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The Oklahoma Almanac
Industrial Record, 1908
Chronological Record of the Year 1907
Printed by Oklahoma Publishing Company
Contributed by Nalora Burns[email protected]

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Triplets born to Mrs. Edward SCHULTZ, near Arapaho.

Dr. A. N. WILLEY, Shawnee, died.

Jack MCCONNELL who made $200,000 from Glenn Pool oil field, died at

A. C. MURPHY, Edmond, murdered by a boy.

Oklahoma Central ran its first train, Lehigh to Byars.

Frank TEAGUE, boy of 15, confesses to robbing post office box of $3,000
at Shawnee.

Newton YOUNGBLOOD, boy murderer of O. P. MURPHY at Edmond, is placed in
[transcriber's note: I do not know if this is meant to be the A. C.
MURPHY killed on the 3rd, the initials are different in the original]

Mrs. Arthur DIMMERS, died at Shawnee.

Corporal KNOWLES, alleged assailant of Captain MACKLIN, faces trial at
El Reno.

T. J. LOGGINS, accused of killing Henry SULLIVAN, Oklahoma City, acquitted.

Postmaster J. R. ECKLES, Waurika, resigns.

Land bids opened at Lawton for "big pasture" lands.

J. D. WARFORD named postmaster at Erick.

At Tulsa, J. S. HULL, deranged, escapes from hospital and tries to
run away with railway engine.

Bar association at Antlers condemns Judge Humphrey.

Howard M. ATKINSON, wealthy resident, dies at Oklahoma City.

Jasper and Charles MONTUE drowned at Perry.

Col. John N. FLORER, 63, old Osage Indian trader, died at Bartlesville.

At Chickasha 36 negroes jailed on murder conspiracy.

E. E. BROWN reappointed postmaster at Oklahoma City.

Spinal menigitis affects many persons at Sacred Heart.

Mrs Louisa DAILEY at St. Louis tells shocking story of captivity at
a brothel in Shawnee.

Jury at Duncan condemns gambling in society.

Nat MARSHALL, killed at Lawton.

Mrs. Alice ANDREWS at Muskogee indicted on charge of attempting to murder
a boy, aged 12.

Mrs. Jesse BONEY attempts suicide in Oklahoma City.

W. Louis TULL and Mrs. Marjorie MAGUIRE wed at Oklahoma City.

Adjutant General, A. J. MILES, O. N. G. resigns.

Sam C. CAVETT, murderer of J. C. GILLIAND, McCloud, taken to penitentiary
for three year term.

With blow of his fist, William BUMGARNER killed Fred KENNEDY at Norman.

Smallpox attacks delegates to constitutional convention at Guthrie.

Negro prisoner attempted to kill policeman Charles GORDON at Oklahoma

Miss Kate BARNARD of Oklahoma City assured by constitutional convention
that provision for elimination of child labor will be framed.

Charles C. HENDERSON at Muskogee, married by a notary, applies for

Prayer of John C. GRACE, aged 76, at Kingfisher,  who wanted to die
with his wife, is granted.

At Muskogee, Harvie UNDERWOOD, who killed a man who stole his filipino
wife, was acquitted.

E. L. SCAPORN drowned at Fall City.


John H. ACKERMAN, former bill clerk in Oklahoma City wholesale house
arrested on charge of defrauding.

G. S. ATWOOD of Ada reported mysteriously missing.

W. G. NEWMAN, prominent Odd Fellow, died at Cooperton.

W. Z. MITCHELL, Altus, sold his mules for $1,000 then "lost the roll."

W. T. MARTIN convicted at Muskogee of theft of Creek Indian Roll, got
year and fine of $10,000.

Town of Manitou absorbs town of Siboney, after months of town rivalry.

Joseph HAMMON, aged 61, pioneer scout and friend of "Wild Bill" Hicok,
died at Hammon, in Custer county.

Eight persons injured, two fatally in Katy wreck at Crowder city.

Unknown fiend attempts to poison entire family of W. E. LAMB at Hollis.

Mother's will leaves Will PICKENS $1 from $10,000 estate at Arapaho.

J. J. BRIGGS, aged 74, attempts suicide because of illness.

James S. KERSHAW, Hobart, short in his accounts as agent for insurance
company, committed suicide.

Sam MOW, Sac and Fox indian, murderer of four persons, arrested at

Announced that W. F. SHARP, of Tulsa, a litigant, presented $2,000
wedding gift to daughter of Judge Louis SULZBACHER.

News recieved from Locke, Greer county, of burning of Samuel MEYER'S
home, incinerating his son, aged 9, and burning off the ears of his
7 year old son.

Walter SPESS, outlaw, sentenced at Tulsa to two years in prison.

Miss Elizabeth KELL won silver medal in W. C. T. U. contest at Shawnee.

Jim WARD suicides at Oklahoma City.

John L. GRESSEL of Hooper, weds Mrs. Nannie MITCHELL of Wyeth, Va. at
St. Louis; a mail order romance.

Female suffrage defeated at constitutional convention, 54-37.

Ridge PASCHAL, lawyer and politician, dies at Tahlequah.

Mrs. H. F. WELLS of Kingfisher disappears.

Dr. E. T. CLARK, Lufkin, Texas. weds Miss Laura JOHNSON, Lawton.

Dr. LOVE of Tulsa charges Rev. J. M. RHOADES of Newkirk with trying
to alienate his wife's affections.

J. C. GRAVES, Oklahoma City, sells Electric Chimes to P. H. LITTLEPAGE
of Minco and Ollie GRAVES of Perry.

Ernest W. WARNER suicides at Oklahoma city.

Tams BIXBY buys Muskogee Phoenix.

R. A. JOSEY, who six months ago came from Texas a poor man, cleans up
$115,000 in Glenn Pool oil leases.

Postmaster Thomas CRADDOCK, Wellston, resigns.

Rock Island trains collide at Oklahoma City, injuring 20 persons.

Miss Margaret MCKINLEY and Mrs. Martha H. FLICK each subscribe $1,000
to the state fair.

Several people injured in Frisco wreck at Davidson.

Muskogee--Fred A. KERR vs Sam and Huckleberry SHELL, involving allotments
worth $160,000, decided in favor of the Shells.

Miss Olvie JONES gets first claim in "Big Pasture"; bid: $1,350.

Dr. BEACHOM of Mangum slays Charles THOMAS, who a year previous eloped
with BEACHOM's wife.

John KELMAN aged 83, Enid merchant, died.

Charles J. WEST resigned a special assistant counsel to the attorney

Howard THROOP, Oklahoma City, defeated W. E. GREEN, Washington City, in
two 100-ball games of pool, by scores 100 to 77, 100 to 89.

George CALHOUN and Sumpter THOMPSON both mortally wounded in duel at
Wilburton, because of alleged insult offered Calhoun's wife.

Charles MCFARLAND, a National league star, contracts to manage Oklahoma
city baseball club.

William YOUNG, of Enid, after drinking pint of whiskey in five minutes,

James WHITTAKER dies at Shawnee.

Charles GRUEDER, Oklahoma City, commits suicide.

Jack DUBOIS, Oklahoma City, killed by Santa Fe train.

Charles MELLIN, alleged murderer of John MARTIN, near Dewey, held to
grand jury.

W. P. EVANS, Tulsa, arrested on charge of attempting to poison husband
of one of his salesmen.

Harry CONGDON, Oklahoma City, arrested on embezzlement charge.

Lyman K. LANE, cashier of Indian agency at Muskogee, arrested on
charge of embezzling $7,856 government money.

Engineer W. F. SCHMIDT and Brakeman Herbert COOKE killed by
explosion of Rock Island freight engine 1896 near Shawnee.

Wrestling-Bernie PRIDE of Granite defeated "Mexican Pete" EVERETT
at Oklahoma City.

C. B HART named as general freight and passenger agent of Midland
Valley line.

Fireman Sidney DAVIS of Chickasha scalded to death in wreck of Rock
Island engine 12 at Enid.

E. D. NIMS and E. E. WESTERVELT of Oklahoma City robbed of $750 while
bathing at San Antonio.

James WHITTAKER, Shawnee, wills $170,000 to family.

Harry CONGDON admits embezzling funds of Pioneer Telephone Co., at
Oklahoma City; bound over to grand jury.

Belle MARTIN, age 5, frightened to death at Alex, by three boys "shooting
up" the town.

Perry EVANS, teaching school near Gotebo, seriously injured by refractory

Dr. F.D. BEAUCHAMP of Lawton held without bail for slaying Charles THOMAS.

M. R. STURTEVANT, Oklahoma bank examiner, resigns.

Amos MCINTOSH, famous Creek baptist preacher, died near Okmulgee.

Carl MATHEWS at Newkirk shot his divorced wife, Mabel LOCKWOOD, and then
attempted suicide.

E. L. FULTON nominated for congress by democratic convention at Geary.

John LAVERTY, who died at Lawton, left $6,000 estate to Methodist church.

Sensational discovery that a college student in Oklahoma City boiled
human bodies in his back yard.

Charles WEST exposes territorial administrations loss of nerve in
procecuting railroad cases.

Ghouls rob grave of Mrs. Johnson WOOLY at Bennington.

William BREWER, aged 74, noted Cherokee Indian died at Okmulgee.

Frisco railray gives $1,000 each to little son and daughter of Jim
WHETSTONE at Henryetta for saving train from wreck.

John ROURKE, 28, committed suicide at Muskogee.

Five citizens of Chickasha---D. D. SAYRE, R. B. BRIDGES, O. COFFMAN, Dr.
Charles Brown and J. C. EARLY---voluntarily double their taxes to
increase tax valuations of the city.

A. W. GRIFFIN of Roll indicted on charge of locating many old soldiers
on one tract of land.

Judge J. H. PANCOAST at Grand, charge County Attorney SHARP with lax
methods in prosecutions and continues all criminal cases.

Sidney COGGIN, slayer of Section forman WARREN, died in jail at Ardmore.

Pete PHILLIPS murdered Ben CLINGER in an Oklahoma City saloon.

William JONES and wife drown in Shawnee Creek, near Muskogee.

George SUTTON defeated Jake SCHAEFFER 400 to 238 in billard contest
at Muskogee.

R. E. BRYANT, alleged "horse theif king" jailes at Hobart.

Chancey WILLIAMS, 27, committed suicide at Riverside.

Mr and Mrs. Martin ROGER at Hunter, celebrate 50th wedding anniversary.

Albert P. RYAN, desperate forger wanted at Mattoon, Ill., arrested at
Oklahoma City.

Lawton grand jury fails to indict L. T. RUSSEL of Ardmore, slayer of

L. K. PUCKETT ends his life in Washita river near Chickasha.

W. O. FARTHING, formerly an Ardmore merchant, a suicide at Valley View,

Body of unknown man found anchored to bed of Elk River near Hobart.

Mrs. M. BROOKS arrested at Ardmore, charged with murder of Dr. J. W.

Joseph MCCARTY, of Denison, Texas, sentenced to jail for horse theft
at Lawton.

C. A. BERGE, former cashier of the defunct bank at Kiowa, held on
embezzlement charge.

F. S. MCDUFFIE, former city treasurer of Lawton, faces trial on
embezzlement charge.

Gen W. E. HARDY, aged 92, secretary of the Kaw National council, weds
Mary Riley-Wares of Kansas City, at Oklahoma City.

Tulsa grand jury indicts Deputy Marshal W. E. STRICKLAND and Posseman
John QUERRY, on charge of malfeasance.

Dan MYNETT, travelling salesman attempts suicide at Lawton.

Ward M. SNYDER, son of Pittsburg millionaire, indicted for bigamy
at Tulsa.

Elmer VANCE at El Reno convicted of murder of J. W. SHEEHAN and Henry
MARADOUX at Sayre.

H. H. WHITE, a banker at Francis, arrested at Silverton, Colorado on
embezzlement charge.

W. W. COX at El Reno sentenced for one year for tampering with United
States mail.

Elmer Vance, Sayre murderer sentenced for life at El Reno.

Federal Judge DICKERSON orders F.M. RICHARDS, rich Alaskan gold miner,
to pay $20,000 to children of divorced wife.

Charles SIMPSON, age 42, of Lawton known as "midget" slayer of Worth
BAILEY sent to pen for 22 years. He had served a previous term of 21
years for a similar crime.

Lawton jury acquits R. M WINEGAR who killed a negro footpad who
assaulted him to rob.

Rev. P. J. DICKERSON of Gotebo cleared at preliminary trial of charge
of burning George GORDON'S farm residence near Mountain View.

Mrs. M. PRUITT of Tulsa dislocates her jaw laughing.

Police Chief W. J. RABER and son of Tulsa, bitten by pet dog with
rabies, secure relief from application of mad stone in Chicago.

At Tyler Henry DAVIS quarrelled with and fatally shot in the neck Stoke
WALDEN, who, in turn, walked to M. T. JACKSON'S home, charged him with
causing the trouble, and shot and killed him.

Carl MATHEWS of Newkirk remarries divorced wife he tried to kill.

Three killed and many injured in Rock Island wreck at Council Grove.

Charles ARMSTRONG, an Oklahoma City policeman shoots Ike ASHBURN in
Moss bar and fatally wounds John WEGER, bartender.

D. R. MORRIS of Guthrie weds Miss Marion PERKINS of Exeter, N.H.

Ellis SANDERS of Gage arrested on charge of robbing and burning Santa
Fe depot at that place.

Fred GUY, deserting cavalryman from K troop, Fort Sill, arrested at
Oklahoma City.

Frank B. HART committed suicide in a Shawnee saloon.

Mrs. Resaller FETTROW-HOUN died at Guthrie, age 75.

At Lawton, Charles SIMPSON, slayer of Worth BAILEY, sentenced to pen
for two years.

R. B. WINDSOR, the Frisco station agent who killed E. A. FLYNN at Elgin
in 1906, granted new trial as the result of a hung jury.

At Newkirk, Woodson H. MORRIS, a wealthy land owner, convicted of
murdering Finis CASSIDY, Feb. 27, 1906, sentenced for life.

At Tulsa, Frank WILKERSON, 15, confesses to slaying with an axe, his
uncle, Shelly ELLIS.

Warpath, chief of the Arapahoes, died at Indian Missions near Geary.

Mysterious explosion wrecked a two story brick building at Guthrie,
critically injuring Roy WAUGH of Springfield, MO.

In Beaver county, James W. KEMP was convicted for slaying his neighbor,
J. W. PERKINS, near Boyd, because Perkins resented an alleged insult
to his wife.

At El Reno, Mrs. Anna RUGG, charged with poisoning her husband,
adjudged not guilty.

Judge W. H. ANDERSON of Lawton, dies on train enroute for Altus.

E.K THURMOND, of Sayre, owner of seven banks in Oklahoma, weds Pearl
MOODY of Kansas City.

At celebration of completion of big steel bridge over the
south Canadian river at Sayre, Miss Minta SLACK and J. D. GREER[N?]
were married.

Mary ALDERSON sacrifices homestead rights, near Lawton, to wed
Bernard LACY.

Charles ARMSTRONG, former policeman at Oklahoma City, indicted for
murderous assault.

Indictments against BILLINGSLEY and ROBB of Capitol National Bank quashed
at Enid by Judge BURFORD at instance of United States District Attorney

Frank JAMES, former Missouri bandit, draws claim in "Big Pasture" but
must await expiration of 4 year lease.

At Newkirk, Woodson S. MORRIS, aged 70, sentenced to 99 years in pen
for murdering his tenant, Finis CASSIDY.

Dr. W. M. WILCOX of Oklahoma City, drowned while bathing at Tampico,

Blake JONES, of Wilburton, candidate for sheriff, shot and killed by his
son-in-law, Topa THOMAS.

O. S. WILBORN found murdered at Geary.

George GOLDEN killed Miss Kate PARIS in her hotel at Claremore over a
board bill and in a running pistol duel was himself killed by police
cheif LEECH.

At Lawton, Judge GILLETTE refuses habeas corpus writ for Dr. F. D.
BEAUCHAMP, slayer of Charles THOMAS.
Gavin EVANS, age 8, drops dead at McLoud on his way home from school.

Marshal MCCOY at McLoud arrested "Scar Face" MURPHY, PATSEY, and
MCKINSEY,  charged with counterfeiting and implication in a
Tulsa bank robbery.

Miss Flora WALLACE of Bartlesville weds Captain R. D. SHIPLEY, an
English Army officer.

At Chickasha, Wesley JOHNSON, a negro, was fined $500 and sentenced
to eight months in jail for attempting to embrace a white woman.

Lyman K. LANE, former cashier of Indian agency, indicted at Muskogee,
charged with embezzling $7,800.

Dr. J. W. HALE of Claremore brought back from Mexico to answer perjury

Col A. R. GREEN of Lawrence, Kansas, appointed superintendent of Platt
National Park at Sulphur.

Henry WOODWARD, merchant at Ada, shot and killed Gus POOL, his brother-in-

A. O. MILLER, 61, an old settler, died at Cheyenne.

Trial of John NOBLE at Oklahoma City for killing of George WILLIAMS in
the Stag Bar, Oct. 1, 1906.

Walter HODGES, charges with embezzlement of $400 while station agent for the
Rock Island at Ferguson, arrested in Oklahoma City.

Charged with forgery, Paul WAGNER commits suicide at Enid.

Helen HULL, age 9, dragged to death by a cow she was leading to Norman.

Sheriff POMEROY of Pawnee, captures Lem JENETTE, noted cattle theif at
Ricon, N.M., after 3,000 mile chase.

Charles WALKER, colored boy of 10 years, sentenced 2 years in pen for
killing Elmer AMMERMAN, white, at Oklahoma City Dec. 28,1906.

Near Ardmore, Grant BELL, after shooting Jack HOFFMAN, kills himself
by accidental discharge of his gun.

William AXLINE, farmer, committed suicide at Putnam.

Frank CUMMINGS, criminal assailant of Ruth BELL, age 9, sentenced to
15 years in the pen.

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