They're Only Stones

A couple of stories about the local cemeteries and the importance of preservation.

Who's Henry?

A 47-year-old question.

The Forgotten Ones

Preserving our history.

WCCPS Invited to Seneca County

Assisting other groups.

Mike McCann Documents and Confirms Information He Finds on Area Graves

Success in Medina County by WCCPS member.

Students Looking for Graves

Positive association with the College of Wooster.

Graveyard Preservation

Some suggestions by Lynette Strangstad.

Please, Please, Please Treat Cemeteries with Respect

Up Front with NGS

About Us

The Wayne County Cemetery Preservation Society (WCCPS) is an organization whose purpose is to find, record, photograph, and protect endangered cemeteries.  It is a non-profit grassroots effort consisting of hardworking and dedicated volunteers.  Activities can include digging, probing to find headstones, deciphering of writing on tombstones, photography, and obtaining genealogical information.  Meetings are held once a month, usually at the Wayne County Public Library.  WCCPS has a working relationship with the Program in Archaeology at The College of Wooster; students assist in recording and mapping cemeteries, GPS readings, and locating tombstones.