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Saturday, Dec. 1, 1906

Farmer's son killed by switching freight train
Special to the News. Francis, I.T. Dec. 1, (1:20 p.m.) _ The son of H. _____ _ox, a farmer who lives near here, was instantly killed just now by a freight train which was switching in the Francis yards.
Young FOX had started to walk across the track. It is said the engineer of the locomotive doing the switching mistook the signal given by the brakeman and backed up instead of pulling forward, with the result that Fox was caught between the bumpers, crushed and he died almost instantly.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

March 18, 1907

Dr. DAVENPORT of Oakman is foully assassinated
At 8 o'clock Sunday morning the body of Dr. J.W. DAVENPORT, of Oakman, was found in the southern suburbs of Francis with a bullet hole in the back of the head, which was badly powder burned.
Such are the circumstances that foul play of the most dastardly nature in indubitable. Mrs. Davenpost says the doctor left home Saturday night to make a professional call. About 1 o'clock a.m., a gun shot was heard in the vicinity where the body was discovered. The doctor's buggy and team, unhutched, stood near by, the briddle rein of the nearest horse hanging down. Evidentently Dr. Davenpost had unhitched the team preparatory to departing, had put up the reins of one horse and started to do the same for the other, when the assassin - probably secreted beneath the buggy - shot him from behind at closest quarters. The hitching place was a wire fence, against which apparently the victim fell - judging from rents in his overcoat. Earlier rumors were to the effect that the assassin had concealed himself behind a big stump right by the team;  that he was trailed to and from the scene from the place of hitching his horse not far away. But this story was negatived by later and more reliable reports. So soon as the deed was discovered people flocked to the scene in such numbers as to make it next to impossible to trail the slayer with bloodhounds or otherwise.
The deceased is a prominent citizen of Pontotoc Co. for a munber of years a resident of this section, and is a brother of Hon. James Davenport, a leading attorney of Vinita. He was a man who had strong friends, whom he ever stood by, and some enemies. As to the identity of the assassin public suspicion as yet, points to no one.

U.S. Deputy Marshal Cummings Monday morning brought in and lodged in the federal jail here Mrs. Mary E. BROOKS arrested for the killing on complaint of the dead man's brother of Vinita.
The brother arrived at the scene of the tradegy last evening bringing two famous blookhoudns - the dogs wheic were trailing the WYCLIFFE brothers at the time Deputy U.S. Marshal GILSTRAOP was killed by the Wycliffes.
It is said the dogs, starting with a woman's track near where deceased fell, followed a trail to Mrs. BROOK's house, several blocks away, thence to a neighbor's house wehre she had gone; and further, that the fatal ball extracted from the body proved to be of 32 calibre like that carried in a Colt's pistol found in the accused woman's house.
On the other hand the woman stoutly denies any guilt or knowledge of the guilty party. She admits being an acquaintance of the deceased; that he was the family physician and occasionally visited her home. But she saw nothing of him on the night of the shooting. She mingled with the crowd early Sunday morning at the scene of the crime, which might account for the trail the dogs followed.
Some who were on the ground early claim to have followed the tracks of two men from the scene some two hundred yards across a branch - both of them evidently running away in the dark. And this, by some competent to judge, is considered the dependable clue.
The accused woman is a comely person, 31 years of age, with two chidlren. Her husband has been away from home of late, working as a mill engineer. She claims he is in Bates, Ark. and that she was preparing to go to him. Her preliminary hearing will be held probably in a day or two. The crime may be said still to be shrouded in mystery. That the doctor was ambushed seems incredible, for there proves to have been no object for an assassin to hide behind.
At Oakman this afternoon the funeral was held. A number of the doctor's Ada friends, including Woodsmen and Masons, of which orders he was a member, attended.

January 11, 1910

Death Removes Another Aged Gentelman
George Williams Dismukes Dies At Age 82
Born in Tennessee, Lived in Ada Nine Years--Served Throughout Civil War.
From Saturday's Daily.
After an illness extending over a ear which a few days ago developed into pneumonia, but assumed an alarming state only Thursday evening. George Williams Dismukes, one of the oldest and highest honored citizens of Ada and Pontotoc County, quietly passed into the great beyond Friday at &:15.
Death occurred at the home of G.B. Dismukes, a son, on Thirteenth and Broadway streets, with whom he has made his home since coming in the city.
Native of Tennessee. George W. Dismukes was born in middle Tennessee on August 31, 1827, being at the time of his death 82 years, four months and 28 days of age. He came to Ada nine years ago and has been here continuously since that time. He was first married in the year of 1853 at Pittsburg, NC and his wives, of which there were four, have been dead for many years.
Deceased was a devoted christian, being a member of the Baptist denomination, and his death calls for sympathy of a great number of friends.
A Confederate Veteran. When the great Civil war broke out Mr. Dismukes was one of the first to enlist and shouldering his gun, he went into conflict and did valiant service through the entire four years.
The Funeral service was conducted at his son's home this afternoon at three o'clock by Rev. Croxton and at four o'clock the body was interred in Rosedale Cemetery.
Submitted by [email protected]

Thursday, Aug. 3, 1911
Page 4

Little Mary WORD passes away
Little Mary, the nine-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.A. Word passed away this morning after having suffered for 64 days. This was the fifth long attack the little one had suffered, and although all that medical skill and kind and loving hands could do was done for the little sufferer, it availed nothing, and the little flower was transplanted to the gardens above.
The funeral services will take place at the family residence at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and will be conducted by Revs. Dupree and Sims. The interment will take place at Rosedale Cemetery.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

May 15, 1919, Thursday

Elbert CHAPMAN Meets Death By Electrocution
Young man reared near Ada, victim of 2300 volts of electricity while in Pursuit of his regular duties.
First of the kind ever known in Ada.
Frank Bynum injured in Wreck
F. U Criswell , Unable to stop ambulance when brakes fail to work Crashes into freight train.
Elbert Chapman, the 18 year old son of Byars Chapman is dead, and Frank Bynum , a young man working for the F. W. Shelton undertaking Co., is nursing a badly bruised head as the result of 2 accidents here this morning about 9:30 O’clock.
Elbert Chapman was working on the lines of the Ada Electric & Gas Company at the corner of Ash Ave. & Sixth Street, when a current of electricity, 2300 volts strong, shot through his body,killing him instantly. In rushing to the scene of the tragedy with the ambulance, F.U. Criswell & Frank Bynum went into a freight train standing on the Frisco tracks, wrecking the ambulance and cutting Frank Bynum severely about the head.
The electrocution of young Chapman is the first of the kind to happen in Ada. He was at the top of the pole, working with a live wire. Morris Waggoner was on the ground. Jack Derrick was working some distance away
It is not known whether Elbert caught to keep from falling or how the accident happened. For some cause he took hold of the guy wire leading to the ground wile he held in his other hand the live wire carrying 2300 volts.
Immediately the current shot through the body. Morris Waggoner called to Derrick, who was at the top of another pole between the scene of the accident and the power plant. Derrick immediately cut the wire, thereby cutting off the current. He immediately rushed to young Chapman, tied a rope around his body and lowered him to the ground. He was not breathing, but they rushed him to the Faust Hospital for examination. He was dead before he was put on the operating table.
As soon as the accident occurred , F.U. Crisswell and Frank Bynum started to the scene with the ambulance. A freight train was standing across Mason St. Mr. Crisswell, who was driving, saw the train in plenty of time and tried to apply the brakes. The brakes would not work and the Ambulance plunged headlong into the train, wrecking the ambulance and throwing the occupants through the windshield. Mr Crisswell was not seriously hurt, but Frank’s left ear was lacerated and a deep gash cut on the right side of his neck.
The victim of the electrocution has been reared in and around Ada and is well known. He was a hard working industrious boy and was making rapid progress in Electrical work. The plans for burial had not been announced this afternoon.

Contributed by Bobbye Phillips [email protected]

July 3, 1919

G.B. Dismukes Killed Thursday
"Pioneer Citizen Risks Life to Save Boys in Front of Auto"
"From Thursday Daily."
"Later---Mr. Dismukes died at 2:45 this afternoon."
" G.B. Dismukes, for nineteen years one of the best known citizens of Ada, lies at the point of death in a local hospital as a result of an accident at the Frisco passenger station this afternoon."
" The accident took place at 1:50 o'clock. Mr. Dismukes was driving in his Ford mail truck to meet the Santa Fe train which comes in at that time. A troop train was coming south on the Frisco and several boys were crossing the railroad to see the soldiers. Mr. Dismukes started to cross the Frisco, but was forced to slow down his machine to avoid running over the boys. Before he had had time to clear the track his car was struck by the engine and crushed to pieces. The car was thrown down the embankment east of the railroad and his mangled body thrown onto the small bridge just south of the crossing."
"Mr. Dismukes' son Gaston was soon on the scene and he was taken to the hospital for treatment. It was found that both legs were broke, the right leg in two places, his side and head crushed, and other injuries received which make his recovery almost impossible. The doctors say they hold out no hope. Five doctors were called in to dress his wounds."

** the article appears in the July 3, 1919 issue eventhough he died on June 27, 1919 and the obituary appears in the same paper.

Ada Evening News July 3, 1919
"Gaston Barbee Dismukes"
"Gaston Barbee Dismukes was hit by a train and killed on June 27,1919.
He went to meet a troop train that was supposed to stop, and did not slow down going through town. He had a choice of hitting some young boys who where there to see the train or slowing down. He almost made it across the tracks and was hit by the train, dying about two hours later he doctors office."
"He was born near Orehill, NC in 1854. He came to Miss. as a small boy and then to Grayson Co., Texas where he married Francis Hall. They were the parents of 9 children, Walter of VanCover, Washington, B.J. of Coosa, Okla., Mrs. Will Ritchie of Glendora, Calif., Mrs. S.W. Taylor of Sasakaw, and Cleveland H. Dismukes of Stonewall."
"Rev. C.C. Mooris preached the sermon. He was a mail carrier between the train and the post office for 8 years. He was buried in Rosedale Cemetery."

Submitted by [email protected]

Monday, June 20, 1921

Margaret LEE
Aunt Margaret Lee died at the local hospital at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday, June 19, after having suffered for several months. She spent most of her later life near Ada and is well known in this community. The funeral services were held at the family cemetery at Conway Sunday afternoon with Rev. Williams in charge.
She was 75 years of age. She lived several miles southeast of the city.

NOTE: Information on file at the Pontotoc County Historical Society, 221 W. 16th, that was extracted from funeral home records, show Mrs. Margurete Colbert Lee, 76, of Allen, died June 19, 1921, at Faust Hospital in Ada. She was buried June 19, 1921, at Conway Cemetery with Shelton Funeral Parlor in charge of arrangements.
Charges for the funeral were sent to Mrs. M.C. Lee Estate in Ada.
Shelton's Funeral Parlor was later purchased by Smith Funeral Home, which is still in business.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Thursday, Oct. 7, 1926

Fred O. LEE
Fred O. Lee died Tuesday evening about 8 o'clock at his home, 401 N. Oak. The funeral services, under direction of the Masonic fraternity, was set for this afternoon at 3 o'clock at the Oak Avenue Baptist Church.
Deceased was 89 years of age and had spent nearly half of his long span of life in Oklahoma. He had lived in Pontotoc County for many years. He was a Confederate veteran and member of the veterans' organization.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Ada Evening News

Tuesday Jul 12 1927, page 3

S. W. PARKER aged 69, died Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock at his home in Center.
Funeral Services were conducted this afternoon by Rev. Charles Warren Johnstone of Ada and the body laid to rest in the Center Cemetery.
Deceased was one of the early day settlers of the county and was highly respected.
He is survived by his widow and three sons: L.A.; J.L. and J. J. PARKER.

Submitters Note
: Samuel Wesley Parker born 17 July 1957 in MS and died 11 Jul 1927 in OK.
Submitted by: Chris Thompson Hamilton [email protected]

Tuesday Dec. 27, 1927
Page 2

Mexican is held in slaying here Murder charges to be filed this afternoon against Henry GINNIS
Murder charges were to be filed late this afternoon against Henry Ginnis, Mexican, who has been held in jail since Saturday night following the fatal shooting of his brother-in-law, James MOONEY.  Due to the fact that county offices were closed Sunday and Monday, charges could not be formally launched against the Mexican until today and Hugh Mathis, assistant county attorney, stated that the murder complaint is now being prepared.
Mooney died a half hour after a bullet passed through his body cutting an artery and causing his death from loss of blood. Mooney died shortly after 9 o'clock Saturday night.
Mooney has been a familiar figure on Ada streets for a number of years due to an affliction, warping the limbs of his body few people knew his real name, the general appellation of "Crippled Jim" following his customary rounds about the city.
Funeral services for the deceased were held yesterday afternoon.
The fatal shooting occurred in Mooney's home at 300 West Seventh Street as what officials term the climax of trouble between Mooney and Ginnis that dated back to the marriage of Ginnis to Mooney's sister.
The immediate cause of the tragedy is claimed by officials to have resulted from Mooney whipping one of the Ginnis children.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Wednesday Dec. 28, 1927
Page 1

Date fixed for GINNIS hearing
Mexican to face preliminary hearing here on January date

"I had to kill him to protect my family," Henry Ginnis, Mexican, declared this morning when arraigned before H.J. Brown, justice of the peace, on a charge of murder in connection with the death of James "Crippled Jim" MOONEY, December 25.
Ginnis entered a plea of not guilty before Justice Brown and demanded a speedy trial. His preliminary hearing was set for January 6 before Justice Brown. When brought before Justice Brown this morning in the first step of the legal skein into which he fell after Mooney was shot to death in his own home Christmas Day, Ginnis broke into a hasty denunciation of the man he is charged with slaying. His broken English in a particularly foreign accent gave vent to his consideration of the justification of the homicide.
Despite the demands of the defendant for a speedy trial, he agreed with Hugh Mathis, assistant county attorney to the date of January 6 for the preliminary hearing.
He was remanded to the county jail and held without bond pending the preliminary hearing.
The Mexican appeared this morning without counsel, but it is understood that he will retain an attorney to present his side of the case.
It was for this consideration that the preliminary hearing was fixed on a January date. Unless Ginnis obtains an attorney, the court will be forced to appoint one to take charge of the defense.
Eye witnesses will be subpoenaed for the preliminary, most of them officers.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

July 1928

Nora Belle FOUNTAIN, b., Dec. 27, 1893, died, July 8, 1928, Valley View Hospital, Ada, Oklahoma, Pontotoc County, buried Ada, Oklahoma . Cause of death, appendicitus. Nora married Rackel Downing, April 14, 1911, in Ada, Oklahoma, born to them, one daughter Jesse Belle Downing, b., 1921, died when she was about 5 or 6 years old, the result of a car accident. Buried beside her mother Nora Belle Fountain Downing, as is her father Rackel Downing, at Ada Oklahoma , Pontotoc County.

Nora Belle Fountain Downing was the daughter of, Joseph Fountain and Sarah Lavina Culp Fountain, of Fulton County, Arkansas. Her siblings were, Jeff Washington Fountain, John Henry Fountain, Sarah Fountain Sullivan, Rebecca Fountain Anderson Burns, and Nancy Ellen Fountain Blackburn.
Submitted by Sandra Wright [email protected]

Wednesday, July 5, 1933
page 1

A. G. MAYHUE Dies From Injuries Fracture of Skull Sustained in Accident Last Friday   Proves Fatal
A. G. Mayhue, 68, died this morning at the Breco Hospital at 6:15. Death resulted from injuries sustained the evening of June 30 when he was knocked to the pavement on East Main St. by a passing car, the identity of whose driver has not been ascertained.
Funeral services will be held Thursday morning, at 10:30 at the chapel of Criswell Funeral Home, with Rev. W. L. Rector of Ardmore and Dr. C.C. Morris of Ada officiating.
When hurled to the pavement last Friday night, Mr. Mayhue suffered a fracture at the base of the skull. before he could rally from the severe injury, pneumonia developed and he sank slowly until his vitality was gone. Mr. Mayhue was born in Illinois.
Four sons, W.E. Mayhue, A. A. Mayhue, George M. Mayhue, and G. C. Mayhue live just north of Ada. They are prominent oil and cattlemen of this section.   Two daughters, Mrs. Lessie Childers and Miss Ruth Mayhue, live in Seminole.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Friday August 10, 1934
Page 1

Accident Fatal to A.A. MAYHUE Dies in Local Hospital After Car Turned Over Near Coalgate Thursday.
A. A. Mayhue, living north of Ada, was fatally injured near Coalgate Thursday afternoon when his automobile struck lose gravel and turned over. He died about 8 o'clock at a local hospital, where he was brought by ambulance from the scene of the accident.
Funeral services will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 at the chapel of Criswell Funeral Home. Burial in Memorial Park.
Mr. Mayhue was a brother of George M. and G. C. Mayhue who also live a short distance north of Ada and who have oil interests in this part of the state. He was unmarried.
Head injuries sustained in the accident are given as the cause of Mr. Mayhue's death.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Monday, June 3, 1935
Page 4

Former Ada man dies at Shawnee
Ernest WORD ill two weeks, to be buried at Rosedale Tuesday afternoon
Ernest B. Word, 36, who spent most of his earlier life in Ada, died Monday morning at 7:15 o'clock at a hospital in Shawnee after an illness of two weeks.
Funeral services will be held at the Gaskill Funeral Home in Shawnee at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. Rev. Chris Matherson of the Central Presbyterian church, Shawnee, officiating. Burial will be in Rosedale Cemetery, Ada, at 4 o'clock. Criswell's in charge.
Mr. Word was a geologist. He was in the Naval training school at San Diego during the World War, graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1925 and studied law in Washington, D.C. He was a member of the Methodist church and of the Masonic bodies at Earlsboro.
He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Lucy Ann Word, 912 East Main, Ada; a sister, Gladys Word of Phoenix, Ariz., and a brother, Howlett of Ada; and several half-brothers and half-sisters.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

January 10, 1939, Tuesday

Shooting Quiz Ended As Gun, Bullet Match
Veteran County Peace Officer Dies Monday Night Of Abdomen Wound.
Check Bullet,  Ambush Theory Abandoned; Clothes Powder Burned;
Services Wednesday

County officers Tuesday afternoon closed their investigation of the death of  J. Byars CHAPMAN, 58-year old veteran Pontotoc County peace officer, when  reports from the state crime bureau revealed definitely he was killed by a  bullet from his own gun.
Sheriff Clyde Kaiser returned from Oklahoma City Tuesday afternoon with the report, made after a test, that the “tests prove the evidence bullet was fired from the pistol brought here for examination.
The tests and report was made by C. C. Crabb, ballistics expert of the state bureau of criminal investigation Thus ended the case which opened with the reports that Chapman, employed as a guard at the strike-bound Mid-Continent Slater lease in the Jesse field, had been shot from ambush Monday
Monday night however, after a careful investigation, county officers expressed the belief Chapman had dropped his gun and that it exploded as he was pulling it through a cattle guard.
Final opinion was withheld , however, until the death bullet, extracted from Chapman’s body following his death Monday night, was checked by a ballistic expert.
The fatal bullet and Chapman’s gun were taken to Oklahoma City by Kaiser and Deputy Sheriff Joe Porter.
Funeral services for Chapman will be held Wednesday afternoon at 3 o’clock at the Keith Funeral Home with Dr. C.C. Morris officiating. Burial will be in the Rosedale Cemetery.
Survivors include four daughters, ( torn) Ada: Bonnie Stover (torn) Mrs. Ollie Patterson (torn) Texas, Mrs. Sam Collard, Checothah; and 2 sons ( torn ) Chapman, Bebee Ark., (torn) Chapman, Ada.
Ironically a brother, Ed Chapman , formely of Ada, died Monday morning at his home in Kalamazoo, Michigan, according to reports, recieved here Tuesday.
Sheriff Clyde Kaiser, Deputy Joe Porter, Deputy Jim Rogers, Deputy Charles Shockley, Police Chief Raymond Rains, and Constable Walter Black.

Contributed by Bobbye Phillips [email protected]

Ada Evening News

May 30, 1943

J.W. DAVIS, Pioneer Co. Resident, dies at Age of 82
Death came to J.W., 82, Pontotoc pioneer Friday afternoon at 4 p.m. at local hospital ending a brief illness. Funeral services arrangements will be announce by Smith Funeral Home after the arrival of a son who is in the U.S. army.
Mr. DAVIS, retired farmer and trader, was born near Bryson City, in Jackson Co. N.C. was married in 1904 and came to Indian Territory before Oklahoma became a state. He was at times active in politics. At one time campaigning for the governorship of Oklahoma and at another for the State Senate. He was a member of the Baptist church. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Launa S. DAVIS, 700 East 10th; a daughter, Mrs. L.M. KUYKENDALL, Portales, New Mexico; a son , Fred DAVIS in the army; a granddaughter, Mrs. Dolois MANERY, of L.A. CA.; three grandsons, Joe and  Billie KUYKENDALL in the army, and Jim KUYKENDALL of Lubbock, Texas.

Researched by Sandra Davis Blanton

October 2, 1943

Lula F. GARRISON, was buried October 3, 1943 at age 68 years, at Stonewall Cemetery. Pallbearers: Sam GRANT, Vernon GIDSON, D.D. DUKE, John SPEARS, Floyd GOSS, Bud BROOKS.
Survived by two daughters, Miss Leila Mae GARRISON, who works at Stonewall First National Bank and Mrs. Raymond MOORE of Hatfield, Arkansas. Four sisters, Mrs. Anna Mae SALYER of Mena, Arkansas; Mrs. John CAMDON of OKla. City; Mrs. Ida TALYOR of Konawa and Mrs. Dub FOWLER of Memphis, TX.

July 20, 1949

Ada Evening News -
Jesse Thomas CATON
, 84, pioneer resident of this community, died Monday at the home. Service held Wednesday afternoon at the Baptist Church with burial at Allen Cemetery. Survivors: widow Mrs. Katie CATON: three sons, Pearl of Allen, Finis of Richmond, CA., Edgar of Ranio, CA.; daughter, Mrs. H.L. PRENTICE of Allen; 4 brothers, Jim of Ada, Bill of Boswell, Ira of Tecumseh and Claude of Ada; two sisters, Mrs. Cora HUGHLETT of Brownsville, TX and Mrs. Betty SELFRIDGE of Seminole. Ten grandchildren and Four great grandchildren.

July 1949

J.J. Anderson, a Center resident of Roff Died Wednesday at age 69 years in an Ada hospital. He was born in Texas in 1879 and married Vinnie MAXWELL of Wayett, at Ardmore in 1901.
He had lived in and around Roff for 45 years and for 10 years was the City Marshall of Roff. Survivors: Three daughters, Mrs. Earl WEAVER of Sequoyeh, Mrs. Alma CRANK and Mrs. Paul McCURDY of Roff; Three sons, C.C. and Leonard ANDERSON of Roff. V.V.(think this should be Walter) ANDERSON of Summerton, Ariz. and eight grandchildren.

Submitter's Note:  Julian J. ANDERSON, born Nov. 30, 1879 - died July 20, 1949, married Vinnie MAXWELL on Nov. 18, 1901.
Submitted by Sandra Williams

Tuesday, June 5, 1951, Page 2

John Alvin LEE, born in Illinois in 1862, moved to Oklahoma in 1887, former resident of Konawa, died Monday about 3:15. The funeral was held Tuesday at 3 from Cedar Grove School near Francis, burial in Cedar Grove Cemetery, Masonic honors by Francis Lodge.
Mr. LEE became a Free Will Baptist minister in 1894.
Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Ida Mae LEE; daughters, Mrs. Dora PARKS of Pacific Grove, Calif., Mrs. Laura SHEPPERD of Van Nuys, Calif., Mrs. Clara KLINGLESMITH of Macomb and Mrs. Ruby BERRY of Fort Gibson; sons, John A. Jr. and Robert E. LEE, Oklahoma city; 17 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

Dec. 4, 1951

Tuesday Page 2, Col. 3

Henry G. COFFEY, 78, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. B.B. WEBSTER, in Lightning Ridge, Tuesday at 1:30 a.m.: funeral Wednesday at 2. Lightning Ridge church, Rev. Roberts; Lightning Ridge cemetery, Criswell Funeral Home. Sons will serve as pallbearers.
Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. W.J. McKEEL of Nortes, Tex. and Mrs. WEBSTER: sons Arthur and Woodrow of Roff, D. H. of Amarillo, Tex. Cleo of  Pampa, Tex., Ike of Mesa, Ariz., Ardnell of Ada and Elijah of Oklahoma City: 23 grandchildren, 18  great-grandchildren.
Mr. and Mrs. COFFEY came to Oklahoma 60 years ago, settling in Lightning Ridge community.  He helped to build the first school and church there. Mrs. COFFEY died in 1948.

Submitters Note: Henry Gilbert Coffey and Etter (Fulfer) Coffey were my great-grandparents. They resided in the Lightning Ridge community outside of Ada, OK. Buried in the Lightning Ridge cemetery.
Submitted by: Dianne Coffey-Huddleston [email protected]

Thursday, May 22, 1952

Luther BEAM
Luther Beam, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Beam, 316 West Third, was drowned Sunday near Bakersfield, Calif.; funeral Saturday at 2, Smith Funeral Chapel, Rev. J.E. Lansdowne; Rosedale Cemetery.
Surviving are the parents; sisters, Patricia Ann and Helen Jo of Ada; brothers, Bobbie of Shafter, Calif., David Lee and Kenneth Levon Beam of Ada; grandparents, Jim KENNEDY of Waurika, and Andrew Jackson BEAM of Shafter.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

December 23, 1954

H.B. ROBERSON Dies Tuesday, Was Long Resident At Allen
The well known Harvey Biggs Roberson, 68, for 14 years a farmer near Allen and more recently the custodian at Allen High School, died in a hospital after a short illness. Death came in the night of Tuesday, December 21.
He was born on December 9, 1886 in Howard County, Arkansas. In 1921 he was married to Bertha WHITFIELD, and then in 1930 moved to allen with their three sons.
He was a veteran of World War I, when he served in France.
The funeral services are set for Thursday in Allen First Methodist Church, interment in Allen Cemetery. The American Legion will conduct military rites at graveside. bourland Funeral Home will be in charge.
Survivors include the widow; three sons, Harvey Jr., Jim, Jack, and one sister, Mrs. Alice SMITH.
Family Researched by Donnie Pickard [email protected]

Monday, March 26, 1956
page 2

Harvey Washington Bandy, 77, died at the home, 729-1/2 North Bluff, Sunday at 9:05 a.m.; funeral Wednesday at 2, Oakman Church, Rev. F.M. Wood assisted by Rev. H. Curtis Hogue; Denney cemetery, Smith Funeral Home.
Bearers: Clyde KAISER, J.L. CATON, Murray SMITH, Lee HENRY, Guy BINKLEY, George COWART.
Surviving are the wife, Francis; daughters, Mrs. Gussie GOLIGHTLY, Mrs. Bernice WILSON, Mrs. Ollie ROGERS and Lonie BANDY of Ada, Mrs. Evelyn LEE of Latta; sons, Orvil of Ada and Herman of Wewoka; stepchildren, Alger and Scott JONES of Ada, Myrtle CAPPS of Ada, Gerogia TARVER of Grants, N.M.; sisters, Mrs. Emmer WILLIAMSON of Ada, Mrs. Pearl TARVER of Oakland, Calif.; brothers, Otto, Archie and Tom of Selma, Ira of California, Jord of Chula Vista, Calif.; 47 grandchildren, 35 great-grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

March 3, 1957

Marion Hardy ALLEN age 50 of 1311 North Broadway, Ada, OK. Buried at Oakman. Criswell Funeral Home in charge. Wife, Edna: daughters Mrs. Dorothy Turner, Mrs. Foy Burns, Mrs. Marie Henry, Miss Sue Allen, Ada; Mrs. Roberta Robinson, Healdton. Sons: Joe, John and Richard, Ada Sisters: Mrs. Eva Norton, Mrs Katie Burns, Ada; Mrs Jennie Hurley, Atwood Brothers: Joe, Dustin; Harve, Stonewall, and Stewart of Waldron, Ark.
Researched by Sue [email protected]

Tuesday, Aug. 27, 1957
page 2

Albert Leo LAXTON
_ Funeral services were held here Tuesday afternoon for Albert Leo Laxton, 321 East Seventeenth, Ada, who died in an Oklahoma City hospital Sunday after a short illness; burial was in Little Cemetery, north of Seminole; Rev. Robert Fling officiating. Sommerville-Swearingin Funeral Home in charge; Oddfellow services at graveside.
Laxton grew up in Seminole County and has been employed by Southwestern Bell in Ada for the past seven and a half years.
Surviving are the wife, Helen, and stepson, Charles THOMPSON, of the home; parents, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Laxton, Route 2, Seminole; sisters, Mrs. Marcella LANES of Owensboro, Ky., Mrs. Maxine DAVIS of Hoisington, Kan., Carolyn LAXTON, Route 2, Seminole; brothers, Glen of Corcoran, Calif., Bob of Livermore, Ky., Homer of Chickasha, Floyd of Route 2, Seminole.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Tuesday, Feb. 4, 1958
Page 2

Obituary For Leander J. PHILPOT
Leander J. Philpot, 80, of 604 West Twenty-second, died at a local hosptial Monday; funeral Wednesday at 2. Smith Funeral Chapel. Rev. Robert Norsworthy; Rosedale Cemetery.
Philpot came to Oklahoma in 1901 and lived in and around Ada since.
Surviving are the wife, Leona, Texico, N.M.; daughters, Mrs. Myrtle BATES and Mrs. Minnie THOMAS of Stockton, Calif., Mrs. Billie CHOATE of Sunnyvale, Calif., Mrs. Pauline GRIFFIN of Hobbs, N.M.; sons, Barney of Ada, Rube of Oklahoma City; 4 sisters; 18 grandchildren, 19 great-grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Sunday, Feb. 22, 1959
Page 1

G.C. Mayhue Sr. Dies Saturday- Rites Pending
G.C. Mayhue Sr., pioneer Ada cattleman, oil man and realtor died about 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Valley View Hospital here. Services are pending at Criswell Funeral Home.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Leone Mayhue; two sons, G.C. Mayhue, Jr. former Ada City Attorney, and Francis Mayhue, Ada; and two daughters. He had been in ill health for about a year.

Monday, Feb. 23, 1959
Page 1

G.C. Mayhue Sr., native Arkansan who moved into the Seminole Nation of Indian Territory to develop extensive oil and cattle holdings, was buried Monday afternoon.
Services were held at 4 p.m. today with Rev. Ralph S. Crawford, pastor of Trinity Baptist Church, officiating. Interment was in Rosedale Cemetery under direction of Criswell Funeral Home.
Mayhue, who leaves a prominent family, was unusually interested in education in this area, although not himself a college graduate.

Hit Oil
Born Nov. 21, 1888 in Arkansas, he moved to Seminole Nation before statehood and developed extensive cattle holding with his brothers and Dr. W.E. Grisso. His holdings extended as far east as Pittsburg County.
The four Mayhue brothers saw their holdings increase in value many times during the mid 1920's when the Seminole Oil Field was developed.   Mayhue moved his family to Pontotoc county in 1927, seeking schools and colleges for his children. He himself attended East Central State College. In the interest of education here, he donated a five-acre tract on the northeast side of Ada. This site today is the only undeveloped track field by the school system.

Had Cancer
Mayhue was a veteran of World War I and saw combat in France where he was injured during a gas attack. He was a long-time member of the Baptist church.   The pioneer Adan was known to be ill for about one year. He suffered from cancer. About one month ago he was hospitalized for further treatment, but declined rapidly. He died here at Valley View Hospital about 6:30 p.m. Saturday.

Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Leone S. Mayhue, of the home north of Ada; two daughters, Mrs. Emet WALKER, Duncan; Mrs. E.T. MELLOR, Chicopee Falls, Mass.; two sons, Francis, now a law student at Oklahoma University and G.C. Mayhue, Jr., of Ada, Attorney-at-law; two sisters, Mrs. Lester BUSH, and Mrs. O. L. KNIGHT, both of Seminole; and eight grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

April 22, 1959

William Elmer BREEDEN, 75, retired employee of Ideal Cement Company and resident of Oklahoma since statehood, died Wednesday in a local hospital.
Mr. BREENDEN was born July 15, 1883 in French Lick Springs, Indiana, and came to Oklahoma October 17, 1907. He worked for the Oklahoma Portland and Ideal Cement Company for 40 and one-half years. He leaves the wife, Mrs. Lavina BREEDEN, 931 West Eighteenth; five sons, Grant, Logan and Calvin BREEDEN, all of Ada, George BREEDEN, Roff, Rt. 1 and W. E. BREEDEN, Jr., Sebastopol, Calif.; two daughters, Mrs. Margaret COMPTON, Ada, and Mrs. Thelma GURLEY, Fairfax, Virginia, a brother, Elza BREEDEN, French Lick Springs, Ind.; three sisters, Mrs. Ethel CLARKSON, Florence, Arizona, Mrs. Rosalie REUTER, Sedalia, Mo.; and Mrs. Oma LASHBROOK, Indianapolis, Ind.; and 13 grandchildren. Services will be at 2 p.m. Friday in the First Baptist Church. Smith Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Bearers will be E .L. COMPTON, John BREEDEN, Grant BREEDEN, George BREEDEN, Logan BREEDEN and Calvin BREEDEN, and honorary bearers will include John P. McKINLEY, Claud RODARMEL, Lee HIGGINBOTHAM, Albert RUSSELL, O. A. BAYLESS, R. H. BENNETT, Roy BACKUS, George KURAS and L. A. ELLISON.

Submitter's Note: The sister, Ethel Clarkson of Florence, AZ was my mother.
Submitted and Researched by Phyllis Hill

The Ada Evening News

Monday, April 27, 1959

Burial will be in Stonewall at 2 p.m. Tuesday for Walter GARRISON, 65, former Stonewall resident who died of a heart attack Saturday morning at his Boswell ranch. Services will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday in the Boswell Methodist Church.
GARRISON grew up and attended school at Stonewall and lived there a good part of his life. Survivors include his son, Jack Garrison, Stonewall; and a sister, Mrs. Tom HENSON, 801 E. 15th, Ada.

Submitters note: The obit for Walter Garrison as sent to me by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News
Submitted by James Mckown [email protected]

September 14, 1961

Charles Aaron Smedley   view obit image and article

Submitted by [email protected]

Tuesday, Dec. 26, 1961
Page 2

_ Services for Jay H. Lambeth, 70, Konawa, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the chapel of Watts Funeral Home, Rev. Arvel Knight officiating, with burial in Konawa Cemetery. Mr. lambeth died Dec. 25, in a Seminole hospital. He was born May 27, 1891, in Lebanon Mo. and came to Konawa in 1937. He was a retired oil field worker.
Survivors include his wife, Dorcas; one son, Jack H., Ada; one stepson, Jerry RUSSELL, Seminole; four brothers and one sister, all of California; and three grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

January 7, 1962

Ada Evening News

Funeral services for Mrs. Nora Cynthia CALDWELL were conducted at 2:30 p.m.  Monday in Richmond Avenue Free Will Baptist church. Interment was under the direction of Criswell Funeral home. Bearers were grandsons of Mrs.CALDWELL.
Mrs. CALDWELL was born 23 February 1874 in Texas and died at her home in Allen, Friday at 11:30 a.m. at the age of 87. She came to Allen in 1902 from Holder, Okla. She was married to J.B. SHROPSHIRE, June 28, 1893. He died in 1908 in Stigler. Mrs. CALDWELL was a member of the Holiness church.
Surviving are two sons, James W SHROPSHIRE, Allen: and Tommie SHROPSHIRE,  Hobbs, N.M.; Five daughters, Mrs. Inez PETERS, Gerty; Mrs. Luvenia FOSTER, Stuart; Mrs. Susie WEBBER, Milwaukee, Ore; Mrs. Pearl ROYSTER, Oildale, Calif. and Mrs. Bessie BROWN, Santa Paula, Calif; 51 grandchildren, 94 great grandchildren, and 14 great-great grandchildren.

Submitter's Note: Full name: Cynthia Lenora (Nora) Cook-Shropshire-Caldwell, born in Navarro Co., TX. Died: 5 January 1962. 2nd husband: Robert W Caldwell. She was buried at: Spring Creek Cemetery, near Calvin, Hughes Co., OK, beside her Mother Cyntha Ann Nally-Cook.

Submitted and Researched by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick

Friday, March 16, 1962, page 2

KONAWA (Special) — Mrs. Ida May LEE, pioneer Francis area resident, died Friday in Fort Gibson.
She was born Feb. 2, 1877, in Cooke County, Texas, and came to Indian Territory with her parents as a child. And she resided in or near Francis the rest of her life. She was converted and joined the church at Grove in 1894. She and John A. LEE were married March 25, 1894. He died in 1951.
She had been at the home of a daughter several months just prior to her death, and before that stayed with her son at Nicoma Park for a time.
Services will be at 2:30 p.m. Sunday in Cedar Grove School. Watts Funeral Home of Konawa is directing the services. Burial will be in Cedar Grove Cemetery.
Mrs. Lee leaves four daughters, Mrs. Dora PARKS, Calif.; Mrs. Laura SHEPPARD, Calif.; Mrs. Clara KLINGLESMITH, Macomb, and Mrs. Ruby BERRY, Fort Gibson; two sons, John A. LEE, Nicoma Park, and Robert LEE, Oklahoma City; 17 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and two great-great-grandchildren.

Sunday, Oct. 14, 1962
Page 2

H.G. Huckaby, 611 West Twenty-fourth, retired farmer, died at 6 a.m. Saturday (Oct. 13, 1962) in a local hospital. Mr. Huckaby made his home with a niece, Mrs. Hobart C. PLUMLEE here, moving to Ada from his farm south of Maysville four years ago. He had resided in that area for 33 years.
Mr. Huckaby was born October 7, 1874, in Fayetteville, Ark., to Mr. and Mrs. John Huckaby.
He leaves two nieces, Mrs. Hobart Plumlee, Ada; and Mrs. John MURPHY, Fallis, Okla.; three great-nieces and one great-nephew.  
Services will be at 2 p.m. Monday in the chapel of Smith funeral Home. Rev. Joe Dixon, pastor of Oak Avenue Baptist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Rosedale Cemetery.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Tuesday, Jan. 29, 1963
Page 2

Services for Mrs. Lucy FOSTER, 314 W. Eighth, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Faith Assembly of God Church, East Gardenia, the Revs. Jimmy Randall and Dale Pollard officiating. Grandsons will be bearers. Smith Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. Interment will be in Rosedale Cemetery. Mrs. Foster died Saturday in a local hospital.
She was born in Joplin, Mo., April 28, 1888 to Jim Holman and Nanny WALLACE HOLMAN. A housewife, she moved to Ada 12 years ago.
Mrs. Foster leaves two daughters, Mrs. Bethel RANDALL, Ada, and Mrs. Annie BARNETT, West Carolton, Ohio; 10 grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Friday, July 12, 1963
Page 2

Obituary For Barney J. PHILPOT
Services for Barney J. Philpot, who died from injuries received in a car accident north of Ada Thursday, will be at 10 a.m. Saturday in the Morris Memorial Baptist Church, Rev. Herb Masters, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Rosedale Cemetery. Smith Funeral Home is in charge.  
Philpot came to the Ada area in 1918 from Sasakwa where he was born in 1904. He was the son of Leeander and Ida Basley Philpot.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Jewell Philpot, of the home; one son, Gerald Philpot, Ada; two step-daughters, Mrs. Watha GAGE, Midwest City, Mrs. Jacqueline MANSUR, Purcell; one stepson, Dewey PITTMAN, Fort Polk, La.; four sisters, Mrs. Myrtle CLORE and Mrs. Minnie THOMAS, Stockton, Calif., Mrs. Billie CHOATE, Sunnyvale, Calif.; Mrs. Pauline GRIFFIN, Hobbs, N.M.; one brother, Rube Philpot, Oklahoma City; and one grandson.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

August 25, 1964

Vinnie Ella(MAXWELL) ANDERSON resident of Roff community, age 62 years, died at 11:20 p.m. Monday at Ada Hospital. She had been a patient for one month prior to her death. Vinnie was born Feb. 2, 1886 in Denton, Texas. Her husband, Julian died about 1950. She was a member of the Roff Methodist Church. Survivors: Three daughters, Mrs. Ruby WEAVER of Ada, Mrs. Vivian CRANK and Mrs. Opal McCURDY of Roff; Three sons, C.C."Buzz" and Leonard ANDERSON of Roff and Walter ANDERSON of Adin, CA.

Researched by Sandra Williams

Friday, Nov. 4, 1966
Page 2

_ Mrs. Dorcas Elizabeth Lambeth, 68, died early Friday at her home at 407 East First. Services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday in the Watts Funeral Home Chapel. Rev. Dennis White, Stratford, will conduct the rites. Burial will be in Konawa Cemetery.
Mrs. Lambeth was born March 27, 1898, in Missouri. She was married to Jay Lambeth in Mannford March 29, 1926, and came to Konawa from Stringtown in 1937. She was a member of the Antioch Baptist Church, west of the city. Mr. Lambeth died Dec. 25, 1961, in Konawa.
She is survived by two sons, Jerry Russell and Jack Lambeth, both of Ada; three grandchildren; two great-grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. G.F. WALTERS, Tahlequah.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

May 11, 1967

Annie SECKINGER died May 9, 1967 and is buried at New Bethel Cemetery. Criswell Funeral Home was in charge of the funeral. Annie was born on October 24, 1884 in Texas to Joe and Alice Roberts. She was the widow of John who died July 14, 1953. Daughters: Thelma Turner, Martha Holbird, pearl Jump, Margie Czerwinski, Ruby Taylor and Eldora Hutchinson.Sons: Wesley and Leonard. Bro: Lee Roberts.
Researching This Family: Paula Robbins [email protected]

Wednesday, Aug. 23, 1967
page 2

Elgie L. ROGERS, 60, 813 West 5th, died at 11:15 p.m. Tuesday in a local hospital. Services will be at 4 p.m. Thursday in the Oakman Community Church. The Rev. Lynn Wood will conduct the rites and burial will be in the Denny Cemetery.
Mr. Rogers, an employee of Ideal Cement Company, was born in Francis, Feb. 7, 1907, son of V.K. and Mattie ENGLAND ROGERS. He and Miss Ollie BANDY were married in Francis in 1927. Ollie Rogers died in Ada Oct. 20, 1959.
Mr. Rogers was a member of the Free Will Baptist Church. He is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Alice JUSTUS, McAlester, Mrs. Autry WALTON, Oklahoma City, and Mrs. Marjorie WHEELER, Hobbs, N.M.; one brother, Bill, Farmerville, Texas.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Sunday, Dec. 17, 1967
Page 2

Services for Bethel RANDELL, 54, 314 W. 8th, Ada, will be conducted at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Salvation Army Chapel, by Capt. Fred Overton. Burial will be in Rosedale Cemetery. Smith Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Mrs. Randell died in a local hospital Friday.
She was born in Soper Aug. 13, 1912, daughter of Jim Foster and Lucy HOLMAN FOSTER. She and Joe Randell were married in January 1930. They came to Ada from Soper in May 1950.
Surviving are her husband, Joe; three sons, Walter, Bebee, Jimmy Charles, Kreenville, Texas, and Joe Earl, San Diego, Calif., with the U.S Navy; four daughters, Josephine STACY, Ada, Lucille WEDDLE, Stonewall, Mary WATHAM, Ada, and Kathleen HAYS, Ada; one sister, Annie BOWMAN, Iowa, and 23 grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

June 18, 1969

Wednesday, Page 2, Col. 1

Arthur COFFEY, 68 died today  in a local hospital. He was born July 1, 1900, in Lightning  Ridge. He was a resident of Ada. Services will be Friday at 3 p.m. in the Lightning Ridge Church. The Rev. F.M. Wood will conduct the rites. Burial will be in Lightning Ridge Cemetery. His nephews will be casketbearers. All arrangements  were made with Criswell Funeral Home.
Survivors include his wife,  Lillie Mae, of the home; two sons, Arthur Carl, Oklahoma City, and Curtis Edward, Tulsa; one daughter, Mrs. Laquita SCROGGINS, Tulsa; nine grand- children; one great-grandchild; five brothers, Arden and Woodrow, both of Ada, Cleo, Dalhart, Tex., and Dock and Ike, both of Amarillo; two sisters, Mrs. Lillie Mae WEBSTER, Roff, and Mrs. Maybelle McKEEL, Odessa, Tex.

Submitters Note: Arthur Coffey and Lillie Mae (Wells) Coffey were my grandparents They resided in the Lightning Ridge community outside of Ada, OK. Buried in the Lightning Ridge cemetery.
Submitted by:
Dianne Coffey-Huddleston [email protected]

The Ada Evening News

March 29, 1970
Page 2

Obituary for Leona S. PHILPOT
Services for Mrs. Leona S. Philpot, Ada, will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday in the Smith Funeral Home Chapel. The Rev. Delbert Akin, pastor of the First Free Will Baptist Church, will conduct the services. Mrs. Philpot died Friday in an Ada nursing home at the age of 87.
She was born in Limestone, Texas, July 16, 1882, daughter of Daniel D. Tharp and Mary Jane HALL THARP. She was a member of the Church of Christ.
Surviving are four grandchildren, Jerry ALLEN, Ada, Freddie Kenneth ALLEN, U.S. Navy, based at San Diego, Calif., Reba HAZDAY and Nina Sue STEPHENS, both of Ada.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

Sunday, September 2, 1972


Graveside services for A.B. ERWIN, 87, Route 1, Stonewall, will be held at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday in Byrds Praire Cemetery under the direction of Smith Funeral Home. Mr. ERWIN died Saturday in a local hospital. He was born Feb. 17, 1886, in Madill and moved to Stonewall from Madill in 1942. He was a retired farmer. In 1927 he married Verdie FORGUSON in Madill.
Survivors include his wife, Verdie, of the home; two sons Curtis ERWIN. Lawton, and Melvin ERWIN, Okmulgee; two daughters. Mrs Mildred HARGIS, of the home and Mrs. Vivian JENNINGS, of Muskogee; one step-son, V.T. FANNIN, Lawton; one sister, Mrs Vinnie MOSES, Tupelo, 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

Submitted by Cathy Phillips [email protected]

July 2, 1974

Tuesday, page 2, col. 4

"Granny" Betty WELLS
Services for Mrs. Betty "Granny" WELLS, 84 Tulsa, will be at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the Lightning Ridge Baptist Church under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home.
Mrs. WELLS died Monday in an Oklahoma City hospital.
She was born Jan. 9, 1890 in Hamilton County, Tex., to Steve and Francis MILLER, and moved  to Lightning Ridge in 1899. In 1907, she was married to Lum WELLS in Roff. He died in 1946.
Mrs. WELLS was a member of the Church of Christ.
Survivors include one daughter, Lillie COFFEY, Tulsa, one sister,  Clara LANEY, Modesto, Calif., two brothers, John MILLER, Sacramento, Calif. and Leonard MILLER, Guadalupe Calif., three grandchildren, 10 great-great grandchildren and three great-great-great-grandchildren.
The Rev. Alvin Garrison will conduct the rites and burial will be in Lightning Ridge Cemetery.
Bearers are C.L. Coffey, Walter Wells, Dewayne Coffey, Jack Coffey, Ed Coffey, and Wylie Webster.

Submitters Note: Anna Elizabeth "Betty" "Granny" Wells and James Columbus "Lum" Wells were my great-grandparents. Resided in the Lightning Ridge community outside of Ada, OK. Buried in the Lightning Ridge cemetery.
Submitted by: Dianne Coffey-Huddleston [email protected]

October 6, 1974

Services for Shed Henry BLANSETT, age 84, will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday in the First Free Will Baptist Church, with the Rev. Delbert AKIN and the Rev. Vard WOOD.
A retired farmer, he was also employed by the Cowling Clinic for 15 years. He was a member of the First  Free Will Baptist Church. Survivors include his wife, Jennie Mae, Ada; five sons, Melvin, San Diego, CA.; Glen, Imperial Beach, CA; Everett, Hood River, Ore.; Equal, Vacaville, CA. and Joe, Morris, OK.: Three half brothers, John GRINDSTAFF, Ada; Walter GRINDSTAFF, OK City; and Burton GRINDSTAFF, CA.: one half sister, Mrs. Addie FOWLER, Ada: 13 grandchildren and several great grandchildren. Burial will be in Rosedale Cemetery. Smith Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

October 24, 1975

Services for Charles William HOISINGTON, 85, Allen, will be at 2 p.m. Monday in the Allen Assembly of God Church. Burial will be in Allen Cemetery.
He died Thursday in an Allen nursing home.
He was born July 31, 1890, in Cresent, to Daniel and Elizabeth HATFIELD HOISINGTON. He moved to Gerty in 1932 and to Allen in 1940.
He and Anna B. DAVIS were married Dec. 16, 1916 in Newkirk.
A retired farmer, he was a member of the Free Holiness Church.
He is survived  by his wife, Anna of the home, a brother, Fred HOISINGTON, Shawnee, and several nieces and nephews.
Criswell Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Researched by Birdie McNutt

Services for Orvile Jesse BANDY, 62, 931 N. Country Club Rd., are set for 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the chapel of Smith Funeral Home, with the Rev. Delbert Akin conducting the rites. Mr. BANDY died Thursday in a local hospital.
He was born Aug. 25, 1913, in Ada to W.H. and Eugena WARD BANDY, and resided here all his life. He was a retired farmer.
Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Bobby Jane LINDAW, of Billings, Mont. and Jessie BANDY, Germany; four sisters, Mrs. Gussie GOLIGHTLY,  Mrs. Bernice WILSON, Mrs. Evelyn LEE and Lonnie BANDY, all of Ada, and Georgia TARVER of New Mexico; one stepbrother, Scott JONES, Ada and five grandchildren.
Burial will be in Denny Cemetery.23izkms5

Services for A.H. Henry NEEL, 83, 407 Short St. are set for 2 p.m. Monday in the Evangelistic Temple with the Rev. Frances Lance conducting the rites.
Mr. NEEL died Thursday in a local hospital.
He was born March 18, 1892 in Dade County, Fla. to Albert E. and Mary Elizabeth CROSKELL NEEL and came to Pontotoc in 1901 from Florida.
He was a retired rancher and a member of the Evangelistic Temple.
On Mov. 26, 1919, he married Sadie HOLMES in Pontotoc.
Survivors include his wife, Sadie of the home, two daughters, Wanez BUNCH, Sulphur and Ann LYTLE, Indianapolis, Ind. and seven grandchildren.
Burial will be in Pontotoc Cemetery, Criswell Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.

Services for Samuel Houston OSBORNE, 76, Sasakwa, will be 1 p.m. Sunday in the New Mode3l Gymnasuim near Saskwa under the direction of Jones and Feggins Funeral Home, Wewoka.
Mr. OSBORNE died Tuesday at his home.
He was born June 9, 1899 in Hazel County, Oklahoma to Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy LANE OSBORNE. He was a member of the Seminole Baptist Church and a counsel for the Seminole Indian Bruner Band.
His wife, Lueser OSBORNE died in March 1973.
Survivors include one daughter, Florence CONLEY, Sasakwa; six sons, Tom, Morris, Chester, Jeff and Raymond, all of Sasakwa. Leroy, Midwest City, and John, Spencer; three sisters, Manerva THOMAS and Madgel Lee GRAYSON, both of Oklahoma City, and Rosetta GUESS, Sasakwa; one brother, Harper, Sasakwa; 42 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren.
Burial will be in the Brunnertown Cemetery.

Services are pending for Henrietta ALFRED, 87, Stonewall. She died at a local hospital Thursday. Arrangements will be announced by Criswell Funeral Home.

- A prayer service for Frank A. ZUECH, 89, Coalgate, will be tonight at 8 p.m. in the chapel of Jim Epperson Funeral Service with Rev. Bill Smith officiating.
He died Wednesday in a Coalgate hospital.
He was born Aug. 4, 1886 in Brez Ariso Tirolo, Austria to Mike and Catherina ZUECH.
He and his wife, Eda, were married Feb. 3, 1910 in Frontenac, Canada.
He is a retired coal miner.
Survivors include his wife, Eda, of the home, four daughters, Paulin LANOY, Antioch, Calif. , Wilda CHANCEY, Dallas, Texas;  Sarah WARE and Elsie RUFFINI, both of Coalgate; one son, Jesse ZEUCH(sic), Purcell; six sisters, Mary BONINI, Racine, Wis.; Angie ALBERTINI, Arma, Kan.; Catherina ZEUCH, Tulsa, Effie JONES. Del City, Rachel JOHNSON and Ernestine MAZZOLINI, Coalgate; 14 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. 

March 21, 1976

Harriett IMMOTICHY BURNETT, age 81, died Wednesday. She was born Nov. 7, 1894 in Jesse, I.T. to Robert and Moliann IMMOTICHY. Mrs. BURNETT married George BURNETT, who died here March 27, 1960.
She is survived by four daughters, Geraldine BOLIN; Kathryn EAST; Genita BOUDRIA; Jacqueline BECK. One step-son, Forest BURNETT. 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.

April 10, 1977

Jack G. WRIGHT, 76,  died Friday, burial in Allen Cemetery. He was born Jaune 18, 1900 in Altus to Jefferson Davis and Maggie Gilbert WRIGHT and moved to Allen in 1930. He was married to Mabel Claire BARTLETT in Ft. Smith, AR in 1924. He owned the Allen Motor Co. and was a 33 degree mason and past worshipfull master, a member of the Scottish Rite Consistory, McAlester.
Survivors include his wife Mabel; two sons, John Houston and David of the home; one brother, A.A. WRIGHT of OKC and two grandchildren.
Bearers were Fred KIMBROUGH, Peno COX,  J.I. JONES, Ulys ROWSEY, Bill McENROY, Guy PEGG,  and Alfred DARAS.

Richard WEIR, 74, born Nov. 6, 1902 in Texas but lived in the Vanoss area most of his life. |The Rev. Don NEWBY conducted services. Burial was in the Lightning Ridge Cemetery.
Survivors include two sisters, Mrs. Estor McCULLAR, Vanoss and Mrs. Bernice BAILEY, Ada, three half brothers, Walter WEIR, Houston, George  WEIR, Arizona, and Wallace WEIR, Heywood Calif.

Coy C. PLUNK, 73, born Oct. 16, 1903 near Allen and lived in the area all of his life. He and Marie BURGESS were married Oct. 21, 1925 in Ada.
Survivors includes his wife Marie; two sons, Jack Bentley, Redwater, TX; and Bob, Allen; one daughter, Patti Jean KELLEY, Allen; one brother Roy PLUNK of Allen, four sisters, Cora JOHNSON, Mabel TATE and Allie HOPKINS of Allen and Elva DALLARHIDE, Oologah, OK.; eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

Alta HARKINS, 72, Tupelo was born April 7, 1905 in Hughes Co. I.T. to Oscar C and Frances Cordelia DUNCAN WYLIE and lived in Okla. all her life. She married Claude HARKINS in Coalgate Feb. 16, 1926.
Survivors include her husband; one daughter, Mrs Myradelle SAINT, Stonewall.  ??Two sisters, Mrs. Opal Grimsley and Mrs. Delores PARKER; Five brothers, Otis, Edward, Ray, Orval and Glenn WYLIE, and two grandchildren.
Bearers Ernest GOSS, Lloyd Wayne GOSS, Archie ANGEL, J.R. LINKER, A.A. HOWELL, and Robert BREASHEARS.

March 1978

Novella J. ERWIN b. Mar 04 1940 d. Mar 25 1978 Buried: Byrd's Prairie Cemetery, south of Tupelo, OK on highway 48.

Submitted by Cathy Phillips [email protected]

August 24, 1981, Monday

Services for Edna Mary ALLEN, 75, are 10 a.m. Tuesday in the chapel of the Criswell Funeral Home. Lt. Eric McClure will conduct the rites and burial will be in Oakman Cemetary.
Mrs. Allen died Sunday in a local hospital. She was born Oct 17, 1905, in Arkansas to Thomas and Rachel Bray TARWATER, and moved to this area as a small child.
On June 4, 1922, she and Marion Hardy Allen married in Center. he died March 5, 1957.
Mrs Allen was a member of the Salvation Army.
Survivors include three sons, Joe, John and Richard, all of Ada; five daughters, Dorothy, Fay and Sue, Roberta , and Marie; two brothers, Edward Tarwater, West Virginia, and R.B. Tarwater, Ada; 45 grandchildren, 40 great grandchildren and three great-great grandchildren. Grandsons will be bearers.
Researched by Sue [email protected]

March 6, 1984

KONAWA- Graveside services for John L. Eastes, 83, are 2 p.m. Monday at the Konawa Cemetery. The Rev. Arvle Knight will officiate.
Mr. Eastes died Saturday at his residence here. He was born March 15, 1900, to Morris Leon and Inez Garver Eastes and lived here most of his life. He was a retired oilfield worker and is survived by one niece, Jane Broome, Konawa.
Pickard Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Jan. 21, 1988

Verdie ERWIN
Graveside services for Verdie ERWIN, 85, Stonewall, will be 2 p.m. Thursday at Byrds Prarie Cemetery at Tupelo, the Rev. A.C. BOURLAND conducting rites. Mrs. ERWIN died Tuesday at her home. She was born Nov. 15, 1902 in Marshall County to George and Ida WARD FORGUSON. She moved to Stonewall in 1943 and was a housewife. In 1928 she married A.B. ERWIN. He died Sept 1, 1972 in Ada.
Survivors include two daughters, Mildred HARGIS of the home, Vivian JENNINGS, Muskogee; three sons, Vernon FANNIN, Lawton, Curtis ERWIN, Fletcher, Clovis ERWIN, Ringo; one sister, Velma COLLINS, Lawton, two brothers, Rob FORGUSON, Fletcher, and Jess FORGUSON, Idabel; 14 grand-children; and nine great-grandchildren.
Smith Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Submitter's Note: Vernon Temith FANNIN b.Dec. 26, 1921, Lebanon,Marshall, Oklahoma d.Jul. 19, 1988, Lawton, Comanche, Oklahoma Was the son of Andrew J. FANNIN and Vertie FORGUSON.
Submitted by Cathy Phillips [email protected]

Ada - Services are pending with Criswell Funeral home for Bertha Ellen GEORGE, 75, Ada, who died today. She was born May 16, 1912.
She is survived by her husband, Delbert Chase GEORGE of the home; and two daughters, Mary Ellen PIERCE and Joann TOFOYA

Ada - Arrangements are pending with Criswell Funeral Home for Mary Jane ALFREY, 82, Ada, who died Thursday. She is survived by her husband J.H. ALFREY; one daughter, Charlotte BATES, Ada; and other relatives.

Ada - Funeral services for E.H. BRANNON, Ada, are pending with Bell Funeral Home. BRANNON died Thursday.

Monday, May 8, 1995
Listed 5/17/1998

Ada- Graveside services for Cleo COFFEY Sr., 87, Ada, are 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Lightning Ridge Cemetery, the Rev. Joe Dixon officiating.
Mr. Coffey died May 7, 1995, at his home. He was born Jan. 12, 1908, at Lightning Ridge to Henry Gilbert and Etter Matilda FULFER COFFEY. He came back to the Ada area in 1988 from Dalhart, Texas. He attended grade school at Lightning Ridge. He was formerly employed by Phillips Petroleum and as a motel manager.
On Jan. 29, 1926, he and Gladys NORDEAN were married in Roff. He is survived by his wife, Gladys Nordean Coffey, of the home; a son, Cleo Coffey, Jr., Dallas, Texas; a brother, Arden L. Coffey, Ada; three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.
Criswell Funeral Home, Ada, is in charge of arrangements.

Submitted by: Dianne Coffey-Huddleston  [email protected]

July 16, 1995

A.A. KOLARS - 85 years,  died July 14.  Services pending. Criswell Funeral Home.

July 17, 1995

Ada.- Memorial Services for Arthur A. KOLARS, 85 yrs, of Ada 10 a.m. Tuesday in the Kingsom Hall of Jehovah Witness, with Stan SYPIEN officiating. Burial will follow in Lockport, Illinios.
Mr. KOLARS died July 14, 1995 at his home. He was born September 30, 1909.
Family Researched by O.B. Hunnicutt

Sunday, April 8, 1997

_ Graveside services for Dora Maye Owens, 64, Oklahoma City, will be 1 p.m. Monday at New Bethel Cemetery, Byng. Ms. Owens died April 7, 1989, at Oklahoma City.
She was born April 4, 1925, at Ada to Robert Lee and Bessie Ada BAILEY DRIVER. She was a homemaker and attended the United Pentecostal Church.
Survivors include six sisters, Elsie ENNIS, Margie ALLRED, Darcis Fay PEARL, and LaWanda LOVE, all of Oklahoma City, Opal BARKER, Kingston, and June SCHUNEMANN, Austin, Texas; one brother, Edward DRIVER, Arkansas. Vondel Smith and Son Mortuary is in charge of arrangements.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

March 8, 1998

Services for Sarah Louise BUCHANON, 95, Holdenville are 11 a.m., Monday at the First Baptist Church of Holdenville. Burial follows at Holdenville Cemetery.
Mrs. Buchanon died March 6, 1998, at a Shawnee hospital. She was bornNovember 22, 1902 near Ada to Nathaniel and Shelby NORVEL TUCKER. She was raised in the Ada area and attended schools in the rural Ada communities. She worked at the telephone company as an operator and lived in Ada for a number of years before moving to Hodenville in the mid1920s. She was a member of the First Baptist Church for more than 50 years.
She and Virgil BUCHANON were married December 24, 1923 at Ada.
She is survived by two children, one sibling, four grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, and three great-great grandchildren.
Hudson - Phillips Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.
Submitted by Renee Smelley [email protected]

July 21, 1998


Ada- Services for Ross Repass 85, Ada, are 2 p.m. Wednesday at Trinity Baptist Church, Dr. Rusty Fuller and the Revs. Malcolm Meyers and Richard K Grant officiating. Burial follows in Memorial Park Cemetery. Mr. Repass died July 20, 1998, at Oklahoma City hospital. He was born Nov. 26, 1912, at Fullerton, La. to Floyd and Lillie Ross Repass.
He moved to Ada in 1936 from Sayre, where he had attended school. He owned and operated Ross Repass Radiator Shop in Ada from 1945-1989. He was a member of Trinity Baptist Church since 1946 and ws a Sunday school teacher for many years.
He and Helen Ozell Grant were married Aug. 10, 1937 at Lawton.
Survivors include his wife Helen Repass, of the home, two daughters, Lou Ellen Repass, Ada, and Susan Repass, Norman; a son John Repass, Oklahoma City; a sister Mildred Repass, Loveland, Colo. and two grandchildren.
Bearers are Clifford Pearce, Kenneth Roberts, Walter Smith, C.B. Sowards, Paul Williams and Marion Willis. Criswell Funeral Home is in charge of arrangments.


Services for Alfred A. "Al" Horton, 90, Stonewall ar 1 p.m. Wednesday at Stonewall First Baptist Church, the Rev. Gary Jamar officiating. Burial follows in Highland Cemetery.
Mr. Horton died July 19, 1998, at an Oklahoma City hospital. He was born June 30, 1908 at Tupelo, to Benjamin and Sarah Swaffer Horton.He moved to Stonewall from Oklahoma City, after his retirement as a sales manager of Western Gillette Trucking Company. He was a member fo the American Legion Post 72 in Ada and Stonewall First Baptist Church. He served in the U.S. Army Air Corps during World War II. He and Esther S. Parker were married Dec. 6, 1929 at Stonewall. She died July 22, 1981.
Survivors include two daughters, Peggy Covey, Oklahoma City, and Janice Fox,  Burkburnett, Tx; two sisters Ollie Cooper, Ada and Jessie Wilson, Tupelo; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.
Bearers are Matt Berning, Tim Hall, Jack Blair, Roger Abbott, Royce Sliger and Grant Ellis. Criswell Funeral Home, Ada, is in charge of arrangements.


Dr. Paul Winson Stringtown- Services for Dr. Paul Lewis Winson, 66, Stringtown, formerly of Coalgate and Antlers, are 2 p.m. Wednesday at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church, Stringtown, the Revs. Larry Rose and Bartt Bradford officiating. Dr. Cliff McDonald is reading the eulogy. Burial follows in the Magby Family Cemetery, near Stringtown.
Mr. Winson died July 20, 1998 at his home. He was born Nov. 11, 1931 to Glenn Everett and Clara Leona Brogdon Winson. He owned and operated Winson Animal Clinics in Coal and Pushmataha counties during the past 35 years. He graduated from Perry High School and Oklahoma State University with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in June 1959. He was a member of the Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church and was a 32nd degree Mason. He was a veteran of the U.S. Air Force.
He and Joyce Magby were married June 2, 1978 at Shawnee.
Survivors include his wife, Joyce, of the home, four children, Timothy Glenn Winsor, Mukilted, Wash., Gaynelle Winsor Drake, McKinney, Tx. Nancy Dell Winsor Lambert, Ada, and Michele Winsor Brown, Fort Worth, Tx. six stepchildren, Glenda Roebuck, Coalgate, Brenda Peel, Eugene Magby, Howell Magby, and Hank Magby, all of Stringtown, and Melinda Ferrero, Russell, Kan. a brother Lawrence Richard Winsor, Jacksonville, Fla. eight grandchildren; 15 stepgrandchildren; and one stepgreat-grandchild. Bearers are Guy Franks, Joe Don Eaves, Bill Gengler, Duane Gibbs, Leland Tucker, L.D. Barker, Gene Allen, Kenneth Battles, Bruce Akard and Joe Bill Holstine, Honorary bearers are Wren Shaw, Brad Miller, Jack Griffin, Calvin White, Bill Nichols, Joe Stamper, Albvin J Morris and John Crowder. Family Hour is 7-8 p.m. today at Brwons Funeral service, Ada.


Holdenville- Military services for Billy Joe Tallant, 70, Holdenville, ar 10:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Holdenville Cemetery, the Rev. Richard Turner officiating. Mr. Tallant died July 19, 1998 at his home. He was born July 31, 1927 to Arthur and Cornelia Tallant.He was raided in the Holdenville, Atwood and Gerty communities. He was discharged from the United States Navy in December 1946 after serving one and one-half years in the Pacific Theater on board the U.S. Thuban, In December 1947 he joined the United States Air Force, where he served in Guam for 24 months. He was discharged Dec. 22, 1951, and then joined the Oklahoma National Guard. He retired from the military after 35 years.He was an insurance salesman for 35 years and transferred to San Antonio, Tx. in 1981. He was made district manager in 1987 for the south Texas area. He retired in 1987 and returned to the Holdenville area. He was a member of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9827, where he was quartermaster.
Survivors include two daughters. Marsha Jones, Okmulgee, and Pam Dodson, Holdenville, a son John Tallant, Holdenville, and four grandchildren.
The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9827 are bearers. Hudson-Philips Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.

Submitted by Brandi Taylor [email protected]

Monday, Nov. 17, 1998
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Mary Ann WARD
Mrs. Mary Ann Elizabeth Ward, 2519 N. Turner, died in an Ada nursing home at 6:50 p.m. Saturday. She was 80. Criswell Funeral Home will announce funeral arrangements.
Mrs. Ward was born in Wapanucka Jan. 8, 1889, daughter of Richard Wood and Sara WOOD.
She and South Ward were married in Chickasha in 1910.
Surviving are two sons, Farris M. Ward, Ada; and Carl Ray Ward, Dallas, Texas; two daughters, Fay SOUZA, Prosser, Wash., and Freda ARBUCKLE, Denver, Colo.; six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.
Submitted by Brenda Tollett [email protected]
The Ada Evening News

January 3, 1999

ROFF- Services for Mattie Mae Stephens UNDERWOOD, 100, Roff, are 10 a.m.Monday at Criswell funeral Home Chapel. the Rev. Dennis Tate officiating. Burial follows in Lightning Ridge Cemetery. Mrs. Underwood died Jan. l, 1999, at her home.
She was born June 1, 1898, at Center, Indian Territory, to William Preston and Mary Jane SELLERS STEPHENS.
She lived most of her life in the Roff area and attended school at Dolberg. She was a homemaker and member of the Dolberg Missionary Baptist Church.
She and Robert Andy Underwood were married Feb 2, 1919, at Roff. he died Aug. 2, 1975, at Ada.
Survivors include two daughters, Amy and Correna; three sons, Robert, Bobby , and Mike Underwood; a brother, Elmer Stephens; 29 grandchildren; 40 great grandchildren; and nine great great grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by five sons, Archie Dee in 1926, William Dale in 1959, Clifford Lee in 1982, Wesley Preston in 1992, and Jerry Dean in 1994; and a daughter, Thelma Juanita Wade, in 1996.
Bearers are Carl Stephens, Jimmy Stephens, Cecil Cornell, Lonnie Burnett, Bill Stephens, Floyd Stephens, James Cornell and John Brandt.
Honorary bearers are grandsons.

Thursday, November 11, 1999

Ada - Graveside services for Dortha Lee "Dot" PERKINS, 75, Ada, are 11 a.m. Friday in Rosedale Cemetery, the Revs. Vernal West and Keith Strain officiating.
Mrs. Perkins died Nov. 10, 1999 at her home. She was born July 27, 1924, in Blackwell to Percy Lee and Thelma May BOWE DITTEMORE. She lived most of her life in the Ada area. She graduated from Ada High School. She was a homemaker and was a member of the First Christian Church.
On October 12, 1941, she married Edwin Cope Perkins at Maud.
Survivors have been omitted.
Criswell Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.
Submitted by Renee Smelley [email protected]

April 4, 2001

ANGLIN, Leatrice Mar. 6, 1915 Midway Apr. 3, 2001 OKC
Services: Coalgate Cemetery, Rev. Doyle STUART, Epperson Funeral Home. Parents: Houston and Dove Quiett COOK   Married: Touten Brunson ANGLIN at Whiteboro, TX
Survivors: 4 daughters Doris June, Wanda Lee, Ruth Ann, Donna Sue, 2 sons James Ross, Eddie, 3 sisters Thelma, Betty , Sandy, brother Bill COOK
Preceded by: son Lawerence Wesley ANGLIN

BRUMLEY, Joe Bailey Sept. 29, 1917 Stratford Apr. 2, 2001 OKC
Services: Rev. Dewayne KLEPPER, McGee Cemetery in Stratford, Pickard Funeral Home, Stratford   Parents: Will and Della TRIMBLE BRUMLEY Married: Margie TAYLOR, Ruth MCKNIGHT (married for 17 years)
Survivors: wife Ruth, son Larry, daughter Brenda, brother Chester BRUMLEY, 9 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren
Preceded by: wife Margie, son Ron

MILLER, Archie W. Dec. 22, 1924 Tulsa Mar. 30, 2001 Kirkland, Wash.
Services: Emmanuel Presbyterian Church, Bothell Funeral Home Married: Patricia J. MILLER at Ada in 1946
Survivors: wife, 3 sons Jack W., Dwight N., Everett and David N., 10 grandchildren

MYERS, Duane Age 66 Apr. 4, 2001 Services: Criswell Funeral Home
Survivors: wife Priscilla, 2 sons David, Edward, daughter Julia, 2 sisters Lillie SELLARS, Barbara JONES

TURNER, Marissa born and died Apr. 2, 2001 Ada Services: Memorial Park Cemetery in Ada, Rev. Richard TURNER officiating, Rev. Carl HAYES assisting, Smith Funeral Home in Ada   Parents: Luke Charles and Michelle Kay KEELING TURNER
Survivors: parents, grandparents Randy and Glenda KEELING, John and Diana TURNER, great-grandparents W. L. and Denzil KEELING, Winona WARD, Richard and Corean TURNER, great-great-grandparents Cleo and Doyle NEWBY

WILSON, Mark Oct. 27, 1968 Mar. 28, 2001   Parents: Billy Joe and Glenda Gene REED WILSON
Survivors: wife Cynthia, parents, brother Keith CARTER, sister Tammy.
Services: Rev. George CARSON, Reynolds Funeral Service, Waynesboro

Vickie Neill Taylor [email protected]

June 2001
Madison McKenzie of Ada, the granddaughter of Nina Johnston, has been chosen for the second
year to participate in Oklahoma City University's Performing Arts Academy Music Theater Camp.
The camp, which runs for three weeks, is directed by Dr. David Herendeen, who serves as
Director of Opera & Music Theater Programs At Oklahoma City University. Madison will take
classes in various area, including acting, singing, make-up for the stage, costumes and stage movement.
The camp will conclude with a full feature review that will be open to the public.
Madison will return to Ada in early July and will enter the sixth grade this fall.

Submitted by [email protected]

June 29, 2005
Ada Evening News

COALGATE — Services for Alfred Don Mason, 78, Coalgate, are 10 a.m.
Friday at Brown’s Funeral Chapel. He died June 28, 2005, at Duncan.
Brown’s Funeral Service


Alfred Don Mason was born on April 19, 1927 to Landon C. Mason and Nora Francis (Clark) at Coalgate, Ok. Alfred lived in Comanche, Ok and Died in Duncan, Ok on June 28, 2005. He is survived by 2 sisters, Harty Vista Henry and husband Dee Troy of Comanche, Ok and Maudie Fay Morgan of Mcloud, OK and 1 brother Willow Dean Mason and wife Marlene of Corning, Ca. along with nieces and nephews and many other relatives and many friends. Services are at 10:00 a.m. July 1, 2005 at Brown's Funeral Chapel. Interment and burial at Coalgate Cemetery.

Submitted by Mrs Pat Howell

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