Goltry, Alfalfa
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July 1916

Submitter's Note: Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the newspaper in which the following obituary was published. I suspect it was a Mennonite publication, published in German.

Jacob Peter Buller died 25 July 1916 at his home near Goltry in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma. He is buried in Karoma Cemetery at Goltry.
Obituary by Jakob SCHULTZ, translated from German

On the 21st of Juli in the evening near Goltry, Oklahoma, Br. Jakob P. BULLER died at the age of 56 years 10 months and 3 days.
The deceased was born on the 18th of September 1859 in the village of Antonefka, Poland. There he spent his youth and was baptised.
In 1874 he came with his family and others to Amerika where his parents settled near Canton, Kansas.
Here Br. BULLER married Elisabeth JANZ. From this marriage came 11 children of whom one died in infancy.
In 1894 Br. BULLER settled in Alfalfa County, Oklahoma where he and his brave wife learned to know hard work, poverty, and deprivation. But the Lord blessed their industry and thrift so that the family achieved prosperity.
On February 25, 1912 Sister BULLER died. About one and a half years later Br. BULLER found in widow Hel. (Helena?) SCHMIDT of Marion County, Kansas, a second life companion. For a number of years Br. BULLER had withdrawn himself from the congregation and congregational activities which he later regretted.
In October of 1913 he and his second wife joined the Zoar Congregation at Goltry and built on one his farms a large, modern, well appointed house. Soon after moving into it he became ill. For about a year he was mostly confined to bed. All doctors and medications which he tried could not help him. The Lord had chosen him for the crucible of suffering.
On July 22 in the evening he passed away quietly. He was buried on the 25th.
After a short service in the home led by H. R. VOTH. The church service was held in the church of the Zoar congregation On the way to the church, the procession stopped at the house of the deceased's brother, H. P. BULLER who is also very ill, in order to give him the opportunity of leave taking. "You have gone on before me, I will follow you soon," said the critically ill brother to the deceased.
In the church Br. H. R. VOTH preached in German and Br. J. B. EPP of Meno in English. At the cemetery Br. J. J. RATZLAFF of Meno led in prayer. Our Elder H. R. VOTH had visited him often in his suffering and worked with him a great deal, and we believe with our Elder that this man has been pulled like a faggot from the fire.
Submitted by Debra Osborne Spindle dspindle@telepath.com

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