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This from the History of Wyandot County book, printed in 1884:

By reference to the State maps, the reader will observe that Wyandot County lies in the northwest quarter of the State of Ohio, nearly equidistant from Lake Erie on the north, and the Indiana State line on the west. That the counties bordering upon it are Seneca on the north; Crawford on the east; Marion and Hardin on the south; Hardin and Hancock on the west; and that its thirteen Subdivisions, known respectively as Antrim, Crane, Crawford, Eden, Jackson, Marseilles, Mifflin, Pitt, Richland, Ridge, Salem, Sycamore and Tymochtee Townships, contain eight square miles more than eleven surveyed townships, or 258,560 acres.

Marion County (To our South)

Hardin County (To our Southwest)

Hancock County (To our West)

Seneca County (To our North)

Crawford County (To our East)

Scott Baker says: Ridge Township was taken from Hancock County in the formation of Wyandot
County in 1845

Loren Musgrave wrote:  Wyandot County was formed in 1845 from parts of Crawford, Hardin, Hancock, Marion  and Seneca Counties. The method and Townships involved can be found in the  history which can be found at: http://www.heritagepursuit.com/ .Scroll
down to Wyandot County, then Chapter 6.

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