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The Delta Kappa Gamma Society in Oklahoma
Transcribed by Kerry L. Connor

Dr. Anna K. Banks
A native of Texas, she attended the College of Industrial Arts at Denton, Texas, where her father was Dean of the College.

Mrs. Julia Walker Black
Was the youngest child of seven born to Rachel Dew and Rigdon Bryant Walker.  Her mother was born in Williams County, Ohio, and her father was a native of Rock Island, Illinois.  Her parents were among the pioneers who engaged the settlement of the middle west-Iowa, Kansas, and Oklahoma.  Mrs. Black was the wife of Ernest Howard Black, who for more than twenty-five years was engaged in school work in Oklahoma and who was one of the recognized leaders in educational development of the state.

Mrs. Floy Perkinson Gates
Was born at Hope, Arkansas.  Her father, S. D. Perkinson, a widely-known minister of the Christian Church, and his wife, Sarah, both descendants of American Revolutionary ancestry.  Mrs Gates was married to Mr. Fred Hall Gates of Dallas, Texas, in California on September 9, 1913.  Mr. Gates died in a typhoid fever epidemic in Glendale, Montana, May 6, 1916.  Their son was born December 3, 1914.

Dr. Emma Estill Harbour
Was born in Liberty, Missouri. Her parents were Joseph Granville and Mary Arminta Harselle.  Married Dr. Forrest Leon Estill, 1905-died 1907.  Married Pleasant James Harbour, 1927-died 1936.

Mrs. Corinne Hart (Mrs. John Wesley)
Was the daughter of Willard P. and Mary Susan Stone, members of the highly respected families of the South.  Mrs. Hart was a native of Missouri; she came to Oklahoma at the age of sixteen.

Miss Julia Lee Hawkins
Was born in the little town of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky were her fathered followed the trade of carpenter.  Benjamin Franklin Hawkins was a Kentucky gentleman of the old school, and her mother, Nancy Carlton Hawkins, was a typical Virginia gracious lady.

Miss Nell Hunt
Was born in Liberty, Missouri.  Her father Joseph Marion Hunt, was a musician, both composer and director.  Her mother was Helen Rinehardt Hunt.

Dr. Anna Lewis
One of Oklahoma's own daughters was born near Poteau, Oklahoma, then Indian Territory.  Her father, William Ainsworth Lewis, was a banker and cattleman, coming to Indian Territory from Georgia about 1875; her mother, Betty Ann Moore, of Choctaw extraction, came to Indian Territory with her family soon after the Civil War.

Dr. Dora McFarland
Was born on a Illinois farm, the daughter of Edmond Currie McFarland and Nell Blayney McFarland.

Dr. Jessie Newby Ray
Dimple Newby, as she was called until she entered the sixth grade, was born near Elmsdale, Kansas.  She was the third of the six children born of Reverend H. Warner Newby and Ceora Bowers Newby.  Reverend Newby, as a pioneer evangelist for the Disciples of Christ, organized may churches in Oklahoma and its border states.  Mrs Newby used her talents in art and music to forward the work of her husband in every way possible.

Mrs. Laura A. Richards
Was born on a farm near Sedalia, Missouri.  Her father, Allen Liberty Alexander, was a prosperous farmer.  When she taught at Aspermont, Texas, a former acquaintance with Mr. Arthur L. Richards developed into romance and they were married.

Stella Sanders
Was born on a farm near Luther, she grew up with young Oklahoma.  Her father, Mark Lafayette (Fate) Sanders, was an 89er, an early day peace officer, and farmer.  Her mother, Rosa Etta Attebury, died while Stella was a small child.

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