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Pages from "Marsailles M.E. Church Circuit Records Book; 1861-1873; Marsailles, Wyandot County, Ohio"

These pages were sent to me by Darlene Clinger. 

-Kristina Kuhn Krumm
Wyandot County, Ohio webmistress    

Cover Cover Inset Inset
 page one  Baptisms Page 1page 2 Baptisms page 2 continuance
 page 3Baptisms page 3 page 4 baptisms page 4 continuance
 page 5 Baptisms page 5  page 6  Baptisms page 6 continuance
 pae 48 Marriage p 48
Page 53  Marriages P 53 page 54 Page 54 continuance
Page 55 Page 55   p56new page 56 continuance