Bill Doolin
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Bill Doolin's Jail Break
At 8:45 P.M. on Sunday, July 5, 1896
Contributed by Ron Williams, Guthrie Gunfighters Inc.

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One jailer and four guards were employed at the jail. The jailer and two guards worked from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and two guards worked from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.
At 8:45 p.m. Joe MILLER put his gun in the locked box near the entrance corridor, and with the keys in his hand he was let into the bull pen by night guard J.T. TULL.

In the escape were:
William (Bill) M. DOOLIN
Dynamite Dick CLIFTON
George LANE, Charged with selling whiskey in Osage County.
Walter MCLAIN, Charged with larceny from Pawnee County.
Lee KILLIAN, Charged with peddling whiskey also from Pawnee County.
W.H. JONES, Charged with counterfeiting from Pottawatomie County.
Charles MONTGOMERY, Charged with larceny from Pawnee County
James F. BLACK, Charged with perjury from Pawnee County.
William CRITTENDEN, Charged with larceny from Pawnee County.
C.E. LAWRENCE, Charged with post-office burglary from Kingfisher County.
E.V. NIX, Charged with bond forfeiture & perjury from Pawnee County.
Kid PHILLIPS, Charged with larceny from Pawnee County.
Henry IRWIN, Charged with post-office from Woods County.
William O. BECK, Charged with selling whiskey from Osage County.

A trusty, named Bill DEAN was setting at the guards desk, and tried to help the guard but, Bill DOOLIN took Miller's gun and knocked him down, and the others tossed him down the stairway to the basement. They invited the 35 prisoners still there to go with them, but they all refused. Bob SHUGART had started to go but changed his mind and used the telephone to call for help.
Tull & Miller's guns were taken, and also a iron bar and a hatchet from the desk.
All but Walter McLain went north on second street to the railroad tracks, and McLain went west on Noble to get his wife that was staying there and left town heading west. The others went one half mile north on the railroad tracks then split-up.
William Doolin, Dynamite Dick, and W.H. Jones robbed Alvador KOONTZ and his date, Miss Winnifred WARNER, of the horse and buggy that Koontz had rented the day before from C.E. SCOFIELD on West Noble.

On August 4, 1896 Deputy Marshal John SMITH captured C.E. Lawrence, near Enid, O.T.

On August 10, 1896 Mrs. J.W. ELLSWORTH, Doolin's mother-in-law, drove into Perry from Lawson and gave Grainville MORRIS at the New York Hardware the gun belonging to Joe Miller and a message to Joe; "I think you, Joe, very much for the use of the gun, and I will pay you for the use of it as soon as I strike a job."
 It is a very handsome Colt 45 six-shooter with pearl handles.

Heck THOMAS got in touch with Bill DUNN and his brothers, through them contacted Tom and Charlie Noble,  who were Blacksmiths at Lawson  and offered to share the rewards.
Heck and his son Albert, along with Rufus CANNON arrived at the Dunn's ranch at 2 p.m. on August 24.  Then travel on to the Noble's Blacksmith Shop that was located across the street from J.W. Ellsworth's Store.

Heck Thomas shot DOOLIN: while he was resisting arrest on August 24, 1896 at Lawson, Pawnee Co. Doolin's Funeral Expenses: 
Coffin:$25.00;  Robe:$  6.00; Embalming: $40.00; Hauling to cemetery: $1.00. Total = $72.00.
(William (Bill) M. DOOLIN, 1858-1896 )

On November 19, 1896, Heck Thomas and Chris MADSEN took George LANE alive at a cabin 1/2 mile outside Greenwood, MO.

On December 19, 1896 Heck Thomas brought Charles MONTGOMERY into custody . Montgomery was captured at Globe, Arizona.

On January 29, 1897 Heck Thomas captured Lee KILLIAN at his old home outside Joplin, MO.

On July 5, 1897 Nagle's deputies captured James F. BLACK  at Ottumwa, Iowa.

November 7, 1897 Dan "Dynamite Dick"  CLIFTON was killed by Deputy Marshals George LAWSON and Hess BUSSY outside Checotah.

May 29, 1900 Henry Irwin was captured in Woods County.

October 29, 1903 Walter MCLAIN was captured by Deputy Marshal Wiley HAINES in Osage Nation.

E.V. NIX, W.H. JONES, Kid PHILLIPS and William CRITTENDEN were never apprehended.

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