101 Ranch
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The 101 Ranch,
Ellsworth Collings and Alma Miller England
Published 1937 and 1971
The 101 Ranch was spread over four counties,- Noble, Pawnee, Osage, and Kay.
The most common explanation for the name was for its size, 101,000 acres but the name came from a saloon in San Antonio, Texas.

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List For The Book 101 Ranch

Schedule Of Leased Lands

Mary Buffalo Head
Barbes, Roy G.
Buffalo Chief
Eugene Big Goose
Ethel Burtt
Black Hair Horse
Napolian Buffalo Head
Martha Blue Back
John Buffalo Head
Julia Crazy Arrow
Julia Crazy Arrow
Anna P. Cry
Parchall Cerre
Evelyn R. 0. Cerre
George Childs
Melvin Collins
Nellie B. Head Sure
Logan Cure
John DeRain
John and Mary DeLodge
Pouis DeLodge
John D. DeLodge
Frank DeRain
Babbist DeRain
Pearl DeRain
Louis DeRain
Cleve DeRain
Eunice Eagle
Valentine Elwell
Emily Fire Shaker
Jennie Fire Shaker
Mollie Gayton
John Gayton
Emily Green
Jennie Goodboy
Margaret Himman
Horse Chief Eagle
Sam Himman
Dewey Harry Back
Agnes Headman
Mammie H. C. Eagle
Nellie Headman
Mattie Headman
Cordelia Headman
Harterbowll, A.J.
Mary Iron Thunder
Irenen Jones
Funston King
Nellie Kent
Gail Kent
Marion Knudson
Katherine Kemble
Dick Kemble
Francis King
Willie Kimble
Francis King
Little Standing Buffalo
Marion L. Cook
Chas. L. Warrior
Dorthy L. S. Buffalo
Josephine Lines
Rain L. Snake
Mary LeClair
Meiman and Northcutt
Lutts, L. H.
Little Hardman
Jas. L. Warrior
Jennie Makes Noise
Appering Morgan
Susie Makes Noise
Mean Bear
Mean Bear
Beatrice Makes Cry
Clara M. Vonall
Alice Murry
Alford No Ear
Fannie No Ear
Effie Others
Win. Others
Lillian Others
George Pickering
Frank Pumeaux
Swezette Plumbly
Ponca Tribal Land
Weak Bone
Eliza Pumeaux
Louisa Poor Horse
Mary Roy
Mark Pumeaux
Jimmie R. 0. Waters
Margaret Rhodes
Antonie Roy
Acy R. Leaf
Reginal Leaf
Winona Roubedonx
Sarah P. Face
Clarence R. 0. Arrow
Helena P. Roy
Mable B. Back
Lucy F. Smith
Steele Stands Back
Lucy Steele
Sits On Hill
Ed. L. Smith
Henry Snake
Teresa Shadlow
Lizzie Stabler
Wentz, L. H.
Wentz, L. H.
Wentz, L. H. 
Wentz, L. H.
Wentz, L. H.
Wentz, L. H.
Wentz, L. H.
Freeman, W. R.
Gertrude T. Nail
Josiah T. Nail
White Buffalo Bull
White Deer
Edith W. Sky
Jessie W. Sky
Geo. Washington
Adriana W. Tail
Anna Waters 
Eugene Wentz

Names Only*Index List For The Book 101 Ranch 
Arlington, Edward
Arlington. George
Ashley, Cotton
Astor, Nancy
Austin, Texas
Banta, Abe
Barr, Link
Beach, Rex
Beard, Dan
Bennett, Richard
Bierer, Judge A. G. C.
Big Crow
Big Goose, Eugene
Big Turkey
Blevins, Marguerite
Bonfils, Fred
Brady, Buff
Brewster, Oscar
Britton, Perry
Brooks, W A
Brown, Thomas B.
Bryan, William Jennings
Buffalo Head, Mary
Bull, John
Bullard, General
Bull Bear, Chief
Burger, Judge John 
Busby, Marion
Buttram, Frank
Byrd, Admiral Richard
Capper, Senator Arthur
Carpenter, Eliza
Carson, Judge David B
Carson, George W
Carson, J. F
Carter, Fred
Chambers, Joe
Chanute Refining Company
Chisholm, Jesse
Clancy, "Foghorn" 
Clarke, Fred C 
Clemmer, Oscar
Clubb, Ike
Cobb, Irvin
Cody, William P.  
Collins, Hubert
Comar Oil Company
Cooper, Sheriff Joe
Cornett, J. H.
Corwin, Arthur
Cotteral, Judge J H
Cragin, Harry
Crazy Bear
Crazy Bear, Mrs.
Crockett, A. P.
Crook, Thomas
Cullen, Charles Lane
Cunniff, M. G
Curtis, Vice Pres. Charles
Dale, Edward Everett
Dalton, Bob
Dalton, Emmet
Darrera, Jose
Davenport, Homer
Deloge, John
Dempsey, Jack
Diamond, Bert
Dix. Dan
Douglas, Mildred
Durnall Hank
Duval Fank
Eldridge Art
England. Henry
Farish, John 
Ferguson. Helen
Fish, Dr. Harry
Fish, John
Francis, Mamie: 
Garman, James E.
Gibson, Helen: 
Gibson, Hoot
Girl Bear Head
Gives Water,Mary
Gobel, Art
Good Rev
Good Chief
Grammar Henry
Greary, D H.
Greenland, A. K.
Greer, Frank: 
Grimes, Tommy
Hafley, Reine
Hannah, Charles W.
Harding, Pres.Warren C. 
Harky, Red
Harper, Roy: 
Harrison, Walter M.
Hart. Neal 
Hart, William S.
Hatcher, Luke: S
Hayes, Will
Hearst, Randolph
Hennessey, Pat: 
Hiatt, John
Hiding Woman
Hill, Robert F
Hines, Gordon
Hogan, J. M.
Horse Chief Eagle: 
Howard. Roy
Hoyo, George
Hunt, Frazier
Hurford. Charles
Ince, Tom
Iron Thunder, Mary
Iron Whip
Irwin, Inez Haynes
Irwin, Will
Johnson. Jack
Jones, Charles (Buck) 
Jones J Edward
Kellogg, Frank
Kenney, Colonel F. R.
Kent, J. H.
King, George
Kinkle. Milt
Knight, Tony
Kokernut. Lee
La Blanca, D
LaFlesche, Francis
Laing, George
Leiter, Joseph
Lewis, Joe
Lillie, Major Gordon 
Little Bear
Little Dance
Little Standing Buffalo, Chief
L. K. Ranch
Long Bull
Long Pumpkin
Lucas, Buck
Lucas, Tad
Lucca, Prince
McCabe, Lieutenant E. R. Warner
*McCaskey, J. C.
McDonald, Lewis
McFadden. W. H.
McGraw, James J.
McLaughlin. Major
Malaley, W. H.
Manning, T. 0.
Marcasson, Isaac
Marland, E. W.
Masterson, Bat
Mean Bear
Meek, L. K.
Meeker, Ezra
Miller, Alice
Miller, Alma 
Miller. Blevins 
Miller, Colonel George Lee 
Miller, Colonel George W.
Miller, Mrs. George W. (Mollie) 
Miller, George William 
Miller, Colonel Joseph Carson
Miller, Joseph C., Jr.
Miller, Margaret 
Miller, Virginia
Miller, Will Brooks
Miller, Colonel Zack T.
Miller, Zack T., Jr
Mitchell, Peter: 137
Mix, Tom
Moore, Jim
Mulhall Jack
Mulhall Lucile
Mulhall, Colonel Zack
Mulholland, Frank
Murray, Governor William H 
Nattiford J.F 
No Ear Alford
Normand Mabel 
Ohern, Dr. D. W.
Olmstead, Fred D. 
Overton. J. B.
Payne, Captain David L.
Pegg, Vester
Pershing, General John J.
Pettijohn, Mabel 
Pickett, Bill
Porter, May 
Primeaux Silas
Rainswater, J. D.
Ray, Charles
Red Elk
Rice, Judge W. E.
Richardson, Nowata Slim
Rind, Bacon
Rinehart, Mary Roberts
Rinehart, Dr. S. M.
Ringling, John
Robertson, Governor J.B 
Rockefeller, John D., Jr. 
Rogers, Will
Rogers, W. K.
Roosevelt, President Theodore
Sanders, Fern
Sanders, Rev. G. Frank
Sarchet, Corb
Saviteky, General: 
Seamans, W. E.
Seely, Hart
Short Tail
Shultz brothers
Sinclair, Harry
Smith, Ed
Smith, Sidney
Sousa, John Philip
Standing Bear, Chief
Standing Cloud
Starr, Henry
Stigall, Sam
Stover, Lute
Swift Deer
Tate, Monte
Teagle, Walter
Thomas on Two-Lean-Bears' Ear
Tibbles, T. H.
Trosper, Lizzie 
Tucker, Tom S.
Tunney, Gene
Van Hook, George
Vassar, J. J.
Vaught, Judge Edgar S.
Verlin, Mary 
Walters, Jesse
Walton, Governor J. C.
Watchorn, Robert: 
Watson, Senator James
Weak Bone
Weldon, J.O. 
Wentz, Lew
White, Sid
White, William Allen
White Buffalo
White Deer
White Eagle, Chief
Willard, Jess
Williams, C. K.
Williams, Jim
Wolf Robe
Work, Hubert

*Name misspelled in the index.
should be J. G. McCaskey


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