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February 1, 1929

Martin HOPPER about 70 years old, died at his home near Lyons Tuesday morning after a short illness. Funeral services were held Thursday afternoon with Rev. ACORN in charge. Mr. HOPPER was a Cherokee and had lived in that community for many years. He was well known and highly respected by those who knew him. He is survived by three daughters, two of whom made their home with him and Mrs. Tom MCLEMORE and by a son, Tom.

The four year old child of Richard FOURKILLER died at the home of its parents in East Peavine community last Thursday afternoon. The burial was held in the Fairview Cemetery Friday at 3 p.m.

Grandpa DEASON died at his home near Bidding Springs Saturday morning and was buried at the Mission Sunday afternoon.

Mrs. TUELL, Widow of Rev. A. TUELL, died at the home of her brother, John WHITAKER, Monday, January 27, at the age of 72 years.

Wesley TWILLEY, pioneer citizen of this section, died at his home in the Horn neighborhood Monday.

February 8, 1929

Mr. and Mrs. J.G. WARD went to El Dorado Springs, Mo., Monday morning where Mrs. WARD was called by the death of her father, R.N. BANNISTER.
Mr. BANNISTER was 72 years old, and died Sunday, February 3 at Nevada, Mo., where he was visiting at that time. Funeral services were held at El Dorado Springs Tuesday. He is survived by one daughter, Mrs. J.G. WARD and by one son who lives in New York City.

February 15, 1929

Miss Maggie BLAKEMORE, age 37, died at her home last Saturday from the effects of pneumonia. Miss BLAKEMORE contracted pneumonia about the first of January and this illness was preceded by an attack of flu.
Funeral services were held at the Methodist church at 2:00 pm. Sunday, conducted by Rev. J.L. BROWN of Sallisaw. Funeral arrangements were in charge of J.F. ROBERTS, undertaker.
Miss BLAKEMORE had made her home for the past several years with her brother, Clarence BLAKEMORE, and his two sons. She was widely known and highly respected by the people of this community.
She is survived by four brothers, Ray, Jim, Clarence and O.C. BLAKEMORE, and by a sister, Mrs. O.C. CROZIER.

Mattie Francis, five year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde MORRIS of Proctor, died late Saturday at Siloam Springs at the home of A. BILLINGER. Burial was made here Sunday. (from Westville Record)

W.T. TIPTON, pioneer citizen and business man of Westville, died at his home there Saturday, February 2 after an illness of several months. The body was shipped to Burlington, Kan., for burial. (from Westville Record)

Dan THOMASON died at his home near Chance Wednesday, February 6, after a long illness from tuberculosis. Burial was made in the Westville Cemetery Thursday afternoon. (from Westville Record)

February 22, 1929

Opal BOLDEN, 12 years old, was shot and killed instantly when a bullet believed to have been fired from the gun of a boy hunter entered the covered wagon in which she and her family were riding along the Arkansas-Oklahoma state highway a few miles west of Siloam Springs late Sunday afternoon.
Two boys who gave the names of Austin DUNCAN, 16, and Noval STEVENS, 17, were arrested in Watts, Okla., shortly after 6 o'clock Sunday evening and given a preliminary hearing before N.O. BALDWIN of Siloam Springs, and Adair County Attorney W.A. CORLEY and Sheriff Tom MCCASLAND, Stilwell, Okla. No formal charges had been filed against either of the youths Sunday night.
The girl with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R.H. BOLDEN, and two brothers and sisters was returning to her home near Marshall, Ark., from a visit with relatives in Christie, Okla.
The shot entered the back of the girl's head and lodged over the right eye. None of the family realized that the child had been shot until she slumped into the bottom of the wagon.
A collection was taken from Siloam Springs persons to provide for funeral expenses of the girl. The body was being held at a mortuary in Siloam Springs Sunday night pending completion of funeral arrangements. Burial probably will be in Marshall, BOLDEN said. (from Southwest American)

Mrs. John LONG, 74 years old, died suddenly Thursday night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Jack COX, on the Bill MAYS farm near Bunch. She had been in ill health for some time.
Burial was made at Oak Grove Cemetery Saturday.
She is survived by two sons, Tom and Ed LONG of Evansville, Ark., and a daughter, Mrs. Albert TWIST of the Oak Grove community.

Mrs. Tabitha BRANSON, aged 80, died at her home two miles southwest of Stilwell Saturday night, February 9. Burial was made at New Hope Cemetery Sunday. She was a sister to Wm. KERR, of that neighborhood.

March 1, 1929

John L. ALLISON, aged 62, died at his home near Stilwell Friday afternoon following an attack of pneumonia.
Funeral services were held at the home at 2:30 and burial was made in the New Hope Cemetery Saturday afternoon. Rev. Chas. H. COLE of the Methodist church conducted the funeral services. Attendants of the Roberts Undertaking Parlor were in charge of arrangements.
The deceased is survived by a wife; a daughter, Mrs. George RUSSELL of Honey Hill community; a son, Lee ALLISON, who made his home with his parents; and a stepson, Horace WILSON of Joplin.
Mr. ALLISON was an old and respected citizen of Adair county and his death leaves many sad hearts in the community.

Funeral services were held at Dutch Mills, Ark., Wednesday for Mrs. W.R. MCCLOUD, age 50, who died at her home at Prairie Grove, Ark., Tuesday. She was the mother of G.T. JONES of the Jones & Webber garage.
She is survived by her husband, G.T. JONES of Stilwell and Bryan Lee of Prairie Grove (i.e.); five daughters, Mrs. Gertrude BOND of Joplin, Mo., Mrs. Mazell VAN of El Paso, Texas, Miss Odessa JONES of San Antonio, Texas, Miss Mary BEAR (i.e.) of Prairie Grove, and Miss MIldred MACKEY (i.e.) of Pitcher, Okla., and a brother, J.A. WEBBER of Stilwell.
Funeral arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking parlor.

Mrs. Narcissus LEATHERWOOD, 88, years old, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Ed ADAIR, at 3:00 p.m. Wednesday.
Funeral services were held at the home at two o'clock Thursday and burial was made in the New Hope Cemetery. Rev. J.M. HAYGOOD conducted the funeral. Arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking parlor.
Mrs. LEATHERWOOD is survived by four sons, Lee and LeQuill of Stilwell, Paylor of Tulsa and Bill of Chelsea, and one daughter, Mrs. Ed ADAIR.

March 15, 1929

Ervin C. LIGGETT, who lived on Dry Creek in the south part of the county, died Monday morning and was buried at New Hope Cemetery here Wednesday at 11 a.m. Mr. LIGGETT was 69 years old.
He is survived by his wife; three daughters, Edith, who made her home with her parents, Mrs. Fay LITTLE of El Reno, and Mrs. Linnie SPIRES of Collinsville; and by one brother, Carl LIGGETT of Mannford.
Funeral arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking parlor attendants.

Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon for John GACHOS, 49 years old, who died Monday at the home of his niece, Mrs. Rufus PARKER, in the Oak Grove community. He was buried in the Oak Grove Cemetery.
He is survived by his niece and two brothers.

Mrs. Ollie REESE, 75 years old, died Monday afternoon at her home in the Peavine community. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon and burial was made in the Reese Cemetery at Peavine.
She is survived by two brothers, Jeff and Anse KETCHER.

March 22, 1929


A double funeral service was held by Rev. John ACORN at the Tyler Cemetery Wednesday for Jessie GETTINGDOWN and Abraham LOCUST, Cherokees, who died within 20 minutes of each other Tuesday.
Jessie GETTINGDOWN was 58 years old and an old resident of this section. He is survived by his wife and two daughters.
Abraham LOCUST, was 40 years old and is survived by his father, Jackson LOCUST, and by his wife and five children. He lived about two miles north of Stilwell.
Card of Thanks - We wish to thank one and all for their kindness and the help they gave us during the sickness of our beloved one. May God bless them. Mrs. Betsy GETTINGDOWN, Mrs. C.B. CLAY, Calvin BALLARD and Yonah WINER, Susie ENGLAND, Mrs. Lizzie WOLFE and family.

March 29, 1929

Raymond "Tooter" CORNETT, 30 years old, living at Stilwell, was shot and killed at Eldon, 10 miles east of Tahlequah, at 2 o'clock this morning.
W.L. GARNER, sawmill operator and store keeper at Eldon, told officers today when he surrendered voluntarily, that he had shot CORNETT. He was later released and County Attorney MARTIN announced that unless additional evidence was procured, charges would not be filed against GARNER.
Felix DUNCAN of Baron Forks, companion of CORNETT at the time of the shooting was held by authorities for a short time today but released after questioning.
CORNETT and DUNCAN left about 11 o'clock Sunday night in Duncan's car on the way to Stilwell from Tahlequah, according to Frank EDWARDS, a night watchman.
GARNER told officers that the pair stopped at Eldon for something to eat, parking down the road a short distance from the store. CORNETT left the auto and walked to the store, GARNER said. When he learned from Mrs. GARNER that she was unable at that time to prepare any food, CORNETT became enraged and fired one shot towards the house, GARNER said.
CORNETT drew a pistol and GARNER said he picked up his rifle and fired once. GARNER also declared that CORNETT attempted to shoot him with the pistol, but that it did not fire. Officers said they found one loaded shell, one empty shell and four empty chambers in the pistol on CORNETT's body.
Officers here and in Stilwell are attempting to find a third person believed to have been in the car.

April 5, 1929

J.F. ROBERTS (undertaker) went to Poteau Thursday morning in response to a call that the 22 year old son of Lee FULSOM had been killed by a train. No further details were available late Thursday afternoon.

Funeral services were held Wednesday at the J.F. Roberts Funeral Parlor for Millard F. YANCY, 77 years old, who died Tuesday.
Services were conducted by Rev. J.M. HAYGOOD and burial was in New Hope Cemetery. The deceased is survived by five children.

April 12, 1929

R.G. PHILLIPS, 49 years old, Fayetteville foreman employed by the Arkansas highway department, died at the Poynor hospital here Saturday morning following an operation made necessary by a gunshot wound said to have been inflicted by Oren ROSS, 21, at Evansville about midnight Friday.
PHILLIPS was sitting on the porch of the home of a friend where a party was being held, when he was struck by a bullet said to have been intended for another man.
Sheriff WALKER of Washington County, Saturday was searching for ROSS, Evansville youth, who is alleged to have fired a .32 caliber revolver at Tony EATON another Evansville youth. The bullet, according to officers, missed its target and entered the stomach of the highway foreman.
The bullet passed through PHILLIPS' stomach and liver, according to Dr. POYNOR, who performed the operation POYNOR said the man died from loss of blood.
PHILLIPS is survived by his wife and eight children.

Jackie, the one year old son of Mr. and Mrs. BROOKS of Tulsa, died at the home last week. Mrs. BROOKS was before her marriage, Opal DANIELS and had always lived here before going to Tulsa. She has many relatives and friends here in Watts and near who sympathize with her in her bereavement. Friends here in Watts sent flowers for the funeral. Her sister, Mrs. N. ANDERSON went to Tulsa for the funeral, returning home Saturday. Sybil MCGUIRE, sister of Mrs. BROOKS and Mrs. ANDERSON who lives in Borger, Texas, also came and then returned to Watts with her sister for an extended visit.

April 19, 1929

The body of Howard BRIGHT, 18 years old, was found early Monday morning in an abandoned barn about four miles south of here, suspended from a rafter by a rope around the neck. The verdict of suicide was returned by Charles CORDRAY, justice of the peace at Watts, who conducted a coroner's inquest over the body. The body was completely undressed, and young BRIGHT's clothing was found in a heap nearby. The neck was broken.
BRIGHT had last been seen a few miles south of Westville, Okla., late Saturday evening. He was not missed until Monday, his parents supposing that he had spent Sunday with neighbors.
The youth was well known at Watts where he attended school last winter. He was a member of the Watts high school football team.

April 26, 1929

Wm. H.A. HARRISON, who has been state secretary of the Anti-Thief Association for 22 consecutive years, died at his home in Checotah Saturday night, according to Bill BARKER, national vice-president of the organization.

May 17, 1929

Chester BARKER, 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. George BARKER of Evansville, died at the Poynor hospital at 10:30 o'clock Thursday morning following an operation for peritonitis.
Funeral services will be held at White Rock, near Dutch Mills, Friday morning at 10 o'clock.

John F. LONG, 74 years old, was found dead in bed at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Jack COX at Bunch, last Thursday night.
He was buried Friday at the Buthersday Cemetery near Dutch Mills. He is survived by two sons, Tom and Ed, and two daughters, Mrs. Jack COX and Mrs. Mary TWIST.

May 24, 1929

Funeral services were held at the Methodist church here Wednesday afternoon for Mrs. Charles O. MCFEETERS, 24 years old, formerly Miss Margar(??) Magdaline STEWART, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. STEWART of the Starr community. Mrs. MCFEETERS died suddenly at Maud, Okla., Sunday night following an attack of acute indigestion.
She graduated from the local high school in 1926 and was married May 5 of this year. She had been employed to teach the coming term of school at Starr, according to reports.
She is survived by her parents, her husband, who is in the sanitarium at San Antonio, Texas, and by four sisters, Mrs. T.L. YANCY, Seminole, Mrs. W.J. MCMILLAN, Ft. Collins, Colo., Mrs. C.W. QUILLIN and Mrs. Wren ADAIR of Maud, Okla., and two brothers, Elmer and George STEWART of Milliken, Colo., all of whom were present for the funeral services.
The funeral was conducted by Rev. J.M. HAYGOOD, pastor of the First Baptist church and arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking Parlor.
Burial was at New Hope Cemetery.

Mrs. Carson HOPKINS of the Salem community, died suddenly following an attack of heart trouble Saturday night. Funeral services were held Monday and burial was at the Salem Cemetery.
Mrs. HOPKINS is survived by her husband and two children.

May 31, 1929

Funeral services will be held Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock at the Presbyterian church here for Mrs. Ida WEIR, who died suddenly at her home here Wednesday morning. Mrs. WEIR had an attack of acute indigestion following her breakfast and died about 30 minutes later.
Her death came as a shock to the entire community and especially to the many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Ples WEIR and family. Mr. and Mrs. WEIR have lived here for more than 30 years.
Mrs. WEIR was 52 years old and is survived by her husband, two sons, Robert and Oscar, and a daughter, Hazel, two sisters, Mrs. Alice BUFFINGTON of Muskogee and Mrs. Henry DELKER of San Angelo, Texas, a brother, George HANKS of San Angelo, and her mother, Mrs. P. HANKS of Stilwell.
Her daughter, Hazel, who left here May 10, was married to J.C. BATES of Bakersfield, Calif. She will arrive here Sunday morning accompanied by her husband's sister. Roberts is in the Veteran's hospital at Little Rock and is expected to arrive today or Saturday. Oscar and family have already arrived from their home in Hominy. Her sisters and her brother expect to be here for the funeral.
Rev. J.L. BROWN of Sallisaw will conduct the funeral and arrangements are in the hands of Roberts Undertaking Parlor. Burial will be in New Hope Cemetery.
Members of the bereaved family have the sympathy of the entire community but even this cannot ease the pains of sorrow nor fill the place left vacant by the death of this devoted Christian wife and mother.

Captain Jackson W. ELLIS, pioneer Indian resident and prominent figure of Territorial days, died at his home near Bunch Saturday at the age of 73 years. Rev. J.M. HAYGOOD conducted the funeral and arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking Parlor.
Captain ELLIS became affiliated with the Indian Police early in his life and rode with them for more than 25 years, according to old residents.
In his younger days he rode the western part of the state and later was transferred to this section. He was for many years captain of the "Light Horse Brigade," the name by which the Indian police were known.
He was influential in political and tribal affairs until most of the power was taken from the hands of the tribes and many stories are told of his maneuverings.
The Captain had been in ill health for some time. He is survived by his wife, three sons and a brother, Mitch ELLIS, of Sallisaw. His son, Jack, and wife of Detroit were present for the funeral.

Funeral services for Benjamin F. CLARK, aged 35, who died at his home in Joplin, Mo., Tuesday, were held at the Dutch Mills Cemetery Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. CLARK formerly lived here but had been a miner for many years and died with miner's tuberculosis.
The son of James A. and Hattie CLARK, was born in Cartersville, Mo., on July 28, 1893, and passed away May 28, 1929.
He is survived by his wife; two sons, Earl and Raymond; his mother Mrs. Hattie CLARK; two brothers, Wilbur and Elmer, together with their families; and a sister, Mrs. Helen ROGERS and her family of Stilwell, Okla.;
Funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.M. HAYGOOD, pastor of the First Baptist church here, and funeral arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking Parlor.
(Some of the above information was taken from the June 7, 1929, issue of the paper which corrected some misinformation in the first article.)

May 31, 1929

Mrs. Rebecca LESTER, aged 62 years, died last Tuesday at her home two miles south of Watts. Burial was at the Hiawasse Cemetery in Benton County, Ark., wednesday. Rev. T.M. MITCHELL, Methodist minister, officiating.

The body of Vernon MCGUIRE, who died at Amarillo, Texas, early last Wednesday morning, arrived here accompanied by his wife and mother Thursday evening. Funeral services were held Saturday at 2:30 here at the Methodist church with Rev. W.L. FRENCH of McCloud, Okla., officiating, assisted by Rev. T.M. MITCHELL of Westville. Burial was at the Bell Cemetery, four miles north of Watts. Mr. MCGUIRE was well known by everyone here and had lived here most of the 29 years of his life. He was a graduate of the Watts High School. He was employed by the Kansas City Southern railway company as a clerk for several years. Later he served several terms on the local school faculty. He was married to Miss Sybil DANIELS, well known young lady of Watts, last June, and he and his wife had been living at Borger, Texas, until his death last Wednesday.

James A. WILLIAMS, aged 82 years, died here in Watts Tuesday morning. The funeral will be here in the Baptist church Thursday at ten o'clock, Rev. PHILLIPS, Baptist minister of Westville officiating. Interment will be at the Bell CEMETERY four miles north of Watts. Besides his wife, two children survive him, Mrs. Frank HARRIS and Roy WILLIAMS, both of whom live near Des Moines, Iowa. His wife, Mrs. Amelia WILLIAMS, is 81 years of age. The aged couple had been living here in Watts several years.

June 7, 1929

Funeral services for Mrs. J.N. HILL 58 years old, who died at her home Wednesday night, will be held at the home at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon by Rev. Leonard STEWART.
Mrs. HILL had been ill for the past six months and her condition had been considered serious on several occasions.
She is survived by her husband; four sons, Tiny, Jim Jr., Frank and Ralph, and by a married daughter, Lela, who lives in Washington state.
Burial will be in the New Hope Cemetery and funeral arrangements are in charge of W.E. REED of Tahlequah.
Mrs. HILL was born in Lee County, Kentucky, and moved to Stilwell 30 years ago. Mr. HILL has been engaged in business here for the past 25 years.
Pallbearers selected are W.F. LANGLEY, Ed WOOD, Jim SCACEWATER, W.R. MCCALEB, Austin JOHNSON and George GREER.

Word has just reached here of the death of J.C. WARD of Buffington, Ark., last week. Mr. WARD formerly lived near Watts and has many relatives and friends here.

The entire community was shocked and grieved to hear of the sudden death of T.F. WATERS who died at his home Saturday night following a heart attack and hemorrhage. He lived only about 30 minutes after he was stricken.
Mr. WATERS had been in ill health for about six weeks, but had showed a decided improvement during the last two weeks of his life and was thought to be practically well.
Mr. WATERS had lived in Stilwell 28 years of his 55 years of life. He had been engaged in business here at different times, and was an outstanding figure in business and financial circles.
Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at the Presbyterian church with Rev. Ben HILL officiating. Burial was in New Hope and funeral arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking parlor.
He is survived by his wife; two sons, Rupert and Felix; a daughter, Velma; a sister, Mrs. Kate MICKEL of Grand Rapids, Mich.; five brothers, Jim of Stilwell, George of Lenapah, John of Van Buren, Ark., W.L. of Long Beach, Calif., and Dick of Tacoma, Wash.
His sister and brothers, W. L. and Dick were unable to get here for the funeral. All the other brothers were present.

June 14, 1929

Roy CLINES, 48 years old, died at his home in the Oak Grove community Friday, June 7, following a short illness. Funeral services were held by Rev. John PHILLIPS at the Oak Grove school house Saturday afternoon and burial was made in the Oak Grove Cemetery. Mr. CLINES is survived by his wife and four children.

Funeral services were held Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the Holiness church here by Rev. John PHILLIPS for Mrs. Street POOR, 40 years old, who died at her home Sunday.
Burial was in the Zion Cemetery and funeral arrangements wer in charge of the Roberts Undertaking Parlor. Mrs. POOR is survived by her husband, four daughters and a son.

June 21, 1929

Funeral services for Eli SCOTT, 23 years old, were held at the Tyler Springs Cemetery Tuesday afternoon. SCOTT died at his home a mile and a half north of Stilwell Monday night following a congestive chill.
He is survived by his wife and one child, his father, John SCOTT, and four brothers. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. John ACORN and arrangements were in charge of the Roberts Undertaking Parlor.

Newton THOMPSON, age 38 years, was found unconscious from head wounds on Highway No. 10, the road leading to the river, early Sunday morning. He was taken to the Tahlequah hospital in the Reed ambulance where he died a short time later. THOMPSON has two very bad scalp wounds over each eye and a fractured skull. An inquest was held Sunday afternoon, the verdict being that the deceased came to his death by the means of a blunt instrument in the hands of an unknown person.
THOMPSON, in company with his brother-in-law Robert CHAIR and George FINLEY had been together most of the evening and was alleged to have been drinking. Late Saturday night they went out on the highway and finally fell asleep. When FINLEY and CHAIR awoke they discovered THOMPSON gone and came back to town. Later THOMPSON was found unconscious in the same place. The supposition is that he got into a car with some passersby and was beaten up by them and left by the roadside.

June 28, 1929

Sut BEANSTICK, 77 years old, died at his home near Lyons Monday morning. Burial was made in the Clear Springs Cemetery Monday afternoon.

William Gentry FERGUSON born April 10, 1852, died Sunday p.m., June 23, 1929 after an illness of four weeks, at the home of his niece, Mrs. Cas. E. SMALLEN near Baron.
He was married to Artimise PARMER in 1874 who passed away in 1910. To this union was born five children.
He leaves to mourn his loss two sons, Frank FERGUSON, Denver, Colo., and Lou FERGUSON, St. Louis, one brother, Will FERGUSON of Worthing, Mo., and other relatives.
He lived a consistent Christian life, becoming a member of the Methodist church in his early life. He will be greatly missed by his many friends.
Funeral services were held at the Westville Cemetery, conducted by Hayden COLVIN. The body was laid to rest at that place.

Mrs. Rosie SCRAPER, age 24, died at her home near Lyons Sunday, June 23. Burial was made in the Lyons Cemetery Monday afternoon. She is survived by her husband and other relatives and friends.

December 12, 1930


The citizens of Stilwell and community were shocked at the news of the death of Dr. Joseph A. PATTON, Friday, December 5, 1930. Dr. PATTON had been in very poor health for about twenty years and the fact that he had survived this long was due to the courageous battle which he had fought against the disease.  
He was the son of Presbyterian minister, Franklin PATTON, and was born, March 10, 1868, at Oxford, Mississippi. He was educated at the Southwestern Presbyterian University of Clarksville, Tennessee, and graduated in medicine from the Louisville Hospital of Medicine, Louisville, Kentucky, June 22, 1892. He began the practice of medicine at Evansville, Arkansas, and moved to Stilwell, April 16, 1896. On October 23, 1895, he married Ada LITTLEJOHN the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Napoleon LITTLEJOHN, a pioneer family of this section of the country.
Dr. PATTON had four brothers and three sisters, all of whom are deceased except one brother, John W. PATTON, a well known newspaper man, now of Konawa, Oklahoma. Dr. PATTON leaves to mourn his passing, three sons, two daughters, three grandchildren, and his wife, all of whom are living.
The subject of this sketch had become so thoroughly identified with the work of this community, that he was almost a part of it. He served as County Health Officer since statehood. He was the local physician for the Kansas City South Railway since the railroad was built through Stilwell, and was a member of the State Medical Society and was Secretary of the Adair County Medical Society. He served on the local examining board during the World War. He was a very able man, not only in his chosen profession but also in other lines as well. He was a very careful and hard student, keeping abreast with all the news in the science of medicine. When not engaged in calls or consultation, he was nearly always found engrossed in the study of medical journals and literature along that line.

In his passing, another pioneer of this community is gone. The respect and affection was shown by the community in the large attendance at his funeral which was held Sunday, December 7th, 1930, at the Presbyterian church at Stilwell. The funeral sermon was preached by Rev. OWEN pastor of the Presbyterian church, and the Masonic funeral service was held under the auspices of the Flint Lodge No. 11, Stilwell. Interment was at the New Hope Cemetery, Stilwell.

Thursday, June 15, 1933

R.B. SITTON, 57, died at his home in the Rocky Mountain community Friday and was buried in the New Hope Cemetery Friday. Funeral service was conducted by Rev. Leonard STEWART, pastor of the Landmark Baptist Church of this place, under the direction of the Roberts Funeral Home.
Mr. SITTON was born in Georgia but came to this territory while a child and has resided here since.
He is survived by his wife and seven children; his mother, Mrs. W.P. SITTON; and the following brothers and sisters: Tom SITTON, Joe SITTON, Cicero SITTON, Miss Mary SITTON and Mrs. Jane CAMPBELL.

Thursday, June 22, 1933

Theodore Fletcher CURTIS, 22, a member of a prominent Stilwell family and popular member of the young social set was accidentally shot to death late Wednesday afternoon by Eugene SANDERS 17, of Dahlonegah community. The tragedy occurred near the SANDERS home where CURTIS at the time was engaged in pulling up forms for concrete work. Standing bent over, CURTIS endeavored to straighten up just at the time the 22 caliber rifle with which SANDERS had been shooting at birds was accidentally fired, the shot taking effect in the top of CURTIS' head and ranging backward and downward. The victim was rushed to the City where doctors made strenuous efforts to save his life; but owing to the nature of the wound, he died at 7:20 p.m. at the Stilwell Hospital despite medical assistance. CURTIS was a young man of especial accomplishments, having won renown as an athlete and having behind him an unusual scholastic record. He finished high school here, and was a graduate of Bacone College, Muskogee, where he won a scholarship to a northern university while a student of that school.
On August 20, 1932 at McAlester he was united in marriage to Miss Maxine WHITAKER, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L.K. WHITAKER of this city. This union was kept a secret up until the evening of the tragedy. Miss WHITAKER for the past three years has held the position of Social Editor and assistant linotype operator for the Adair County Democrat. Theodore CURTIS is survived by his wife and a brother, Orville, of this city. At the time of decease, he was making his home with his grandmother, Mrs. B.G. FLETCHER. Other survivors are: an uncle, Mr. C.L. FLETCHER of Fletcher Hardware Co.; an aunt, Mrs. J.T. WORSHAM; an aunt, Mrs. Maggie SANDERS, and an uncle Mr. Ellis FLETCHER.
Funeral services are to be held at the M.E. church here at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon with Rev. J.E. MACK officiating, after which interment will be made in New Hope Cemetery. The Democrat joins with a host of Stilwell friends in extending condolence to the bereaved relatives.

Mrs. Kate WHERRY, born March 3, 1867, died June 20, 1933 at her home here. Funeral services were conducted Wednesday afternoon, June 21 at the Christian church at 3:00 by Rev. E.R. HALL. Interment was in the New Hope Cemetery.

Thursday, June 29, 1933

Raven BEAN, age 53, Cherokee farmer in England Hollow, died suddenly shortly after midnight Tuesday June 27. He had retired apparently in sound health early in the evening.
He is survived by a daughter, Geneva BEAN a student at Sequoyah Training School, a son Ned BEAN of Peavine community and his wife. He is preceded in death by his first wife who died several years ago. Eliza BEAN, a daughter preceded him in death two years. He was a member of the Baptist church having been converted over 15 years ago. Funeral services were held at 2:30 p.m. today with interment in Peavine Cemetery.

James Henry NEFF, 64 years old, died at his home in the Maryetta community 7:45 p.m., Saturday, June 25, after an illness lasting only a few days. Funeral services were conducted at the family home at 2:00 p.m., Monday, June 26, by the Rev. J.E. MACK, pastor of the First Methodist Church, of Stilwell. Burial was made in the New Hope Cemetery. Mr. NEFF was born in Saline County, Mo., March 5, 1869, and came to Evansville, Ark., when a young man and from there came to this place about twenty-five years ago. He was married to Miss May GREER of Evansville, Arkansas. He was a stewart in the Methodist church and state committeeman of the Eastern Divison of Oklahoma Anti-Theft Association; and had served as a deputy sheriff of Adair County for many years, being at one time also commissioned by the Oklahoma state bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.
Surviving Mr. NEFF are his wife, and the following children: Joe NEFF, Greer NEFF, Eugene NEFF, Barney NEFF, and Miss Betty NEFF, of Stilwell, Wendell NEFF, Livingston, N.J., Mrs. Irene HARPER, Sallisaw, and Mrs. Clara JONES, Charleston, Ark. A brother, George NEFF, lives at Van Buren, Ark., and a sister resides in Kansas City, Missouri.
The pall bearers were: Bill BARKER, W.C. LEE, John FERGUSON, R.B. WORSHAM, Sr., C.K. WELLS, and Herbert WILLIAMS.

Vera Mae (Scrapper) BRUNER, 13 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Mayes BRUNER, of this city, died at the home in North Stilwell, after a short illness, June 23.
Funeral services were conducted at the First Baptist Church, by Rev. J.M. HAYGOOD, Saturday afternoon, after which interment was made in New Hope Cemetery under direction of Roberts Funeral Home.

Thursday, July 5, 1933

John COCHRAN, 54 year old, Cherokee Indian farmer, living half mile south of Stilwell, died at his home Tuesday after a short illness of only a few days duration.
Funeral services will be conducted at Salem church today with Rev. Joe B. FEATHERS officiating. Interment will be made in the Salem Cemetery under direction of Roberts Funeral home.

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