. M. GREEN returned Tuesday from Madill where he had been holding a sucessful meeting.

H. M. HOLLINGSWORTH returned this week from Tishomingo where he has been looking after his gin interests.

The little child of L. O. HARRIS is quite sick.

Mrs. Mary RAY went to Madill Wednesday to visit her daughter, Mrs. GLEN.

J. R. CALLOWAY went to Madill Tuesday.

The Infant of E. [?]ickton of Sulphur, IT is sick at its home.

T. THOMASON went to Sanger, Texas last week in response to a telegram that his sister was quite sick.

J. W. ALLEN and his wife went to Hopkins County Texas last week for an extended visit with relatives and freinds.

Lon PHILLIPS returned Tuesday from a visit to his mother at Marrieta.

Rev J. R. HAYS of Ravia was in Earl friday night.

E. L. DYER was gone to Ardmore to make arrangements for hay.

J. NUNN on awakening on Tuesday of last week found his wife dead in the bed beside him. She presumed to have died of heart trouble between midnight and daylight.
She leaves an infant only a few weeks old.

Rev KENNEDY of the Christian Church began a protracted meeting at Mannsville Saturday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will PHILLIPS, a daughter.

Preston SOUTHERN and wife went to Ardmore Saturday.

Ham SMITH of McMillan has bought the butchers tools of Roe SHORT and will move to Madill.

Our sucess has been brought about by keeping faith with the public in everything and by selling the best goods to be had for the least money. We use no false methods to attract attention. We sell standard goods and every article as low as can be sold unless some one has an ax to grind and hangs out bait to catch suckers.
Absolutely one price to all withour respect to person. The poor can buy as cheap as the rich. We carry a complete line of general merchandise.
We thank our many freinds and customers for their splendid trade they have given us and invite the purchasing public to call and examine our goods and prices learn our just and equitable methods of doing business and you will be pleased. ----Yours respectfully, H. M. HOLLINGSWORTH, Earl, IT.

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