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Luther Register, Oklahoma Co.

October, 1898

Minister's Original Handwritten

Funeral Obitutary
Evan M. NICHOLS was married to Rachael CROWDER Sept 9th 1839 was married in Nodaway Co, MO. Evan M. NICHOLS was born January 10, 1814 in Cox Co. Tenn, died Oct 18th, 1898. Age 84, 10 months, 8 days. He joined the Methodist Church in 1854. Then moved his membership to the Freewill Baptist in Gentry, Co, MO 1885. and lived a Christian life until death.
[Submitters Note: He was born in Cocke Co. Tenn, not Cox. He and his wife came to Oklahoma in the fall of 1889 with his daughter Lutitia SWEAT's family. He is buried in the SWEAT Cemetery, located 1/2 mile west of the Indian Meridian on Sorghum Mill Road.)
 Submitted by Margaret Graham

November 15, 1901

Woodward Bulletin: The storm caused two deaths at Gage Saturday night
Mrs. ARMSTRONG and daughter being chilled to death. That night before the storm, Mrs. Armstrong and her daughter, a young lady, went after their cows. They were overtaken by the storm and seemed to have lost their way and how long they wandered around wil never be known. When found they were dead, lying side by side, not more than an eighth of a mile from the house.
The coroner was called and went at once to investigaet the cause of death and reported the above facts. Miss ARMSTRONG had just taken an examination in Day county and expected to begin teaching this month. Mrs. ARMSTRONG was 55 years old and her daughter was 25.
Submitted by Sharon McAllister

January 4, 1907

Married Yesterday
Mr. William COLE and Miss Anna HENNESSEY were married in Oklahoma City yesterday.
We regret that we are unable to give full particulars at present.
Miss HENNESSEY is a daughter of C. P. HENNESSEY, living just north of town. She is loved and highly respected by all who know her.
William COLE is a son of Mrs. Ellen COLE, of this city, and is well known and exceedingly well liked by the entire population fo Luther.
This union is a sequel to a pretty little romance and their many friends congratulate the happy couple. They will make their future home in Luther.
Submitted by Sharon McAllister

January 11, 1907

Mr. Harry ULMSTEAD and Miss Bertha HELM, of Dewey Township, were married last Thursday.
Harry ULMSTEAD is a son of C. W. ULMSTEAD, a former territorial legislator living near Meridian, and is a brother-in-law to J. J. WILLIAMSON.
Miss HELM is the handsome daughter of B. H. HELM, of Dewey township.
The happy couple will make their home on a farm six miles south of Luther.

ROGERS - WELCH Wednesday of last week Mr. Milt ROGERS and Miss Nina WELCH, both of this vicinity, were married in Oklahoma City.
They stole a march on their many friends, so to speak, and for that reason we were unable to make attention of the pleasant affair in our last issue.
Submitted by Sharon McAllister

February 15, 1907

Married Tuesday
Married, in Oklahoma City, Tuesday, Mr. Ed ROGERS and Miss Josie BUZZARD.
The bride is a daughter of J. H. BUZZARD, Northeast of town. The groom is a son of J. D. ROGERS of near Servado. Both are well known and have many friends who wish them all the blessings this world affords.
They will reside on Mr. Rogers' father's place.
Submitted by Sharon McAllister

February 8, 1907

Cry of Fire
Last Saturday evening somebody yelled "Fire!". The word "fire" is enough to make the slowest Lutherite hustle.Then somebody said that it was Chas. DAWSON's residence and everybody put out post haste for the scene.
Upon arrival, however, it was found that the soot in the chimney of R. MCMURPHY's residence was burning out and throwing a vivid stream of sparks. No damage resulted from that source. However, F. O. HARRIS and John BEDNER did not get off so easily. When the alarm was given Mr. Harris and Mr. Bedner were just leaving the store to go home. They carried some provisions. In the hurry of the moment they came in collision and "pied" the eggs and sugar.
Roe MORGAN also had bad luck. He dashed across the street with a pail of water. In the dark he fell down and spilled the water.
We have heard of no further mishaps. Submitted by Sharon McAllister

June 14, 1914
Lead Article on the Front Page

Submitted by Sharon McAllister
Wedding Picture
Married at Last; Ross and Cecil
At the home of Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Cole, on Sunday afternoon, June 14, 1914.
They both wore very good clothes. The Lovell and Cole relatives and a few close friends were present and observed the ceremonies which was performed by W. H. Downs, after which each took part without previous rehearsal in some good eats.
The youngsters grew up in this community and comment on their standing and position is unnecessary. They will continue living here, being at home in a few weeks in the "yellow house on the hill." This conservative, practical, sensible, home-grown couple carry with them in this the be- ginning of their life's morning work, the earnest well wishes of a host of friends.

Submitter's Note: This provides more insight about the community at the time than information about the couple. Attendees, identified from photographs of the event, were:
Bride: Cecil Marol COLE (who later changed the spelling to Cecile)
Father of the Bride: Otho M. COLE
Mother of the Bride: Anna MILLIGAN Cole
Brother of the Bride: Herman H. COLE
Sister of the Bride: Opal COLE
Aunt of the Bride: Dora COLE Long
Grandfather of the Bride: Andrew Francis MILLIGAN
Groom: Ross William LOVELL
Father of the Groom: William Edward LOVELL
Mother of the Groom: Mary Elizabeth "Bess" HAMILTON Lovell
Sister of the Groom: Ethel LOVELL Vorel and husband Paul Miller VOREL
Grandmother of the Groom: Martha KEITH Lovell
Aunt of the Groom: Onie HAMILTON Lovell and husband William Randolph
"Rosty" LOVELL (Cousin of the Groom)
Friends: Calvin HUFF and wife Alpha BLACKERBY Huff
Minister: Rev. W. H. DOWNS

March 11, 1920

William Edgar CHANDLER, the infant son of Mrs. and Mrs. Walker Chandler, north of town, was born October 16, 1919, and fell asleep March 2nd, 1920. Age 4 months and 15 days.
He had been sick several days with pneumonia following influenza.
Rev. BROOM had charge of the funeral services Wednesday where the little form was laid to rest in the Valley View Cemetery. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of all.
Another little lamb has gone, to dwell with Him who gave; another little darling babe is sheltered in the grave, God needed one more angel child amidst His shining band and so He bent with loving smile and clasped our darling's hand.

Mrs. LOVELL Dies In Colorado Mrs. W. R. Lovell, formerly of Luther, died in Pueblo, Colo., March 4. She was brought here for burial Sunday Evening. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday by the Rev. W. H. Downs of the Christian Church.
Onie HAMILTON was born in Osage County, Kas., Feb 18, 1874, died in the Minnequa hospital Pueblo, Colo., March 4, 1920, age 46 years and 15 days. She was married to Wiliam R. Lovell, Nov. 13, 1895. To this union one child, Archie H, was born. She united with the Christian church in Luther years ago, and continued in active service untl her death.
Her friends were numbered by her acquaintances, and all were better for having known her, this fact being fully attested by the warm hearted kindly services to her by her friends in both Fowler and Pueblo during her sickness and death, and by the further ministrations of her old friends at Luther. Her paitence and christian fortitude during her three months of intense suffering in the hospital was a subject of comment by those who were with her and a worthy example for all.
She leaves her husband and son, six brothers and four sisters, besides a host of devoted friends to grieve her departure.
The funeral services were conducted by Rev. W. H. DOWNS of the Luther Christian Church, Tuesday afternoon, March 9, and burial made in a prepared vault at Valley View Cemetery.
Those from a distance attending the funeral were: Milt HAMILTON, Vassar, Kas.; Hannible Hamilton, Edmond; Dr. and Mrs. PERISHO, Cache; Mrs. T. H. RAY, Oklahoma City; Mr. and Mrs. Jim RAMSEY, Edmond; Rev. WHITLOW and wife, Edmond; and Mrs. Emma JONES, Tulsa.
Submitted by: Sharon McAllister

October 27, 1922

J.F. WESTERNBERGER, 77 years, who lived along at a farm east of Spencer, was found died in home by L.Z. JACK.

December 21, 1923

Michael T. WILSON
Edmond man dies at age 72 years old. Mr WILSON was buried at Gracelawn Cemetery. He was a native of Indiana by birth, born in Greencastle on July 21, 1851.

December 28, 1923

WRIGHT Investigates County Jail Flogging
Oklahoma City - Charges which will carry a penitentiary sentence on conviction will be placed against the prisoners who took part in the alleged "kangaroo court" flogging of Walter BRADSHAW in the county jail, declared J.K WRIGHT, county attorney. He said he would begin an investigation at once and if the evidence warranted would file charges of riot. Charges of assault would be punishable only by jail sentences such as the men already are serving.
Art PIZER, said to be the ringleader of the "court" behind the bars to which BRADSHAW refused to pay tribute, was in solitary confinement Monday under discipline for the alleged attack. The "court" took 85 cents from BRADSHAW when he was first jailed, it is said, and then beat him up in an effort to make him sign over $25.00 which his brother sent to him.
BRADSHAW is recovering at the University hospital. He has severe bruises about the back and face, and is suffering from wrenched ligaments in his back. He was in jail awaiting  investigation on a statutory charge.

Notice Of Sale Of Real Estate
Notice is hereby given that is pursuance of an order of the County Court of the County of Oklahoma and State of Oklahoma, made on the 8th day of Dec., 1923 in the matter of the estate of David W. STEVENS, deceased, the undersign, as the administratrix of said deceased, will sell at private sale to the highest bidder for cash in hand subject to confirmation by said County Court, on or after the 31 day of Dec. 1923. Bids will be received at the Luther State Bank, at Luther, in said county of Oklahoma, all the rights, title, interest, and estate of the said David W. STEVENS  at the time of his death and all the right, title, interest that the said estate has, by operation of law, or other wise acquired in and to all the certain lots, pieces, or parcel of land, situate lying and being in the County of Oklahoma and described as follows:
South East Quarter of Section 33, Township 13, North Range 1, East, Oklahoma County, OK.
Bids will also be received by mail or personally by Nancy E. STEVENS AT 119 west Greenlee Street, Cushing, Okla.
Nancy E. STEVENS, Administratrix
of the Estate of

On Monday evening, December 24, at 2 o'clock at the church in Jones City, occurred the marriage of Mr. Robert HENDRICKS to Miss Sophia RHODES. Both are from Spencer.

Old Settles Dies West Of Edmond
John H. BIERCHENK, a native of Germany by birth in 1888, died a few days ago of pneumonia at his farm west of Edmond, where he had resided for eighteen years. He came from Germany when a youth, settling in Nebraska, later coming to Oklahoma. He is survived by his wife, one son and two daughters.

Arcadia- Mr. and Mrs. J.T. HUGHES announced the marriage of their daughter, Miss Kathleen to Mr. John E. PAYNE of Edmond on December 8.

Choctaw- Sam WALTON, for many years a resident of Choctaw, died in a hospital at Oklahoma City last Sunday from cancer of the stomach. He has been ill many months. Funeral services were held here Tuesday, followed by burial in the Choctaw cemetery. Deceased leaves a wife, and many friends to mourn his death.

January 4, 1924

We take pleasure in announcing the marriage of Miss Reola COPELAND of Luther, Okla. to Mr. John W. ROBINSON of Oxford, Kansas. The marriage took place December 27 at the home of the groom's mother at Wellington, Kansas. The happy couple are visiting the bride's mother 4 miles east of Luther. They will make their home at Oxford, Kansas. Their many friends wish them a long and happy married life.

Mrs Mary McBRIDE of Oklahoma City was called to the bedside of her mother Mrs. Elizabeth CROSSLEY who has been very ill.

Farm House Burned
The tenant house on the KUYKENDAL place, owned by Mrs. Blanche McNEAL, was completely destroyed by fire Sunday, supposed to have caught by a defective flue. The house was occupied by Arthur HAMLET and family. The household goods, with the exception of bed clothes, which were upstairs, were saved. Mr. HAMLET expected to move on Monday to the HAVLUJ place.

Mr. and Mrs. Dave KING received a beautiful hand carved graphophone as a Christmas present from their son Addie of Fairabault, Miss. Addie made the case for the machine himself and it is a very complete and neat piece of work.

Mrs. T.M. HUNTINGTON was quite sick last week with ?ptomaine poisoning.

The HUNTINGTON family received word Monday of the death of Johnnie REESE, an old friend of Anderson, Ind.

Mrs. Charles HUNTINGTON received a message Monday telling of the death of her sister, Mrs. Stella KNOTT of Indianapolis, Ind. Monday. Friends join with Mrs. HUNTINGTON in her sorrow.

Mr. and Mrs. M.W. WAGONER entertained to Christmas dinner, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. WAGONER.

Rev. SMITH and family spend Wednesday and Thursday of last week visiting his brother and family at Shamrock, OK. Mr. SMITH spent the two days while there, quail hunting.

Mr. and Mrs. George C. WELLS and J.A. HOLLY were in OK City, Thursday.

A.A. CROSSLEY, O.E. WRIGHT, and Mike PESHEK of OK City were visiting friends and hunting around Luther, Thursday.

Ira YEAGER of Kaw City was in Luther last week visiting old friends. He formerly lived near here.

Rev. W.I. SMITH, and family spent last week in relatives at Chandler.

Mr. and Mrs. Eliza BOGUE and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd KENNEDY of Agra are visiting friends and relatives in Luther this week.

Miss Eva VOREL returned to her school at Prague, Sunday, after spending the holidays with home folks.

Walter HAYES visited friends at Guthrie, Sunday afternoon.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred SHEDD spend Sunday in Wellston.

Billy COUCH entertained Mr. HOOVER, his football coach of Oklahoma City college, Friday.

William A
. COLE, 44 years old. was killed and Mrs. Otto NORMAN badly injured in accident at RR. crossing. (Mrs. Norman obit was in the next weeks paper). Funeral services for Mr. COLE were held Friday morning at the Christian Church. Burial in the Valley View cemetery near Luther, beside his wife who passed away six years ago.

William COLE, was instantly killed when the Ford coupe in which him and Mrs. NORMAN were riding was struck by an east bound fast Frisco freight train, just before 3 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The accident occurred at the street crossing just east of the Frisco station in Luther. Mrs. NORMAN is the head of the commercial department of the Capital Hill Junior High School and had been here visiting Mr. and Mrs. A.C. COUCH. She was formerly principal of the Luther schools.
Mr. COLE and Mrs. NORMAN had been to the Luther cemetery and were returning to town when the accident occurred. There were several witnesses to the accident. J.W. TOILSON, Frisco agent, Fred SHEDD, and George CATRON were in the depot when the train passed. SHEDD, looking out the window exclaimed, "They have struck a car." The three men rushed out to the crossing and when they arrived they found the COLE was dead lying on one side of the track and Mrs. NORMAN was terribly hurt and unconscious, lying among the debris of the coupe which was torn forty feet and demolished.

Luther Register

December 30, 1910

Death of Mrs. Ellen Cole Mrs. Ellen (CROCKETT) COLE died at the home of her son, W. A. Cole, last Friday night, aged over 70 years. Mrs. Cole had been bedfast for many weeks and had been practically an invalid, for the past several years. Death relieved her sufferings here and she passed happily to her reward after a life full of usefulness and service.
Funeral services were held at the Christian church Sunday at 11 o'clock, conducted by Elder CHAMBERLAIN.
The church was crowded with sorrowing friends. A long and very sorrowful cortege accompanied the remains to Valley View cemetery.
Mrs. Cole was born in North Carolina on Ocober 8, 1840. In mid-life she united with the Christian church, having been a member for the past __ years.
Twenty two years ago in company with her husband she came to Oklahoma and has lived in Luther since this part was thrown open to settlement. Her husband departed this life Jan. 17, 1902.
Mrs. Cole was well known and loved by people in the entire community and it was with great sorrow that they were at last compelled to lay her away to rest.
She is survived by one daughter and thre sons -- Mrs Dora LONG, of Neodesha, Kan, Albert COLE of Oklahoma City and WIlliam and Otho, who reside in Luther.
Submitted by: Sharon McAllister

June 11, 1920
Death Of T. C. FRIEND
Thomas C. Friend, one of the few 89ers left in this section, died June 8 at the home of his daughter Mrs. R. F. ATTEBERRY on Coon Creek northwest of Luther. He was 87 years old. Funeral services were held the evening of his death, burial being made in the family burying ground on Coon Creek.
Thomas C. Friend was born in Kentucky, May 18, 1833, and lived there until manhood. He then moved to Howard County,Mo. He was united in marriage to Malinda L. FILBERT, March 15, 1854, and to this union was born nine children, three boys and six girls. He served in the Civil war 3 years and 6 months. His wife was called to rest August 8, 1897.
He later united in marriate to Marrilla MARAN, August 12, 1900, and she was called to rest March 11, 1919. He has made his home with his daughter, Mrs. Frank ATTEBERRY, since the death of his wife. Departed this life June 10, 1920 at the age of 87 years and 23 days.
His children living are as follows: Mrs. R. F. Atteberry of near Luther; Mrs. H. E. RUBLE of Arcadia; Mrs. Willard SWEAT of Idaho; Charles Friend of Pratt, Kas., and William Friend, who lives over in the Creek country.
He united with the Church of God at Alanthus, Mo, 1886 and always has lived a true christian, a devoted husband, a kind and loving father.
Submitted by: Sharon McAllister

Luther Register

Monday, January 8, 1934

Richard Franklin ATTEBERRY, son of Mrs. and Mrs. R. Atteberry, was born August 5, 1861 at Cisne, Ill. Passed away at his home in Luther, Oklahoma, after several months illness, on Jan. 5, 1934, at the age of 72 years and 5 months. He was the last of his brothers and sisters to leave this world.
Mr. Atteberry as a boy had amibition and progressive, constructive, ideas. He started out on his own at the age of 19 working in the mines and in construction work on river canals in Ill., Mo., and Ar., and later and more extensive in R.R. building where he aided in the construction of the Santa Fe from Arkansas City, Kansas, to Purcell, Oklahoma, in the days when the Indians were almost the only inhabitants of the country.
His experiences with the Indians and in pioneering were most varied and interesting.
In 1889 he homesteaded 6 miles N.E. of Luther and in 1891, Sept. 6, he was married to Miss Mellie FRIEND. Eight fine children came to bless this home, six of whom survive, two children dying in infancy.
Mr. and Mrs. Atteberry and family continued to live on the farm until 1923, when they moved to Luther, and their many friends are numbered by their acquaintances.
Mr. Atteberry was a man loved and esteemed among men for his industry, his honor and sterling integrity, for his kindly genial nature and his helpful interest in the affairs of his neighbors and the community.
He loved the church and gave his support to it. He loved Christ and prayed through him to the Father. Almost his last words were, "Here I am Christ, come and get me." He was satisfied to go.
He loved deeply and loyally his wife, Mrs. Mellie Atteberry, who remains, and his children, Mrs. Maude BUZZARD, Mrs. Pearl BRISCOE and his son Oscar, all of Luther, and Mrs. Ruth PROCTOR of Jones, Mrs. Evelyn KIRKPATRICK of Perkins and son Frank Atteberry of Oklahoma City, besides four grand children all of whom were present.
The entire community is bowed with the family at this time, for a good man, a fine citizen has left us.
Funeral was conducted at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, January 7, 1934, at the First Christian Church, Luther Oklahoma by Pastor John T. THOMPSON.
Sumitter's note: His homestead was northwest, rather than northeast, of Luther. In southern Logan Co., just west of the Indian Meridian.
Submitted by: Sharon McAllister

February 22, 1934

Charles Calvin HAYES, son of P.G. and Mary Ann HAYES was born at Jerseyville, Illinois, October 12, 1869.
He passed away at his home in Luther, OK, February 14, 1934, at the age of 64 years, 4 months, and 2 days.
When about 4 years of age he was taken with his parents to Nebraska where he grew up. He came to Oklahoma in 1889...and on Sept. 22, 1891, he secured his homestead six miles northeast of Luther. He married Miss Elsie Roy of Seward, on October 18, 1891. He was the last of his group of seven brothers and sisters to depart this life, and the first of his own family to go.
He leaves his devoted wife, four sons, Roy and Walter of Luther, Willie of Perkins, and Raymond of Wellston, and three daughters, Mrs. Blanche GRAHAM who lives on the old homestead, Mrs. Eva PINKSTON of Stillwater and Mrs. May PINKSTON of Drumright and fourteen grandchildren, and one step grandson. Also there are two half brothers, Roy of Enid, Okla., and Harmey of Nebraska. A step mother, Mrs. Martha HAYES, and step sister, Mrs. OlA RHULE both of Guthrie, and a number of neices and nephews.
Funeral was conducted at 2:00 pm February 16, 1934, at the First Christian Church, Luther, OK by Pastor John T. THOMPSON, assisted by Pastor Hugh MORRIS of the Methodist Episcopal Church of Luther.
Among relatives and friends who attended the funeral from out of town were: Mr. & Mrs. Earnest WAGONER, Raymond WAGONER and Mrs. Roy ZIMMERMAN, of Leedy; Mr. & Mrs. Vernon WAGONER, of Oklahoma City; Mrs. Alvin LINEGAR and family of Navina; Mrs. Martha HAYES and Mrs. Chas. RUHL of Guthrie; Mr. & Mrs. C.C. CURL and family of Pryor; Mrs. and Mrs. Fred CURL and Meedy CURL, Depew; Mr. and Mrs. Will COMPTON and family of Stillwater, Mike FOREMAN, Hinton, Mrs. Lon DAVENPORT, Tulsa; Claude OLMSTEAD, Oklahoma City; Mrs. Hattie PETERSON, Mr. & Mrs. Pete HAAS, Mr. & Mrs. Carl PETERSON, and Ira BAIRD, Wellston; Mr. & Mrs. Chas. GRAHAM and family of Fallis; S.A. DOUGLAS, Mrs. Blanche HUFFINA, Mrs. J.A. BEATY, Guthrie; Mrs. & Mrs. George CATRON and Mrs. Elizabeth CANADA of Oklahoma City; Mr. & Mrs. O.M. WILLEFORD, Edmond.
Submitted by Margaret Graham

Thursday, July 5, 1934

Mrs. O.M. COLE, 60, Has Passed Away. Anna MILLIGAN, daughter of Francis and Mary MILLIGAN, was born in Gentry County, Missouri, Dec. 14, 1873, and passed away from her home in Luther, July 1st, 1934 at the age of 60 years, six months and sixteen days.
She became a member of the Methodist Church at the age of 18, later transfering her membership to the Crhistian Church of Luther.
On May 12, 1895, at the age of 21 she was married to O.M. Cole. To this union one son, Herman, and three daughters, Cecile, Opal and Irene, were born.
She leaves to mourn her loss, her husband, children, four grandchildren and three brothers, J. D. Milligan of Wynona, Raymond Milligan of Sapulpa and E. D. Milligan of Fulton, South Dakota.
She was a very devloted member of the Church and was always willing to do her part in anything that was for the good of the conmmunity. She kept her Bible handy and was often found reading it.
One of her main thoughts was of her children and how she might make their lives more pleasant.
There could be no higher respect for anyone and she deserved it. To know her was to love her.
Funeral services were conducted Monday at the Luther Christian church, with Rev. John Thompson in charge. Burial was in the Luther cemetery.
Out of town people who attended the services included Mrs. Ida COLE, Mrs. Earl COLE, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry BLAKE of Guthrie; Mr. and Mrs. G. L. BURNHAM, of Glencoe; Mrs. and Mrs. J.D. MILLIGAN and family; Mrs. Blair POINTS, J. C. WOLF, Junior STRICKEL, A. E. MUNN, Mr.and Mrs. Ray TANSEL, Mrs. H. H. BROOKS, Mrs. and Mrs. Royal SARJENT, Mrs. C. A. SPENCER, Mr. Ed SCHMAHL, Miss Pearl SCHMAHL, A. H. CRABB, Mrs. and Mrs. O. M. WILLEFORD, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. KING, Mr. and Mrs. Lionel PROCTOR, and many others whose names could not be secured.
Submitted by: Sharon McAllister

Oklahoma County Register

May 27, 1943

Mrs. Elsie L. HAYES, Pioneer Rsident, Has Passed Away. Mrs. Elsie L. Hayes, widow of the late Charles C. Hayes, of Luther, passed away last Thursday in Wesley hospital in Oklahoma City, following a stroke suffered a few days before. Services were held Sunday, May 23rd at 2:30 in the high school auditorium in Luther, Rev. H.L. CLOUD, and Rev. C.L. MILLS of Wellston officiating. Burial was in the Luther Cemetery. Baggerley Funeral Home had charge of the arrangements.
Elsie Lucinda ROY, daughter of T.A. ROY, was born at Cane Hill, Missouri, August 1, 1876. She departed this life May 20, 1943, at the age of 66 years, 9 months and 19 days.
At the age of ten years she lost her mother by death and lived with her grandpartents Mr. & Mrs. Miachiel Mosier, until young womanhood, coming to Seward, Oklahoma in 1890. She was married to Charles C. Hayes, October 18, 1891, and came as a bride to their homestead, north of Luther. Here she braved the hardships of pioneer life and reared her seven happy children. Mr. & Mrs. Hayes moved to Luther in 1920 and continued there together until Mr. Hayes was taken by death February 14, 1934.
She leaves seven children, Mrs. Blanche GRAHAM, who lives on the old homestead, Roy and Walter of Luther, Mrs. Eva PINKSTON, Stillwater, Willie and Raymond of Wellston, and Mrs. May PINKSTON of Fall River, Kansas; a sister, Mrs. C.C. CURL of Pryor; eighteen grandchildren and four great grandchilden, and a host of other relatives and friends.
Submitted by Margaret Graham

December 9, 1943

Edward B. ROBERTS, Pioneer Resident, Passes Away. Edward Benton Roberts, son of Martin and Margaret ROBERTS, was born at Oaktown, Indiana, April 22, 1868. He departed this life at his home near Luther, December 2, 1943, at the age of 75 years, 7 months and 10 days.
He spent his early boyhood in Indiana and Illinois, moving to Kansas when about twelve years of age. From Kansas he made the "run" into Oklahoma, April 22, 1889. He took his claim 6 miles west of Luther and has resided in the Luther community since that time. He united with the First Christian Church at a pioneer church in the Luther community in the year 1890. He was married to Ethelda SWEAT on December 2, 1900. To this union two children were born, Orville Benton ROBERTS of Luther and Etta Belle TOLEN of Mission, Texas.
Besides his widow and two children, he is survived by 5 grandchildren and one brother Fred ROBERTS of Luther. Mr. ROBERTS served the community in several ways and was a civic minded citizen. He served on the Luther School Board for many years.
Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, December 5 in the Luther high school auditorium, with Rev. O.W. REECE officiating. Burial was at the Luther cemetery, with Baggerley Funeral Directors in charge.
[Submitters Note: Homesteaders were required to be 21 years of age, E.B. Roberts turned 21 on the day of the "run" which was also his birthday. He had to have a neighbor sign a special affidavit that he really was of age.]
Submitted by Margaret Graham

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