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Miscellaneous Newspaper Items 1880's


From The Bryan Press March 12, 1885


ARNOLD-AULTMAN - On Thursday, March 5th. 1885, at the Bethesda parsonage,
by Rev. G. M. MILLER, Mr. Wesley ARNOLD and Miss Amanda AULTMAN.



NICHOLAS - At her home in Bryan, on Thursday morning, March 5, 1885, of Consumption, after an illness of nine months,
Sarah, wife of Geo. NICHOLAS, in her 44th. year.

FREEMAN - On Monday March 2d. 1885, of Paralysis, after a lingering illness,
Mr. D. D. FREEMAN, aged 78 years.

AYERS - On March 3d. 1885, after being an invalid for several years, Miss Mahatible AYERS of West Unity, aged forty-five years.

HALLER - In Farmer township, Defiance county, on Friday March 6th. 1885, of Consumption, Mrs. Cassandra HALLER, in her 75th. year.

Transfers of Real Estate:

H. F. CHAMPION to John W. PEW,  11 acres, Superior Twp., $400.

John BOWMAN to E. E. BAXTER, lot 7, Bowman's Addition to Blakeslee, $75.

H. D. ALVORD to N. RHOADS loy 38, Alvordton, $75.

D. FARNHAM to Norman LEWIS part of lots 274 and 275, Edgerton, $400.

Jas. NEIL to Jas. K. YOUNG, 33 acres Superior Twp., $2600.

G. W. DICK to Mary M. BRUNK, 20 acres, Bridgewater Twp., $600.

J. S. GRIFFITH to Geo. RESSLER, part of section 3, Superior Twp., $125.

W. S. BOON to D. O. TEATS, 77.3 acres, $2500.

Reason INGELDUE to David THOMAS, 10 acres, Florence Twp., $150.

Jas. INGELDUE to Wm. KENT, 10 acres, Florence Twp., $600.

Mary E. MORRISON to Abe METZGAR, lot 32, West Unity, $ 200.

Merlin A. ELY to Moses COLON, lot 33, Geo. Rings Addition, $775.

Conrad SACHER to John MARKLE, 46-100 acres, Florence Twp., $100.

Geo. W. McGREW to Phil GAENSSLEN, part of lots 131 and 120, Byran, $2100.

Jacob SHAFFER to Alfred RILEY, part of Section 9, Bridgewater Twp., $1123.67.

Jacob SHAFFER to Horace CHAMPION, 49.5 acres Bridgewater Twp., $3000.

Catharine BROWN to Hezekiah POAST, 30 acres, Jefferson Twp., $1250.

Silas JONES to A. M. WILLETT, 74.28 acres (PFLETNER farm), north of RR in Bryan, $5500.

Robt. MILLER to Aaron JONES, 40 acres, Jefferson Twp., $1600.

J. G. GRANBERRY to Martha POORMAN, lot 255, Edgerton, $350.

Jas. BRANDENBERRY to Jane BRANDENBERRY, lot 8, 9, 10, Kriebles 2d. Addition, Montpelier, $300.

C. BRANDENBERRY to David NEIL, 79.5 acres, Bridgewater Twp., $4100.

John LESTNET to James C. LESTNT, 80 acres, MillCreek Twp., $2500.

From The Bryan Press Jan. 14, 1886


Mr. John FRITCH is visiting relatives and friends near Delta.

Mr. Jack REESE has purchased a farm of eighty-one acres near West Buffalo, $2800.

DIED: FREYMAN - On Wednesday afternoon Jan 6, at his son's residence two miles northeast of here, Mr. FREYMAN, an aged gentleman.

Died: FIX -  At his son's residence near Blakeslee on tuesday evening, Jan. 5 of dropsy,
Mr. Henry FIX, Sr., in his eighty-third year. Mr. FIX was among the first settlers to this county.

Mr. Joseph OGDEN, wife, and son Charles are making preparations for starting to Chattanooga, Tennessee for
their health. They expact to start next week, and will be away at least three months. - Jan. 12, 1886


Wesley ESTERLINE has returned home with his bride.

Freddie GREGORY, who has been sick for the past two weeks, is no better.

Mrs. Hattie ESTERLINE, who has been sick for several months, is very low.

BOON & METZLER of Montpelier, are putting up a saw mill on the depot grounds.

Geo. GARVER, of the firm of GARVER & Sons, has sold his interest in the hardware to S. ILINES. - Jan. 11, 1886



Miss Laura ABOTT, at last accounts, was getting better.

Wm. MANLEY and family are visiting friends in Williams county.

Dr. R. GAUDERN paid his family a visit at Ann Arbor, Saturday.

The dedication of the Presbyterian church, at Kunkle, was postponed until Jan. 17, 1886.

The wood thief in the west part of town  had better look out or he will get filled full of shot,
as people are watching him. - Jan. 11, 1886

From The Bryan Press May 26, 1887


FREEMAN - In Milford township, Defiance county, Ohio, May 8, 1887, Lewis FREEMAN; aged nearly 71 years. He was up
that morning as usual, and dead before noon. he had long been aflicted with asthma. Funeral on the 4th. in
the M. E. church, Rev. J. R. COLGAN officiating.

KING - Mr. Lewis KING was buried Sunday from his late residence, four miles south of Stryker. He was an
expert in slight-of-hand tricks, and traveled many years giving entertainments in the magician's art. Several years ago he published
a book with the title, "St. Michael's Prophesy"or "Satan's Reign upon the Earth."


FETTERS-JACOBS - At the M. E. parsonage, in Edgerton, May 19, 1887, by Rev. J. R. COLGAN, Mr. Daniel R. FETTERS,
of Edon, and Miss Flora JACOBS, of Blakeslee, O.

PAGE-LANDON - On Sunday, May 15th, 1887, by Rev. J. P. STOCKTON, of West Unity, Mr. Isaac H. PAGE and Miss Martha LANDON.


The Township election resulted in electing Democrats: R. McCONNEGHY, trustee; H. G. MONEN, clerk; J. T. HEATER,
assessor; J. M. CARNES, justice. Republicans: Sam RICHARD and W. H. STOUGH, constables; Corporation councilmen, John BANCRAFT,
John WHEELER and Geo. SNYDER; clerk, H. G. MONEN; treasurer, Fred BARBER; school board, Peter J. BOURQUIN,
Dr. O. BENNETT. The most contested office of the list was a choice of Democrats for school directors,
Dr. Orlando BENNETT
was elected.


The measles have made their way to these parts. Miss Jabe WELCH came home from work with them.

R. K. HAUGHEY has returned from California.

Geo. MORGAN, of California, has bought a farm near Camden Center.

Whitney SQUIRES has moved to C. P. TAYLOR's, and is going to work for him on the tile yard.

J. F. MILLER's hired girl returned to her home on Morence, Michigan.

A. HARPER is selling pictures through these parts for the CURTIS Bro.'s of Reading.

Letter List

List of letters remaining in the post office uncalled for previous to May 24.

Gents List - M. TENNEY, Bartlett THOMPSON, Samuel RICHARD, H. H. HART, T. QUINBY, Davidson LONG, Eddie C. ELLIOTT, Jess HOCK.

Ladies List - Mrs. Mariah TAYLOR, Mrs. Mary GALLAGHER.

Postal Cards - C. C. & I. E. HULTZ, E. A. POOL, Emir SCHICK, John WETLESMAN, Christ G. YACKEE.

Package - J. F. OXENRIDER.

Parties calling for the above letters or cards will please say "advertised."- F. J. KLEIN, Post Master

From The Bryan Press March 15, 1888, page 3


FREEMAN - At the residence of his mother, on South Walnut street, Tuesday morning, March 13, of inflammation of the bowels,
George W. FREEMAN, aged 21 years. George was a member of Co. E. 16th. Regiment, O. N. G. The funeral takes place
today at 10 o'clock, being conducted by his comrades.

DURFEE - At the residence of his son-in-law, G. W. KEISER, in Bryan, on Sunday afternoon, March 11, 1888, of cancer of the stomach,
John DURFEE, aged 70 years. The remains were taken to Clyde, O., for interment yesterday morning.



At the residence of the bride's parents, in York township, by W. W. POWERS, Esq., Mr. W. TOWN of Northwest, Ohio, to Miss E. M. FENIMORE,
Sunday, March 4th. - Angola Herald (Reprinted from Angola Indiana Newspaper).


By David STAUFFER, J. P., Montpelier, on Feb. 28, 1888, Mr.Samuel BECK and Mrs. Mary BECK.


On March 1, 1888, by Rev. G. W. LONG, Mr. Charles WISNER and Miss Susan E. BRUBAKER.


By Rev. G. W. LONG, on March 4, 1888, Mr. Edwin DARR and Miss Emma BORDNER.


On March 7, 1888, by Rev. Geo. A. LEE, Mr. Adam BECHTOL, of Northwest, and Miss Sarah E. LOGAN, of Superior.


At the residence of J. J. BUCKLEW, in Bryan, on March 7, by Rev. W. V. THOMAS, Mr. Benjamin F. BOSTATER and Miss Nettie H. SANFORD,
both of Defiance county, O.



R. M. MARTIN and Miss Edith BAILY, of Leatherwood, started last Tuesday for Pennsylvania. The former to work
for his uncle, Powers MARTIN and the latter to visit among friends.

Lem PUGEOT, who has been seriously sick the past week with lung fever, we are glad to say is getting better.

The many friends of Miss Retta MEACHAM are sorry to hear of her severe suffering with a beeling in the head.

Mr. STEENMAN, of Wood county, has moved on the farm formerly owned by John FISSET but now owned
by U. A. WYNN, of Stryker.

Jacob THRAMBORGER, of Ottokee, Fulton county, made a business trip to Leatherwood last week.

Miss Lucretia DOUGHTON closed her fourth term of school at Leatherwood March 3rd, with a full house and the good wishes
of all her scolars. The scolars that came every day were: Mina JODRY, Alice BERNARD, Frank MYERS,
Julia PUGEOT, Jennie and Ella HAMET.

Mother PEPPLE and G. W. HAMET are preparing to build a barn this summer.


Jerry WARNER is at South Bend, Ind.

Mrs. P. M. CRAGO is on the sick list.

Mr. DONNELY is preparing to put up a new building this spring.


John KRILL is very sick and not expected to live.

George HARMON has purchased the old CARR farm three miles northeast of Edgerton.

Joe FAVORITE's children have the measles.

Miss Eva LINT is on the sick list.

Mrs. Philip LANDLE has been sick for a long time but is now improving.

Mrs. John BRADHURST, of Pioneer, has been called to the home of her parents in Edgerton on account of the illness
of her mother who is not expected to live.

M. F. DELP has engaged to work for KELBLE Brothers, contractors and builders, of Blakeslee.

We understand that "MOODY & SANKEY" are doing good work in Blakeslee.


Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Theo. CARVIN, on March 7, a son.

Born - To Mr.  and Mrs. Geo. HART, on March 7, a son.

Mrs. G. H. MEREDITH and children, of Columbia City, Ind., have come to make their home
with Mrs. M's mother here.

Mr. and Mrs. A. HENDRICKS and Miss Ella CONLEY, of Kunkle, were visiting friends in Edon over Sunday.

Miss Etta SCOTT has so far recovered as to be able to ride out.

Geo. HART, who fell from the roof of MAURHAN's barn on Thursday, March 1st., a distance of fifteen feet,
is able to walk around a little,. Alvin HART, of Columbia, has been staying with his brother since his fall.
He went home last Saturday.

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