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Okbits File Kay County: Kaw City

Kaw City Star

January 3, 1908

Charles SPENCER, Editor and Publisher, 1908

Dr. COMPSON reports birth of a girl baby born to Mr. and Mrs. Harry WOLF Tuesday of last week, and a boy baby to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. THOMPSON on the following Thursday

William Shelby STEVENS was born October 5th, 1852, at Bloomfield, Iowa, and died near Kaw City, Oklahoma, December 20th, 1907.
He was married to Miss Sarah DRAKE, January 27th, 1874. To this union were born five children, two of whom have gone before him in youth. he professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and united with the Methodist Protestant church in 1896.
 Coming  to Oklahoma in 1893 and not having the church privileges he would have liked consequently his Christian life was dwarfed and he became back-slidden in heart. Realizing that the dreaded disease which finally overcame him and claimed him a victim, he ? anxious as to his eternal destiny. He began to pray that the past might be blotted out and the joys of salvation restored. He was unsatisfied for two months, but finally, for the past month, the presence of God came into his soul, lighting up his pathway, enabling him to say that "he was going to live for Jesus the balance of his days." He became burdened for his home and expressed a desire that he would live to see a revival in his midst for they needed it so badly. Near the last he was resigned to the will of God and when the writer would come to see him his first request was, "Let's have a word of prayer." His joy was restored, his lamp was trimmed and ready when the spirit said "It's enough; come up higher." His wife loses a kind and affectionate husband; the children, a loving father, the community loses a true friend and noble citizen. May we all live and have the desire to depart to be with
He leaves a wife, three children, three brothers and two sisters to mourn his loss.

While Owen GRAHAM, S.G. SUTTERLIN were hunting a few days ago, they lost their way in the black jacks and wandered around until Seth became so hungry that he refused absolutely to work longer without food, Accordingly he was allotted the job of hitting a back door, which the others say he did admirably. Having procured a bounteous repast and the direction to town, they proceeded homeward, arriving very late at night.

Freddie, the three-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. F.E. STANFIELD of Salt Lake, Utah, died at the home of  John MOORES in this city last Monday morning. The child had suffered an attack of diphtheria at Salt Lake and was suppose to have recovered, but was still very weak, the quarantine by the Salt Lake officials having been raised only two weeks before the family came here last week for a holiday visit with Mrs. STANFIELD'S father, Mr. MOORES. The little body was buried in Grandview cemetery.
Tuesday. Obituary
Little Freddie STANFIELD, aged 2 years, 5 months, and 22 days, after a short illness, died at the home of his grandfather, John MOORES in this city, December 20. "Teddy," as he was called by those at home, was the only child of Mr. and Mrs. F.E. STANFIELD, and his sudden demise occasioned intense sorrow on the part of parents and relatives.

W.J. PRICHARD, Santa Fe agent, was taken to the company's hospital at Topeka Tuesday night, having suffered a sever attack of the grippe, with threatened complications, Mrs. PRICHARD accompanied him and will remain with him during his stay at the hospital, which it is hoped will be a short one.

Mrs. J.O. MORGAN and daughter arrived from Meeker Tuesday evening, expecting to spend a few days visiting with Mrs. PRICHARD and other friends. However Mrs. PRICHARD accompanied her husband to Topeka that evening  ' part of her visit will not ? lized. Rev. and Mrs. MORGAN expect to move to Los Angeles, California, in the near future.

Fighting Boar Attacks Robert HARDWICK
Dr. C.J. BARKER was called to the home of Robert HARDWICK near Burbank, last Sunday, to attend Mr. HARDWICK, who had come out second-best in a tussle with a bad hog.
Sunday morning while Mr. HARDWICK was feeding his hogs a big boar in the bunch attacked him and drove him into the creek near by. Here the hog did not stop, but plunged into the water after him. Mr. HARDWICK made haste to the other bank, where he attempted to make a stand, but was knocked back into the water, into which the fighting boar also plunged again. By this time Mr. HARDWICK realized that his ability to hit a lively gait was his only means of escape and while the hog was climbing up the bank he made it over the fence. An invoice of his injuries revealed more damage than he had realized was being done. The long-tusked animal had made a more that slight wound on his leg and considerably bruised on finger,. Besides these , he had lost one leg of his overalls, and about the only thing he had to be thankful for was that he had not yet donned his Sunday breeches. Dr. BARKER treated the wounds and thinks they will not be serious. 

Denton JACQUES, Frank WINCHELL and Ed AULD left overland for Arkansas Saturday morning. A. JACQUES, father of Denton, expects to go by rail to join them at Fayetteville and the four will make a prospecting trip through timbered portions of the state.
In all probability, they will come back thinking the Kaw country is the best of all.

Houser Released From Charge.- Fred HOUSER, arrested on a charge of robbing the postoffice in Addington, has been released.

Is Killed In Pistol Duel.- In a pistol fight with four other men Frank INCE, son of a wealthy Indian family, was shot and killed at Oklahoma City.

Big Fire At Muskogee - Fire destroyed the three-story building and the stock of the WHILOW-WILLIAMS Wholesale Drug Company at Muskogee. Loss $180,000.

Injured While Setting Trap- Grover C. DAVES, a farmer living near Checotah, was injured seriously while setting a game trap. His gun was discharged, striking him in the side.

Longdale Postmaster Arrested
Postmaster EATON of  Longdale, has been arrested, charged with being short in his accounts. He will be heard in the January term of the federal court.

Father Of Fourteens Dies- William H. BARKER, a cotton picker, died from malaria fever at Mulhall. He was the father of 14 children. He had been married twice. Each wife was mother of seven.

Accident Cause Of Amputation Marks STEFANIAK, whose foot was crushed by a train at Kaw City several days ago, has suffered the loss of his foot by amputation. It was amputated at the ankle.

Child Burns To Death
The 7-year-old daughter of M. KEHL, living near Carney, was burned to death. While playing her clothing ignited from the kitchen stove and in places the body was burned to a crisp.

 Boy Seriously Hurt While racing on horse back with two other boys at Ponca City, Bennie GIBSON, step-son of Isaac SMITH, was thrown from his horse and injured seriously. It is feared concussion of the brain may result. Demented Man Suicides- Using his underclothing as a rope and within full view of five other prisoners, a demented man, whose name is thought to be DENTON, committed suicide in the county jail in Purcell by strangulation.

Killed By His Own Gun
Charles M. DOW, Jr. , son of Charles M. DOW, of Jamestown, N.Y., bank president and one of the most prominent oil producers in the United States, was killed at Tulsa by the accidental discharge of his gun.

Gets Big Haul Of Brandy Attorney R. DRELL, of Lincoln County, seized fourteen barrels of wine and peach brandy at Cordell, which he was advised by the attorney general to hold pending legislation or court procedure authorizing destruction as a public nuisance.

Several Indian chiefs of the five civilized tribes will go to Washington January 4th, and there they will camp as watchdogs to guard against legislation which they do not want in the way of removal of restrictions from Indian lands. They probably will remain all winter.

Ends County Seat War.
Contracts have been awarded by the county commissioners for the erection of a county jail and the feeding of Creek county prisoners at Sapulpa, thus ending a factional war that has waged between Bristow and Sapulpa since statehood.

Is With Pacific Fleet- Tom ALEXANDER is the only Oklahoma boy with the fleet of United States battleships now making the runaround Cape Horn for the Pacific Ocean. He is a marine on the Kansas.

A Freak Marriage Bill- After the holidays it is said Representative BOWDRE, of Blaine, will introduce a bill outlining his ideas relating to qualification for the marriage relation. The bill is said to be a novelty that goes to an extremity heretofore unknown to law. Its prominent feature is the requiring of physical examinations of men applying for marriage licenses.

R.I. Wreck At Duncan- Engineer Henry WHITE of Fort Worth, was crushed to death beneath his engine; Otto KOONTZ, of Kansas City, an assistant baggageman, was seriously injured; three other men in the express and baggage cars were painfully hurt and scores of passengers had a narrow escape from death or injury when south-bound Rock Island passenger train No. 23 was wrecked near Duncan.

Switchman Killed In Yards Joseph PETERSON, a switchman, was caught between cars in the Hugo yard and instantly killed.

Reports regarding the condition of Coleman PETERS, who recently underwent an operation for appendicitis at the Newton, Kansas, hospital, are to the effect that he is recovering very slowly and on New Year's day was still confined to his bed.

If our legislators want to do a kindly deed for the small merchants of Oklahoma, they might legislate these measley, money-taking grocery peddlers out of business. This town seems to have one to contend with. Let's have liberty on earth - let the people buy where they please and be --; but for goodness' sake let's put the grocery peddler back to Arkansas

January 10, 1908

Tells Of His Mother's Death
We are in receipt of a letter from D.W. BUSH, who recently moved from a lease in the Kaw country to his farm near Conquest, Oklahoma, which contains the sad news of his mother's passing away.
We give the letter: Conquest, Beaver County, Okla. Mr. Charley SPENCER.
Dear Sir and Brother; - I write a few lines for you to put in your paper for the benefit of my friends. My mother died Saturday, December 28, 1907, at 11:30 a.m. She ate a hearty breakfast late that morning and then got up and went to her chair and went to sleep. We could not arouse her and she remained that way until Jesus called her home for her last rest.
Yours truly D.W. BUSH
Mrs. BUSH was very aged and feeble and seems to have had an ideal transition from this life into the great beyond. Her home for many years had been with her son, whose devotion to his aged mother was unusually marked. The painless manner of her taking away will be a source of comfort to the family's  numerous friends here, with whom the Star joins in an expression of sympathy with Mr. BUSH and his family in the loss they have subtained.
Submitted by: Ruth Lockwood  ruthj@jlmnet.com

Hunters Must Have Permits
Game Warden MARTIN, of Osage county, has published a notice to hunters, advising them that before being allowed to hunt in the county, they will be required to have permits from the Indian agent as well as the permission of the individuals upon whose land they desire to hunt.

Mrs. E.S. SHIDIER and children returned , Thursday, from visiting relatives at Whitewater, Kansas.

Kaw City Star

February 7, 1908

Mrs. Sarah A. HUTCHISON, who for several weeks has been critically ill, passed away Monday morning, January 27 at 4 o'clock
Mrs. HUTCHISON was born in Washington County, PA, July 8,  1836. She was the daughter of Josiab and Anna  McMAHON PATTERSON and in early life, moved with her parents to Ohio. were, she was later loved, wooed, and won by J.W. HUTCHISON, and March 11, 1858 , at Cambridge, Ohio they were married by Rev. W. V. MILLIGAN. To this union, were born 12 children, five of whom, with he sorrowing husband, survive her.
These children, all of whom were present at the funeral, are Mrs. S.B. REED, Attica; Mrs. L.F. DUGGAN, Wichita; E.M. HUTCHISON, Noble, Oklahoma; R.P. and F.B. HUTCHISON of Kaw, Oklahoma.
Grandma's circle of friends was large, and she was loved honored and respected by all. She united with the Presbyterian church in her 17 th year and her life has been one of singular beauty and faithful service to the Lord.
Funeral services were conducted at the home, two miles west of Attica, at 2 p.m.. Tuesday, the sermon being preached by Rev. C.D. WHITMAN, whose text was one of her own selection - Attica {Kansas} Independent.

Kerosene at the Cash Store for 12 cents per gal.

Nice room, easy chair, old batch sitting there. Old batch begins to snore, gentle rap at the door. Enter maid rather old, with lot of love untold. Chat awhile this and that, close by him old maid sat. Soon she talked sentimental; Care not he, continental. She got mad began to cry other tactics thought she's try. Years you've called every night think you had perfect right. Why you came good only know, never once did you propose. Now 'tis leap year don't you move, I shall tell you of my love. Then there was an awful crash, he had leaped through the sash.
Funeral next day, at eleven. old batch safe in heaven.

Miller Brother Married
George MILLER, one of the owners of the 101 Ranch and Miss Mae PORTER, were married at Blackwell. Mr. MILLER is well known all over the west in connection with the 101 ranch and the MILLER Bros. Wild West Show.
The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. PORTER of the Hotel Savor of Blackwell.

Held On Murder Charges
Leopard CASSITY was arrested at Washunga charged with the murder of Roy GRANTHAM in the back five times, in(sic)had ben(sic) enemies for some time.
It is alleged that they clinched at the dance and that CASSITY stabbed GRANTHAM in the bac(sic) kfive(sic) times, inflicting wounds from which he died.
CASSITY was placed under bond of $2,000. He claims self-defense.

Kills Father-In-Law; Fined After being out three days a jury at Fargo found Snowden BAILEY guilty of man-slaughter in the second degree and fined him $750.00 and costs.
BAILEY paid the fine and is now a free man. He was charged with the killing "Doc" ADAMSON, his father-in-law, near Fargo.
ADAMSON opposed the marriage of his daughter to BAILEY and the killing followed a quarrel over this matter. BAILEY claimed self-defense.

Heats A Basin Of Gasoline
Miss Winnie SHRINER of Waurika lost her home and $275.00 in gold and greenbacks as a result of mistaking a bucket of gasoline for a bucket of water. She poured some of the contents of the bucket which she supposed contained water into a wash basin and placing it upon the stove, washed her hands in the liquid. A little later the explosion occurred, setting fire to the house.

Just Missed His Heart.
Frank  QUINTON of Pawhuska was seriously injured by the accidental discharge of a shotgun. As QUINTON was climbing into his wagon the team started up, causing the gun, which was leaning against the seat to fall. The gun was discharged and the load entered QUINTON'S left side and arm, just missing his heart.

Ill, He Committed Suicide.
Harry E. LAFLIN, a prominent oil man of Okmulgee, ended his life by drinking the contents of a bottle of carbolic acid. He arose from a sick bed and drank the poison in the presence of two of his friends, who were not able to reach him before he committed the act. They immediately summoned medical aid, but LAFLIN was dead when the physician arrived. Despondency over family affairs is supposed to have been the cause.

Some Oklahoma Fires.
Fire destroyed the Binger cotton gin at Binger, together with cotton and cotton seed on hand, a total loss of $8,000. Arthur FULKERSON, the gin superintendent, and Edward WILLIAMS were seriously burned.
Fire at Maud, in Pottawatomie county, destroyed a half block of business buildings, including J.A. SMITH'S grocer, W.B. HORTON'S general merchandise, Dr. CONE'S drug store, George HOLLIS' restaurant, three barber shops, two meat markets and a photograph gallery.br> At Granite, M.D. SUITOR'S liver barn and contents.

Kaw City Tribune

February 3, 1911

Nettie Francis SPURGEON was born in Newton county, Mo., May 19, 1881, and was married to George COMBS, August 18, 1896. To them was born six children, of which four are living to mourn the loss of a mother. Mrs. COMBS died at 6:00 a.m. February 1, 1911, age 29 years, 8 months and 12 days.
Besides her husband and children she leaves a father, five brothers and one sister to await the call from this life. She departed with a prayer on her lips for her children and loved ones.
The funeral service was conducted at the home by Rev. STORY and she was laid to rest in the Oak Grove Cemetery.
Extracted and Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt birdiemc@juno.com
Note: This is the wife of George Thomas Combs, Son Of Peter Anderson Combs And His Wife Kesiah Luanna Lancaster Combs.

July 9, 1914

Died At the home of his son Henry, near Coyle Oklahoma, Saturday July 4th. Peter A. COMBS age eighty three years five months and two days, passed away.
Mr. COMBS was born in Kentuckey, Dec. 2nd 1830. In early manhood he moved with his family to Southern Indiana, where in June 1856 he was married to Miss Samanthy Ann WARD, to this union one child was born, who in early infancy together with the mother died.
Mr. COMBS then returned to the home of his boyhood, where he later married during the year 1859 Miss Luanie LANCASTER, to this union were born nine sons and one daughter all of whom survive him, but the first born. Mr. COMBS came to Oklahoma with his family, at the opening of the Cherokee Strip and settled near Kaw City, where he lived until a few years ago, when he moved to the locality in which he died.
The remains were brought to Kaw City Monday evening and at 2 o'clock p.m. Tuesday after appropriate services at the Christian church conducted by Rev. D. L. AMMONS pastor, attended by a large concourse of relatives and friends interment was made in Oak Grove cemetery by the side of his wife who had preceeded him.
The surviving children are, Anderson COMBS,Wichita Kansas, Henry COMBS, Coyle Oklahoma, Valentine and Albert, Kaw City, Marion, Franklin, George and Jessie, Lincoln Arkansas and Mrs.Minnie LISH of Coyle, Oklahoma, all of whom were present at the funeral except Franklin and Jessie. Mr. COMBS enjoyed comparatively good health until recently, was a man of splendid habits, was a good neighbor and numbered his friends by his acquaintences.
The Democrat joins the friends of the beraaved ones in sympathy in their.................[end of page missing on microfilm]
Extracted & Transcribed by Birdie (Totty) McNutt birdiemc@juno.com
Note: This is my 3rd great grandfather and his family.

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