Commemorative biographical record of northwestern Ohio

Commemorative biographical record of northwestern Ohio : including the counties of Defiance, Henry, Williams and Fulton, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, and of many of the early settled families. Chicago: J.H. Beers & Co., 1899.

Submitted Nov. 2004 by Diana Smith, [email protected]


*  Denotes portrait


Acker Family

Ainsworth Family

Ainsworth, John M.*

Allen, Hon. Charles L.

Allen Family

Alwood, Dr. R. R.

Ames, John C.

Ames, Nehemiah

Ansberry, T. T.

Ansberry, Edward

Archer, James D., M.D. *

Armstrong, George C.

Armstrong, Mrs. Permelia

Arter, C. M.

Babbitt, Dwight S., M.D.

Babbitt Family

Backus, Clark

Backus Family

Baden, Henry

Baker, Andrew

Baker, George

Baker, Henry G., Sr.

Baker, Hon. Henry G. *

Barhite, William S.

Barnes, Henry

Bartlett, Jacob

Beilharz Family

Beilharz, Lewis A.

Belknap, Jerry P.

Belknap, John D.

Benecke, Ferdinand F.

Berger Family

Berger, John

Bernard, Abram

Betts, Clarence R.

Betts, Hiram T.

Betts, John L.

Binns, Eliel Taylor

Binns Family

Bloom, James

Bloom, Jeremiah

Blue, Frank G.

Blue, Joseph B.

Blue, Lewis D.

Boesling, Charles F.

Boesling, Henry

Bohm Family

Bohm, Nicholas

Bokop, Henry D. *

Boothman Families

Boothman, Lemuel

Boothman, Hon. Melvin M.

Borton Family

Borton, John *

Bowersox, Hon. Charles A.

Bowersox Family

Bowersox, John W.

Boynton, Alpheus

Boynton, Charles J. C.

Branderberry, Conrad

Brayer, John M.

Bricker Family

Bricker, Henry

Bricker, John

Brown, Rev. John

Brown, John A.

Brown, Nicholas

Bryan Manufacturing Company

Buffington Family

Buffington, Jonathan P.

Burr, David T.

Burson, H. Clay, M.D.

Buxton Family

Buxton, Leander

Carr, Robert

Casebeer Family

Casebeer, James

Charpiot, Peter

Church of St. John the Evangelist

Clampitt, John

Clay Family

Clay, Jacob

Clay, Jeremiah

Cleland, William

Cleland, William R.

Clemmer, Frank J.

Clemmer, John

Cliffton, George

Cliffton, John R.

Clinker, Christopher

Clinker, John

Clinker, Samuel

Coffin, Gilbert

Coffin, Orlando

Collins, Michael

Collins, Stephen A.

Cook, Charles

Cook, Henry

Coombs Family

Coombs, John M., M.D.

Coulter, J. Franklin

Coulter, James E.

Coulter, John

Coulter, Rev. William

Countryman Family

Countryman, Peter

Coy, Abram

Coy, Jacob

Crawford Family

Crawford, John

Crook, Edward W.

Crook Family

Crumley Family

Culler, Josiah

Cummins, James *

Cummins, John

Dalrymple Family

Dalrymple, Frank

Dalrymple, Samuel T.

Daso, Nicholas

Dean, Washington

Deatrick Family

Deatrick, George W.

Deatrick, Hon. John F.

Deatrick, John Jacob N.

Deemer, Daniel

Deemer, John

Deepe, Frederick

Deepe, Henry

Deindoerfer, Henry J.

Deindoerfer, Rev. Johannes

Deindoerfer, John A.

Denman, Hon. Elisha G.

Denman, James K., M.D. *

Denson Family

Denson, Frederick A.

Dickey Family

Dickey, Moses W.

Dickman, Jacob

Dickman, William

Dieden, Jacob

Diehl, Albert F. *

Diehl, Christ., Sr. *

Diehl, Christ., Jr. *

Diehl, Christ., Brewing Company

Diehl, John C. *

Dietsch, John W.

Donovan, Hon. Dennis D.

Donovan, John

Dowe, John F., Sr.

Dowe, John F.

Dowell, Benjamin B.

Dowell Family

Dowell, Wesley

Dozer, D. E.

Drexler, John, Sr.

Drexler, John, Jr.

Dustin, Prof. George W.

Dustin, Samuel

Dutterer, George

Eaton Family

Eaton, Oscar

Edgerton, Hon. Alfred P.

Edgerton Family

Edwards, George W.

Edwards, Samuel

Eiser, Dr. Andrew

Eiser, John P. *

Ely, George, Sr.

Ely, Hon. Lafayette G. *

Emery Family

Emery, Thomas B.

Enos, Benjamin F. *

Enos, Capt. William E.

Ensign, Oren, Sr.

Ensign, Oren E.

Evers, Charles *

Farmer, Enoch *

Farmer, Mrs. Enoch *

Farmer Family

Farmer, Nathan, Jr.

Farnham, Daniel

Farnham, Eli A. *

Farnsworth, Albert

Farnsworth, Oliver

Ferguson, George

Ferguson, William

Field, Albert

Field, James A.

Firestone, Elmer E.

Fischer, Rev. William L.

Fisher Family

Fisher, George W.

Forlow, Amos

Forlow, Benjamin

Fraker, Jacob

Fraker, Jacob, Jr.

Freeland, Charles A.

Fried, Joseph

Fried, William D.

Gackel, Frederick

Gackel, Louis H.

Gamber, Henry

Gares, Jacob

Gares, Peter

Garman, David C.

Garman, George P.

Garman, Jacob F.

Garver Family

Garver, Jacob

Garver, Martin, Jr.

Garver, Martin, Sr.

Garver, Martin V.

Gaudern Family

Gaudern, Richard, Sr.

Gaudern, Richard, M.D.

Gearhart, Joseph H.

Gehrett, Theodore M., M.D.

Getrost, George W.

Getrost, William H.

Geyser, Hon. William

Ginter, Alfred

Gloden, Rev. Joseph P.

Goddard, Timothy B.

Goller, Charles F. *

Goller, Michael

Greek Family

Greek, Frederick

Greek, Joseph

Greenler, G. C. A.

Greenler, Henry *

Greenler, Mrs. Ottillie *

Grim, John C.

Grim, Joseph S.

Gruner, Dr. Samuel

Gruner, Samuel I.*

Hagerty, Blair, Sr.

Hagerty, Hon. Blair, M.D. *

Hague, Sinclair M.

Hall, Adam *

Hall, Jacob

Halm, Jacob, Sr.

Halm, Jacob C. *

Hamet, George W.

Hamet, John E.

Hammon, John

Hammon, William

Hanna, Henry

Hardy Family

Hardy, Hon. Henry*

Harley, Christian

Harley, C. Perry

Harley Family

Harley, Mrs. Fannie H.

Hart Family

Hart, Frank O., M.D.

Hart, Julius C.

Haver, Moses M.

Haver, Robert

Haver, Thomas W.

Haymaker Family

Haymaker, Kidder V.

Haymaker, Judge Wm. D.

Heiland, Rev. John B.

Heller, Edward

Heller Family

Hibbard, Jonathan

Hilbert, Peter

Hill Family

Hill, Hon. W. D.

Hires Family

Hires, John A.

Hoadley, Erastus

Hoadley Family

Hockman, Henry

Hockman, John H. *

Hofmeister, Jacob

Hofmeister, Jacob P.

Holgate, Curtis, Sr.

Holgate, W. Curtis

Holgate, William C.

Hooker, Edward P.

Hooker Family

Hornung, Charles

Hornung, Jacob *

Hornung, John H. *

Hornung, Peter

Horr, William

Horsey, Stephen

Horsey, Thompson

Horton, Calvin

Horton Family

Horton, Francis N. *

Hoy, Jacob

Hubbard Family

Hubbard, Hon. William H. *

Huber, Anthony

Huber, Herman H.

Huff, John

Huff, William W.

Huffman, Michael

Huffman, Peter

Hull, Emanuel

Hull, William D.

Humphreys Family

Hutchins, Forest O.

Hutchins, Rozelle

Hyatt, A. R.

Hyatt, Seth B.

Imes, Thomas H. *

Jameson, L. S.

Johns Family

Johns, Philip

Johnson, George

Johnson, Hon. Solomon *

Karr Family

Karr, Thomas L.

Kehnast Family

Kehnast, William A. *

Kerr Family

Kerr, Joseph

Kerr, Joseph D.

Kerr, Robert F.

Kettenring, Adam

Kettenring, Peter

Killits, Andrew W.

Killits Family

Killits, John M.

Kimble, Daniel

Kimble, Henry

Kimble, Oris F.

Kinkead Family

Kinkead, Rev. Michael P.

Kinmont Family

Kinmont, Thomas C., M.D. *

Kinmont, Mrs. Thomas C.

Kinmont, William, Sr.

Kinstle, Prof. Joseph F.

Kirk, Timothy

Klein, Joseph

Klein, Ludwig

Kniffin, Benjamin F.

Knight, Theodore W.

Knight, Wesley

Kopp, Charles

Kopp, William G.

Kunkle Family

Kunkle, Henry S.

Kunkle, John C.

Kyle, Cornelius W., M.D.

Kyle Family

Lamson Family

Lamson, R. F., M.D.

Lash Family

Lash, William

Latchaw Family

Latchaw, Rev. John R. H., D.D.

Lathrop, Arthur B., M.D.

Lathrop, Clark

Lathrop Family

Leach, John W.

Leach, Joshua

Leaders, Harman C. *

Leaders, Julius

Lesnet, Dr. J. V.

Lilly, John

Lilly, Rev. John W.

Lindersmith, Henry C., M.D.

Lipe Family

Lipe, Rev.Sebastian

Lipp, Henry, Jr. *

Lipp, Henry, Sr.

Long, John

Long, John W.

Lybarger Family

McCauley, Philip

McCauley, Hon. William H. *

McLain Family

McLain, Samuel B.

McTaggart, Daniel C., M.D.

McTaggart Family

Mangus, Caspar

Mangus, Peter

Mark, Christian

Mark, Henry

Markel Family

Markel, Jonathan

Marshall Family

Marshall, John

Martin, George L.

Martin, Harrison A.

Martin, James

Maxwell, Frank

Maxwell, William R.

Meek, David C.

Meek, Samuel

Metz, David

Metz, John H.

Miller, Daniel J.

Miller, David

Miller, Elias

Miller, Emanuel

Miller Families

Miller, Rev. George

Miller, Horace P. *

Miller, Jacob

Miller, John

Miller, John J.

Miller, Stanton E., M.D.

Miller, Vincent V.

Miller, William C.

Miller, Zeno H. *

Moats, Mrs. Eliza

Moats, Major Virgil H.

Morrison, Dr.William C.

Morrison, William W.

Mowery, William H.

Myers, George W.

Neff Family

Neff, John G.

Nelson Family

Nelson, Hugh

Newbegin Family

Newbegin, Henry

Newcomer, N. H.

Newton, Charles H. *

Newton, Mrs. Minnie *

Newton, Townsend

Newton, William

Oberlin, Jacob

Oberlin, Orlando F.

Oberlin, Sylvester C.

Opdycke, Emerson B.

Opdycke, John

Openlander, David F.

Openlander, John G.

Orewiler Family

Orewiler, John *

Orwig, Luther L.

Otis, Edward H.

Otis, George K.

Otis, Merrill

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church

Partee, Elmer F. *

Partee, Mrs. Emma *

Partee, Joseph

Partee, Parmenus

Partee, William E.

Patterson, Hon. Andrew H.

Patterson Family

Patterson, Robert N.

Pepple, William L.

Peter, Philip

Pettit, Barton S.

Pettit Family

Phelps, Edwin

Phillips, Charles W.

Phillips Family

Phillips, Israel

Phillips, William

Price Family

Price, William *

Putz, Rev. Michael

Raker Family

Raker, J. F.

Reiter, Frank W.

Reiter, Michael

Reynolds, Benjamin J.

Reynolds Family

Reynolds, John

Richardson, Richard

Ridenour, Alfred *

Ridenour, Mrs. Alfred

Ridenour, Augustus L.

Ridenour, David

Ridenour, Elias

Ridenour Family

Ridenour, George

Ridenour, John

Robertson, Jacob H. *

Rock, George, M.D.

Roe, Carlton S.

Roe Family

Rohn, George

Rohn, William


Rothenberger, Jacob F.

Rothenburger, Frederick J.

Rothenburger, Henry J.

Rowles, Alfred M.

Russell Family

Russell, George *

Saint Augustine's Church

Sass Family

Sass, Henry C.

Schaeffer, John C.

Schaeffer, Michael W.

Schell Family

Schell, Myron J.

Schmaltz Family

Schmaltz, William A. *

Schoonover, Henry

Schoonover, Nicholas

Schrack, Aaron F. *

Schrider, John H.

Schrider, Philip

Scott Family

Scott, John Ellsworth

Scott, Gen. Robert K.

Scott, Hon. W. A., Jr.

Scott, William A., Sr.

Sellers Family

Sellers, Rev. George W.

Seymour, Charles

Shankster, Israel S.

Shankster, John

Sharp, Austin

Sharp, David G. *

Shinaberger Families

Shinaberger, J. L. *

Shinaberger, Jacob

Shultz, Joseph

Shultz, William

Shuter, Samuel

Sites, Frank B.

Slocum, Charles E., M.D., Ph.D. *

Slocum Family

Smith, Anson B.

Snider Family

Snider, John

Snider, Willis A. *

Snyder Family

Snyder, Henry *

Snyder, Mrs. Sirena J. *

Spangler, John *

Spangler, John, Sr.

Sponseller, Reuben

Spring, August

Spring, Louis O.

Squire, C. B.

Stahl Family

Steffel, George

Steffel, John G.

Stevens Family

Stevens, Merari B., M.D., Ph. C. *

Stiving Family

Stiving, George W.

Stiving, Jacob W.

Stiving, Peter O.

Stiving, Philip

Stough, John A.

Sutphen Family

Sutphen, Hon. Silas T. *

Ten Eyck Family

Ten Eyck, James V.

Terman, B. Franklin

Thiel, Mathias

Thome, Borthlow

Thome, Joseph

Thome, Mathias

Thompson, Charles J. *

Thompson Family

Thompson, L. Laroy

Tomlinson Family

Tomlinson, Giles H.

Tomlinson, Walter S.

Tracht, George *

Tracht, Mrs. Matilda *

Tracht, Peter

Travis, William

Tressler, Andrew J.

Tressler, Mrs. Andrew J.

Umbenhaur, Francis H.

Umbenhaur, Henry C.

Umbenhaur, John P.

Vogt, Hon. John

Wagner, John

Walker Family

Walker, George W.

Waltz, E. L.

Waltz Family

Waterston, Alexander

Waterston, James

Webster Family

Webster, Nelson R. *

Webster, Ralph D. *

Weidner Family

Weidner, Philip

Weigerding, Peter

Welson, Charles C.

Welson Family

Wheller Family

Wheller, Henry H.

Wickersham, Taylor G.

Wieland Family

Wieland, John G.

Wilber Family

Wilder, Daniel

Wilder, Levi W.

Wilhelm, Adam

Wilhelm, Jacob

Williams, Andrew S.

Williams, Hon. J. W., M.D.

Wilson, James

Wilson, William D.

Winn, Elisha

Winn, Hon. John W. *

Wirick, Albro *

Wirick, Jacob

Wissler, David

Wissler, John

Yeager Family

Yeager, Capt. Thomas

Yeagley, Andrew P.

Yeagly, Andrew

Yeagly, William

Yeagly, William B.

Young, Calvin C.

Young, Daniel

Young, Philip

Zachrich, Henry

Zachrich, William

Zarbaugh, Solomon



Portraits of person not included in the index:

Mrs. Mary A. Farmer

Mrs. Elizabeth Hall

Mrs. Lydia J. Imes

Ada I. Leaders

Alice A. Leaders

Cornelius F. Leaders

Ettie H. Leaders

Glen L. Leaders

Mrs. Helen M. Leaders

Mrs. Sarah Ann Price

Mrs. Emily M. Ridenour