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Submitted by Teresa Penny [email protected]
My husband and I transcribed them the best that we could. I left everything spelled the way it was in the letter. Some parts of some letters were not legible.

This letter was written by Mary Alice Johnson, wife of Joseph Green Johnson. Mr. Johnson bought 2 160 acre tracts of homestead land in Oklahoma late 1890's. One tract was in Russel and the other in Blake. After his death in 1915, his wife moved to Mangum. This letter was written to her grandson Guy Parten, who lived in Texas. I'm not sure what year, probably in early 30's.

Mangum Okla (Greer County)

Sept . 27

Dear Guy and Esma will try to write you a few lines this has me very well hope this finds you all well I have bin injoing my self just fine until I heard of your aunt Fannie’s deth. It seems I cant stay eny longer so we will start to Fort Worth sat. I had a letter from your Aunt Josie she sed Stella had bin in bed 10 days with her head . Sed she was going to an speculas (a specialist) . Betty and Marshill has bin awfuly good to me . I havnt bin out a penny son(soon) I am going to try to have my pension sent to me at Ft Worth. If I cant because they have your mamas siguture & I will just let it go. I cant see why that should make so much diference I am going to write to Winnie to send me my pention papers . I just cant please every one so I think I should do as I pleese with it as its mine. It cost no one eny thing to get it but me . I can have it cashed at Ft Worth so son (soon) just send the money order as you have bin doing this month . I no its a bother to you and I a perciate what you have done tho Guy if I can get it sent to me it would be best for you and for me for theirs too much being sed. listen Guy the way it is if your mother was to die before I did the pension would stop if they wouldnt change it because they have her signture . Hers (here’s) lots of love. It mail time I must stop Write me soon

Grandmather Johnson