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Chickasaw History
Mainly U.S. Court Proceedings, 1887-1890

Contributed by Wendy St. Jean, graduate student, University of Connecticut
e-mail [email protected]

October 21, 1887

Frank COLBERT's gin at Colbert, Choctaw Nation, was burned one night last week, together with 45 bales of cotton. Loss, $5,000. The gin was being run night and day and the explosion of a lantern caused the conflagration."

Dec. 2, 1887

The Caddo, Arbuckle, Chickasaw and the Washita Coal Companies were recently consolidated into one, which is called
the Consolidated Coal and Mining Company of the Chickasaw Nation.

December 23, 1887

The examination of Elsie JAMES and her daughter Margaret; Zeno COLBERT and Samson JONES, charged with the murder of William JONES, at the home of Mrs. JAMES, 5 miles from Stonewall, Chickasaw Nation on the 2nd of July last, terminated Tuesday evening before Commissioner WHEELER.
The two women and COLBERT being held for murder while Alexander was discharged.

January 20, 1888

Jim MCLAUGLIN captured on Wild Horse Creek in Chickasaw Nation by Sheriff MAY of Grayson County, TX., wanted for murder of William COLBERT.

February 3, 1888

Two men shot at a wedding in the Chickasaw Nation. John MCGAW shot a ? man at Purcell on the 22nd.

A large number of people assembled near Fred, Chickasaw Nation, to witness the marriage of Mr. Tom FLETCHER and Miss Carrie JOHNSON, both prominent young people of the neighborhood. Among the guests were two brothers named DEGRAFFINREAD, one of   who appears to have been a former suitor of the bride. They got drunk and made themselves obnoxious when ex-deputy Marshall Duke CUMMINGS, who was present, became involved in a quarrel with one of them. DEGRAFF.. drew his pistol on CUMMINGS, who dodged behind the door. About this time FLETCHER came into the house, when the infuriated man covered him with the pistol, but the two men being close together enabled FLETCHER to grapple with the man when CUMMINGS came to his assistance and while they were trying to disarm him, his brother aimed at the door and began shooting at CUMMINGS.

April 20, 1888

Triple lynching near Healdton, Chickasaw Nation: the victims were Tom SANFORD, Abe MORGAN, and a third party whose name is not given; all suspected of horse stealing.
The stealing of horses and cattle in that vicinity was becoming so common that the people took the law into their own hands.

May 4, 1888

The case of Wilson MOORE, Muns JOHNSON, Marion ABLES and Clyde HOLDEN charged with murder. . these four men with others met in Panola County, Chickasaw Nation when one Tom SPRADLING was killed by MOORE.

May 11, 1888

Burrel ODENWOOD acquitted of murdering A.T. BROWN [in the Chickasaw Nation] but held for other alleged murders.

May 18, 1888

William WASHINGTON, introducing and selling whisky in the Indian Country. . .sentenced one hour in jail and fined $15 which was promptly paid.

June 1, 1888

John GEE and Arthur HOLDT burglarized COCHRAN's store at Rush Creek, Chickasaw Nation, a few days since and are now in custody at White Bead Hill, awaiting removal to this place. HOLDT is a lad of about 16, which his companion is 20 yrs. of age.

June 1, 1888

At White Bead Hill on Thurs. of last week, Mike FLYNN attempted to murder his wife and then committed suicide by shooting himself. He shot three times at his wife, wounding her once in the side but not fatally. FLYNN was attending U.S. court a few days before committing the deed.

August 10, 1888

On the 28th instant Indian Policeman GILLIAM of Ardmore while under the influence of liquor attacked Hiram ROBERTSON, a resident of that place and shot him in the leg. ROBERTSON on returned the fire and GILLIAM fell mortally wounded.

August 10, 1888

The Denison Daily Journal reported two killings at a picnic near White Bead Hill, Chickasaw Nation, on Wed. of last week, a man named POWELL killing another named D. L. GUSTIN.

August 24, 1888

The Chickasaw Enterprise learns that about thirty arrests were made last week at Purcell by deputy U.S-MARSHALS of parties who have been hauling wood from Oklahoma county in violation of the U.S. laws.

August 31, 1888

George LEDBETTER "on the 10 of July 1887, George shot and wounded his brother-in-law, Frank WILSON, at the home of the latter on Red River in the Chickasaw Nation. The difficulty arose over some threats WILSON made to LEDBETTER's wife, sending her word that if   she did not keep out of his watermelon patch he would kick her out. LEDBETTER's plea was self-defense but the jury did not look at it in   that light.

September 14, 1888

James FITZPATRICK, 69, placed on trial for assault with intent to kill and the jury convicted him. FITZPATRICK was watchman at a railroad company roundhouse in the Chickasaw Nation and shot a negro in the leg because he would not stay away from the place when   ordered to. Sept. 21, 1888 It is reported that several attempts have been made recently to assassinate Gov. GUY of Chickasaw Nation   and the governor is kept constantly on the look out.

November 16, 1888

At Purcell one day last week Frank CAPELL beat a woman named Minnie CAPELL to death because she refused to live with him.

November 23, 1888

Charlie CASS is a negro who on the 31st of October at an Indian dance in the Chickasaw Nation shot and killed an Indian named Samson FILLMORE and wounded Josiah LEWIS in the arm.

December 14, 1888

Squire ALLEN, alias HOLMES, and WOLF, a negro, charged with murder. About 5 or 6 weeks ago ALLEN and another negro named Stick RANNALS got into a difficulty about a colored damsel which resulted in the killing of stock by the Squire.

December 28, 1888

Milton OVERTON [son of the late governor] and C.S. WILSON committed to jail for the killing of James SACRA near Oakland, Chickasaw Nation, on the 16th. Feb. 15, 1889 Joe FISHER was killed at Duncan, Chickasaw Nation, on the 2nd by a cattleman named   BOURLAND.

February 22, 1889

Bud BENNET,a notorious negro horsethief from the Chickasaw country; entered plea of guilty on two indictments for horse stealing and the good people of that country will probably not be annoyed by him for several years to come.

March 1, 1889

Frank CAPPELL is on trial for the murder of his mistress Minnie ODELL at Purcell, Chickasaw Nation, 2 or 3 mo. ago.

March 29, 1889

Elsie JAMES convicted of murder. . .Mrs. JAMES is a fullblood Chickasaw and weighs over 250 pounds. March 29, 1889 Ben BROWN, a negro charged with murder of negro Henry BRUNER at a dance in the Chickasaw Nation found not guilty because BRUNER was causing trouble.

April 19, 1889

Malichi ALLEN convicted of double murder; July 15, 1888 attended church in the Chickasaw Nation where a large number of colored people were congregated. During the day Shadrack PETERS, Cy LOVE, Neno RUSSEL and Jack PETERS engaged in a dispute about   a saddle. Malichi ALLEN was sitting in a wagon near enough to hear the conversation and heard them mention his name. . . .

April 26, 1889

TIDBIT - Two men escaped prison in Tishomingo by digging themselves out.

May 3, 1889

Mrs. Elsie JAMES, the 2nd woman that ever received a death sentence in this court. . .heard her sentence through an interpreter.

May 17, 1889

Tom BOYD who was put in jail for killing West HARNEY in the Chickasaw Nation has become insane.

July 1, 1889

Date Unknown

A shooting affray took place fifteen miles from Ardmore between Will COLBERT and Joe THOMAS in which the latter was killed. Both Indians. Old grudge.

July 19, 1889

Deputy Marshall Robert RAIL arrested Caleb EPPS in Chickasaw Nation, EPPS charged with killing a desperado named COX near Thackerville last December.

July 26, 1889

Indian policeman Dave BOHANNON arrested Jim McDOWELL a white man for the murder of Shepard THOMPSON, a negro in Pickins country, Chickasaw Nation last May.

August 9, 1889

A man by the name of MORGAN, who claims to be a physician was arrested last week at Lone Grove, Chickasaw Nation, for the murder of a child. The child was sick and MORGAN was called upon to administer to it. He gave it a potion which shortly afterward, it is supposed, killed it. The medicine turned out to be oil of wormwood. Aug. 16, 1889 Milton OVERTON, son of late governor, accused of killing James SACRA, died, took sick in jail.

August 30, 1889

Ben CANINTUBBY, recently elected to the Chickasaw legislature, was killed on the day of his return home. The Enterprise denies the report that he was killed by Guy men but its informant attributes it to whisky. Sept. 6, 1889 [Chickasaw] A. J. WILSON and son Ziner   WILSON tried jointly for murder of William TAYLOR (white) near Tishomingo 21st January last.

September 20, 1889

Deputy Marshall NESTOR and posse shot and killed Henry SMITH, 19, negro near Tishomingo while trying to arrest him.

October 11, 1889

A. J. WEST of TX on trial for murder. . . Jim CAMERON alleged to have been part of a gang, fight ensued young CAMERON killed fatherLige CAMERON prosecuting WEST for murder.

October 17, 1889

Col. E. G. SUGS shot and killed George CANTERBURY in Chickasaw Nation.

October 25, 1889

A shooting affray took place near Alex, Chickasaw Nation, on the 14th in which John TRENTON killed Dock BRENNON. According to reports TRENTON caught BRENNON in the act of stealing lumber from Red ALEXANDER, a neighbor, and informed the latter of it.   BRENNON hearing that TRENTON had reported him, went to TRENTON'S house and made an attack on him with results fatal to himself.   TRENTON was wounded in the fight.

December 6, 1889

Gill DILLARD, Sam WYRICK, John WILSON tried for murder of Bill BROWN; DILLARD convicted of manslaughter.

December 27, 1889

Capt. Charley LeFLORE of Indian Police assisted by Dep. Marshall Heck THOMAS raided the gambling dens at Ardmore on Monday last and burned to ashes all the tables, chips, cards, and other tools usually found in such places. The gamblers ,made no resistance.

January 10, 1890

At Marietta, Pink FORD, a negro killed another negro, Charlie VARNEY, in a trouble about FORD'S wife. Jan. 17, 1890 During the holidays Indian police seized and destroyed over two hundred gallons of liquor along the railroads.

January 24, 1890

Seven men arrested near Ardmore charged with lynching J.C. KEYS near Healdton some time ago. Fox BROWN and John CARR arrested on suspicion of holding up railroad Gill DILLARD indicted for manslaughter of BROWN in Chickasaw Nation.

January 31, 1890

An incendiary burned storehouse of Mr. COOK at Fred, Chickasaw Nation, loss $6,000. Feb. 7, 1890 At Burneyville, Chickasaw Nation, George BLOUNT shot and killed N.C. JOHNSON, result of a grudge.

February 14, 1890

Gill RUNNELS arrested by Deputy Marshall CARR in Pontotoc, Chickasaw Nation, for a brutal assault on a married lady.

February 21, 1890

B. EVERHEART and Ben CORNELIUS were arrested on Wild Horse Creek, Chickasaw Nation, last week by Deputy KERR on charge of arson.

April 4, 1890

C. A. SCHANE arrested near Tishomingo on a charge of outraging his own daughters. INNONNSON killed negro near Burneyville one day last week; they were working on a farm owned by Bill CALDWELL.

April 18, 1890

J.H. SPARKS' store at Cheap near Ardmore robbed $150 , suspects George and John SWANSEY. May 9, 1870 Jim HARBOLT wanted for killing Giles FLIPPO near Duncan's store, Chickasaw Nation, Surrendered.

May 30, 1890

H. W. HIGGINS arrested for assault with intent to kill; HIGGINS and J. E. MORRIS a neighbor quarreled over a cultivator; HIGGINS stabbed MORRIS ten times with a pocket knife.

June 13, 1890

J. F. STRICKLAND acquitted of killing Mexican ROPDERIQUEZ near Ardmore. June 18, 1890 BOWDEN, a renter on Graves place killed GRAVES and GRAVES in return killed BOWDEN, Chickasaw Nation.

June 20, 1890

Wild Horse Creek, George STEWART arrested negro men and women on charge of conspiracy in the murder and burning of peddler in 1889.

June 27, 1890

Woman's child (Mrs. PAYNE) hooked to death by a cow near Ardmore Homer JONES arrested on Bitter Creek, Chickasaw Nation, charged shooting at Eli HOBBS Jim McDOWELL on trial for murder of Shephardf THOMPSON in Panola County, Chickasaw Nation, May

July 4, 1890

John BAKER who killed Holmes BARKER in Pickins County, Chickasaw Nation, Oct. 1889, arrested Indian Joe JAMES and Will COLBERT, Indians had shoot out at a ball game, JAMES fatally wounded.

August 15, 1890

Wapanucka, Johnston KEEL shot negro in drunken row.

August 22, 1890

At Lebanon, Chickasaw Nation, J. R. NEELY, white, shot and killed George DAVIS, 'turbulent' negro. . .'justified in the matter.

September 19, 1890

Shooting scrape between Will GREGORY'S gang and Henry BURCH'S gang. . .one killed, several wounded. The possession of watermelon caused the trouble.

October 10, 1890

J.H. RECTOR horsewhipped Dr. H. T. SHELTON of Pauls Valley at Ardmore; RECTOR claimed that the Dr. had been slandering members of his household Will SHELDON wanted for the murder of Henry RUSSELL, Chickasaw Nation

November 7, 1890

Jesse MCDANIEL shot partner in business A. M. BARBER by mistake.

December 5, 1890

Reeves BROWN and Will FACTOR arrested for murder of William ALBERTSON with knife.

December 26, 1890

Senator Sam PAUL put under a thousand dollar bond for shooting his son.

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