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WCCPS Invited to Seneca County
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WCCPS Invited to Seneca County

Bonnie Knox
28 June 2007
Wooster Weekly News


     On Sunday May 20th 2007 members of the Wayne County Cemetery Preservation Society, Bonnie and Larry Knox, visited with the members of the Bettsville Cemetery Improvement Committee and their president Vicki Shade.
     The fledgling group had contacted Bonnie Knox by mail during the previous week with an appeal for advice regarding the proper methods of restoration and recording of the tombstones in Liberty Cemetery located in the center of the village. Bettsville is located in the north-central part of Seneca County.
     A group of thirty volunteers made up of residents and the local youth group had already met at Liberty Cemetery on Saturday the 28th of April with their chainsaws, gardening tools and trimmers to remove brush, to rake trash and to trim around the headstones. Once again, on Saturday the 19th volunteers gathered at the cemetery for planting and decorating in preparation for their Memorial Day Service.
     During the first clean-up, a reporter from the Fostoria Focus Newspaper took pictures and interviewed residents. Later, WTOL – Channel 11 from Toledo sent a reporter to do a story on their efforts. The Bettsville Cemetery Improvement Committee is hoping that the publicity will bring more help and funds since the 99 year old mausoleum, a local landmark, is in need of repair.
     Wayne County Cemetery Preservation Society’s offer of help to the ambitious Seneca County group was in the form of passing along advice on how to locate “lost stones” and then how to repair and reset them. Also, an enlightening and enjoyable time was had by the two groups as they worked together in reading faded inscriptions on various headstones using proven WCCPS techniques.         

The meeting of the Bettsville Cemetery Improvement Committee and WCCPS was totally uplifting to both groups. We discovered that we both have the same goals and face the same challenges and we parted feeling as though we had known each other for years. The only regrettable part of our having met is that we are separated by just enough distance that it is not feasible for us to get together often to work as one unit.

  Picture of Bettsville Cemetery Improvement Committee left to right

1.  Larry Knox – visiting WCCPS member
2.  Beverly Funkhouser
3.  Sandy Hartsel
4.  Vicki Shade
5.  Mike Hartsel
6.  April Hull