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Welcome to the Oklahoma African American Griots Special Project! As representatives for the State of Oklahoma we are proud to be a part of the United States African American Griots Special Project and the  USGenWeb Project.  Information on this website is freely available to anyone with an interest in their African heritage in Oklahoma. 

Genealogy research in Oklahoma is fascinating!  Prior to becoming a state in 1907, Oklahoma experienced numerous changes in ethnic influence.  The Trail of Tears brought the Indians from eastern tribes, and with them, their slaves.  It is nearly impossible to research African American history in Oklahoma and not do research into the various Indian tribes we represent.  In 1890, when the first Federal census was made of the Five Civilized Tribes, there was a population of 109,393 whites and 18,636 Negroes, as compared with a total of 50,055 Indians. 

In the 1880's efforts began  to establish Oklahoma as a territory where black people could exercise the right of self-determination. African Americans, some who were former slaves of Indians, took part in the runs or accepted their allotments as tribal members.  In the years that followed, black pioneers founded and settled entire communities in or near Arcadia, Boley, Langston, and Taft.  Some of these wonderful towns are now gone and forgotten, others thrive in the warm Oklahoma sun.

We hope you will find this project helpful in searching for your ancestors who contributed so generously to  the  history of our great state!

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In order for our resources to remain free, we rely upon the kind contribution of researchers around the world.  We are looking for volunteers who would like to CONTRIBUTE INFORMATION.  Please contact the State Coordinator


Janice Webre
State Coordinator
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