They're Only Stones

A couple of stories about the local cemeteries and the importance of preservation.

Who's Henry?

A 47-year-old question.

The Forgotten Ones

Preserving our history.

WCCPS Invited to Seneca County

Assisting other groups.

Mike McCann Documents and Confirms Information He Finds on Area Graves

Success in Medina County by WCCPS member.

Students Looking for Graves

Positive association with the College of Wooster.

Graveyard Preservation

Some suggestions by Lynette Strangstad.

Please, Please, Please Treat Cemeteries with Respect

Up Front with NGS


Did you ever wonder how many cemeteries there are in Wayne County? The WCCPS members have found 258, and this includes many family cemeteries that were located on farms.

If you are traveling to our county to find one of these cemeteries, where would you go to look for this information? WCCPS has a book called A Guide to the Cemeteries of Wayne County, Ohio. Each cemetery is listed with road directions on 'how to get there,' a GPS reading, and a map of the township.

The WCCPS publications listed below contain the following information, unless stated otherwise:

  • Location by Range, Township and section and also by GPS Coordinates
  • A short history of the cemetery and church, if applicable
  • A complete row-by-row listing of tombstone inscriptions
  • A row-by-row index including maiden names
  • A short biographical listing of every person buried within, arranged alphabetically, including maiden name, middle name, parents' names and military information
  • Our "Township Small Cemeteries" books contain all the remaining cemeteries in that particular townshp that are too small to compose a separate book
  • Sample page row by row
    Sample page alpha section

    Cemetery Name Price
    Apple Creek Cemetery, East Union Township $53.00
    Associates Cemetery, Salt Creek Township $10.00
    Baughman Township Small Cemeteries - includes: Conrad, Gallagher, Marshallville Lutheran & Presbyterian, Patton, Saint Joseph Catholic and Van Kirk Cemeteries$12.00
    Blachleyville Cemetery, Plain Township $15.00
    Canaan Center Cemetery, Canaan Township $22.00
    Canaan Lutheran Cemetery, Canaan Township $11.00
    County Line Mennonite Cemetery, Baughman Township $12.00
    Crown Hill Mennonite Cemetery, Milton Township $15.00
    Eight Square Cemetery, Chester Township $20.00
    Fountain Hill Cemetery, East Union Township $11.00
    Fredericksburg East Cemetery, Salt Creek Township $46.00
    Fredericksburg West Cemetery, old part, Salt Creek Township $18.00
    Fredericksburg West Cemetery, new part, Salt Creek Township $16.00
    Kidron Mennonite Cemetery, Sugar Creek Township $21.00
    Kope Cemetery, Canaan Township $13.00
    Lucas Cemetery, Chester Township $13.00
    Madisonburg Cemetery, Wayne Township $10.00
    Maize Cemetery, Wooster Township$10.00
    Marshallville Maple Grove Cemetery, Chippewa Township $23.00
    Martin's Mennonite Cemetery, Baughman Township $28.00
    Millbrook Cemetery, Clinton Township $10.00
    Mohican Church of the Brethren, Chester Township $19.00
    Moreland Cemetery, Franklin Township $22.00
    Mount Eaton, West Lawn, Paint Township $44.00
    Newkirk Cemetery, Clinton Township $30.00
    New Pittsburg – Rice Cemetery, Chester Township $20.00
    Oak Grove Mennonite Church Cemetery, Green Township $29.00
    Old Dutch Reformed Cemetery, Congress Township $10.00
    Old Edinburgh Presbyterian Cemetery, East Union Township $18.00
    Paradise Church of the Brethren Cemetery, Green Township $15.00
    Plain Lutheran Cemetery, Plain Township $17.00
    Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Milton Township $12.00
    Reedsburg Cemetery, Plain Township $40.00
    Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery, Wayne Township $17.00
    St. Ann's Catholic Cemetery, Milton Township $14.00
    St. Michael's Cemetery, Baughman Township $38.00
    Shreve Oak Grove Cemetery, Clinton Township $51.00
    Tracy Cemetery, East Union Township $11.00
    Union Cemetery, Green Township $17.00
    Wayne Presbyterian Cemetery, Wayne Township $12.00
    West Lebanon Lutheran Cemetery, Paint Township $14.00
    Location Guide for all Wayne County Cemeteries (includes maps and directions) $25.00
    Thank you for your order! We are a non-profit organization dedicated to gathering information for genealogists. We only charge what it costs us to print each book, plus a small fee for our supplies. The additional cost of shipping will vary according to the size and number of books. Please check with us when you order.

    Make out check to Larry Knox ONLY. Checks made out to Wayne County Cemetery Preservation Society or WCCPS will be returned and will delay your order.

    Send your order to:

    Larry Knox
    1820 Christmas Run Blvd.
    Wooster, OH 44691

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