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OKbits FileJohnston Co.: Tishomingo, IT

Chickasaw Capital

Thursday July 21, 1904

Miss Ollie BAILEY has returned from her visit to Texas.

Mrs. J R MAUDLIN, of Sulphur, is visiting relatives in the city.

Marshall COLBERT returned from Eureka Springs Sunday, quite sick.

W S AUTREY, of Dibble was in the city Friday and made this office a pleasant call.

W C WELLS spent Thursday in town, leaving early Friday morning for Sidney.

Walter NETHERSON made a business trip to Sherman Saturday, returning Monday.

Mr R M LESTER, who has been absent for some time in Georgia, returned Monday.

Richard MCLISH, candidate for Governor on the Progressive ticket was in town Tuesday.

Walter RUDISILL spent several days in the city last week, returning to Coalgate Sunday.

Dave VARNER, the genial clerk of "The Manhattan" is visiting his parents in Gainesville, Texas.

J L CARGILE was called home from Haskell by a telephone message informing him that his wife is sick.

Nick MICKLE and family left Tueday morning for Desperado Springs for a few days outing, fishing and recreation.

Mrs Sol LEWIS and son, who have been spending some time at Mineral Wells Texas, returned home Thursday much improved in health.

Mr J A CASSADA, chief clerk of the Citizenship court has gone to the mountains of North Carolina to spend his vacation.

Ex Gov. R M HARRIS, who recently met with a severe accident is able to be out again, though it will take some time before he entirely recovers.

Mr and Mrs R R BRUNDAGE returned from a visit to Iowa on Saturday, Mr BRUNDAGE reports that the weather was unseasonably cool there for the season.

Engineer J Griffen O'NEAL came in from Dallas Monday evening to see how matters with the waterworks system are progressing and spent Tuesday in the city.

W A BORAH, Cornelius HARDY and Fred HAYES (colored) have been designated as members of the Republican central committee from Tishomingo for the Chickasaw Nation.

G W ADAMS and J T ROFF returned Sunday from a prospecting trip to the country southeast of Tishomingo. Incidentally they went as far as Tupelo and visited the camp of the Muskogee Union surveying corps, but were unable to learn anyting definite concerning movements.

Geo W DUDLEY, Herman SCHULTZ, W A MCALESTER, T J BAUM, T D MCLISH, O E  DAVENPORT, H L MULDROW Jr, W C RUDIALL, W T WARD, F E GODWIN, and others visited Ardmore last Thursday night for a Masonic meeting.

Agent BOWERS of the Choctaw has gone off on a vacation of a few weeks.

Judge GULLETT went to Madill Monday, where he is holding court this week.

Miss Bessie BOND returned from a visit to Gainesville and Ardmore Tuesday.

C E NAYLOR left Friday last on a business trip to Southwest Louisiana, returning Monday.

Ed REDMON was called to Atlanta, Mo last week on business of importance and will probably detain him there for some time.

Mrs E R HICKAM, of Oklahoma City, an old schoolmate of Charley STEPHENS, is in the city and will probably remain for several days.

L H FOOTE and family returned from Monticello, Ark, where they have been visiting, Monday, noon. They report having had a pleasant time, and enjoying themselves immensely.

I don't know everything. But with twenty eight years experience I do know how to mend a watch, and my charges are not any more than the so called watch tinkers.---F M MORLEY

Mr Charles von WEISE and bride arrived home Saturday last, and are stopping at the Fisher, they will soon commence housekeeping in the DARLING cottage til their new residence on Pennington Heights is completed.

A Informal meeting of citizens was held Tuesday afternoon at which a committee was appointed to go to Muskogee and interview Mr C N HASKELL Of those appointed Mssrs HORAH, de CORDOVA, and BAILEY left Tuesday.

Thursday morning last between 2 and 3 o'clock the MYERS ice house, near the Choctaw depot was discovered to be on fire. An alarm was given by firing pistols and guns and soon a crowd of people was collected but the fire gained headway and nothing could be done to stop it. The house was partially filled with ice. The fire was confined to one building notwithstanding a barn was in close proximity.

BIG PACHOFA FEAST---Ardmore will celebrate on July 28 and 29. The meeting at the City Hall this afternoon was brief but a vast deal of business  transacted. It was decided to celebrate the 17th anniversary of Ardmore July 28 and 29 and the second day to be the greatest bar-b-que in the history of the city. The following committees were formed:
Privileges and arrangements: W R ROBERTS, John L. GALT, F A BUTT, J B SMART.
A pipe will be run to the park and there will be an abundance of the  finest water for drinking purposes and also for stock. --Ardmore

JUSTIFIABLE HOMICIDE.--Duncan--July 19. --The examining trial of John D. WILLIAMS, charged with the murder of John THRASHER last Sunday evening in Woolsey, held here today before commissioner MORRIS, resulted in defendent being discharged on the ground of justifiable homicide.

July 28 1904

Dr J L THOMAS was up from Wapanucka Friday.

Attorney W A LEDBETTER of Ardmore was in the city Monday.

Judge HARDY was called to Durant Monday on important business.

Lewis PAULIN, editor of the Durant news was in the city last Sunday.

Dr D M HAILEY of South McAlester was in the city Tuesday, on business.

Mrs. W C WELLS and family have returned from their outing at Oil Springs.

Fred SUMNER of Sherman, spent a few days in town this week visiting friends.

The R T MONK Hardware Company has erected a nice awning on the front of its store.

Attorney J F MCMURRAY was in town Friday on Business in connection with trial matters.

Charley CARTER, of Ardmore, coal commissioner for the Chickasaw Nation was in town Thursday.

Miss Josephine BURMBAUGH and Miss Mabel THOMAS of Denison are visiting Mrs Chas LACEY.

W L DYKES, who has been confined to the house by illness for several weeks, is able to be around again.

Wm H MURRAY returned from a trip to the western part of the Chickasaw Nation Tuesday and reports crops out there looking fine.

W P HOLIDAY, engineer of the Muskogee Union Railroad, was a visitor in Tishomingo Sunday, he left Monday morning, taking with him, J T ROFF.

Col Z T BURTON left Tuesday on the Choctaw for South McAlester. Mr BURTON expects to be gone for some weeks and will make an extended trip in the Choctaw Nation.

T G BENGE, who is superintendent of the oil mill, is in the city and has rented his large residence of G W ADAMS on Broadway. Mr. BENGE'S family will arrive shortly.

Mrs. William O'BRIEN is in the city visiting friends.

Born--Sunday last, to Mr and Mrs Hugh WADE, a son.

P C THOMAS died in this city Saturday and was buried Sunday.

Carlisle WHITTEN left Tuesday afternoon for St Louis to take in the Fair.

Mr and Mrs Lawrence MICKLE left yesterday for a short trip to Sadler, Texas.

L E CREEKMORE and family came up from Wapunucka Tuesday to take in the Picnic.

Ollie SENDDER, of Brentwood, Ark is visiting the family of his brother,Charles SENDDER.

Chas KENNEDY, of Addington, spent several days of the past week visiting with Herman C. SCHULTZ.

Mrs Z T BURTON will visit with her parents in Parsons, Kansas, the remainder of the summer.

Mr and Mrs J T SADLER have returned from their visit to their old home, Sadler, Texas after a pleasant visit.

A daughter was born to Mr and Mrs Ed LUCAS Sunday night last, but the child lived just a few hours.

Miss Clotilde DAVIS, a former resident of Tishomingo, but now of Dallas is here visiting Miss Rosalie DOREMUS.

Mr and Mrs Sol LEWIS will leave in a few days for New York and Philidelphia

where Mr Lewis goes to select his fall and winter stock.

G W DUDLEY and family, Mr and Mrs R R BRUNDAGE and Mr and Mrs J T YOUNG with a number of young people are camping out at Belton.

Mrs. Geo BECK left on Tuesday for Wisconsin. She will spend the month of August with her children at Green Lake, and visit elsewhere before returning, as she expects to do later, stopping at St Louis on the way back.

A GENT, of Sherman is putting in the new boiler for the ice plant. Mr GENT makes a specialty of setting boilers, and the work is being done in a first class manner.

Sam RUSH returned Monday from Whitney, Texas where he was called by sickness in the family. The remains of his sister were laid to rest in the cemetary of that place last Thursday.

The H T MONK hardware company, in honor of the railroad men's picnic, improvised a locomotive and train of cars in the show windows out of articles of their stock, which is not only a good imitation, but also a good display of their wares.

Joseph S MORROW, grand secretary of the grand lodge A F & A M, in company with W A MCBRIDE, made a visit to Tishomingo last friday in the interest of the Masonic Childrens Home. As a result, H L MULDROW Jr, Master of Tishomingo raised $125 for this worthy object.

Marshall COLBERT on Monday broke twenty barrels of tin top and kindred beverages which came in by express over at Choctaw. Each of the barrels was marked with the name of the beverage and a chemical analysis of  component parts showing the percent alcohol it contained. It is understood the stuff was stopped in the risk of the manufacturers who desire to make a test case to the United States Marshall to destroy beverages which come within the limit of the law.

Thursday August 11 1904

W C WELLS spent part of Sunday in town. Jim ADAMS was a Denison visitor Sunday. Will, the son of Mr and Mrs Charles Lacy is quite ill.

A M POLLOCK of Dallas, is visiting his nephew, M. LONDON.

Mrs Dave WILGUS is in St Louis visiting the world's fair.

Harry ALLEN returned Thursday last from a trip to Kansas City.

Miss Beatie EWING is visiting with Miss Lillian SHAW in Fort Worth.

Mrs Lewis G NICHOLS has gone to St Louis and will be absent several weeks.

Nick WILEY returned Tuesday from St Louis after spending a week at the World's fair.

Mrs R H SIMPSON has been laid up this week with an attack of dropsey but is improving.

Judge Spencer R ADAMS of the Citizenship court came in yesterday noon on the Choctaw.

Mrs Lucy SNIPES and daughter Theresa, are visiting with Mrs SNIPES brother Dr G H BUTLER.

George ADAMS was taken sick yesterday and Postmaster PORTER acted as prescription clerk at the drug store.

Sidney W BURTON, mailing clerk in the local land office, left Saturday last on a visit to his old home in Red Wing, Minn.

Frank MACKEN is moving into his hotel building next to the Capital office which he will open as a rooming house.

Dr WOODBURN, who has been absent for some time in Kentucky, returned last week to remain here permanently.

H L MULDROW Jr, W M of Tishomingo Lodge A F & A M, went to Claremore Saturday to attend the meeting of the Grand Lodge of the Masonic Order.

Mrs D O FISHER and Mrs B H COLBERT and son and Miss Blanche FISHER returned from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Friday, where they spent several weeks.

Chester BUTLER and Newt WRIGHT arrived in the City Friday from Adamsville Tenn, on a prospecting trip. Mr BUTLER is the brother of Ed. BUTLER, of this city.

Aug 24, 1904

Mrs H P WARFIELD has gone to Oil Springs for a few days.

Lewis G. NICHOLS left Saturday to visit the World's fair in St. Louis.

Mr. STARK, of Dallas, a step son of Dr. POLLETT was in the city Monday.

Miss Fanny JONES, of Denison, is in the city visiting Mrs. Will SHELTON.

Col Z T BURTON is engaged in enlarging his residence.

R S FLOYD, of Ada was in town Tuesday on business at the land office.

J B SHERRARD, of the Citizenship Court went to south McAlester Sunday.

Holmes COLBERT, of Colbert, was in town Monday and Tuesday on business.

A B DUNLAP, president of the First National Bank, arrived Monday from Shawnee, OT.

For Rent. Good five room residence, near in. Inquire Frank MACMACKEN, at the MACMACKEN hotel.

Mr Ed BEVETT, official stenographer of the Citizenship court, was in town Saturday and returned in the afternoon to South McAlester.

Mrs. I PITLUCK and son, of Bay City Texas. arrived Sunday to visit Mrs M LONDON, sister of Mrs PITLUCK.

George ADAMS was down Tuesday for the first time since his illness, but was far from well. His business required his presence.

J B GLASGOW left Saturday for St Louis, where he goes to purchase new stock and incidentally to visit the great exposition.

Herman SCHULTZ left Tuesday morning for Oklahoma City, having recieved a telegram annoucing the serious illness of his father.

J D MOORE, the genial prescription clerk of the Capital Drug store, left Saturday for Corsicana and other Texas points on a vacation trip.

Mrs D WILGUS returned Sunday from St. Louis.

Banker F C MILLION came in Monday to remain a few days.

Dr. J L THOMAS came in from Wapanucka on the Choctaw yesterday.

Mrs Ludie JOHNSTON, of Emet, is visiting relatives and friends in the  city.

Luther GREGG spent several days the last week in the Choctaw Nation.

Turner MCLISH returned home Tuesday evening after a weeks visit to  St Louis.

Mrs. Ed SACRE, of Oakland, is visiting in the city with her daughter, Mrs. Will SHELTON.

M. Griffin ONEAL, supervising engineer of the waterworks, left Tuesday for Dallas.

W F deCORDOVA who has been visiting the exposition at St Louis returned home Tuesday evening.

Jim ADAMS is back from St Louis and his familiar face is again seen behind the counter at deCORDOVA's.

President BURROWS, of the American National Bank, has returned from a  trip to Muskogee and other parts.

Assistant Postmaster LIGHTFOOT was called to Dexter, Texas Saturday night by a telegram announcing the serious illness of his mother.

Mrs W C WELLS and children have gone to Roff to visit for a few days, Fannie and Master Harry WELLS have goen to Stigler to visit their father.

Nick MICKLE and I J MOORE spend Sunday on the Blue.

Mrs Lucy SIPES and daugher Tersa, who have been visiting in the city for some time with Mrs Sipe's brother, Dr G H BUTLER, returned to their home in Wetumka Tuesday, they were accompanied by Beryl BUTLER.

Chief Clerk James CASADA came in Saturday from Hot Springs, where he had been for some time under treatment for bladder trouble. Mr. CASADA has no definite information as yet as to the exact date the court will  convine, adjournment having been taken to meet at the call of Judge ADAMS.

Sept 1 1904

Teachers Examination
Names of successful applicants.

On Thursday and Friday last there was held in the United States courtroom a teacher's examination for the Chickasaw Nation, at which there were 75 applicants who took the examination, being one of the largest examinations yet held in the Chickasaw Nation.
One of the noticeable features of the examination was the increased percentage of male applicants.
The examination was held by Prof E B HINSHAW, president of the Chickasaw Examining Board, Territorial Superintendent BENEDICT, and Mr Frank BOURLAND. The following is a list of those who passed and will recieve certificates:

First Grade

Lela ALLEN Tishomingo
W T CONWAY Wynnewood
Carrie HARDY Ardmore
Mary C. HEARD Tishomingo
John B KIRVEN Wapanuka
Gertrude MERRELL Colbert
Annie L MARABLE Tishomingo
George H. PRIEST Stonewall
Ed L REED Stillwell, OT
S M YOUNG Tishomingo
J W WOODRUFF Lancaster, Texas

Second Grade

Anna ASHBURN Denison, Texas
Caroline G. BAKER Tishomingo
Marion BAKER Tishomingo
S B COX Reagan
Robert COLBY Tishomingo
John T. DE HART Wapanucka
Vena DAVIES Tishomingo
W G DRAPER Woodville
Cora N FREEMAN Denison, Texas
G L HUCKABY Coalgate
W L HARRIS Mannsville
Thomas HUNTER Cannon, Texas
Nettie KIRVEN Wapanucka
H C KING Colbert
Maye KING Denison Texas
T B LINER Stonewall
Abe MILES Roff
Lottie MCCARTY Coalgate
S W MANDRELL Woodville
Mary MADDOX Denison, Texas
Mary PRICE Purcell
J C POTTS Sulphur
Sula RAY Boggy Depot
Kathleen L. SALMON Stonewall
Anna SIMS Madill
Jennie WATSON Denison Texas
Mrs. R M BURNHAM Davis
John J TOWNSEND Franks
Felix M. GRAYSON Ada
Ed D MCCURTAIN Stonewall

A J CARTER and wife arrived home Friday.

Mrs. Yancey WILEY visited Sulphur last week.

Mr and Mrs L G NICHOLS have returned home from St. Louis.

M LONDON left Saturday for St Louis to visit the Exposition.

Auditor Jake CHAPMAN of the Chickasaw Nation returned from Sulphur Monday.

Ed GREEN, clerk at the Pioneer Drug Store, was laid up this week, but is again out.

Mrs Marcus M BRIGHT, of Ardmore, visited with relatives in the city this week.

Dr L D MORSE made a business trip to the towns along the Frisco railroad this week.

Moss HALL returned Tuesday from Sadler, Texas, where he has been visiting for some time.

Mrs J J MINTS and little daughter of Fillmore, spent several days in the city last week.

Charles GULLET, son of Judge and Mrs A GULLET, is very ill with slow fever at the home of his parents.

Miss BOONE, manager of the Electric Light and Ice company, has gone to Parsons, Texas, for a vacation.

Assistant Postmaster LIGHTFOOT is back from Texas, where he was called by the sickness of his mother.

Mrs M J HAMILTON and daughter Katherine, of Shawnee, Oklahoma, visited with Mrs L E PHILLIPS this week.

Mr and Mrs DUVAL left this morning for Granbury, Texas, where he goes to take a position with the local telephone company of that place.

R CARNEY, who lives near Connerville, left last week to attend the meeting of the Baptist Association near Hugo in the Choctaw Nation.

Frank F GODWIN went to Ardmore Tuesday.

Charley SCUDDER was an Ardmore visitor Sunday.

Attorney W H MOORE, of south McAlester, came in Tuesday, and returned yesterday.

A MAGGARD, formerly operator of the Choctaw at this place visited the city the past week.

Married at Greenville, Texas, Tuesday evening, Sam REDUS of the city and Erne STAPP of this place.

Bob YEAGER, the noted ball twirler, returned yesterday from Royce, Texas, where he has been for some time.

Miss Prodie AUSTIN returned from Texas last Friday and has resumed his postition with MOORE, ROGERS & Co.

P R JOHNSON and wife spent the last week in Ferris, Texas where they attended the wedding of their youngest son.

T J BENGE, manager of the Tishomingo Oil mill, made a business trip to Ardmore this week returning Wednesday.

Chief Engineer HALLIDAY of the Muskogee Union passed through town Saturday. He says that Mr KENETIC will not return from Europe til some time in October, and until that time nothing definite can bedecided on the route of the road.

John LIGHTFOOT was accidentally shot in the back of the left hand Tuesday evening by Edwin MCALEXANDER. The boy was shooting at a target with a .22 rifle, and LIGHTFOOT was standing at a distance, when the ball struck him, inflicting a flesh wound.


Mr and Mrs MITCHELL of Haskell, Texas, who have been visiting their daughter, Mrs J H RAINBOLT have returned to their home.

Mr and Mrs Arnold ROARK are visiting relatives in Oklahoma this week.

Ed HATHAWAY is spending the week at St Louis visiting the fair.

Walter SELLERS is laid up with a severe cold.

Mrs Mollie CASTLEBERRY, of Oklahoma, Mrs Nannie NELSON, of Caddo, are visiting their sister Mrs Jim ROBNETT.

Mr and Mrs C E NAYLOR were visiting the home of Rev and Mrs BULLARD the later part of the week and returned home Sunday.

Misses Lucy BYNUM and Ida WOLFE are to leave at an early date to resume their studies at Bloomfield Seminary, after having spent the summer  vacation at home. We will regret very much to see them go.

Born to Mr and Mrs M Jefferson CONDON, friday morning, a son. It has been named Theodore Johnston, Mother and "Teddy" doing nicely, but Jeff is in  critical condition.

Messrs. Joe MILLER, Kerr GILLSTRAP and Loman POLLETT's smiling faces were seen in our midst Sunday, wonder why?

Jim CHAPMAN is visiting with relatives at Ravia this week.

G W BINGHAM, the attorney who was recently in the public eye by reason of certain questionable transactions at the Tishomingo land office, writes the Phoenix that he has not "skipped" the country, but is temporarily in Washington DC, and will return to the territory at any time he is wanted. His address is 802 11th St NW.

Sept 8 1904

W B PYEATT returned from St Louis Saturday Evening.

J W CONNELLY, of Yarnaby, was a caller at this office Monday.

M LONDON returned Saturday from his trip to the World's fair.

Editor JONES, of the Ravia Tribune, was in the city Monday.

Born to Mr and Mrs Frank BOURLAND, Monday at 10 o'clock, a son.

E S BURNEY, of Chickasha, made this office a pleasant call Tuesday.

J F MYERS, of Pauls Valley was in the city Monday taking in the picnic.

Wanted: Cord wood. Apply to T B BENGE, manager at Tishomingo Mill.

W M KEMP, the new attorney general of the Chickasaw Nation was a caller Monday.

Harry K ALLEN returned Saturday from Kansas City and a visit to his old  in Missouri.

George DASHNER, of Ardmore, general Manager of the Ardmore Mill Company, was in town Tuesday.

Mayor W C WELLS came in Sunday from Eureka Springs where he had been sojourning for a short time.

Oscar DAVENPORT returned from St Louis Saturday, where he bought fall and winter stock and incidently took in the fair.

The Grand Leader will be closed Saturday Sept 10 on account of Holiday.-Sol LEWIS, prop.

Mrs Cornelius HARDY and daughter and Miss Irene Van NOY left Saturday for St Louis to take in the exposition and visit with their sister.

Walter NETHERSOLE, formerly electrician for the Tishomingo Electric Light company, arrived in town Tuesday from Sherman and is engaged in rewiring the oil mill and round bale gin.

Walter RUDSILL spent several days in town this week.

Baled Hay for sale by the bale or by the ton at Emet, IT. T B THOMPSON.

Judge COTNER arrived home Tuesday from a business trio to Muskogee and Talequah.

Mrs ROBB arrived in the city Tuesday to join her husband, W H ROBB of the City Drug Store. Mr and Mrs ROBB will make their home in Tishomingo.

J W MCKINNEY, representing the Lesser Goldman;s Cotton Company, arrived Tuesday. Mr MCKINNEY will make Tishomingo his headquarters.

Rev P EGLEBARGER, of Ardmore will occupy the pulpit of the Methodist church Sunday morning and evening. Mr EGLEBARGER comes highly recommended, and all are cordially invited to attend.

The Law firm of BURRIS & BOURLAND had been dissolved and Mr BURRIS has entered into a partnership with J B O'BRYAN, Mr BOURLAND will give his undivided attention to administering the affairs of the estate of his father, who recently died, having been named as executor in the will.

Supervisor BECK is busy establishing free schools in the Chickasaw Nation under the appropriation recently made by congress. He expects to have before Dec 1st more than 100 free schools in the nation, with terms ranging from five to nine months. The Seminole Nation has been placed under Mr BECK's supervision for similar purposes, and he has recently visited that Nation to look over the ground.

A BRILLIANT RECEPTION---The ladies of Tishomingo honored Mrs. D H JOHNSTON, wife of the Governor of the Chickasaw Nation, with a reseption at the Fisher Monday evening from four until six, which in completeness and hopitality eclipsed any like event in the history of Tishomingo.
Invitations were issued to every lady, and during the appointed hours the parlors were filled to overflowing. The reception committee recieved as only Tishomingo Ladies can.
In the recieving line was the Guest of Honor, Mrs JOHNSTON, and Mesdames B H COLBERT, Sol LEWIS, W T WARD, S C TREADWILL and A E DAVENPORT. Each guest was greeted with a clasp of  the hand and a pleasant smile, which made everyone feel the congeniality that pervaded the room.
The honoree bore her honors with dignity and was comingly attired in a gown of pure white silk and carried an arm cluster of Marechal Neil Roses; ornaments, diamonds and pearls.
Mrs COLBERT wore a lavender crepe de chine with lavender lace trimmings and chiffon, diamonds. Mrs LEWIS, Nile green crepe de chine, trimmings chiffon and pink applique, diamonds. Mrs. DAVENPORT, cream satin trimmings, chiffon and lace. Mrs TREADWELL, cream silk mull, trimmings lace, diamonds.
The Parlors were filled with elegantly gowned ladies, where punch and wafers were served by Mesdames DUDLEY and BRUNDAGE and Misses FISHER, BOND, and RENNIE. Magnificent ferns furnished decorations. Carriages were annouced continually bearing guests away, who gave place to others following. Carriages were in such demand that fortunate indeed were the ladies who recieved accomidations they desired. Thus did the ladies of the Capital City greet the wife of the most highly honored chief executive of the Chickasaw Nation. Long may he and his estimable wife live.

Sept 15 1904

W B PYEATT was an Ardmore visitor Monday.

Mrs Chas. W. LACY is visiting friends in Denison.

CC PASSMORE was admitted to rights by the Citizenship Court Tuesday.

Judge Henry S FOOTE left Tuesday for St Louis, where Mrs FOOTE is reported sick.

Mr W E NORWOOD, lately of Greenville, Texas, has accepted a position with the Grand Leader.

Miss Lela ALLEN has been appointed principal of the Coalgate public Schools and has removed to that town.

Mrs. John R MILLER of Nocoma Texas, a sister of P J PRUETT is in the city visiting with her brother and family.

Mrs W A NORTON, of Okmulgee, IT, is visiting with Mrs C R BURROWS during the convention of Christian Churches of Indian Territory.

Miss CONNER and Nephew, Mr Dudley MONK, returned from Chicago Friday,after having attended the exposition and had a good time generally.

Melven CORNISH and son were over from South McAlester Monday. A daughter has recently been added to the CORNISH family, and Mr CORNISH is corresponding happily.

Rev Father WILWERDING of the Catholic Church will celebrate Mass at 7:30 am Tuesday Sept 20th at the residence of D O FISHER. All are invited to attend.

Chas S STEPHENS returned yesterday from Tennessee, where he has been for several weeks. He reports that he left Mrs STEPHENS much better and in a fair way to entire recovery.

Townsite commissioner HEFLEY was in the city Monday and Tuesday on business connected with the sale of vacant lots in Tishomingo which is to take place Sept 29.

Banker E C MILLION, of Atoka, the company with President ROBB, of the Indian's orphans' home, were in the city on business at the land office the early part of the week.

Chairman BIXBY and Secretary BEALL of the Dawes commission spent Thursday and Friday last here taking additional testimony on the part of a number of applicants who desire to be placed on the rolls.

The Seventh annual convention of the Christian church opened Tuesday morning at 9 o'clock. S B DAWES of Muskogee, is president, and F H GROOM of  Weleetka, secretary. Quite a number of ministers are in attendence and the outlook is fair for an unusually sucessful convention. Much enthusiasm is manifested, and it is evident that this rapidly growing body will make great strides during the coming year. The following members were enrolled yesterday:
Elder S R HAWKINS, corresponding secretary, South McAlester
S B DAWES, president, Muskogee
Elder Randolph COOK, Vinita
Elder F H GROOM, Weleetka
Elder J F READ, Ardmore
Elder G F DUFFY, Pryor Creek
Miss Jessie BALLARD, Pres. C W B A, Pryor Creek
Miss Lee TINSDALE, South McAlester
Mrs H P SHOWALTER, Muskogee
Elder L P HAMILTON, Bokcheto
Mrs E A GREEN, Pryor Creek
Elder J L CRANE, Holdenville
Elder C N MASTIN, Halleyville
Elder Chas MUSSLEMAN, Bristow
Miss EVETTS, Ardmore
Mrs PRIDE, Ardmore
Mr and Mrs I R BEST, Ardmore
R T DALLAS, Ardmore
Mrs L BURGE, Kiawa
Mrs M B LITTELL, Kiawa
Miss Annie MARABLE, Lynn
Mrs W A MARTON, Okmulgee
Elder D M HARRIS and wife, Wagoner
Elder J H CRUTCHER, Muskogee
Mrs Martha GRAHAM, Topeka, Kan.
Elder C E CHAMBERS, Purcell
Miss LAWSON, El Reno, OT

Cheif Judge ADAMS, of the citizenship court, arrived in town Monday.
The judges of the court are busy writing opinions in cases already heard, and as soon as Judge WEAVER returns the hearing of the few remaining cases on the docket will probably commence.

Contractor MOORE who is putting in the waterworks plant, came in Tuesday from Texas. He is in the reciept of a telegram announcing the balance of the pipe has been shipped. The delay caused by the pipe not reaching here on time has been very annoying to Mr. MOORE, as he has much other work which is being retarded thereby. The turbine wheel and pump, which was shipped to Houston by mistake, has arrived. Mr John SHANNON, who has the contract for putting in the dam, reports good progress being made and expects to have his end of the work completed on time.

On Friday afternoon there was a great deal of excitement at the Presbyterian College and through the entire north part of town when it was learned that Miss Daisy BAXTER a boarding pupil of that institution had eloped with Guy CROSSETT the editor of the Caddo Herald. The president and teachers of the college aided by the entire force of city officers were hot on the trail and came near to catching the lovers on several occasions, but as usual love always laughs at locksmiths, or any one else that opposes, and finds some way over the garden wall.
Yesterday evening a telegram was  recieved by the News that all is well and the Victory had been won. Guy CROSSET is the editor and proprietor of the Caddo Herald and is among  the business men of that little city, and has, contrary to the usual  practice of Newspaper men, laid by for the home that would be his when the lady of his choice should signify her consent. Mrs. Daisy CROSSETT who was Miss Daisy BAXTER is the Eldest daughter of Mr. BAXTER who lives four miles from Caddo, and is a well to do citizen, stockman and farmer. She is a well educated, cultivated lady and is worthy of any man's love and respect.
We had hardly laid down the shears with which the above was clipped From the Durant News when the hearo of the escapade narrated jauntily stepped into the Capital office, being then on his way from Davis, where he had left his wife with his brother and sister, to appear at Caddo in answer to a warrant issued for his apprehension. Mr CROSSETT gives an amusing account of the hair-breadth escapes of himself and Miss BAXTER ere they reached the friendly haven of Gretna GREEN. How the lovers escaped by one door while the minions of the law entered another; how, not withstanding they were cut off from the depot and from livery barns, through friendly aid, they were enabled to elude thier pursuers and escape from Durant; how at various points at which they attempted to stop to have the nupital knot tied, they learned the pursuers were close on their heels, in one instance only ten minutes behind, until they finally distanced pursuit and reached Weewoka, where the twain were made one. From Weewoka they went to Davis. Here they were finally found and the warrant served, but its object had been defeated. A little later a telegram telling the young folks to come home and all would be forgiven.
The love triumphs. The Capital joins in the host of friends of Mr CROSSETT in wishing him every joy and felicity in the new relations they have assumed.

Sept 22, 1904

Wm H MURRAY went to Ada Monday to attend court.

Judge Henry S FOOTE returned from St. Louis Monday.

Harry L PERSON was a Denison visitor Saturday and Sunday.

Mr James B CASSADA was a visitor to South McAlestor Saturday.

Harvey LUCAS is suffering from a broken leg caused by a run away team.

Judge Nick WOLFE went to Ada Monday on business before the District court.

Prof. JORDON, superintendent of public schools, returned Friday from a  visit to his old home.

Judge Cornelius HARDY left Saturday for St. Louis to join Mrs. HARDY and Miss Irene Van NOY.

The ladies of the Christian Church will server dinner and supper in the old BAILEY & MASON store next Tuesday.

Dr MULLINS, of Fort Worth, specialist in diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat, will be in Tishomingo at the FISHER hotel, Oct 23.

Wm H MURRAY has received a supply of young black bass from the United States fish commissioner, which he has planted in the Deepwater.

The United States District Court will convene Monday, Hon. J T DICKERSON presiding. The term will continue three weeks and will be devoted to the trial of criminal cases.

Mr A J POTTS, a farmer living in Rock Creek, brought to this office last week two specimens of what he claimed to be the genuine boll weevil.

Word was recieved here Saturday that Mrs Chas W LACEY was quite ill at  the home of her brother in Denison, and Mr LACEY left the same evening for Denison.

Dr J L THOMAS came in from Wapanucka Tuesday.

Miss May COTNER is visiting with relatives at Tahlequah.

L H FOOTE and family will shortly moved to Mr FOOTE's sawmill near Russell.

Frank MITCHELL, who accidently shot himself through the foot last week is getting along nicely and should be able to be out again soon.

Mr COFFEE, of Ardmore, has accepted a position in the tailoring establishment of L A RANKE, Mr COFFEE comes highly recommended.

Judge WEAVER left Tuesday afternoon for Fort Worth, and Marshall, Texas, where he goes to take testimony in certain cases before the Citizenship Court.

Judge Nick WOLFE is the first person in Tishomingo that we have learned of to recieve a patent to lots in Tishomingo. He recieved one Saturday for lots 5 and 6 of block 74, signed by Green MCCURTAIN and Palmer S. MOSELY.

Mr John SHANNON recieved a telegram Tuesday from R B BURKE, contractor on the post office, and courthouse building in Guthrie, stating the Government had accepted the Tishomingo granite, and requesting him at Guthrie on Thursday.

Ned LOONEY, son of Dr and Mrs. J T LOONEY, left for Urbana Ill. where he will enter the law department of the Illinois State University. Ned is a bright young man, and leaves a host of friends in Tishomingo, all of whom wish him success in his studies.

Sept 29 1904

Col CHENAULT came if from Fort Scott, Kansas, Sunday.

P T FOLEY came in Monday from Parsons, Kansas.

Editor GIBBS, wife and son, of Mill Creek, were in the city Monday on business.

Editor JOHNSTON of the Kingston Messenger, made this office a pleasant call yesterday.

You can obtain anything in the dental line by calling on Dr E C TAYLOR,dentist, Treadwell Building.

Robert SHERMAN and a first class company in "My Friend From Arkansas" at the opera house Monday night.

Henry M FURMAN, of Ardmore, is among the prominent attorneys of the Territory in attendance at the present term of court.

Lost---Saturday morning, a white poodle dog, answers to the name of Sport, Return to M LONDON and recieve $5 reward and no questions asked.

All the merchants and joint men were notified by Marshall COLBERT last Saturday to get rid of their slot machines and dice boxes as their use would not be permitted. It is needless to say the order has been complied with.

Wanted--- A few more men and women with a fair education for a good business position to travel. Salary: $12 to $18 per week and expenses. Address with stamp, give you name, the name of your town and the state.A J DRAKE, one door south of the Morse Cottage Hotel, Ravia, IT.

Miss COTNER, whe has been visiting at Talequah, returned Monday.

Attorney Melvin CORNISH came in Monday on business before the Citizenship court.

Judge HARDY and family and Miss Irene VAN NOY returned from St Louis Friday last.

Among the attorneys in attendance upon the District Court from Ardmore is Robert H WEST.

Attorney George H MANSFIELD, came over from South McAlester Monday to attend the Citizenship court.

The STEWART Mercantile Company are moving their stock of hardware to the building next to the Manhattan.

Judge Henry S FOOTE of the Citizenship Court left Tuesday to take testimony in a case pending in that court.

A B FARNSWORTH, representing the immigration department of the Rock Island System, was in the City Monday.

A R MILLER, general purchasing agent of the M K & T railroad, was in the city Monday, the guest of P T FOLEY.

Rev C H HOLLAND, of Greenville, SC, a son in law of E R LUCAS, will preach at the Baptist Church next Sunday at the usual hour.

Urban and Byron TAYLOR, sons of Dr E C TAYLOR, left Thursday for Wichita, Iowa, where they will reside with their grandparents.

Dr. G H BUTLER, returned Saturday fro a two weeks trip to the World's Fair. The doctor reports having had a very enjoyable trip.

C M CAMPBELL, clerk of the United States District Court, and S A DOUGLAS, deputy, were in Tishomingo Friday and Saturday.

The FISHER Hotel has returned to the American plan. This is caused by the fact that it took too long to wait on guests by the other method.

President DUNLAP, of the First National Bank, came in friday and remained for a short time on business. He was accompanied by A I DUNLAP, of Hobart, IT.

The Daughters of the Rebekah Lodge will give a beautiful japanese fan and parasol drill and a grand musical and literary concert. Watch for the full program and date next week.

Judge Spencer B ADAMS was called Friday to his home in North Carolina by a message announcing the serious illness of his daughter and that an operation would be neccesary.

L M CHISOLM presented ye editor with a specimen of some figs of a new variety which were grown on his place in town. The sprouts of this fig were cut down each year, bur shoot forth again in the spring.

Mr LOONEY informs us that the new chairs for the opera house have arrived, and desires to thank the public for the forebearance of the past, promising them first class service in the future.

Gov JOHNSTON went to Denison Monday night to escort his daughter home from Bloomfield. On Wednesday Mrs JOHNSTON and family leave for St Louis to present at the exposition on Indian Territory day, next Saturday, Oct 1.

Chas W LACEY returned from French Mineral Wells, Texas, Friday where he had taken Mrs LACEY from Denison last week. On arriving at Denison he found Mrs LACEY quite seriously ill, and on the advice of a physician, took her to the above place at once.

Orders were recieved from Chicago, effective Saturday morning, laying every track hand off on the Rock Island from Memphis to South McAlester and Ardmore, this leaves only the foreman on each section. No reasons were given.

W. H. EVANS has tendered his resignation to the Dawes commission in order to accept more desirable position in the Choctaw Development Co. Mr EVANS has been in the employ of the Dawes Commission for the past 5 years and came to Tishomingo when the office opened here, being connected with the allotting division. In accepting the resignation the commission loses a good man.

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