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Carter County: The Daily_Ardmoreite, Tuesday, December 8, 1893

The BYRD Murder
Communicated. Roff, I.T., Dec.5-
It seems that murder and all crime known to the penal code save treason, has fresh impetus in the section of country north of Mill Creek and bordering the Canadian River in the Chickasaw Nation. Work for at least a score of Paris deputies can be found here with but little trouble.
On the 30th of Nov. 93 about 12 miles northeast of Roff, near Reed's store, on the Canadian and in the Chickasaw Nation, Mr. Ira BYRD, an old and respected settler of Roff was brutally murdered.
Mr. BYRD who lived near Roff left home on Thursday morning in a two horse wagon and started to his ranch on Canadian Sandy. The next heard of him was on Sunday night the 3rd of Dec., when his dead body was found in his pasture and near the road leading from his ranch to Roff.
It appears that his assassins lay in wait for him and shot him first in the back with a winchester and then through the head producing, as experts say, instant death. The motive of this murder could have been for nothing else than robbery, as Mr. BRYD was an enterprising, hardworking man and it was the general impression that he carried as much as $10.00 or $12.00 in money with him and about his person, which was enough to tempt the infamous villains who infest this country at this time and who bid fair to continue their depredations unless by the aid of deputy marshals and an outraged community the pressure of the law is fully applied.
Mr. BRYD was brought home and burried(sic) at Roff burial ground amid the tears and sighs of friends whom he had made during his sojourn among them. Truly may it be said that the community has lost a worthy man in the death of Ira BYRD. J.T.F.

A Full Set Of Teeth for $7.50. A.E. WALTERS, Dentist.

Maj. A.V. DOAK, went to Berwyn today.

Joe NELMS was able to be on the streets today, by the aid of a stick.

Hon. Albert RENNIE went up to Paul's Valley this morning.

December 15, 1893

Dr. TURNER Acquitted
Dr. John H. TURNER, of Velma, is in the city on his return home from Paris, Texas, where he had been to face three indictments, one charging him with rape and two with murder. He came clear on all of them.
From what the Doctor says and from documents sworn to, duly witnessed and acknowledged we are of the opinion he was a victim of persecution.
Mary A. WHITNER, the prosecuting witness in the rape case went before a notary public and swore that she had testified falsely before the grand jury when the indictment was found, and that Dr. TURNER had never in any way violated her person or taken forbidden liberties with her. She did not appear against him and in the face of the affidavit Judge BRIANT dismissed the cases saying the charges were base and without foundation.
The indictments for murder were dismissed for want of evidence. The man killed was father of the girl Mary WHITNER. Dr. TURNER does not deny killing him but claims justification. This claim is substantiated by numerous scars from knife wounds inflicted during the difficulty in which WHITNER was killed.

Mr.T.H. MARTIN of Pauls Valley is in the city.

Clerk, Joe PHILLIPS is in Sherman spending a few days with friends in the city, says the Register.

Sam GREENWOOD makes a specialty of short orders at all hours day or night.

Mrs. Mat WOLFE and Miss Marry HOWELL of Washita were in the city today purchasing a wedding trousseau.

Horse covers and lap robes at the lowest possible cash prices at B.F. MELTON'S.

Mrs. Joe CUNNINGHAM returned.

December 19, 1893

As She Was Known
In commenting upon the announcement of the death of Mrs. Chas. LAFLORE, mother of Mrs. Lee CRUCE, and who was so well and favorably known in Ardmore, the Denison Herald pays this high tribute of respect. It says:
Mrs. Chas. LAFLORE was the wife of Chas. LAFLORE, Captain of the Indian police.
The deceased was one of the best known ladies of the Indian territory. She was the sister of ex-Governor William GUY of the Chickasaw Nation, and a niece of the late ex-Governor HARRIS. Her sister, Mrs. Robert REAM, has a national reputation.
Mrs. LAFLORE, like other members of the family, was beautiful as will as accomplished. She leaves six children, Anne, Estelle, Chickie and Chockie(twins) Daisey and Maude.
The writer was a guest at the LAFLORE home off and on for a number of years, remaining several weeks in the year 1882. The hospitality of the LAFLORE'S was noted throughout the Indian country. Mr. and Mrs. LAFLORE always kept "open houses" to friends as well as strangers. She was a woman of great intelligence and ability, managing the ferry at Limestone as well as looking after three or four large farms. The deceased at the time of her death, was fifty years of age.

Ex-Governor William GUY, of Davis, is in the city, on business.

Jno. T. ALEXANDER has the best assortment of holliday goods and the lowest prices in town.

Capt. C.H. HEALD, of Healdton, came to the city last evening on business. He discharged a public duty by subscribing to the Ardmoreite.

J.H. HUGHES returned from Paris yesterday where he had been in attendance as a witness, upon the federal court.

W.B. FRAME returned from Fort Worth last night where he had been to purchase an additional stock of holiday goods.

Early to bed and early to rise, Mind your business and tell no lies, Pay your debts and advertise, Boots and shoes of every size, The Best assortment under the skies. At the RACKET Store.

December 21, 1893

Tripple Tragedy
A special from Fort Smith of Dec. 20th. says:
Last evening saw the most appalling tragedy ever known in this city, the whole bloody affair taking less than ten minutes.
Mrs. John HENDRICKS and Misses Mina DODSON and Ella GARRETT had just stepped into Tucker's dry goods establishment and were making purchases when Bernie PATRICK, a young man about twenty-one years of age, stepped in and in an excited manner, advanced towards the ladies.
Without saying a word he drew a revolver and fired at Miss DODSON, who fell with a bullet in her brain, dying almost instantly. PATRICK turned and with equally as true aim shot Mrs. HENDRICKS through the left lung, a necessarily fatal wound. In a moment he had fired at Miss GARRETT, but his arm was nervous and the ball inflicted only a flesh wound in the left arm. With a demoniac(sic) laugh he raised the pistol to his left temple and fired, never speaking a word.
The cause of the whole affair is jealousy on the part of PATRICK, who had been paying Miss DODSON marked attention until her friends prevailed upon her to shun his company. PATRICK, it is known, had an idea that Mrs. HENDRICKS and Miss GARRETT were influencing Miss DODSON.

Editor KIRKPATRICK and Dad CHILDRESS, went to Purcell this morning.

Mr. Will TAYLOR and wife, came down last night from Berwyn, on a shopping expedition.

Wanted.- A situation by young man, can give refferences(sic). Address G.W. REEVES, Dixie, I.T.

W.O. SMITH, a prominent merchant of Holder, was in the city today.

December 26, 1893

A Serious Accident
On Sunday morning about 11 o'clock, Oscar, the twelve-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Doll JACKSON met with a most serious accident, which will disable him for a long time, if in fact he ever fully recovers from its effects.
It appears that he had been sent to take some horses to a pasture near town, and that in doing so he was riding an unruly bronco without a saddle. The animal becoming frightened, ran away with him and in his wild frenzy ran against the fence surrounding the residence of Mr. BRUCE, on court street. Horse and rider were forcibly precipitated to the ground, the boy striking on the brick walk.
His right arm and leg were broken and his face frightfully bruised. He was at once carried to the home of his parents. Drs. BOGGIE and ALVIA were summoned and adjusted the fractured limbs and administered such other assistance as his condition required.
The physicians say he will recover if no other complications arise. The fracture of the leg is the most serious feature.

Deputy John STEPHENS came down from Davis last night, having in custody Jim BROWN, of that place, charged with introducing. The officer claims a strong case. The prisoner will have a preliminary hearing tomorrow. In the meantime he languishes in jail.

James NELSON, of Davis, was in the city last night. He went to Gainesville.

Mr. Tom BANDY and Miss Sue GIBSON were married at Pauls Valley Sunday.

Mrs. L.B. BARRON left yesterday for Denton, Texas, to visit during the holidays.

John WHITE, of Oakland, is visiting his sister, Mrs. McCRACKEN of this city.

Wm. SAULSBERRY, an old time Ardmore boy, now operator at Pauls Valley, was in the city Monday.

Mrs. YOUNG, an elderly lady, is very sick at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Lum JOHNSON.

Wanted.-To trade a fine winchester for a shotgun. Apply to S.J. BOYD.

Si LEEPER came up from Gainesville yesterday. He was held up by a Paris deputy marshal at the depot before getting off the train.

Miss Eula May, the accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Silas J. BOYD, who has been attending school at Decatur for the past five months, is spending vacation with her parents and many friends.

J.B. SPRAIGINS carries a full line of all the standard sewing machines.

Sam GREENWOOD having brought the oyster parlor and short order business of the cream bakery had rearranged things and is prepared to serve first class customers in first class style. Ladies are especially invited and assured of treatment acceptable to the most fastidious. His cuisine department is in the hands of a first class cook and everything served over his tables is of unquestionable quality.

The funeral of Mrs. BOOTH, mother of Dr. BOOTH, took place yesterday and was largely attended.
The deceased in life was a most estimable lady, and in her death her children lose an affectionate mother, society a respected member, and the church a devoted and shining example of Christianity.

A man giving his name as C.B. MILLER, of Dallas, claims to have been robbed Sunday night on the corner near the Blum Hotel, of $65.50, and a gold watch and chain. He says there were three of the men. They wore no masks and performed their work quickly, quietly and in true highwaymen style.

The funeral of John Patton, the two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. SPRAGINS, took place Sunday afternoon from the family residence, and was very largely attended by sorrowing relatives and friends of the bereaved parents.

Mr. Dick CONNELL, one of the best typos in the State of Texas and who holds cases on the Hesperian(sic) at Gainesville, is visiting his sister, Mrs. DOUGLASS. He will spend the week in Ardmore. The Ardmoreite acknowledges a pleasant call.

A family party, consisting of A. MCCOY, wife and child, P.W. McCOY, Dr. C.H. McCOY and C. McCOY, went to Wynnewood yesterday on a Christmas jaunt to spend the day with relatives.
With the exception of Mrs. McCOY and baby, the party returned on the evening train.

Shot His Wife
News from Daugherty received this morning brings the information that Will MOORE, a well to do farmer living near that place, accidentally shot his wife Sunday evening inflicting a probably fatal wound.
It appears she was sitting down with a small dog in her lap and that Mr. MOORE was foolishly playing with a pistol pointing it at the dog as if going to shoot it. The gun exploded killing the dog and the ball passing through entered the body of his wife
The husband is of course overcome with grief as he should be, and he should never fail to place the censure where it properly belongs; on himself.

If you want good jewelry or silverware, go to T.H. PARKER.

Thursday Jan 18, 1893

W. H.  STAFFORD, of Gainesville is in the city.

Judge R. L. BOYD left this morning for Tishomingo.

Judge HARDY went to Berwyn Monday on legal business.

Will SMITH has left for Duncan and will be absent for several days.

Attorney C. L. HERBERT and wife spent Sunday in Gainesville.

Mrs R. L. BOYD is visiting her friend Mrs. Jno  FITSHUGH of Velma.

Miss Hattie HINKLE has returned from an extended visit to Little Rock, Ark.

Capt. Lee HALL, ex Indian agent at Anadarko was in the city Saturday.

The jovial drummer J. B. MCCALL of Gainesville, was in the city Tuesday.

If you follow the crowds you will land at H. H. RUSSELL 's the cheapest place in Ardmore.

Rev H. H. SHAWHAN and wife are spending the week in El Reno, OT.

Attorney R. H. WEST is in Dallas giving his attention to a U.S. case.

Attorney F. G. BARRY was in south McAlester last week on legal business.

John WALNER, Wynewood's efficient Indian policeman, was in the city Monday.

Commissioner Moran SEATT and Marshall L. L. STOWE left yesterday for South McAlester.

W. T. PEOPLES and Will MCCORMICK of Gainesville spend Sunday in the metropolis.

Brad CAMP and Matt WOLFE of the Washita were in the city on important business Sunday.

Mrs. S. H. COLEMAN returned Saturday from an extended visit to friends and relatives at her old home in Warrensburg, MO.

Joe THOMPSON, Purcell's efficient US Commissioner, spent Saturday and Sunday in the city with his many freinds.

Strayed--one black mule colt, about 7 months old, has hair rubbed off  neck. I will pay $5.00 for information leading to its whereabouts.-- John MITCHELL, Durwood, IT

Attorney C.G. KEAN of Wynnewood was in the city Monday on business pertaining to his profession.

Mr. THOMPSON of Davis has rented the Cottage Home Hotel and will remove his family to this city.

We are pleased to learn of the speedy recovery of Mrs. V. A. NIBLACK, who has been sick for quite some time.

Geo ENGLAND, travelling auditor for the Santa Fe, with headquarters in Ft. Worth, passed through the city this week for Berwyn, where he will make a change in station agents.

Allington TELLE, private secretary to Gov. Jones, of the Choctaw Nation, and Chas PLUMMER of Atoka, were in the city this week looking after some stolen stock.

Chas SAMMONS, the efficient mananger of the T. M. RICHARDSON LumberCo.'s interests in this city, returned Monday night from a business trip to Oklahoma.

John LOWE of the Iron Store, left Monday for Sherman, Texas. He was summoned to the above city by a telegram stating that his mother and sister are both dangerously ill.

Dr. WALTERS, the dentist has removed his dental parlors over the R. HARDY building, and invites his patrons to come and see him, insuring them that he is now better prepared than ever to give satisfaction.

R. E. Z. MCCLAIN will hereafter control the Alliance Courier of Ardmore, We do not know Mr. MCCLAIN, but we hazard nothing in saying that the change is for the better---Gainesville Hesperian.

Last Tuesday morning the little son of Mr. & Mrs. Horace RANDOLPH died at the family residence in this city aged one year and six months. The family have the sympathy of the entire community. The interment took place in Sherman, Texas.

A bicyclist by the name of DAVIS, hailing from Ashland, Nebraska, Sunday in the city and was entertained by a few of our local bicyclists. Mr. DAVIS started from Ashland, Nebraska on the 23rd of last month, he said to averaged 50 to 60 miles a day. Where his destination was we did not learn.

We were informed this morning by a reliable source that a daily mail hack had been started between Ardmore and Tishomingo. The hack leaves Ardmore at 8 o'clock every morning via Mannsville, arriving at the Chickasaw Capital at 5 o'clock the same evening. This will be a great convenience to the travelling public.

A very pleasing and enjoyable social event was the reception and luncheon given by Mrs. H. H. PENNINGTON to about twenty of Ardmore's society ladies in honor of her friend Mrs PATRICK of Paris, Texas, last Friday evening between 5 and 7 o'clock. All fortunate enough to have recieved invitations expressed themselves as being well entertained by the admirable hostess and her guest.

Last Friday night a large and appreciative audience assembled at the M.E. Church, south, to hear the Rev. Sam SMALL deliver his noted lectures "From Bar Room to Pulpit". The lecture was interesting and instructive throughout, being interspersed with antedotes both humorous and pathetic there by happily differing from the common run of the lectures of the prohibition variety, in that it lacked dryness. It was a good lecture and well worth the price of admission.

Mr. J. H. SPIEGLE, formerly proprietor of the Cream Bakery has again returned to Ardmore, his first love, and embarked into the bakery business on Upper Main Street, He has a new oven and will furnish to the hungry denizens of our city some more of that wholesome loaf bread they loved so well. He is well fixed in his new quarters and is better prepared than ever to serve the public.

Over in "Coon town" east of the track, City Marshal PULLIMAN rushed in upon some negro crap shooters, last night and found them in the act of feigning to read some Sunday School papers. They seem to have some sign, for just before the appearance of the marshal, cries sounding like "come nine". "come sevens" etc were heard issuing from the room. At any rate they were taken up to Commissioner Scott's office and not finding anyone at home, owing to the lateness of the hour, they were dismissed on their own recognizance until such time as they should be wanted. In other words they were discharged, as there was no positive proof against them.

Cousins elope to the Territory.
--Miss Florence CONKWRIGHT, daughter of Dr. A. H. CONKRIGHT, one of the prominent citizens of Sedalia, MO and Joseph G. Cox, son of a wealthy resident of Codper County were united in marriage last friday at McAlester, IT. They eloped from home to get married, the parents on both sides objecting to the union on account of their being first cousins.

Notice--Upon request of several members of the Democratic executive committee of the Indian Territory, a meeting of said committee is hereby called for Wednesday Jan 24th 1894, at Muskogee IT, Business of importance relating to the welfare of the party organization, will be brought before the committee and all members are urgently requested to attend. Wm F. WEEKS Chairman of Com.

Dr. G. S. STEGALL a patent medicine man and travelling dentist died Saturday at Lebanon, a country town 25 miles east of Ardmore. Heart failure they say caused the demise. Dr. STEGALL was well known in this city having been living here off and on for the past three or four years. In life he was generous and kind. He has his faults it is true, but in combination with those faults he possessed many good points in his make up. He is dead, and it now behooves us to throw the mantel of charity over the past and think only of the good qualities he possessed while living. He was buried from this city Sunday, and the long procession of carriages which followed the remains to their last resting place in south cemetary shows that he possessed many friends.

Nov 16, 1893

Constable Ab BURCH has a fine new boy at his house.

Capt. Dick WIGGS came over from Oakland yesterday.

Don't Buy a buggy until you see KEARNEY & WYSE

Miss Dora MEANS is visiting her sister Mrs. Joe CUNNINGHAM.

Bud SPELL came down from Davis the first of the week.

20lb Lima Beans for $1 at J. N. WORTHY'S Spot Cash Grocery

Fresh Meal, butter and eggs at J. B. SMITH & Co.

Perk BRUCE returned to south McAlester Sunday morning.

Postmaster DAVIDSON of Mill Creek, was in town this week.

1893 Catch of Mackarel, Cod Fish, etc. WILLIAMS & PENNINGTON

Commisioner Moran SCOTT visited Muskogee the first of the week.

Doc YARBOROUGH was over from Duncan this week. He is weighing cotton there.

Mrs. G. M. EHRICK of Dallas Texas is visiting Mrs Mike GOLDMAN and Mrs Job BANNELL [?]

Jim YOUNG has sold his interest in Ardmore Billiard Hall and expects to become a dentist of Lone Grove.

Deputy PALLIAM [?] "pulled" some gamblers again Monday night and they plead guilty to the Commisioner.

The Cotton Fields over the nation are looking mighty bare. Receipts will be very light next month.

The Trains on the G. C. & S. F. were delayed a few hours Tuesday by a freight wreck between Gainesville and the river.

Clerk PHILLIPS of the federal court has purchased lots in southeast Ardmore, near L. P. ANDERSON 's and will build soon. We learn that Judge STUART expects to build in the same neighborhood.

Nothing more reliable for billousness and constipation than DeWitt's Little Early Risers. The famous little pills sold by W. B. FRAME

The wife of a mover named LYNCH from Vanzandt County, Texas gave birth to a child in the wagon yard the other night. The ladies of the neighborhood gave the mother needed attention.

Much of the time of the court, since the dispositon of the criminal docket, has been taken up with damage suits against the railroad companies.

Trimmings worth from 25 cents to $1.00 will be given with every dress from 25 cents per yard upward. MUNZESHEIMER & DAUBE

J. N. WORTHY the spot cash grocer, has removed to more commodious quarters in the MCCOY brick, where is he ready to serve his old and new customers.

Dissolution of Partnership--BRINGHAN & FRASHER have dissolved partnership. Mr. FRASHER will continue at the old stand, settle all indebtedness and collect outstanding accounts.

Joe LUNNIE fell from the top of the M. E. Church, Tuesday, while attempting to fix a flue, and was seriously hurt by the fall. The accident was caused by the slipping of the ladder upon which he was standing.

The Purcell Topic says: Should the Chickasaw officials go to work and enforce the letter of their tribal laws, the men who are now the loudest in opposition to statehood would be tumbling over each other in their haste to bring about that which they now oppose.

The entertainment given by the PEAK sisters, at the opera house, Wednesday night, was well attended and much enjoyed. We learn the ladies of the Presbyterian Church netted $35 by the performance. All the actors were young ladies of Ardmore who were most perfectly drilled by Mrs. KENDIG of Gainesville.

Dora ADLER and Stella LUSTER entertained there little friends Monday evening, in honor of their eighth birthday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. LUSTER. Quite a number of young merry-makers were present, and all who were present went away highly pleased with the evening's entertainment.

Another Robbery of a farmer occurred in Ardmore last week. BURGESS, the man charged with the crime, was committed to Paris in default of $500 bail. The victims name was FRANKLIN and his loss was $50. This is a warning for farmers coming to town to keep a sharp look out for confidence men and footpads. Put your money in a safe place and don't sleep with it on your person.

We Chronicle with much sorrow the death of Mrs. Sallie HOPKINS, wife of David L. HOPKINS, which occurred at the family residence yesterday evening, and tender to the relatives our sincere sympathy in their bereavement. The deceased was a most estimable lady and one of Ardmore's first residents. The funeral will take place at 2 pm today, interment at South Cemetary.

There seems to be considrable white capping in the central part of the strip. The seven men arrested Thursday near Pond Creek and taken before the United States Commisioner at Enid, charged with white capping a settler and ordering him off his claim. Each placed under a bond of $5,000, in default of which they were sent to jail. The action is brought under the old Ku-Klux-Klan law and is causing considerable excitement, as it is understood there are many protective associations in the strip.

A fatal accident occurred as the south bound train was pulling in Ardmore Tuesday evening. Mrs. HARVELL and her daughter, who reside at Sorghum Flats, were aboard coming to Ardmore to meet the lady's husband, who had driven here with cotton. When the brakeman called out "Ardmore!" they ran to the rear door, while the train was still under fast motion, and lept from the platform to the ground. The elder lady was so badly injured by the force of the fall that she died yesterday morning and her daughter was severly bruised and shaken up, though it is thought not seriously hurt. The occurance is a peculiary sad one and calls forth the sympathy of the public.

It is verified that the RACKET store is the cheapest place in Ardmore to buy goods.

To Rent--Two room dwelling on Carter Ave, apply to Jonas BAUM at Iron store.

Go to B. F. MELTON, Main street, Near railroad, for harness, saddles and repairing. First-class workmanship and A1 material guaranteed. Prices reasonable. J. C. PATTERSON, manager.

STAUFFENBURG, the tailor, is a perfect fitter he has a line of samples that will please the most fastidious and he is reasonable with his prices.

For Trade, for residence property, US Court house stock, pays twelve percent on capital stock apply to W. O. DUSTON

L. B. ROBERSON is now moving his R. Hardy bankrupt stock to his other 3 stores, Paul's Valley, Dougherty and the mammoth RACKET store adjoining SPRAGIN 's Hardware where to close them out at genuine bankrupt prices.

Nov 23, 1893

H. H. RUSSELL is in St. Louis.

Judge CARTER returned from Dallas Saturday.

Sheriff  WARE was up from Gainesville Monday.

Commisioner THOMPSON was here from Purcell Monday.

Bud RANDOLPH is here from White Bead Hill.

Miss Lena MCCOY has returned from her visit to relatives at Caddo.

US Commissioner RUTHERFORD, of Atoka was here in the city Friday.

Miss Hattie HINKLE is visiting relatives and friends in Arkansas.

We are glad to see Judge Henry HARDY about again.

The Chickasaw Treasury is "flat broke". That $500. intruder removal fund was a heavy strain on it.

Judge Julius FOLSOM, brother of the Doctor, was in the city of Atoka this week.

Dr. J. A. BIVENS large brick grain and feed house on west main is rapidly assuming shape.

The Kit CARSON show has come and gone. It was raw and bum and the actors needed a bath.

Mrs. Chas. LAFLORE and daughter Miss CHOCKIE are in the city from Limestone Gap, IT , the guests of Mrs Geo WEBB.

Economy begins at home and the way to practice it is in buying  groceries. Have you been to NOBLE Bros who bought the HARDY Bankrupt stock of groceries?

Mrs. Clarence DOUGLAS and two children arrived from Washington Friday to join their husband and father.

George THRASHER has gone to White Bead Hill where he was engaged with the well known mercantile house of S. J. GARVIN.

Joe LOONEY who was badly hurt by falling off the M. E. Church was taken to Gainesville and is now improving slowly.

Non-citizens, organize: not for aggression, but for protection. Your property rights demand such action.

D. S. DURIE of Waco, Tex., and Mrs WOLVERTON of Clifton, Tex., brother and sister of Charlie DURIE were in attendance at the death and funeral  of the latter's infant son.

R. T. DALLAS, a prominent Ardmore grocer was married to Mrs Geo. ADLER at the residence of the bride, in the city, last Thursday. The Cheiftain tenders its congratulations.

Rev Frank NAYLOR, the new pastor of the M. E. Church south preached his initial sermon in Ardmore Sunday. He made a good impression on his hearers adn is a gentleman who will wear well.

G. A. FERRELL was committed to jail by commissioner SCOTT, Monday, for selling mortgaged property.

A couple of peddlers were held up a la DALTON on Rock Creek, the other day, and robbed by a couple of precocious youths whose identity and whereabouts is shady at present.

We sports of Oklahoma are bidding to have the great CORBETT and MITCHELL prize fight come off on that territory's soil. The penalty for prize fighting there is just a $500. fine. How about the B. I. T.?

The Democratic state of Oklahoma will figure in the next electorial college and the people of Ardmore will constitute part of its citizenship. Paste this in your hat.

Wille PAUL, of Paul's Valley, and Miss Mattie RUPE were married in Gainesville recently. The groom is the youngest son of the late Sam PAUL. We wish the young couple much happiness.

Charlie DURIE 's baby boy died last friday night and was buried Sunday in the south cemetary. The little one was the first and only child of the bereaved parents who have the sympathy of the entire community in their sad bereavement.

We learn that the Chickasaws put up $500. with Agent WISDOM to be used in defraying the expense(?) of removing MCADAMS and LEDBETTER from the sacred confines of the boodler Arcadia. It won't cost 'em a cent if they can prove us intruders.

Ab BURCH has resigned the office of constable. Since the court cut the fees of the office down to less than Chinese wages, the patriots who are so clamourous to serve their country officially will not  tumble over each other to fill Mr. BURCH'S discarded shoes. Ab BURCH made a fine officer and was just the man for the place. Many will regret his resignation.

John WATSON, the cattleman who was bound over to Paris charged with complicity in the murder of ADLER, an account of whose trial was in Last week's Cheiftain, was immediately turned loose on $500. bail by Judge BRYANT.
We believe he will be able to clear himself of the terrible charge and his friends were confident in his innocence.

Henry BRANNON is expected to arrive soon from Pennsylvania to resume development of the Ardmore coal mines. We hope there is something in this.

Oklahoma Cotton took the second World's Fair prize in competition with the cotton of the world. Poor old Oklahoma! It is N. G.

New crop Sugar House Molasses fine as can be with flap-jacks is distressingly fine to take in. WILLIAMS & PENNINGTON

A Kansas red leg named REYNOLDS, who was elected to the state senate while serving a term in the penitentiary, made street harrangues in Ardmore the other day, as a means of selling a book giving his prison experiences. Kansas freaks are uncommon down here and the fellow attracted some attention but sold few books.

From the Duncan Banner we get the particulars of the killing of a non-citizen named PICKETT by an intermarried citizen named WEST upon the streets of that town, last Thursday. It seems that PICKETT had killed WEST'S brother, and the two men were at deadly outs, both going "heeled" for a shooting. PICKETT was holding a Winchester at present when WEST shot him with his revolver.

The Chickasaw Nation will be well reprsented at the statehood convention at Kingfisher, O.T. the 28th. It is well to let congress know we want statehood. There is time enough to arrange the conditions and details later on. There is no possibility of a statehood bill including the Five Civilized tribes passing congress at this session---at least, not early in the session.

Mrs. Violet KAY, whose husband was killed in the Oklahoma Cyclone, while her whereabouts was unknown, saw the notice in the Cheiftain designed to attract her attention. She lives near Springer, IT and was ignorant of her husband's death. An advertisement in the Cheiftain generally reaches the great public eye.

Married, at the Cottage Home Hotel, Tuesday, at 8:30 pm, Rev. STUBBLEFIELD officiating. Will G. BUTLER and Miss Allie V. GLENN, daughter of the landlady. The bride is one of Ardmore's most beautiful and charming young ladies, and the groom is a printer well known in Territorial newspaper circles. We wish them the best in fortune's shop.

A Washington dispatch announces that a commission headed by ex-senator DAWES of Massachusetts is to visit the Indian Territory to talk Statehood to the five civilized tribes. We presume this commission will travel in their own private car and talk to the Indians along the railroad. That has been the customary way of "talking" to our dusky neighbors heretofore, by delegations having an axe to grind which reguired endorsement of the "natives".---Denison Gazetteer

A double killing at the hands of one man was reported from South McAlester Monday. A young man named COLE, accompanied by a freind, hunted up an elderly farmer named WILSON for a row because WILSON'S daughter had discarded COLE at the old man's request. WILSON was in the field at work when the two bullies came at him with guns and threatened his life. He secured a Winchester from his wagon, nearby and while the other fellows were shooting at him, killed both of them.

A Bean Bag Party! At the residence of Mrs. KEARNEY tommorrow (Friday) night a bean party will be given. All invited. Admission 15 cents for adults, 10 cents for children. Proceeds for the Methodist Church of this city. Prizes will be awarded the successful competitors. A most unique and mirth provoking pastime. No additional charge for refreshments. Come all.

Congressman BAILY made a speech in Gainesville, last Saturday on the financial question from a free coinage Democratic standpoint. He shoved CLEVELAND, CARLISLE, and MILLS clear off the platform and worked the "deadly parallel" on the two latter gentlemen by reading free coinage speeches they had made before becoming administration "cuckoos" His speech was a strong one, full of logic and sound Democracy. His constituents are well satisfied with his attitude on the latter question and he has represented them faithfully at Washington.

The Ardmoreite's Scheme for a kangaroo city government has one fatal defect--It would not work. The editor of the Cheiftain went through the provisional government force in Oklahoma City before the territorial government was established and wants no further experience of the kind. Government by consent of the governed is a pretty theory, but government by coercian is the only practical one in fact. The board of trade as organized and intended to be conducted covers all the ground the Ardmoreite's scheme contemplates.

The Gainesville Hesperian roars because the county commissioners send away from Gainesville for the county printing when as good and cheap work can be done at home. The Hesperian is very persistant in soliciting court printing from the Territorial Court officials and it has done much that justly should have been given the Cheiftain. Between the Hesperian,a foreign shop, and the Muskogee Phoenix, a paper that flopped from a Republican to a Democratic management when the administration changed, the Cheiftain gets mighty slim picking, not withstanding it has fed on husks through a Republican administration and has a $5,000 steam plant capable of doing as good legal blank work as can be turned out anywhere.

The court is still dragging wearily along on railroad damage suits and this class of legislation is likely to take up all the time until adjournment, which will probably be had tomorrow. In the suit of Alva ROFF against the Santa Fe for damage by building a coal mine spur across his town lots the jury awarded $10.000. John BUSTER who sued the company for physical injury while riding on a stock train with some horses, got $2,500, and a lady living near Berwyn was given $2,000 for injury to her spine caused by the shaking up she received while alighting from the train at Berwyn. Yesterday evening the case of E. E. GRAVES, involving the possession of property in Ardmore was before the court. Much of the civil docket will neccesarily have to go over.

The community was pained, yesterday morning, to learn of the death of Mrs. W.F. WHITTINGTON, which occurred Tuesday night, shortly after 9 o'clock, in the presence of physicians, the family, and relatives and loving friends. Deceased had been ill with a combination of typho-malarial fever, pneumonia, and heart failure. For the last day or two the end was anticipated--and the sufferer sank rapidly, becoming unconscious and delirious much of the time. She leaves 5 little children, the youngest a mere babe, to feel the bitter loss of a loving and indulgent mother. To the husband and father so sorely afflicted, the Cheiftain tends its heartfelt sympathy. Mrs WHITTINGTON was a most estimable Christian lady, beloved by a large circle of acquantances. The funeral takes place today from the M. E. Church south, of which the deceased was an active faithful member.

Nov 30 1893

Joe BARRAL is the daddy of a brand new boy.

S. E. JACKSON is attending court at Muskogee and Paris.

Sam GREENWOOD went to Paris Tuesday night as a witness.

H. H. RUSSELL returned from St Louis Monday.

Mrs Lee ARNOLD and children are home from their Gainesville visit.

A ball was given at the Odd Fellows' Hall last night. The attendance was large and it was a success.

E. BURNETT went to Wynnewood yesterday to take charge of the School there.

A baby was abandoned on the train at Gainesville, Tuesday by its supposed mother.

The allotment commissions will be here in early December. They will probably visit the east side first.

J. R. M. PATTERSON and bride arrived in the city yesterday from Gainesville.

Mrs. Ella DRISKELL of Weatherford, Texas is visiting her sister Mrs. W. J. LANGRAN.

We are glad to announce that J. L. GALT is recovering from a serious attack of Typhoid fever.

Two twelve year old Ardmore hopefuls engaged in an altercation in front of the Cream Bakery yesterday in which a knife figured. One of the lads was quite badly cut in the face.

The American Legion of Honor at this place is adopting resolutions concerning the death of Mrs W. F. WHITTINGTON, a member of the order, which will appear in our next issue.

An anti-monopoly bill is being circulated among members of both houses. It provides that no one citizen be allowed to hold more than 200 acres of the nation's domain also takes away the quarter mile usfrunct with various other provisions. It is quite elaborate.---Vinita Cheiftain

Preaching at the Christian Church Lordsday Nov 26 at 11 am and 7 pm Morning subject: The Mission of the Church of Christ. Evening subject: The judgement to come. All are invited. ---John M. CLAYPOOL

The Cherokee Advocate, with the air of assuranced authority, says that the intruders and non citizens have no right to publish newspapers in this nations advocating allotment of lands and statehood, and calls upon the cherokee council to enact to put them out.

The Kingfisher statehood convention was the largest attended and the most enthusiastic meeting of the kind so far held. The movement is assuming magnificent proportions.

A farmer sold a water packed bale of cotton in town, Monday but the fraud was discovered at the yard and the fellow failed to get paid for the bale.

James WOODALL of Deleware, introduced a bill in the lower house Saturday repealing the intermarriage law. The bill provided that citizens of the United States marrying into this nation after the passage of this act should have no rights to citizenship or property whatever.---Talequah Correspondence

The sudden dismisal of Agent BROWN, of Anadarko, just after he had forwarded the protest of the protest of the cowmen against ratification of the treaty with the Kiowas and Commanches bodes no good for the longhorns. It is the last bluff of the cattle kings, and is no good, although played in the name of the poor Lo. Turn that country loose, we tell you, also the Wichita Reservation.--Minco Mistrel.

While hunting in the Chickasaw Nation just west of the city, last Monday, Ed SILER accidently emptied a whole load of shot into the right arm of his ten-year old nephew. Ira SILER, mangling the arm and wrist in a horrible manner. Dr WAITS of this city was called and with the assistance of Dr. TIBBITTS of Edmondm amputated the arm of the little fellow, about half way between the wrist and the elbow.The SILERS live near Edmond.

Tom STEWART a big cattle man from the Chickasaw Nation is making arrangements to full feed three hundred head of cattle near this city. His feeder was in the city Monday and informed the writer of the fact and stated they had bought 12,000 bushels of corn. He had bought for three years.

Thursday Dec 7, 1893

W. D. SCOGIN went to Davis, Sunday.

Solomon JACKSON has returned from Muskogee.

W. A. LEDBETTER visited Wynewood Sunday.

L. B. ROBERSON took a rack up to Paul's Valley Sunday.

Mrs MAXEY of Henrietta, Texas is a guest of W. F. WHITTINGTON.

George R. EDWARDS, cashier of the City National Bank returned from a trip to Texas this week.

Judge WEST is in Paris, where he has several cases on trial before Judge BRYANT.

Silas BOYD and Will CHENNEY were in Paris this week as witnesses.

Mrs RANDOL of Woodford, sister of R. W. RANDOL, died Saturday.

The Democratic Thunderer of the Ardmoreite circulated among friends at Davis last week.
Dr. MULL says that Mr NELMS who was shot by the criminal carelessness of someone has fever and is suffering considerable.

Deputy BURNS of Ardmore arrested John CLARK of Thackerville last Saturday and turned him over to the Texas Authorities.

A full set of teeth for $7.50! --A. E. WALTERS, Dentist

Several of our citizens are reported as having a touch of the grip. Care should be exercised when a norther gives you the shakes before it gets in its grips. James MILLER is one of the sufferers.

There is too much carelessness with the target gun or boy bean-flipper. Joe NELMS was shot and badly hurt by the careless act of someone unknown.

To whom it may concern this is to certify that I have won and recieved the sewing machine in J. B. SPRAGIN 's & Co's raffle, I holding the winning ticket, 191 ---John WILSON, Newport, IT

A camper near Berwyn lost a team one night last week by a falling tree. He had camped and built a fire at the foot of the tree. During the night it fell and killed the beasts.

The Choctaw Coal & Railway Co. paid out $49,000 last month in wages and $8,000 in incidentals, making a grand total of $57,000. This is an immense sum for one company to distribute monthly. ---McAlester Capital

G. W. BENTHUSEN, Veterinary Surgeon. Hog Cholera a specialty. Ardmore, IT.

A Woman Suicides
A Sad tragedy was enacted in Ardmore yesterday morning, it being the suicide of Mrs. O. S. BAILEY, wife of the city scavenger. Mr. BAILEY found his wife hanging dead in the room when he returned home, after an absence of a short while. She had made a rope by knotting and twisting strips torn from a sheet and hung it to a hook in the ceiling. Jumping from a table or chair she soon accomplished her desperate purpose. It is supposed that family trouble caused the lady to take this rash action. She had shipped her furniture to Denison, Texas, the day before and expected to follow the day of the suicide. Mr. BAILEY says she had attempted suicide before, but was prevented from harming herself by him. It is a sad case and universal sympathy is expressed for the deceased who was a young woman of considerable beauty and refinement. She leaves no children.

From Dr. J. L. THOMAS of Mannsville, we learn of the finding of the body of an unknown man 5 miles north of Mill Creek, recently. From appearences the man was about 30 years old wifh a very high forehead and dark Auburn hair. He had on new jeans pants, with a cost marked W. N. on the tag, a brown striped coat and vest, but no letters or papers were found on the body to identify it. Three bullets had entered the man's head. Would weigh 165 lbs, and was 5 ft 6 inches in height. The murder is a complete mystery.

For Rent
The Cottage Home Hotel, centrally located, 15 rooms neat and furnished, everything comfortable and convenient. Easy terms, call on or address Robt H. GLENN Ardmore, IT.

Contributed By
Nalora Burns

July 19, 1894

Hon. S. E. JACKSON and Miss Alma EDMISTON United in Marriage
Married, Last night in a private room at the Turner College in Gainesville, Rev Frank NAYLOR officiating, Miss Alma EDMISTON and Hon Solomon E JACKSON of this city.
In connection with the above announcement, it is with great pleasure the Ardmoreite extends, in common with the entire population of Ardmore, its meet hearty congratulations.
The bride is a young lady, who has been principally raised in Ardmore and whose friends here are co-extensive of our population, while Mr. JACKSON, the groom, is one among the most prominent attorneys of Indian Territory. He has pleas and won many cases before the judge and jury, but it remained as a fitting climax to his already well assured distinction as an eloquent pleader, for him to appear before Cupid's court and by the inspirations of love, with the object of his hearts devotion as a judge, jury and client, and recieve the unanimous verdict in favor of the plantiff.
Starting out on life's conubial journey, under the most favorable auspices it is the sincere wish of the Ardmoreite that their pathway may ever be strewn with the choicest flowers of happiness and that the gleoins of disappointments and adversities never be encountered.
They arrived in the city on the midnight train and took temporary apartments at the Bridgeman House, where today they have been the recipients of many congratulations. Their permanent home will be in elegantly fitted apartments in the Hotel Wisnor.

Clyde MATTOX getting Fat.---Mrs. S W HATCH, mother of Clyde MATTOX, was in the city yesterday. She has recently been at the Kansas City  pennitentiary, the officials of whom she says treated her with uniform kindness and courtesy. Clyde, she says, is getting fat and is not being worn away by consumption. His appeal for a new trial will come up before the United States Supreme Court Oct 18.---Wichita Eagle.

Yesterday evening about 7 o'clock the residence of Mrs O'Tool on Morgan Street was struck by lightning, the bold decended through the roof, making a big hole. A child's dress was consumed by fire and furniture was overturned and damaged. In a sleeping room a ball of fire exploded like a rocket. The frame encirling a picture was demolished but the picture was left intact. The chiminey on the adjoining house was demolished. The inmates of the house escaped.
---Denison Herald.

Mrs M L PARADOS of Sherman who has for the past four weeks been visiting her daughters Mesdames W B LAWRENCE and R S W PARKER returned to her home last night.

George THRASHER attended the JACKSON-EDMISTON nuptials in Gainesville last night. He returned this morning.

C A SAMMONS, of the Richardson Lumber Company went to Fort Worth last night.

Judge HINKLE, Silas BOYD, and Will PYEATT came in from the canyon this evening, where they had been for the past several days fishing and rusticating. They brought with them a nice lot of fish and remembered the Ardmoreite with a liberal supply for which due thanks are extended.

Wm MITCHELL, who is travelling in the interests of HIBBARD Bros, arrived from Linn, IT last night. He reports that he never saw better prospects for cotton, and believes that the average of corn in that district will be at least twenty five bushels to the acre. --Denison Herald.

[Transcribers Note: The rest of the paper is taken up with a Scholarship contest the newspaper was holding, the contestants, voters, and prizes (besides the Scholarship to the North Texas Business College) are listed below. One coupon to "vote" for your nominee in the Scholarship contest is in each Newspaper.]
One $1000 Life Insurance/Accident Policy ---D REDFIELD, Agent
Five pieces of the latest music---G M YARBROUGH & Co
Gold Pen and Case valued at $5---T H PARKER
Gold Locket Valued at $5---TARVER & KING, Jewelers
Printed Stationary----FOSTER & COLLEDGE
Miss Nina JORDAN
Miss Edna HAVICK
Miss Judith BAUM
Miss Susie JONES
Miss Hattie MORITZ

July 29, 1894:


T J CORNELIUS, one of Ardmore's fire insurance men, was in Davis, Monday.

Misses Rosa and Bessie MAXEY, of Ardmore, arrived in the city Sunday, on their way to Sulphur Springs for a few days outing.

Hon Solomon E JACKSON of Ardmore, was in Davis a short time Friday. Mr JACKSON was on his way to Roff, where he was billed to orate Saturday on the issues of the day.

R F HAMILTON, C D CARTER, Richard MCLISH and H H MCCLAIN, attended the pullback convention at Oakland yesterday.

T W LYTTON, who had the misfortune some weeks to lose everything he possessed in this worlds goods in the Columbus House fire, is in the city from Reagan, where he has been putting up some gin machinery. He informs the Ardmoreite that he has not yet collected the insurance against his loss, but that he will probably be settled with at the expiration of 60 days allowed the company. Mr LYTTON is an honorable upright gentleman and we wish him every success in whater he may decide to engage.

Miss Kiona WOOD, of Roff, who has been declining in health for some time, was taken to her home in Denison Tex., Friday. Miss WOOD was engaged to Dr. BALDWIN, who was killed about a year ago, and since his death, has been in declining health, until now she is almost completely deranged.
Miss WOOD was once the belle of the Country.---Davis Progressive

Prof HINSHAW, D A JOHNSON, and other prominent men of the Chickasaw Nation are interesting themselves in behalf of Robert KEMP who recieved a life sentence for murder. Newspaper men on the press of Denison twelve years ago will remember the case as the papers were full of it.
KEMP was a noted character, who lived near ROBERT's roost on the Tishomingo Road. One night a brother of Davis COLLINS of Colbert was killed at KEMP'S house and for this was sent up for life. The KEMP's are all prominent men and it is thought Robert will recieve a pardon from the president. ---Denison Herald.

Contributed By
Nalora Burns

March 1, 1901

Marriage License Issued
Arthur MCMULLEN of Ardmore and Bessie HUNT of Durwood
J.E. GALLAGHER and Lona COVINGTON, both of Orrinne
R.C. HANKIN, of Marsden and May Belle BROWN of Overbrook
Lemuel Sawyer GRAHAM and Katie KERR, both of Mariette
C.H. HOOK of Texas and Iva HARDY, of Berwyn
Jim BOWLER and Zyiphis MCCAINE

December 1, 1901

Mrs. Essie MCCALLIE died at Hewitt on Friday of fever. Mrs MCCALLIE was 23 years of age.

John Henry WELCH died at Durwood last Friday of heart trouble at age 14 years. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. M.C. WELCH.

December 2, 1901

Mrs. George CORHN Dead
The sad news of the death of Mrs. CORHN was heralded over town this afternoon. Mrs. CORHN died at 2 o'clock, preceded in death by a little babe, which was born last night.
The grief stricken husband and family relatives have the sympathy of the entire community.
Funeral services will be held at the family residence at Hargrove Height at 3 o'clock tomorrow afternoon by Rev. G.T. BLACK, Interment in South cemetery.

Miss Iva HANDY of Berwya and C.H. HOOKS of Fort Worth, TX were married Dec. 1 - Bride parents Mr. and Mrs. John HANDY has moved to Fort Worth.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert HARRIS had a daughter last evening, all doing well.

December 5, 1901

Edward ADAIR met a violent death Monday afternoon. He was thrown from a horse.
At one time Mr. ADAIR was the sheriff of Cooweescoowee District. - Vinita Chieftain

December 9, 1901

Iowa immigrant lost his life on the Choctaw railroad near Caddo. J.R. CARLSON of Swan City Iowa was instantly killed in a collision between two freight trains.

December 10, 1901

Death of Dr. R.C. LITTELL - Kiowa Breeze - Kiowa, I.T.
Dr. R.C. LITTELL died at his home last Tuesday at age 51 years.
Dr. LITTELL was born near Lynchburg, Virginia on April 14, 1850. When quite a young man he settle in Bedford KY where he married to Miss Nannie BARNER. In 1870 he graduated as a physician and surgeon from the leading medical college in Louisville, KY and became a very successful practitioner. Dr. LITTELL was for many years a resident of Ardmore.
Deceased leaves a wife and daughter, Mrs. T.T. PACE and also a sister.

December 15, 1901

Harry West YOUNG, born March 8, 1880, died at 4:15 o'clock this morning at the residence of Mrs. DOLLINS on South Mill Street from an attack of low fever.
Mr. YOUNG was a former resident of Pratt, Kansas, to which his remains will be sent.

Mrs. J.W. WOODWARD died here last night of Dropsy. She had recently moved from Collin Co. Texas. She leaves an invalid husband and four children.

December 17, 1901

Mrs J.W. ELLIS died at her home in South McAlester early Saturday morning.
She was the wife of Jackson ELLIS, Captain of the Territory Indian Police . Captain ELLIS is a Cherokee and his wife was a Choctaw.

September 25, 1903

Ardmore Indian Terr. Friday Evening
Licence to Wed.
M.H. COUSIN (this should be COURIM } and Hattie Lavine MCHENRY, Pauls Valley.
Other names listed were:
W.H. FISHER and Lucindia E. MILLER, McGee. Toss INGRAM and Ellen MCCASKELL, Simon J.T. WALKER and Evin TOOL, Ardmore Joe SEWELL and Bell SMITH, McMilian.
Submitted by: Susan Scott

September 26, 1915

Muskogee News:
The two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John GRIFFITH, whose home is in the oil fields of McIntosh Co. strayed from the yard into the rough hills back of their home and was attack by hogs.
The screams brought the mother to the rescue and save the child but the hogs had already chewed off one the the infant's arms.
Less than a week ago Mrs. GRIFFITH rescued her child by shooting two large rattle snakes which had crawled into her home.

Jan. 22, 1996

Freeman C. BAKER
Services for Freeman Charles Baker will be at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Griffin-Kennedy-Watts Chapel with Dr. Alton FANNIN officiating. Interment will be at Hillcrest Memorial Park.
BAKER died Jan. 20, 1996, in the local hospital. He was born Nov. 21, 1909, at Coalgate, to James G. and Jennie BAKER.
He had lived in Ardmore most of his life and was an elder and deacon at Calvary Presbyterian Church. He founded Cashway Lumber Co. in 1955. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Francis Teresa (Pat) GLENNON. He and Mattie FOX WOOD were married Oct. 10, 1973, at Whitewright, Texas.
Survivors include his wife, of the home; a son, Joe, Ardmore; daughters, Mary WHATLEY, Bowie, Texas, and Kathy BAKER, Lone Grove; stepdaughter, Carol J. THOMASON, Ardmore; a brother, Albert, Pasadena, Texas; eight grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren. Bearers will be grandsons Jim and Jerry BAKER, Ray and Mike LAIRD, and Robert and Russell THOMASON.
Anna Marie (Glennan) Wilson

January 6, 1911

Tony WARD died of suffocation in a fire started by an explosion in a mine of Osage Coal Mining Co. A brother, Frank WARD was killed in the same manner two years ago.

J.M. CONLIN - Muskogee, Okla. - Jan. 5
J.M CONLIN aged 67, for eight years an attache of the Dawes commission and an old soldier, was found dead in his bed this morning. The body will probably be sent to Washington D.C for burial.

January 9, 1911

Found Dead at Davis - Davis, OK
Claude JOHNSON of Dougherty was found dead south of the Santa Fe yards. Every indication points to him having been murdered.

January 16, 1911

Marion BUTT died.

January 17, 1911

Durwood- The little daughter of Mrs. Frank WINDLAND is very low with pneumonia. Mr. WINDLAND died of pneumonia last Thursday and was buried in Durwood Cemetery.

Mr. Sam GARDNER and Miss Myrtle SAXTON were married.

August 14, 1925

George RUSSELL Meet Death At Healdton Today
Team Becomes Frightened When Neck-Yoke Drops: Victim Never Regained Consciousness.
He died On Way To Hospital, Mr. RUSSELL was Widower and Had Been a Resident of Healdton for Several Years.
Submitted by: Pricilla Lane

(Special to the Ardomorette)
Healdton, Okla.--George RUSSELL, a teamster at this place, was killed at an early hour this morning, when his team ran away.
RUSSELL was employed by the local ice company and was engaged in hauling ice to the oil fields adjacent to Healdton. He had started out with his first load for the day and when just outside the limits of town, the neckyoke to his wagon dropped to the gournd, frightening his team which ran away, throwing him to the ground.
He was found by passers-by a few moments after the accident and an ambulance was called, but he died on his way to a local hospital.
RUSSELL was a widower, and has one son who resides here, and it is thought he has another son at Chickasha.
Officers were endeavoring today to get in touch with other relatives. No funeral arrangements had been made at noon today.
Submitted by: Pricilla Lane

RUSSELL Buried At Healdton
Victim of Runaway Accident Thursday Laid to Rest in Healdton Cemetery Today.
Funeral services for George RUSSELL were held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at Healdton, with burial in the Healdton cemetery beside his wife, who died more than a year ago.
RUSSELL was killed early Thursday morning when the team which he was driving became frightened and threw him from the wagon. Death was almost instantaneous.
He had been employed for some time by the Healdton Ice Company and had many friends in Healdton. He was 52 years old and is survived by one son.
Submitted by: Pricilla Lane

Friday, May 27, 1927

Three Carter County Men Are Killed In Gas Well Disaster
Four Others Severely Hurt
Relatives of Victims reside at Graham and Scott City It Is Said

Three Carter County men are dead and four are severely burned as the result of the burning gas well tragedy at Sanford, TX according to Bob SHORT, deputy sheriff.
The dead are Lester NELSON of Wheeler, Bryan DANIELS OF Rexroat and Elmer RICHARDS of Graham.
Severely burned are Fred HARRIS of Graham, Jimmy DAILEY of Scott City,
Cowboy PETTY of Wheeler and Claud DANIELS OF Graham. Daily is clerk of the election board at Scott City.
Short was advised of the tragedy in a wire from Sanford and immediately communicated with relatives of the dead and injured in the oil field community. Many relatives survive, it is said.
The bodies are to be returned here for burial. Preparation for the funerals are in progress today, following the departure of several cars bearing relatives and friends to the scene of the tragedy.
Submitter's Note: James DAILEY was my uncle.
Posted by Jacque Pearce Reynolds

Sunday - May 29, 1927

Bodies Of Explosion Victims To Be Buried
Daniels Will Be Buried Here
Two to be buried at Wheeler, One at Graham and One at Waurika

The bodies of five Carter County young men, who were killed by a gas explosion at Borger, TX, Thursday morning, will arrive today and tomorrow will be interred in cemetaries at Ardmore, Waurika and Wheeler, according to Bob SHORT, deputy sheriff, who has charge of arrangements here. Final arrangements will not be made until the bodies arrive.
The body of Elmer RICHARDS will arrive at noon today and funeral services will probably be held at Graham where relatives live. Jim DAILEY, another of the victims, will be buried at Waurika. Bryant DANIELS will be buried at Rose Hill Cemetary in this city. Lester NELSON and "Cowboy:" PETTY will probably be buried at Wheeler.
Claude DANIELS and Fred HARRIS, two of the casing crew who suffered injuries in the explosion, were resting well at a Borger hospitl Saturday evening and will recover.
All of the five dead men were married. Besides their wives, DANIELS family, two sons, two daughters and one son-in-law, have passed away.
The victims of the tragedy had been employed as a casing crew in the Graham and Fox Fields for the past six years. They were working for the Blacky
East casing crew on the Phillips Petroleum company lease near Borger, when the accident occured.
Posted by Jacque Pearce Reynolds

May 29,1927

Clemscott News
Mr. and Mrs. Charles DAILY were called to Borger, TX, Thursday, on account of their son, Jimmy,having been seriously burned in a gas well explosion.
Happy DUNN accompanied the DAILEYs to Borger.

Bryan DANIELS of Rexroat who lost his life in Borger when a gas well ignited is survived by his wife and four children. His mother survives and three brothers, Claud, Ira and Bill and a sister Miss Pearlee.
Posted by Jacque Pearce Reynolds

Daily Ardmoreite - June 1, 1927

Oil Explosion Victim Buried At Waurika
Funeral of J. R. DAILEY, one of the Carter County men killed in the oil well explosion at Sanford, TX, last week, was held Monday at Waurika with Bettes directing. DAILEY's home was at Clemscot.
Submitter's Note: James DAILEY was my uncle.
Posted by Jacque Pearce Reynolds

January 9, 1928

J.H. COX Succumbs
Friends Informed

Friends of the family here have been notified of the death of J.H. Cox, father of Ed and Gene Cox, who are will known here and who are engaged in the oil business. The deceased was 71 years of age, he had been ill for mose months and had been taken to a hospital in Texarkana.
Funeral services will be held at the late home of the deceased in Mena, Ark., Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Ed and Gene have their mother left and they are the only children in the family.
Mrs. Ed Cox came from Texarkana Friday only to be called back early Saturday morning and death came Sunday afternoon at 2:30.

Carpenter's Murder Being Investigated
McAlester, Jan. 9--UPI--Clues to the murder of Lafe LEWIS, carpenter-contractor, whose body was found yesterday under the parsonage of a negro church, had failed today to fix the crime upon anyone, although two women and a man were held for investigation and another man was sought for questioning.

Funeral Of Former Ardmore Woman Held
Services were conducted this afternoon from the First Baptist church for Mrs. Jaie Elizabeth PARKINSON, former Ardmore woman, who died Saturday at her home in Henryetta.
Rev. W. Lee RECTOR, pastor of the First Baptist church had charge of services, which were under the direction of Harvey brothers. Burial took place at Rose Hill cemetery.
Here to attend the funeral were the following children: Lee, Tom, Joe, Byron, MRs. Jess Taylor and MRs. O.W. WILSON.
The Parkinsons lived here at one time but moved away a few years ago.
Family Researched by Colota Parkinson

Items Of Interest
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar PAYNE, 708 North Washington, are being congratulated upon the birth of their son, Robert Lavern. The baby was born Monday morning, Jan. 9, at 9 o'clock and weighed nine pounds

Mrs. Lamar MCLENNAN, 315 F. street southwest, was called today to Revere, MO., by the illness of her father.

The annual meeting of the stockholders of the Griffith Amusement company will be held in OKC Tuesday.
Attending from here will be Harry Lee CROCKETT, Harry LOWENSTEIN and Mannie LOWENSTEIN.

The chamber of commerce wil be asked to protest against the establishment of a stage line between here and McAlester at a meeting of the board of directors to be held late Monday afternoon. This proposed stage line will traverse the Rock Island railroad.

September 23, 1927

Veteran Of The Civil War Passes Away
John W. RINER answers last roll call at his home in Overbrook
John W. RINER, 84 , died at his home near Overbrook at 1:30 A.M. Thursday following a brief illness. Funeral services are to be conducted from Bettes Funeral Home this afternoon at 3 o'clock by Rev. Cratog S Brooks, minister of the First Christian Church, followed by internment at Mcallister Cemetery west of Overbrook.
RINER was a veteran of the Civil War having served with a Mississippi regiment until the close.
He had been a resident of the Overbrook community for more than 40 years and is well known throughout this section. Riner was married twice, first to Miss Laura Eliza DAUGHERTY at Dallas, Texas in 1865.
His second wife was Miss Emily KEY of Wise County, Texas, and to this union, six children were born. They are Sam, Ray , Artie, Rena, Mrs. Gene GETLER, and Mrs. R.R. RABURN, all of Ardmore. Also six grandchildren survive.

Submitted by Calvin Goforth

Thursday, December 15, 1932

Funeral of G.W. CHRISTIAN 65, Deese, who died Wednesday was conducted this afternoon. The services at Deese school were followed with burial at Newport, directed by the BETTES funeral home. Christian is survived by his wife and several children.
Recorded as written, by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick.
Additional Information provided by submitter: (initials G.W. stand for the name)George Washington CHRISTIAN. Wife was Sarah Ann MCBEE - CHRISTIAN.

Dec 1962

Velora C. ADAMS died sunday afternoon (Dec. 16, 1962) in a nursing home. She was buried at Oswalt Cemetery in Oswalt, Love Co,OK
She was born March 30, 1875 in Mississippi. She was the widow of Sidney S. Adams. She left behind one dau.,Fannie Mae Carlton, Jeww W., Virgil O., Homer, and a half sister, Anna Lloyd and 16 grandchildren.
Body was held in state at the Leslie Funeral home until burial where Harvey Funeral Home in Ardmore will take over.
Submitted by Connie Countess

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