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OKbtis FileGarvin County: Pauls Valley
Chickasaw Enterprise

September 30, 1890

Jurors For The October Term Of The U.S. Court At Ardmore, I.T. (This was very hard to read )
Thomas H. THORATON, Paola
W.A. GERMANY, White Bead
A.J. ENGLISH,  Beef Creek
J.W. ??hos ery, Elmers
T.R. HOUGHTON, Percell
D.G. UNDERWOOD, Pauls Valley
J.F. GOODING, Colbert
W.M. MCDONALD, Holterville
G.A. SCHENE, Wahpanaka
J.W. TOONE, Raysville
C.H. HEALD, Healdton???
John CARR, Wynnewood
L.L. GALT, Ardmore
Joe BROWN, Tishomingo
I.N. SANFORD, Overbrook
Grand Jurors
Jim ALVERSON, Otterville
T.J. OVERSTREET, John CRAVENS, Yarhabley??
Nat ROBIN, Wynnewood
H.P. WILLIE, Berwyn??
W.M. WHEELER, Ardmore
Alternate Grand Jurors
Joe DODSON, Mill Creek
Robert SCALES, Ardmore
W.B. LAWRENCE,  Backhorn
W.C. DOWNING, Ardmore
J.H. SIMMONS, Backhorn
S.H. HICKS, Beef Creek
J.W. ORME, Healdton
John  WARD, Grady
H.C. HAMBLIN, Yaunbley
C.H. BATT, Lone Grove
R.C. WIGGS, Askland
J.A. FOWLER, Courtney
Henry BREWER, Paloa
A.K. BARNES, Purcell
Walter MCCARY, Thackerville
William BOATRIGHT, Raysville
?O.O. OLIVER,  White Bead
Lee KING, Marietta Ben KING, Mannsville
Thomas PRUETT, Elmore
W.A. CORNISH, Baruerville?
B.F. FREUSIE?, Duncan
Charles CHITWOOD, Pauls Balley
D.H. McCARTY, Parr?
C. HILL, Ardmore B.F. MAUN, Duncan
Sylvester MONNTRY?, Long Grove
A.T. GOODE, Paola
J.H. CARTER, Ardmore
J.H. WASHBURN,  Colbert
A.L. HENSLEY, Stonewal
l Petit Jurors
M. TURNER, Dougherty
J.F. MEYER, Purcell
F.L. SCHEOPPA,  Dougherty
J.H. TUTTLE, Minco
J.W. PILMER, Overbrook
S.M, MEAD, Colbert
J.A. MELBORN, Hewett
J.P. THOMPSON, Woodville
J.W. HARPER, Ardmore
F.M. DOYLE, Pauls Valley
C.W. RANDOLPH,  Beef Creek

J.M HARSHAW  is building a residence in south Ardmore.

Dr. A.E. ADAMS,  a dentist, formerly of Pauls Valley and Miss Sallie SMITH were married last evening by Rev. M.E. PRATHER, of Cumberland Presbyterian Church. The doctor is to be congratulated on winning Miss SMITH, as she is one of Ardmore 's fairest daughters. The happy couple are keeping house in a pretty little cottage house recently built by the doctor and homesomely furnished.

Joe PAUL was arraigned before Judge STUART for disturbing the peace of Pauls Valley by discharging fire arms. The fine was $50.00.

November 11, 1893

Mr. W.T. ROBERTSON and Miss Emma  NORTON, of McKenney, I.T. were married at Sacred Heart a few Sundays ago.

Jan 3 1895

In The New Country
Brief Bits of General News from the Territories

Electricity now shines at El Reno.

Dennis FLYNN is working the wires to get a soldier's home established in Oklahoma.

Single statehood is still abroad in the land, but it must be said, it is using crutches.

The creamery talked of for El Reno is a certainty and the building will begin at once.

The El Reno Democrat is out in a denial of charges that it has ten thousand subscribers.

Civilization still forges ahead. The cupboard locks on the Enid Calaboose have been discarded.

The Indian agents now lobbying at Washington are doing all they can to hold their present fat positions.

A report is current from Ingalls that one of their ministers was horse whipped by a druggist's wife last week.

Tecumseh is enjoying a lively boom since the late ruling of Hoke SMITH with reference to the new railroad.

The federal jail at Guthrie is in an unhealthy condition, and many cases of sickness has resulted from that cause.

A saloon was wrecked at Ingalls on Christmas by Tulsa Jack, side partner to Bill DALTON, and a gang of six men.

The 14 year old son of A. A. TRUESDALE, while swinging, caught and broke his neck in a rope at Perry this week.

The Payne County court house and contents at Stillwater was destroyed by fire on December 18. Total loss, no insurance.

Now Governor RENFROW has framed the statehood bill. There are only one or two citizens in the territory now that have not.

The Inter-State Railway, starting from Post Boliver, Texas and headed to Perry, has sixty miles of road bed ready for rails.

FALLING BLIZZARD, a full blood Cherokee, was killed at Afton, IT on Dec 26 by Marshall John DAWSON and his brother Joe.

R C SPEAR got into a dispute with B. CAGLE over a claim near Perry this week when the former took an ax and split the latter's head open.

The author of that beautiful and old familiar song "Home Sweet Home" is not John Howard PAYNE, recently elected attorney of G County.

Great suffering and loss of stock in the new portion of the territory was caused by the recent blizzard. The thermometer registered 17 degrees below zero.

Near Braggs, IT, on Sunday, James MILLER, a Cherokee, was found dead, having been shot through the body. Suspicion rests on Dick ANDERSON, who made threats upon MILLER'S life and who was found soon after the accident happened with two six-shooters in his possession.

During the Christmas storm, a disastrous prarie fire swept over a large area of the southern part of N County. William FLOOD, Frank BURR, and a number of other farmers lost everything that they owned and barely escaped with their families. The range was destroyed for miles.

There is a man in Ponca City who gave LAVIGNE, who killed BOWEN his lesson in boxing.

The police court records show that many men in Oklahoma Christmas day took too much nog with their eggs.

The Osage commission, composed of Hon. James HOCK of Atlanta, Hon. John A GERMAN of Washington, and Hon. John A. TULLIS of Hope, Ark. who have been at Pawhuska for two months, endeavoring to treat with the Indians returned to their homes Saturday. The have been unable to effect an agreement because of the intense opposition of the Full Bloods in charge. The commission will now prepare a report, in which it is said they will recommend the abolition of the present tribal government, the allotment of lands in severalty by the governments, also an investigation of roll. A delegation of Indians will be sent to Washington soon to present the side of the Full Bloods.

A baby doll was given to Jack STILLWELL at El Reno on Christmas.

The hot tamale man of Enid has made an import discovery. The corn husks grown in the strip are so rotten that he can only use them once.

It begins to appear that Tecumseh will get late into the railroad business sufficiently to get the officials of the Choctaw Road on the hog train.

A double marriage was solemnized in Guthrie last friday, the contracting parties were: Miss Eliza DECKER to J.S STURGEON and Miss Lucy STURGEON to Charley SCRUTCHFEILD.

Blon HUTCHINS calls on Mr AUANICA to come to Oklahoma and get his progeny.

If Marshall NIX should ever catch Major KID out alone he would give him a pointer or two with the end of his boot.

It will take two or three weeks to try BEALL again. Ninety men were examined before twelve jurors could be found.

A wild wail for help comes up from the editor of the Chickasaw Express, he wants to know how he can attend four Christmas trees at once.

GREAT LEFTHAND, a prominent Arapaho is visiting at Enid. Mr. LEFTHAND is the right hand man of the chief of the tribe.

When a man wants to shoot quail on the Wichita reservation he must ask permission of the commissioner of Indian Affairs, the commissioner of Indian Affairs consults the secretary of the interior, the secretary of the interior advises with the attorney general and the attorney general places the matter before a cabinet meeting. Meanwhile the man who wanted to shoot the quail dies of old age.

Cedar logs are selling for fifty five cents per pound at El Reno.

Graders are camped all along the right of way for the Choctaw Road.

Canidates for the several legislative appointments are thick at Guthrie.

C. E. FALLIS living near Downs, was relieved of $196 this week by masked men.

The report of resent date that Bill COOK has been killed is contradicted.

The jury in the BEALL case cannot be accused of haste, it was out for eighteen hours.

The RENFROW organs declare that the governor is in favor first of single statehood.

A former clerk of Lincoln County has been convicted of extortion by Judge DOYLE.

A man giving the name of Jack the Ripper was arrested in Guthrie on Christmas.

Gold said to assay $30,000 to the ton is said to have been found in Lincoln County.

Secretary Hoke SMITH is to hold a conference with the Indian Agents next month.

BEALL, who shot MCKENNON received the biggest Christmas gift in Oklahoma--his own life.

J. L. BROWN of Oklahoma has been suspended from practicing law in the Indian Territory.

Another Christmas has gone by and Oklahoma has found no statehood in her stocking yet.

For the next three or four days the elimate of Oklahoma will be slightly perfumed with egg nog.

Governor RENFROW says that no man can tell what the politics of Oklahoma will be after it is made a state.

The Guthrie Leader scored a scoop by being the only paper to use the word "Yule-tide" on Christmas Day.

J. W. CRAWFORD, ex-County attorney of Lincoln county has been convicted of extorting $900 from H. G. STEWART.

Blackwell boasts of a "Female brass band". First time we ever heard of brass bands being classed in the sex list.

There promises to be more railroad building in the territories in the next 12 months than for many years past.

Joe MORRIS, 60 years old, and Fred SWARTZ were tried this week for the murder of Wm. KLAUSE near Perry in October.

F. M. MOORE, Edmond's leading physician and Miss Maude FRAZER the belle as well as the beauty of the place were married Dec 27.

The Oklahoman of Oklahoma City wishes its enemies a Merry Christmas, Thus the breech which Sam SMALL tore in the earth is at last mended.

A Perry man chased a drove of Buffalo ten miles in a strong wind the other day. He finally run the beasts into a wire fence and discovered they were tumbleweeds.

Lewis HORNBECK of the Minco Minstrel speaks of the "baronial land holdings" of the Indian Territory. Fancy old "Wart-on-the-eyelid" being a baron. But that is what he is.

Hennesey had a lover's elopement on Christmas. Ranaky Bill MCKINLEY ran away with Rattlesnake Bill's wife formerly a daughter of a wealthy cattleman of Cheyenne County.

J. H. BENNIFIELD, a farmer living in Eufala, IT was attending a dance on Christmas night, was shot and killed while dancing with a lady. The assasin sped from the door and escaped in the darkness.

A Norman man insists that the reason Santa Claus wasn't very liberal this year, was because Mrs. Santa Claus had the female suffrage and did not have time to stay at home and make presents to give.

John EATON shot and killed John DAVIS and mortally wounded James PRICE at Alderson, IT this week. Women, whiskey, and jealousy was the cause.

The ELLIS boys who tried to run a paper in Kingfisher, are running a theatrical troupe through the territory. They are better actors than newspaper men.

Ira N. TERRIL, convicted of the murder of William EMBROE and sentenced to the penitentary for ninety-nine years obtained access to the corridor of the jail at Perry to write a Christmas letter to his wife at Chandler. The jailer fell asleep and TERRIL took flight and has not been captured.

Jan 10 1895

W G GIBSON was in Purcell Tuesday.

Miss Ella HIBDEN is in the Valley this week.

A. H CONSTANT was in Purcell Friday on business.

Judges GATES and THOMPSON, of Purcell are in town today.

L C ANDREWS went to Ardmore yesterday on business.

Miss Jennie ARTEN has returned to school in Norman.

Albert RENNIE passed through the Valley friday bound for Purcell.

Col Thomas GRANT of Arbuckle, was in the Valley the first of the week.

Mr LANGRAN, the cotton buyer, was once again on the streets of our city this week.

A new meat market has started on Smoky Row. Tom FRENCH is one of the propriators.

Judge Joe PAUL and his wife passed through the Valley Sunday evening on their way home down the road.

W. G. DOAK, son of the popular grocery drummer A V DOAK was registered at the National Saturday.

Mrs. TURNER died last night in Johnsonville, IT from heart disease. She leaves a husband and infant child.

T B WARD and T B VENTRESA left for Purcell Monday Evening, they will go into the restaurant short order business.

W T HARRIS was in the Valley Saturday and began the new year by plunking down a big silver dollar for the paper for 1895.

H C TUCKER has just opened a new store at Paoli, IT with a complete stock of staple and fancy groceries. Mr TUCKER is a brother of Dr. TUCKER and his place of business is east of the Post office.

E R SPEARS of White Bead, was in town Saturday. Mr SPEARS reports the loss of a black filly, 3 years old, 14 hands high, branded E S on the left thigh. He offers a $10 reward for the return of the mare and $10 for the capture of the theif.

John ROADY, brother in law of J A ROADY, arrived in the Valley last friday from Brooklyn, NY, where he was sentenced for manslaughter about a year ago. He recieved three years sentence but was recently pardoned by the president. Mr ROADY was glad to inhale Paul's Valley ozone and enjoys his liberty immensely.

E A MCDONOUGH, of Ardmore marble works, was in the Valley last Thursday and placed a magnificent $500 monument over the grave of Charles M B BROOKS. Hamm Bros. took the order for the work, which is one of the most aristic pieces of sculptuary ever seen in this section. The main shaft is of pure white marble, seven feet high and rests on a base of undressed marble. A bouguet of fern leaves and lilies are artistically sketched upon the monument with the initials J. M. B. B. near the base. The monument stands in the southeaster part of the cemetary and is a noble tribute to one of our most lamented citizens.

N H BYARS of Johnsonville, offers for sale on reasonable terms his stock of general Merchandise and blacksmith shop. The store carries a well selected stock of new, fresh goods, has a well established business and is situated in the heart of rich farming country, Johnsonville being a live, growing town of 100 inhabitants, sixteen miles northeast of  Paul's Valley, and contains a church, school house, grist mill and saw mill. This is a good chance for some one who wants to go into business. Mr BYARS desires to sell so he may confine himself exclusively to the stock business. Address N H BYARS, Johnsonville, IT.

In a great many instances our settlements have been very troublesome and unpleasant--an in order to avoid this we have decided to quote charges. From Janurary 1, 1895, we will charge as follows: Obstetrics, strictly cash, $10; any distance over five miles we will charge 50 cents a mile per mile extra; prescriptions 50 cents, if the case requires examination, $1.50; veinalysis $2.50. If specimens necessitate microscopal examinations, $5; bacteriological examinations, $5. We  will keep up our old charges pertaining to medicine and surgery.  yours truly, BRANUM & BECKER

Strayed or stolen, Xmas day, one pointer dog, white with liver colored ears, small spot on forehead. A suitable reward will be paid for its return. W S CLAYTON, Paul's Valley, IT

Henry W CARTER was thrown from his wagon at Guthrie Saturday and killed.

C D CRANE of Enid, has taken charge of a department in the Business College at Oklahoma City.

J C MCKRAN an ambitious travelling man, has undertaken the task of making all towns in the territory on a bicycle.

Jim COOK, who was serving a one year sentence for the murder of Sequoyah HOUSTON broke out of prison on the 3rd.

JEWELL who broke jail at Woodward last week, had been recaptured and now languishes in jail agaion where a heavy guard has been placed over him until his execution which takes place sometime this month or next.

C T CAMPBELL, a farmer living near Yukon, sold a thousand bushels of wheat this week, realizing $300. He says he expects to clear and even $1000 in 1895 over and above expenses and that too on a piece of up land.

Samuel J GARVIN of White Bead, was in Gainesville Texas all week.

W T SMITH died Tuesday night near Tulsa Mountain leaving a wife and family.

Mr and Mrs Carlis CRISP attended Ardmore's masque ball and banquet Monday evening.

Deputy Marshall R H SCRIVNER received a dressed bag Monday from some admirer up the road.

Ed BURCH and his wife of White Bead returned from Purcell yesterday where they had been visiting friends.

Miss Bertha MCDANIELS who spent the holidays with freinds and relatives in Delon, Texas, returned home Monday night.

T H FIELDS and sister, Miss NADULE, returned Monday afternoon from St Joseph, Texas, where they spent the holidays.

James WATSON and family arrived Wednesday morning from Norman, OT,  they will again make Paul's Valley their home.

The North canadian at Woodward has frozen over and the people of  Woodward are gloating over the expectation of seeing fat Bill BOLTON don a pair of skates.

John MILLIGAN, the condemned negro who broke jail on New Years day, has been recaptured. A close guard will be placed over him until the date of his execution.

S W CLARK, a member of the Oklahoma legislature died at Perkins last week.

W J DONOVAN, a pioneer, died at Oklahoma City Jan 3rd, of pneumonia.

Lewis PINKSTON of Alva was killed killed a bald eagle last week measuring eight feet tip to tip.

Freeman MILLER, of Stillwater had published a book it is entitled: "Oklahoma and Other poems"

"Coal Oil Sam" a famous Guthrie character has taken to himself a wife, and she was a widow, too.

John STARKWEATHER of Oklahoma City recently married, thinks his wife is too free with others and wants a divorce.

Tom MITCHELL, the colored man who did odd jobs around the Valley for a year, and who afterwards went back to his home in Okolua, Miss.  died recently of consumption. Tom was an industrious young fellow and deserved a better fate.

Those who think that Paul's Valley is not having a building boom should take a stroll on the north side of town. Among those erecting houses are Dr. H B WOODS, Jesse JANEWAY, John BOWMAN, Prof MCKEE and George SCHRIMPUER all on Willow avenue.

Rev MACMINN was up from Wynnewood the first of the week with the plans for the steeple to be added tot he Presbyterian church, which has been projected for a long time.

Mulkay Hall, in Wynnewood was destroyed by fire Sunday night. The ground floor was used as a Billard hall and carried $200 insurance. One or two small buildings were pulled down to keep the flames from spreading. The building was owned by S T MULKEY, of Roff, IT.

William DAVIS candidate for Sheriff in Kingfisher county on the  populist ticket last fall has been arrested for perjury and selling mortgaged property.

The Jury in the murder case against Joe MORRIS and Fred SCHWARTZ was out eight days without coming to an aggreement.

Marshall NIX's banquet to his deputies New Years at Guthrie was a great affair. Toasts were responded to by Marshall NIX, Frank GREER, Fom MCMECHAN, Roy HOFFMAN, J S BURNS, S G NIX, John GUTHRIE, U S Attorney BROOKS, and Major FREEMAN.

In South Enid, Mr RHODES proprietor of the Wichita Hotel, seriously if not fatally shot C W PARKER of the law firm of HAVEN, ORNER & PARKER Friday, too much attention to MRS RHODES was the cause.

Geo EAST and Bob MOORE, two individuals who have been holding high hands in the territories for years, baffling all efforts to capture them were at last apprehended and made to bite the dust. They were surrounded in a desolate valley in the Wichita country on the 2d by Deputy Marshall Bill WILSON and posse when both sides opened fire, resulting in the death of two of this country's most desparate men.

During the month of July and August, 1894, there were forty two deaths in the Pawnee tribe, and but 6 births.

J CALDWELL, postmaster at a small station in Lincoln County, was arrested for making false returns of stamp cancelations to the Government.

It is thought that TERRILL is with his folks over in the Payne county. Frank GREER says that Ira N TERRILL has not paid his lawyers a cent  and that he had no money when he escaped.

W M MCCARTY of Roberson, was in the Valley Monday laying in a supplyof furniture for a newly wedded couple of that place, the groom being James MCARTY and the bride Miss Mintie BROCK.
The wedding took place at the residence of the groom's parents, one and one half miles from Roberson on Sunday, Dec 23rd. The ceremony was performed by Rev ELMORE Mr and Mrs MCCARTY have the best wishes of the  Enterprise in their new relation.

Contributed By
Nalora Burns

August 1, 1901

Pauls Valley Lucky Stephen A. Holcomb Draws Number One in the El Reno District Big Prizes Go To Oklahoma And Kansas
The drawing for farms in the new country began promptly on Monday at El Reno, in a manner universally regarded as fair. the first number out of the boc for the El Reno district was that of Stephen A. HOLCOMB, of Pauls Valley, while the two big $40,000 claims adjoining Lawton were drawn by James R. WOOD, a hardware clerk, of Weatherford, Oklahoma, and Miss Mattie H. BEALS, age 23, a telephone girl of Wichita.
The first twenty-five names Drawn in each of the two Districts are as follows:
Lawton District No.1-James R. WOOD, Weatherford, O.T.
No.2-Mattie H. BEALS, Wichita, Kansas
No.3-Winfield S. LAWS, Langston, O.T.
No.4-Falcon WOODHOUSE, Elden, Ia.
No.5-Marvin D. HAWKINS, Wayland, Texas
No.6-Willis C. LAIRD, Fort Worth, Texas
No.7-Harry E. HARRISON, Omaha, Neb.
No.8-Lee A. STUBBLEFIELD, Dunbar, O.T.
No.9-Richard N. WYATT, Henrietta, Texas
No.10-Chas. C. DOSS, Shawnee, O.T.
No.11-Adelbert ROQUEMORE, Yellvell, O.T.
No.12-Arthur J. KINDER, Cheney, Kan.
No.13-Charles D. TYLER, Ponca City, O.T
No.14-Charles B. WILSON, Navahoe, O.T.
No.15-Asa C. SHARPE, Guthrie, O.T.
No.16-Robert McDUFFIE, Ennis, Texas
No.17-Walter E. OTIS, Charey, Iowa
No.18-John McKUSSON, Whiteboro, Texas
No.19-Joseph E. JORDAN, Norman, O.T.
No.20-James A. HARVEY, Alwood, Texas
No.21-John LANTZNESTER, Shawnee, O.T.
No.22-William KAHI, Oklahoma City, O.T.
No.23-Sam S. MILLER, Anadarko, O.T.
No.24-Henry W. PETERS, Oklahoma City, O.T.
No.25-Harriett AYERS, Dennison, Kan.
El Reno District
No.1-Stephen A. HOLCOMB, Pauls Valley, I.T.
No.2-Leonard LAMB, Augusta, O.T.
No.3-Frank ROUND, El Reno, O.T.
No.4-Calvin CHURCHWELL, Chickasha, I.T.
No.5-Charles WILLIAMS, Norman, O.T.
No.6-Ollie M. ROGERS, Cordell, O.T.
No.7-Edward C. ??IMPS, Watoga, O.T.
No.8-A.J. ?HILHOUR, (by agent), El Reno, O.T.
No.9-John L. BROWN, Caidwell, Kansas
No.10-John SCHULERY, Weatherford, O.T.
No.11-I.P. HILL, Richmond, Missouri
No.12-Stephen B. JACKSON, Byron, O.T.
No.13-Herbert H. RICHARDSON, South Haven, Kansas
No.14-Fred BAXTER, El Reno, O.T.
No.15-Orrid CHRELKELB, Golconda, Ill.
No.16-John W. GREGORY, Ft. Sill, O.T.
No.17-Jesse B. BOULWARE, Thurston, O.T.
No.18-Minerva MCCLINTIC, Oklahoma City, O.T.
No.19-Blanche JONES, El Reno, O.T.
No.20-A.G. HANCOCK, El Reno, O.T.
No.21-John HOLDEN, Norwich, Kansas
No.22-Roy F. CLOUD, Chickasha, I.T.
No.23-William B. MCCLINTOCK, Jefferson, O.T.
No.24-W.J. CLIDEEDALE, Seiling, O.T.
No.25-Robert A. WILLIAMSON, Wood, O.T.
Territory Statistics Indian Territory:
Children of school age 159,125 of whom 540 were foreign born; 37,705 colored, 81,335 male and 77,790 females; Males of military age, 82,252 including 1,777 foreign born and 17,372 colored. Males of voting age 97,365 including 3,000 foreign born and 19,496 colored. The colored in all cases include Indians.
Territory Prize Winners List of Indian Territory People who Drew Homes Monday In El Reno District
Stephen A. HOLCOMB, Pauls Valley; Calvin CHURCHILL, Chickasha; Roy P CLOUD, Chickasha; Kent B. GAY, South McAlester; Ed L. SAUNDERS, Durant; Wm. THOMPSON, Pauls Valley; E.C. GAGE, Pauls Valley. In Lawton District Evert E. SHEPHERD, Wewoka; Arthur W. ALLEN, Marlow; James L. KELLEY, Nowata; Chas. A.L. OUSLEY, Oscar; Champ WILBORN, Duncan; Jesse R. KILGORD, Rush Springs; James A. WASHINGTON, Coalgate; Henry L. EAVES, Purcell; James H. STROMIDER, Chickasha; Erna GATLIN, Erin Springs; Richard JOHNSON, Ardmore; Nathaniel HANNA, Chickasha; Chas. St. CLAIR, Muskogee; Wm A. DAWSON, Purcell; H.H. LAWERY, Chickasha; Thos. L. BOLES, Chickasha; Albert SEARS, Coalgate; Henry C. PEARSON, Ireton; Geo. C. MERRYFIELD, Oolagah; Lon GATLIN, Erin Springs; Jessie I. DINNISON, Rocky; Wm. W. CHRISTIAN, Purcell; John T. DUNFORD, Grady; Howard M. BLOCK. Wagoner; Wm. CHILDERS, Sugden; Jasper M. PERKINS, Wilburton; E.M. HUNTER, Marietta; L.F. FROMAN, Springer; Theo. E. COLEMAN, Ardmore; Fred R. MCCONNELL, Woolsey.

Stephen A. HOLCOMB
The above was the first name drawn out of the boxes of the great land drawing at El Reno on Monday.
Mr. HOLCOMB  lives at Pauls Valley and has been one of our leading cotton buyers. he is a modest, unassuming, hard working man of small means, well respected by his neighbors and with lots of friends, all of whom extended hearty congratulations. Mr. HOLCOMB took the midnight train Monday for El Reno. The Kansas City Times of Tuesday tells the rest:
Stephen A. HOLCOMB of Pauls Valley, I.T., who drew No. 1 in the El Reno district, reached here early this morning and was congratulated by both friends and strangers. He left today for Anadarko and Hobart to select his claim. There is no land adjacent to the townsite of Anadarko subject to entry, as the town is surrounded by Indian allotments and agency ?  and cemetery reserves.
Eight quarter sections land lying next to Hobart can be taken as homesteads. HOLCOMB was undecided as to whether he would take a farm as close as possible to Anarko or get a quarter section lying next to Hobart. HOLCOMB registered at El Reno last Saturday a week ago "just to see if he could draw something." He had little hope of getting a claim.
He is about 40 years old and was born in Franklin county, Virginia. He went to Texas in 1878, living at different times at Denton and Sherman. He is a Bryan-Democrat. During the last two years he has been a cotton buyer at Pauls Valley. He is a man of limited means and has a wife and daughter, Maud. who is 12 years old. HOLCOMB is brown with the tan of many years of western sunshine, is a man of pleasing presence, is well liked by his neighbors and of course is very happy over his good luck.

The Injunction asked for by Lone WOLF'S attorneys, to prevent the opening, was denied by Judge IRVINE.

Quanah PARKER'S eldest son was not killed by Lone WOLF as reported. He died of consumption.

Judge Hosea TOWNSEND
Judge TOWNSEND, of the Second District is a candidate for re-appointment, and the Herald expresses the hope that he will be successful. He deserves to win.- and the only thing against him is his Republicanism; yet that is never made offensive. He is kind and obliging to the members of the bar, fearless in the discharge of every duty, administering the law as he finds it and making crimials fear while the innocent are happy in his protection.-Wetumka Herald.

Letter List List of letters remaining uncalled for in the Pauls Valley postoffice, July 21, 1901.
Mrs. M.G. DEAN
Miss Leanner HUNTER
Mrs. Mary NEWTON
Mrs. Billie
Parties calling for any of the above letters will please say advertised. A charge of one cent will be made for each letter delivered. Any letter on this list if not called for within two weeks will be forwarded to the dead letter office. J.M. DOCHESER,  P.M.

August 8, 1901
Marriage Licenses
J.T. ANGELLY to Sadie E. SWAN;
L. COPE, 24, Center, Nancy MANN, 20, Bebe;
T.N. HOLCOM, 51, Mary L. ANDERSON, 36, Hart;
J.C. COGGINS, 25, Allie RASBURY, 18, Foster;
W.E. THOMPSON, 26, S.E. GREEN, 29, Remis;
W.M. GAYLORD, 29, Hattie OLVIER, 20, Johnson;
J.T. BISHOP, 34, Rose BOYD, 16, Dalberg;
Chas SHANNON, 26, Kate WINN, 21, Elmore;
J.T. JOHNSON, 23, Lulay POST, 22, Stonewall;
E.D. TISON, 24, Emma GAILY, 16, Maxwell.

R.A. HOWARD is congratulating himself upon the fact that he drew 7,631 in the El Reno lottery. Mr. HOWARD will go over and select a fine piece of land - if there is any left.

The Misses WRIGHT of Denton, Texas have been guest of Mrs. Lucius CARROLL for several days.

Chas. DORCHESTER is representing the Pauls Valley Milling Co. down the Santa Fe this week.

E.C. GAGE is over in the Kiowa country this week selecting his farm.

PATTON - PETTY Marriage Mr. J. Gus PATTON and Miss Bredlin PETTY were yesterday married at Ft. Smith, and immediately after the ceremony left for this city and arrived here this morning. They are stopping at the ELSEY and will remain here until Sunday,  going from here to Wynnewood, I.T. , Mr. PATTON'S home.
Mr. PATTON is a young man very well known in Muskogee. He was first employed on the Muskogee townsite survey and was laterly to a survey corps that has been working in the Chickasaw nation. He is a young man of exceptionable habits, straight forward, energetic and industrious. He has the esteem and respect of a large circle of friends and of all those who know him.
The bride is one of Ft. Smith's fairest daughters. She is beloved by all who know her and is singularly possessed of those aimable traits that win love and respect.
The many friends of Mr. PATTON congratulated him and his fair bride. - Muskogee Times.
Mr. PATTON was for several months with the Townsite Surveying Corps in Pauls Valley and made many and lasting friends while here who wish him and his most excellent wife many years of wedded bliss.

Miss BEAL Loses
Kansas City, Mo., Aug. 6. - A special to the Star from Ft. Sill says:
John  WOOD, of Weatherford, O.T. , who drew No. 1 in the Lawton district, created a sensation in the land office here when he files for his claim by choosing 160 arces running the entire lenght of the townsite on the south. According to the government plat, the two most valuable sections in the whole reservation were made to adjoin the townsite on the south.
Miss Mattie BEAL, the Wichita, Kan., telephone girl, who had drawn No.2 from the wheel had counted on selecting one of these, but when WOOD made the selction noted, she had to content herself with a tract south of WOOD and two sections away from the townsite. WOOD'S claim is valued at about 650,000.

September 5, 1901
Dr. H.C. DAVIS has returned from Lawton, where he filed in his turn on the southwest quarter of Section 27 T 3 S R 8 W. He has a good claim.

Judge J.T. MCRUER has returned from a visit to his folds at Grant City, Mo. His brother, Rev. Duncan MCRUER, is expected to return this evening.

Judge PFEIFFER returned from a trip to St. Louis and on Monday opened his U.S. Commissioner's court in this city. He is having a busy week.

Dr. JONES, after a pleasant visit with his son, S.M. , of the Bank of Commerce, returned to his home at Oxford, Miss. on last Thursday.

H.G. HALL, of northern Mississippi, is visiting his uncle, Dr. H.C. DAVIS of this city.

Judge Henry FURMAN is up from our neighboring village, Ardmore.

Pauls Valley public school will open September 30, 1901.
All pupils between the ages of 6 and 21 years whose parents have lived in the town of Pauls Valley 60 days or more will be admitted free. All other pupils will be required to pay tuition at the rate of $1 per month in kindergarten, first, second, third and fourth grades. $1.50 in fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grades, and $2 in high school. All pupils under 6 years must pay tuition.
The superintendent will be at the school house from 9 a.m. to 12 m., on and after September 16, for the purpose of examining and enrolling pupils desiring  to attend school the coming year. J.M. OSBORN, Supt.

On Monday and Tuesday Judge PFEIFFER had before him Lizzie TAYLOR, a young girl of 14 years, charged with arson.
On August 22 the house of Wm. MCCAN, one and a half miles south of Katie, was burned; loss about $200. Mr. MCCAN'S family were away from home and no fire had been in the house for three days. After the fire the tracks of a barefoot person was seen in the plowed ground near the house, and Lizzie's foot fitted the track. The evidence was not sufficient to bind her over.

November 4, 1901
James RENNIE, a pioneer in this country and well known through-out the Chickasaw nation, died of Bright's disease at his home in Pauls Valley last week. - Francis Banner.
Tornado insurance written very cheaply at the RENNIE Insurance Agency.

S. NEWBERG, the poultry and produce man, has in the front window of his place of business a curiosity, or freak. It is a chicken with three well-developed feet and legs. It is healthy and active, and worth going around to see.

Only fifteen minutes - to have afull set of tires set - on the new machine at BANDY Bros. & Wal?er.

W.R. GREEN of Davis was up Sunday poaching upon the preserves and sweetmeats of some of our young men(?)

Mr. MOORE, of the firm of Wilbanks & Moore, ginners, of Johnson, was in the city Monday and visited the Enterprise.

W.M. MCCARTY was in from Tussey Monday. Mr. MCCARTY says feed and stock water are very scarce in his locality and that stockmen will suffer this winter.

November 14, 1901
Licensed To Wed
Samuel BURKETT, 27, Lula GRAHAM, 25, Whitebead;
William SULLIVAN, 21, Docia MITCHELL, 18, Purdy;
Peter T. SMITH, 25, Mary BASE, 18, Johnson;
H.A. MORRISON, 23, Ada, Claude KISER, 18, Center;
J.B. GRAHAM, 25, Viola WILBURN, 18, Iona;
M.G. PATTERSON, 24, Pauls Valley, Myrtle SEYMOUR, 16, Elmore;
W.S. WEEKS, 34, Alva GRAHAM, 24, Purdy;
E.M. MANESS, 22, Dolberg, Magy FARRIS, 16, Iona;
Henry H. HARRIS, 46, Paoli, Josie SEE, 30, Bebee;
J. RUTLEDGE, 45, Pauls Valley, Marilda PRICE, 28, Rome, OK;
H.C. HEBDON, 18, Emma LIVELY, 18, McGee;
J.F. STOVER, 22,  Edna COFFMAN, 18, McGee;
L.M. PARISH, 19, Lillie HARRIS, 17, Center;
J.W. GILLIS, 17, Jennie HOLDMAN, 16, Oakman;
O.E. MOORE, 21, Nora JOHNSON, 19, Ada;
C.C. DWIGHT, 20,  Roxie PILAND, 17, Midland;
M.M. COTTEN, 26, Lillie SPANGLER, 19, Ada;
Jos. H. HOLMES, 52, Fanny MCHORNEY, 38, Sulphur.

OKLAHOMA_STATEHOOD The Muskogee Times thinks it is the name Oklahoma that makes one territory objectionable to the other. It says that after statehood the Indian territory will outvote Oklahoma and change the name to Jefferson.
If Oklahoma and the Indian Territory should become one state, the question of the sale and manufacture of liquor would play a curious part. Oklahoma has liquor license; it is prohibited in the Indian Territory.
Oklahoma City is intensely interested in single statehood. It would almost inevitably make her the capital as well as metropolis of the State.
Indian Territory has much to gain and little to lose by union and statehood with Oklahoma.

Serious Shooting Monday, at McGee, a shooting affray took place between Dr. TYREE and Will MOAD, which may result seriously for the latter. The facts, as near as we have obtained them, are as follows.
Young MOAD is a prescription clerk in a drug store at McGee and in compounding a prescription for Dr. TYREE a difficulty arose in which it is said Dr. TYREE abused young MOAD and attack him.
Some time after TYREE had left the drug store MOAD procured  a pistol and proceeded to the office of TYREE and opened fire, shooting TYREE through the hand. After the first shot MOAD'S gun snapped several times and he left.
TYREE then procured a shot-gun and as MOAD crossed the street he filled his back and one arm full of fine shot, breaking the arm and lacerating it very badly. Dr. BRANUM was called from this place and went out immediately and dressed the wounds received by MOAD.
MOAD is not expected to live. Dr. TYREE was arrested Wednesday by Deputy Marshal GAYLORD and brought to Pauls Valley where he gave bond pending the result of the shooting.
Later: Will MOAD died last night at 1:30 from injuries received at the hands of Dr. TYREE.

March 29, 1906

McGee, I.T.

J.T. SULLIVAN was born in Missouri in 1833 and died 2 miles north of McGee, March 27,1906,aged 73 years. He was a confederate soldier (unreadable word)6 Texas cavalry. He had belonged to the M.E. Church South for 36 years.

Almost A Fire --Soon after breakfast Wednesday fire was discovered in the McGee Hotel. The bedclothes were found almost on the point of bursting into flames. The fire was quickly extinguished and fortunately resulted in the loss of only a few quilts and a mattress."
Mike Webb

Names Mentioned In The Local Newspapers Page Of The Chickasaw Weekly News McGee, If anyone sees a name they recognise I will send them the item where the name was mentioned. I will try to get around to pulling the names from the other issues I have and send them as soon as possible. Mike Webb
Submitted by Mike Webb

April 26, 1906

McGee, I.T.
Stories of the SanFrancisco Earthquake on front page:

After a lingering illness of many months, Mrs. Whitt HYDEN passed away Sunday morning. Her children were nearly all with her at the time of her death. Mrs. W.M. MITCHELL, of Pauls Valley, Mrs. Tom GABBERT of Roff and S. F. HYDEN of Ardmore having been called to her bedside. The remains were interred in the city cemetery, attended by a large concourse of friends of the family.
Submitted by
Mike Webb

May 3, 1906

Mrs. Martha HYDEN, who departed this life April 22, 1906, was born and raised in Texas, and was 56 years of age at the time of her death.
She was married to Mr. Whitt HYDEN, in Falls Co. Texas in 1867. A large portion of her life has been spent in the Indian Territory, having lived here 24 years. She raised a family of eight children, five boys and three girls, all whom survive her. She has been a consistent member of the Baptist church and when the time came for her to journey to the other life, she expressed herself as perfectly resigned to go, firm in the faith of better existence beyond.
Submitted by Mike Webb

Born-Friday to Mr. and Mrs. J.G. STOCKTON, a girl.

Born-Saturday April 21, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. BATHOLOMEW [yes, I wonder about the spelling], a boy and girl.

Born-Saturday, April 21, 1906, to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil FLEET, a big boy. The father is seventeen years of age.

Born-To Mr. and Mrs. Will ATKINS, a 12 1/2 pound boy. They are blessed with 4 boys. Mr ATKINS was making inquiries to learn who wanted farm hands, he said he had two fine boys and good workers to dispose of.

Great excitement prevails about mad dogs 1 mile southeast of town. On and near the MOOD farm 5 dogs were killed in two days, 2 dogs belonged to Eaf LINGLE, one to B.L. TUCKER and two to Will ATKINS.
Submitted by Mike Webb

McGee, I.T. Garvin Co.
"R.W. ROBERTS of Pauls Valley was in town Saturday. He was on his way to Center where he was to be married Sunday to Miss Nora BROWN of Stonewall. Rev. BUTLER officiating."

During the high wind last week Clyde BENSON's hat blew off about two miles south of town and was whirled over the barbed wire and through the fields out of sight. He has not yet recovered it. Fulton HARRIS found a hat on the edge of the town but whether it is the same hat we have not learned.
Submitted by
Mike Webb

May 17, 1906

Front Page
San Francisco for the first time in a quarter of a century will put the VAGRANTS_AT_WORK. Good! All the hobos should be put to work and hard work at that; but they should be paid for it. To fine them for having no job or money and turn them loose still with no money or improvement in their rags, is scarcely to put them in fit condition, to hunt a job or get it.
Submitted by Mike Webb

May 24, 1906

Mr. C.L. GRIFFIN informs us that his brother S. P. GRIFFIN, was to be married in Dennison, Wednesday, to Mrs. KOETTEL of Mississippi, and they are to be at home, ten miles north of McGee, today. A spice of romance attaches to this union, the acquaintance having began through correspondence. Mr. GRIFFIN is one of our substantial farmers.
Submitted by Mike Webb

March 5, 1908

J.H. CRAWFORD died at his late residence in this city last Thursday and was buried in the city cemetery Friday.
He formerly lived near Elmore and is one of the old settlers of this country. The Enterprise was unable to learn any further particulars.
(Josiah Crawford, was born in Kentucky to Joseph Crawford on December 30, 1838. Children of Josiah and Melissa Crawford were Thomas M., J.M., and W.S. Crawford. Josiah died Feb. 27, 1908.)

Died In Dallas
Mention was made in last week's issue of the fact the Mr. and Mrs. Chas. THOMPSON had gone to Dallas with their little son, Chas. Jr., expecting to have him operated on for what was thought to be appendicitis.
The disease was diagnosed in Dallas as acute typhoid. The little fellow grew worse until Wednesday night when he passed away.
Little Charles was about two and a half years old and had been in good health up to a few days before the trip mentioned above.
The body was buried in Dallas and the heart broken parents returned home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. THOMASON have the sympathy of many friends here in this sad hour.

R.D. STANTON and wife were in Ardmore Tuesday completing an allotment for their child. It had been reported the land office would be closed and moved to Muskogee but this is not a fact.

A.D. BURCH has sold his stock of goods to J.E. BURCH at Whitebead. The business will be continued here about two months when it will be moved to Whitebead. Jesse CHIPMAN has charge of the store.

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