Wyandot County, OH listing of cities with their Longitude and Latitude

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Cities in Wyandot  

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Wyandot County in 1895

Map of Wyandot county in 1895

Wyandot map 1879:

Jackson twp. 1879

shows names of land owners!

Brian has submitted this link to Maps and County information:

Brians Maps

City Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude)
Belle Vernon 405535N 0831207W
Brownstown 404416N 0832212W
Carey 405709N 0832257W
Crawford 405511N 0832032W
Deunquat 405542N 0830753W
Edenville 404911N 0830935W
Harpster 404421N 0831514W
Kirby 404847N 0832507W
Little Sandusky 404419N 0831255W
Lovell 405326N 0831954W
Marseilles 404205N 0832334W
McCutchenville 405926N 0831534W
Mexico 405911N 0831136W
Mononcue 404938N 0831607W
Nevada 404909N 0830750W
Seal 405237N 0830902W
Smithville 405347N 0831353W
South Park 404859N 0831712W
Sycamore 405659N 0831015W
Tymochtee 405657N 0831613W
Upper Sandusky 404938N 0831653W
Wharton 405141N 0832742W
Wyandot 404353N 0830711W

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