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"A Scrapbook of Newspaper Clippings About the Hite Families and Others in and near Wyandot County, Ohio - with clippings from at least as early as 1883"

This book was donated by Leland A Fitts, Palm Harbor, Florida. She found the book about to be destroyed and felt I could put it to good use. (lfitts2951 at aol.com)
The scrapbook contains 177 pages with many newspaper clippings on each page. It was created by Rebecca Hites. She had pasted the clippings on the pages of a book "Ohio School Law". So maybe she was a teacher? There is no "publisher" or "date of publication" found in this book. Someone took Rebecca's scrapbook and created this book from it.
I have spent seven hours carefully scanning the pages and trying to block out the text from the original book, to avoid confusion. You will understand when you see black areas on the pages... These files are Large and will be slow loading if you have a phone line connection. If you would rather have the images burned onto a CD drop me a line. Please keep in mind: these are clippings! I have NO idea the original dates or newspapers from which they came! If you can identify any of them for us to use, do so PLEASE!

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