J.F. Busby
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This letter wrote to Bertha on october 26,1936

Received your letter and we are getting along pretty well. Homer and the boy and myself are all living here in Davis. Homer built a house on his wagon and we are living in that. I stay out to Seph's part of the time, but can't stay there long at a time on account of Seph's boy. The boy has been staying down to pauls but I told him to get his clothes and come on back home. I didn't like the way they treated him. As to the pension I haven't got one yet have had the papers fixed up and they said we would get it this week, don't know if we will or not. The weather is real cold here now. I haven't heard from luther or ida In I don't know when. Seph has moved two miles north and he and the boy is milking 15 cows. I guess they will stay there this year. the little boy has been pulling a few bells out there. but that is about all over with now. Times are awfully hard here.
Write me as often as you can.
Yours father.
J.F. Busby

I had found this letter and others in my mothers stuff Her name Betty Lee Newton.

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