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OKbits File Marshall Co: Madill

March 8, 1917

Death of Mrs. Margaret SIMMONS
Mrs. Margaret SIMMONS died at the home of her son, N.H. SIMMONS at Aylesworth Monday at age 70. Grandma SIMMONS made her home with her sons, N.H. and J.W. SIMMONS.

Marriage License
J.L. MCBRIDE, 20, Mansville and Miss Blanche SHERES, 18, Simpson married February 25, 1917.
Jim PILGRAM, 24, and Ludie NESBIT, 19 both of Madill married February 24, 1917.
Jacob Lee BANDY, 28, Madill and Ruby HOWARD, 21-not returned.
John IVEY, 44, Kingston and Mrs. Mary POSEY, 27-not returned.

November 30, 1922

Dave Walker Killed G.W. McAdoo Wednesday Morning: Surrendered Today. Luther Walker Also In Jail For Threat: Happened Near Lark. Killing Followed Difficulty Over Stalk Field: Walker Caught With Still Monday
G.W. McAdoo, well know farmer of the Lark community, was shot and instantly killed Wednesday morning about 11 o'clock at the home of John DILLARD, by Dave WALKER, on whose farm MCADOO lives.
The Sheriff's force searched for Walker all day Wednesday and late up into the night, but he made his get-away across the river until early today, came to town with a friend, Tom MATCHEN, and surrendered to Sheriff GLENN.
The difficulty is alleged to have arisen over the selling of a stalk field to McAdoo. McAdoo, who was a tenant on Walker'S farm, is alleged to have sold his three-fourths interest in a stalk field.
WALKER yesterday, after making bond for being caught with a still on Monday, went to McAdoo's house to ask him about the stalk. But was informed that Mr. McAdoo had gone to a neighbor's, Mr. John Dillards, Walker went on to Dillard's and demanded that McAdoo pay him for a stalk field, whereupon it is alleged that McAdoo told him he had sold only his interest and to look to the stockman for his part. Walker then shot McAdoo, who was unarmed, it is said.
After shooting him, Walker Ran Towards The River. When Mr. Dillard Sought To Follow, it is said that Luther Walker, a brother of Dave Walker, came out of the nearby brush and told him to stop.  
Luther Walker was arrested yesterday by Sheriff GLENN and brought to town. The preliminary will likely be heard next week before the justice court here.
Submitted by: Tammy Dice Jones
McAdoo Family Genealogy

December 7, 1922

Dave And Luther Walker Were Held For Murder In Preliminary Hearing Wed; Remanded To Jail; Habeas Corpus Sat.
Dave and Luther WALKER of Lark were held without bail for the murdering of G.W. MCADOO near lark, in the preliminary hearing granted them by Justice of the Peace J.R. HEARN. And both were remanded to jail to await the action of the district court.
Dave Walker is alleged to have killed McAdoo, while Luther Walker was near the scene and is said to be an accomplice.
Both Walkers will be granted a Habeas Corpus hearing before District Judge George S. MARCH, Saturday.
The testimony of Mr. and Mrs John DILLARD, Ed Dillard, and Miss Jessie McAdoo, daughter of the deceased, was presented by the state. The Dillards were eye witnesses of the tragedy at their home. Their testimony corroborated.
John Dillard testified in substance that he came out of the house when Dave Walker called from the out side, Walker asked for Mr. McAdoo, who hearing his name called, came out of the door. Walker then told Mr. McAdoo that he had come after his part of a stalk field rent, whereupon McAdoo told him that he sold only his part and that because the cattle had already eaten it up and that the man would pay Walker for his part if he would present it. Walker repeated that he had come after his part of the rent and was going to get it. He then jerked out his gun and said "You God -- Son Of A -- , "I'll Kill You!" Walker then jumped towards Mr. McAdoo, raised his gun and fired with his right hand while holding the deceased by the left.  McAdoo fell and Walker is alleged to have said, according to John Dillard:  "Is He Dead?" Whereupon Mrs. Dillard is alleged to have said: "Yes"  Walker Then Replied: "Well If I Killed Him It Was An Accident." Mrs. Dillard said: "You Shot Him Down Like A Dog." Dillard testified that Walker then ran towards the river. He also testified that Luther Walker appeared a few yards away with a shotgun and at one time raised it towards the group gathered around the dead man. Dillard said that he told him to come on out and that if he did, he, Dillard would kill him.
About the same testimony was given by Mrs. Dillard and Ed Dillard.
Miss Jessie McAdoo, daughter, testified that Mrs. John Dillard called to her home across the quarter miles distance, telling them that Mr. McAdoo had been slain by Dave Walker, and that she went into the house and got her father's pistol from beneath the pillow on the bed before she ran to the DIllard home. She also testified that Dave Walker called at their home about thirty minutes before the killing, asking where her father was, and that she told him he was at Mr. Dillard's.
G.W. McAdoo, a well know farmer of the Lark community, was shot and instantly killed about 11 o'clock last Wednesday morning. McAdoo was unarmed. His assailant and alleged murderer was Dave Walker, who had been arrested on Monday before for operation a still on Red river. Walker owns the farm on which the deceased lived.
Submitters Note: George Washington McAdoo was born February 14, 1862 in Missouri, the son of Elijah McAdoo and Elizabeth SCRIBNER. He married Arlena Lucinda KECK on March 9, 1884 in Paris, Logan CO., Arkansas
Submitted by: Tammy Dice Jones
McAdoo Family Genealogy

March 10, 1928

Mrs. W.N. DENTON, 35, died Saturday following an attack of pneumonia, she was the wife of Rev. W.N. Denton. Interment at Woodbury-Forrest Cemetery.
She was born March 6, 1895 in Jack county, Texas. Alice CONWAY married W.N. Denton September 4, 1912.

Dr. J.E. REID Buried Sunday at age 63.
He is survived by his children, Mrs. E.P. SCHNEIDER, Mrs. Jess ROBORN, Edgar, and Paul. Four brothers, Tom Z. REID, Joe REID, Fred REID, and F.L. REID. Two sisters, Mrs. Ollie FERGUSON and Miss Sallie REID.

Mrs. Mattie TUNE MOORE, died east of Shelbyville on the Wartrace pike, Thursday at age 79. She was the widow of Arch Moore who died 10 or 12 years ago.
She is survived by two sons, John E. Moore and Lewis T. Moore; Five daughters, Mrs. Annie JENKINS, Mrs. Clarence SNELL, Mrs. H.C. TILFORD, Miss Nell  Moore, and Mrs. L.E. WOOD. Two brothers, Lewis Tune and H.E. Tune; two sisters, Mrs. P.C. STEELE and Mrs. John H. JONES.
She was born in Nebrasha on October 6, 1864 and married Arch Moore  May 10, 1891. Mrs. Moore lived in Grantham and buried in the Linn Cemetery.

April 5, 1928

Franz J. KIM Is Dead: Sheriff Edd LONG Surrenders
Franz Kim, county attorney of Marshall County died in Sherman, Texas. Burial at the old home of Mrs. Kim in Missouri.

V.H. ROOK, resident of Madill for 25 years.
Mr. ROOK was born in Mississippi August 16, 1847 and died at age of 80 years, 7 months, and 14 days. He is survived by two brothers, H.T. and Rev. E.H. ROOK and a half sister, Mrs. Anna WHITE.

Mrs. G.H. BELL, 46, died in Buckbolt April 1.

C.W. STUBBLEFIELD, 34 died in Kingston March 30, buried at Isom Cemetery.

Felix FERGUSON, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. G.A. FERGUSON of Willis died April 3.

April 12, 1928

Sheriff Edd LONG acquitted of Franz KIM killing by the court. Franz J. KIM was buried in Farmington, Missouri.

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