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World War II Veterans, Warren County Ohio
This page is part of the Warren County Ohio GenWeb project
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Warren County, Ohio Military Heritage
Revolutionary War (1774-1784) War of 1812 (1812-1815) Mexican War (1846-1848) Civil War (1861-1865) Indian Campaigns  (~1817-1898) Spanish American (1898-1902)
World War I (1914-1918) World War II (1939-1945) Korean Conflict (1950-1953) Vietnam (1957-1973) Middle East Conflicts (1990 - ) Other Service

Warren County World War II Veterans
1 Sep 1939 to 2 Sep 1945 (6 years and 1 day)

"During World War II, the United States had over 16 million men and women who served in the armed forces. The vast majority of them never saw serious combat.  The infantry represented just 14% of the troops overseas but they bore the brunt of the fighting on the ground.  They suffered 7 out of every 10 casualties and endured hardships and horrors for which no training could ever have prepared them."
from "The War", a Ken Burns documentary that was run as a mini-series on Public Television Stations. The United States suffered over 416,000 casualties during the war

The links below bring you to just few of the thousands of Warren Countians who have served their country.
I will be happy to add your military veteran to the list. Email your information, images, etc. to Arne Trelvik


A Abbott, Abner, Abney, Abrams, Abshear, Accrocco, Acheson, Achterman, Adams, Adkins, Adkinson, Aerni, Akers, Albertson, Albright, Alcorn, Alexander, Alford, Allen, Allgeier, Allgeyer, Allison, Allmyer, Amburgey, Amburgy, Anderle, Anderson, Ankey, Anspach, Antrican, Antrobus, Apgar, Apking, App, Applegate, Arbaugh, Arbino, Aregood, Arkill, Arm, Armstrong, Arrasmith, Arthur, Ary, Ashby, Asher, Aspinwall, Atkins, Atkinson, Ault, Aumann, Austerman, Axiotes, Aycock, Ayers, Aylstock, Ayres,
B Bachelor, Back, Bacon , Bagford, Baier, Bailey, Baily, Baird, Baker, Bales, Balger, Ball, Ballard, Ballin, Ballinger, Ballman, Ballweg, Baltzlely, Banker, Banks, Banta, Barber, Barcalow, Barger, Barham, Barker, Barkley, Barlion, Barnes, Barnhart, Barrett, Bartley, Bartlow, Bartman-Pluskat, Barton, Bates, Baty, Baudendistel, Bauer, Bausmith, Baxter, Bayless, Bayne, Beachler, Bean, Beason, Beatty, Beck, Becker, Beckett, Becksmith, Beculheimer, Bedford, Bednarczuk, Bee, Begley, Behme, Bell, Bellamy, Belmonte, Belville, Bendure, Benner, Bennett, Benson, Bentley, Benton, Bercaw, Berger, Bernard, Bernhard, Bernhardt, Berninger, Berry, Berryman, Beltz, Benge, Benton, Bevan, Bevins, Betzler, Bevins, Bevis, Biechler, Biehle, Biggs, Binkley, Birch, Biser, Bishop, Bittenbender, Bixby, Black, Blackaby, Blackburn, Blackford, Blackmore, Blair, Blake, Blakely, Bland, Blankenship, Blaylock, Blevins, Bloom, Blum, Bodnar, Bogan, Boggs, Bohanan, Bolanger, Bolte, Bond, Bone, Booth, Boothby, Boothe, Bors, Borum, Bosley, Bostick, Bourne, Bowen, Bowermaster, Bowers, Bowles, Bowling, Bowman, Boyd, Boyer, Brackett, Bradburn, Bradbury, Bradford, Bradley, Bradstreet, Bramble, Bramlett, Branch, Brandenburg, Brandhorst, Brannen, Brannock, Branson, Brant, Brattain, Bray, Breeding, Brewer, Brewster, Brians, Bridge, Brigode, Brill, Brinegar, Brinkman, Britton, Brock, Brocker, Brooks, Brophy, Brothers, Brown, Browning, Bruce, Brumenschenkel, Brunk, Bryan, Bryant, Bucheit, Buck, Buckle, Buehner, Buergermeier, Buffenbarger, Buirley, Bullins, Bullock, Bunce, Bunch, Bundy, Bunnell, Bunner, Burch, Burchwell, Burdge, Buren, Burg, Burger, Burgess, Burggraf, Burke, Burkhart, Burlew, Burlile, Burnet/Burnett, Burns, Burnside, Burris, Burroughs, Burton, Bush, Butler, Butt, Butterworth, Byer, Bylsma, Byrd, Byus 

Cable, Caddo, Cahall, Cain, Callahan, Calvert, Camery, Camp, Campbell, Canterbury, Canull, Cardwell, Carey, Carles, Carlton, Carmack, Carman, Carmichael, Carnahan, Caron, Carpenter, Carr, Carroll, Carter, Carver, Casada, Case, Cash, Casner, Cassidy, Casson, Castle, Castleman, Cathcart, Caton, Caudill, Caupp, Causey, Cavanaugh, Center, Centers, Cesco, Chace, Chamberlain, Chambers, Chandler, Chaney, Chapman, Charles, Charlton, Chasteen, Cheek, Chenault, Cheshire, Chesney, Chew, Childers, Chilton, Chrisman, Christy, Churko, Clark, Clarkson, Clary, Clevenger, Click, Clift, Clifton, Cline, Cloud, Clouse, Clutter, Coates, Cobb, Coburn, Cochran, Cockerham, Coe, Coffee, Coffeen, Coffelder, Coffey, Cogan, Coldiron, Cole, Coleman, Collier, Collins, Colwell, Combs, Comer, Condon, Congleton, Conley, Conn, Conner, Connolly, Conover, Constiner, Contner, Cook, Coomer, Cooney, Cooper, Cope, Cornelison, Cornett, Cornthwaite, Corwin, Coteral, Cotterell, Cotterman, Cottom, Couch, Countryman,   Cowan, Cox, Coyan, Coyle, Cozatt, Crabtree, Craig, Crain, Cramer, Crane, Crank, Crawford, Creager, Creamer, Creech, Creekbaum, Crews, Crockett, Cropper, Crouch, Crowder, Crowe, Crown, Crump, Crutcher, Cullen, Cummins, Cunningham, Cummings, Cupp, Curtner, Cutler, Cutter, Czinege,

D Dailey, Dakin, Dales, Daley, Dally, Dalrymple, Dalton, Damico, Dane, Daniel, Darby, Dardeen, Dare, Darragh, Daub, Daugherty, Davenport, David, Davidson, Davies, Davis, Dawson, Day, Deaton, Debold, DeFosset, Deger, Degler, DeGrummond, DeHart, DeJarnette, DeLaney, DeLong, Demas, Demoret, Dempsey, Denison, Denman, Denney, Denny, Dennis, Denhoff, Desserich, Dettre, Dew, Dewhirst, Dieringer, Dietrich, Dilatush, Dillman, Dinus, Dix, Dixon, Dobek, Dobson, Doebler, Dodge, Doggett, Doller, Dolloff, Donohoo, Donovan, Dooley, Doster, Dotson, Doughman, Douglas, Dowd, Dowdell, Dowlin, Downey, Downing, Downs, Doyle, Dozier, Drake, Drennan, Dressler, Drummond, Drury, DuBois, Dubs, Duerr, Duff, Dugan, Dumford, Dunaway, Duncan, Duncil, Dunham, Dunlap, Dunn, Dupuy, Durham, Durig, DuVall, Dwire, Dwyer, Dyas, Dye,
E Eakins, Earnhart, Easter, Easterly, Eckhardt, Edelman, Edgar, Edgerton, Edmon, Edwards, Egelston, Ehling, Eichholz, Eifert, Elbon, Elder, Eldridge, Elfers, Elkin, Elkins, Elliott, Ellis, Ellison, Ellzey, Elsten, Eltzroth, Emerick, Emmons, Enochs, Enright, Epp, Ertel, Erwin, Estill, Estridge, Evans, Everitt, Eversole, Eves, Eyler,

Faine, Fair, Fairchild, Falch, Fannon, Fansler, Farley, Farmer, Farris, Faul, Faulkner, Faux, Feix, Fennen, Fenwrick, Ferguson, Fetick, Fields, Fink, Finke, Finley, Fish, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Fitzpatrick, Fitzwater, Fletcher, Flinn, Flischel, Florence, Flynn, Foley, Fondersmith, Forinash, Forman, Forste, Fortuna, Fosbrink, Foster, Fowler, Fox, Foxbower, Francis, Franklin, Frazee, Frazer, Frazier, Fred, Frederick, Freeze, Frehse, Freier, French, Freudenberg, Frey, Freytag, Frick, Fricke, Fridley, Friend, Fritts, Fritz, Frost, Fry, Frye, Fueston, Fugett, Fuglie, Fuller, Fultz, Funk, Furnas,

G Gabbard, Gaddis, Galbraith, Gallagher, Gambill, Gardiner, Gardner, Garman, Garrett, Garrison, Gary, Gaskill, Gates, Gay, Gebhardt, Geesner, Gehringer, Geiser, Geisler, Gelwick, Gentry, George, Gephart, Gerkey, Gerrard, Gerstner, Gest, Gibbs, Gibson, Giehls, Gieseke, Gilbert, Gilby, Gillen, Gilliam, Gillum, Gilkey,

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Gilles, Gillespie, Gilman, Ginter, Ginther, Girard, Girton, Githens, Glackin, Glenn, Glossip, Glover, Gloystein, Goforth, Goins, Golden, Goocey, Goode, Goodlander, Goodman, Goodpaster, Goodrich, Goodwin, Goodworth, Gordon, Gorsuch, Gose, Gosney, Graham, Grau, Gravenstine, Gravitt, Gray, Grays, Grayson, Gregory, Grehl, Green, Greene, Greenhorn, Greenup, Greer, Gregg, Gregory, Grey, Griest, Griffey, Griffith, Griglione, Grigsby, Grimes, Grisham, Gritton, Groppenbacher, Gross, Gruber, Grueber, Gruhler, Gschwender, Guard, Guenther, Gulley, Gumm, Gustin, Gutermuth, Gutwein, Guyer, Gwin,

Haas, Hacker, Hackmann, Hagemeyer, Hahn, Haines, Halcomb, Hale, Haley, Hall, Halsey, Hamblin, Hamilton, Hamm, Hammond, Hammons, Hampton, Hancock, Handley, Hanes, Hannah, Handshaw, Hansel, Harbach, Harbison, Harcourt, Hardin, Harding, Hardwick, Hardy, Haring, Harp, Harpen, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Harsacky, Harshman, Hart, Hartman, Hartsock, Harvey, Harville, Hasselbring, Hassett, Hatfield, Hatte, Hatter, Hatton, Hava, Hawk, Hawke, Hawkins, Hawley, Haxton, Hay, Hayes, Haynes, Hays, Hayslett, Head, Headley, Healey, Heath, Heery, Heffner, Hegner, Heller, Heitman, Helfinstine, Helfrich, Helm, Helsinger, Helton, Hemmer, Henderson, Hendey, Hennigen, Henry, Hensley, Henson, Herchenhahn, Herdman, Herman, Herrick, Herron, Hersman, Hess, Heston, Hetzel, Hetzler, Hibbard, Hickman, Hicks, Hiers, Hightman, Hiles, Hill, Hilleger, Hillman, Hils, Hilton, HimesHineline, Hines, Hisey, Hisle, Hitchcock, Hitte, Hixson, Hoak, Hobbs, Hoblit, Hochstetler, Hodge, Hoeltke, Hofer, Hoffer, Hogan, Hoke, Holbrook, Hollarn, Hollcroft, Hollingshead, Hollingsworth, Hollon, Holloway, Holmes, Holt, Holtzapple, Holzman, Homan, Honeycutt, Hoobler, Hooks, Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hopper, Horais, Hornsby, Hosea, Hoskins, Hosmer, Hostetter, Hough, House, Housteau, Houston, Howard, Howell, Hoyer, Hoyler, Hoyt, Huber, Huddleson, Hudgel, Hudson, Huff, Huffer, Hufford, Hughes, Hull, Humes, Humphries, Humston, Hunter, Huntsberger, Hurley, Hursh, Hursong, Hurst, Hurt, Hurtt,

Idle, Igo, Inderrieden, Ingersoll, Ingles, Ingrabrand, Ingram, Innis, Iorns, Ireland, Irons, Irvin, Irwin, Isaacs,

Jacks, Jackson, Jacobs, James, Jameson, Jarvis, Jasper, Jaynes, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jenkins, Jessee, Jestice, Jett, Johnsey, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Jordan, Jost, Jourdan, Joyce, Judd, Julien, Jump, Jungdahl, Justice, Justison,

Kachele, Kaczmarek, Kaiser, Kaplan, Karlan, Kash, Kauffman, Kaufman, Kecken, Keener, Kees, Keethler, Keever, Keffer, Keiter, Keith, Keller, Kelley, Kellis, Kellner, Kelly, Kelsey, Kennard, Kennedy, Kent, Kerrison, Kersey, Kesling, Kidwell, Kilburn, Killworth, Kimball, Kimberlin, Kincaid, Kinder, Kindoll, King, Kingan, Kingery, Kinner, Kinney, Kinsel, Kinsworthy, Kinzer, Kirkland, Kirkman, Kirkpatrick, Klaber, Kleather, Kleine, Klingebiel, Kloss, Klosterman, Knight, Knochenhauer, Knoop, Koch, Kohl, Kohlmeyer, Konicki, Kothe, Kramer, Kratzer, Kraus, Krebs, Kroell, Kroener, Kryskalla, Kuch, Kuebler, Kuhlman, Kuhn, Kuhnell, Kukuk, Kunker, Kurtz, Kyle,

, Lackens, Lake, Lakes, Lackey, Lacy, Lamb, Lambert, Land, Landacre, Lane, Langenbrunner, Langford, Lanham, Lanz, Larrick, Larson, Lashley, Laumbattus, Lauterbach, Lawson, Layman, Laymon, Leach, Leaf, Leap, Leathers, Ledford, Lee, Leen, Leestma, Legg, Legge, Lehman, Lehr, Leisk, Leisz, Lema, LeMaster, LeMay, Leonard, Lester, Leuzinger, LeVangie, Levy, Lewis, Liames, Lieungh, Lightcap, Lillie, Linder, Lindsey, Line, Linebaugh, Lingo, Linkous, Linville, Lipscomb, Little, Littman, Livesay, Livingston, Locke, Loffer, Logsdon, Long, Looker, Losh, Loucks, Louis, Louiso, Lovell, Lovely, Lowe, Lowman, Luburgh, Lucas, Ludington, Ludlum, Lurz, Lust, Luti, Lutz, Lykins, Lynch, Lyons,

Mabon, MacDonald, MacGregor, Mack, Mackey, MacLellan, Maddox, Mader, Madlener, Maham, Majoewsky, Malchow, Mallicoat, Mallory, Maloney, Mance, Mann, Manning, Mapes, Marconet, Marlatt, Marlow, Marman, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Massie, Mathews, Matney, Matthews, Maupin, Maxwell, May, Mayabb, Mayer, Mayhew, Maynard, Mays, McAfee, McCabe, McCarnan, McCarren, McClanahan, McClung, McComas, McConnell, McCorkle, McCormick, McCoy, McCray, McCreary, McCurley, McDade, McDaniel, McDonough, McDowell, McElfresh, McElwee, McFadden, McFarland, McFarlin, McGee, McGill, McGlothin, McGraw, McGregor, McGuire, McIlvain, McIntosh, McKeever, McKenzie, McKibban, McKinley, McKinney, McKnight, McMahan, McMains, McMichael, McMillen, McMillion, McQueen, Meadows, Medley, Meek, Meeks, Meguire, Meibers, Mehlhope, Melampy, Melko, Melloh, Meloy, Melton, Mendenhall, Menne, Mentz, Mercer, Meredith, Messer, Metcalf, Middleton, Mider, Midkiff, Mikola, Milburn, Miles, Miller, Mills, Minge, Minix, Mink, Minster, Minton, Miracle, Miranda, Misel, Mitchell, Moberly, Mobley, Moeller, Mokry, Molloy, Monday, Monds, Money, Monfort, Monk, Montgomery, Montjoy, Montville, Mooney, Moore, Moorhead, Moran, Morgan, Morris, Morse, Morsie, Morter, Mosbacker, Moseley, Moses, Mosier, Mosley, Mount, Mounts, Mueller, Mulcahey, Mulford, Mull, Mullen, Mullett, Mullins, Mullis, Muncy, Murch, Murphy, Murray, Musselman, Myers,

, Nash, Nause, Naylor, Neace, Neal, Neargarder, Nease, Neeley, Neff, Neibert, Nelson, Neubauer, Neuhaus, Neuhausser, New, Newbiggin, Newcomb, Newdigate, Newkirk, Newman, Newton, Newton, Nicely, Nicholas, Nichols, Nicodemus, Nickell, Nicley, Nix, Nixon, Noe, Noland, Nordstrom, Noriega, Norman, Norris, Norton, Norvell, Norville, Nunley, Nye,

Oakman, Oberle, Odle, O'Donnell, Offord, O'Harold, O'Keefe, Oldfield, Oliver, Ollier, O'Neal, Oren, Orender, Orndorff, Orr, Osborn, Osborne, Oscar, Oser, Osman, Oswald, Owen, Owens,

Pack, Padgett, Pairan, Palmer, Pankow, Parker, Parks, Parlett, Parlette, Parsons, Pasley, Pate, Patrick, Patterson, Paul, Pauley, Payne, Pearson, Pease, Peattie, Peavley, Peck, Pectol, Peetz, Pemberton, Pence, Pennington, Penwell, Perkins, Perry, Persley, Peters, Petrey, Pettit, Pettlo, Peyton, Phelan, Phillips, Pickering, Pickett, Pierce, Pierson, Pittman, Pleasant, Plummer, Poe, Poff, Pollock, Polly, Pomeroy, Poole, Poore, Poorman, Pope, Poppe, Poppewell, Porter, Potter, Pottorf, Powell, Praeter, Prater, Precht, Presley, Preston, Preuninger, Prewitt, Price, Prickett, Priest, Pringle, Privett, Probst, Puckett, Pugh, Pullem, Pummill, Purdy, Purkey, Pursley, Purvis, Putnam, Pyle,

Qualls, Quigley, Quillen,

, Rager, Rainey, Rains, Raleigh, Ralston, Ramey, Ramsey, Randolph, Raney, Rankin, Ranucci, Rapier, Rapp, Rasch, Rash, Ratliff, Rawlings, Rawlins, Ray, Rayborn, Rayburn, Reagan, Reason, Rechel, Redman, Redmon, Reed, Reedy, Reese, Reeves, Reihs, Reiners, Reno, Ressinger, Retallick, Reveal, Revenaugh, Revis, Rexroat, Reynolds, Rhodes, Ribbler, Rice, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Richie, Richter, Rickard, Riddle, Ridenour, Rider, Ridge, Riggs, Riley, Ritterspach, Rittner, Ritz, Roark, Robbins, Roberts, Robertson, Robison, Robinson, Robson, Rockey, Rockwell, Rodehaver, Roe, Roell, Roflow, Rogers, Rogerson, Rook, Rooks, Roosa, Rose, Rosell, Rosenberg, Rosencrans, Ross, Rothman, Routenberg, Rowe, Rowland, Rowley, Roy, Royse, Rudd, Rudman, Rudolph, Ruffner, Rumaggi, Russell, Runyan, Runyon, Rupport, Russell, Rutlege, Ryan,

Saddler, Saker, Salley, Sample, Sampson, Sams, Sander, Sanders, Sanderson, Sandlin, Sandy, Sartin, Saunders, Senne, Sergeant, Sargent, Sartin, Satchell, Satterfield, Satterthwaite, Savage, Sawyer, Sawyers, Saylor, Scalzulli, Scarborough, Scearce, Schaffer, Schallich, Schamer, Schanke, Scheall, Schemel, Schenck, Schenk, Schneider, Schinner, Schlagheck, Schmidt, Schoellman, Schoenling, Schofstoll, Scholl, Schooley, Schoonover, Schoppert, Schorr, Schott, Schubert, Schuler, Schultz, Schumacher, Schutte, Schwamberger, Schwartz, Schwarz, Schwarzwalder, Schwietert, Scofield, Scott, Scruby, Seale, Seales, Sears, Sebastian, Secrest, Seeley, Seiler, Seiwert, Self, Sellers, Semmler, Semones, Sempsrott, Setser, Setty, Seward, Sexton, Shaffer, Shankel, Sharik, Sharp, Sharpe, Sharts, Shatford, Shaver, Shaw, Shawhan, Sheets, Sheley, Shelton, Shepherd, Sheppell, Sherer, Sherman, Sherritt, Sherron, Sherwood, Shewmaker, Shields, Shifflet, Shirley, Shively, Shockey, Shockley, Short, Shrack, Shroyer, Shuler, Shumaker, Shumard, Shurts, Shurtz, Shutts, Sibcy, Sidwell, Siebert, Siegfried, Siehl, Siewny, Sigg, Silcox, Silven, Simendinger, Simmons, Simon, Simpson, Sims, Sinclair, Singhoffer, Singleton, Sisco, Six, Sizemore, Slusher, Skidmore, Skinner, Slatton, Slaven, Sliger, Slone, Slusser, Smart, Smiddy, Smith, Smitty, Smyth, Sneed, Snell, Snider, Snoddy, Snodgrass, Snowden, Snyder, Sobotka, Sohn, Sorrell, South, Southard, Southerland, Sowards, Spaeth, Sparks, Speidel, Spellmire, Spence, Spencer, Spicer, Sporing, Spradlin, Spray, Sproat, Spurling, Squier, Stacy, Stahl, Stamm, Stamps, Stangby, Stanley, Stansberry, Stansell, Stanton, Stapleton, Starkey, Starr, Staton, Stavis, St. Clair, Steele, Steffens, Stegemoller, Steger, Steinhauer, Steininger, Stephens, Stephenson, Stepp, Stevens, Steward, Stewart, Stibbs, Stidham, Stites, Stiver, St. John, St. Pierre, Stock, Stokes, Stone, Stonecash, Stotler, Stout, Stoutimore, Stolzenburg, Stratton, Strickland, Strohmenger, Stroud, Strouse, Strouth, Stubbs, Studer, Stuhlemmer, Sturgill, Sturk, Sullivan, Sumner, Supinger, Surface, Sutherland, Swallow, Swartzel, Swayne, Sweeten, Sweney, Swiger, Swigert, Sykes,

Tackett, Talcott, Tatom, Taulbee, Taylor, Teague, Templeton, Terrell, Terry, Terwilliger, Tewell, Thacker, Tharr, Thayer, Thoma, Thomas, Thomason, Thompson, Thomson, Throckmorton, Tibbs, Tice, Tickel, Tienarend, Tietmeyer, Tiller, Tilley, Tilton, Timberman, Times, Tinch, Tindall, Tindle, Tinley, Tinney, Tipton, Tirey, Titus, Tobin, Todd, Todorov, Toler, Tolle, Tolliver, Tolson, Tooley, Toshie, Townsend, Transier, Traud, Treon, Trimble, Trissel, Tritt, Truesdale, Truman,Trumpore, Tucker, Turner, Turnmire, Turpin, Tussey, Tuttle,

Ullum, Umbel, Umble, Updyke, Urton,

, Valassis, Van Atta, Van Cleve, Vandel, Vanderbrink, Van Dermark, Van Epps, Van Harlingen, Van Hoosier, VanNuys, Van Winkle, Vaughn, Vaydik, Verbryke, Vezza, Vian, Vickers, Vinson, Vint, Vires, Vogel, Volkerding, Vosler,

, Wagner, Wagoner, Wahsum, Waites, Walden, Walker, Wall, Wallace, Wallingford, Wallis, Walsh, Walters, Ward, Wardlow, Ware, Wargo, Warrick, Washburn, Wass, Watkins, Watson, Watt, Watts, Way, Weaver, Webb, Weber, Weis, Weisman, Welch, Weller, Wells, Welsh, Wemmer, Wenglikowski, Werline, Wertz, West, Westfall, Westmeyer, Westray, Wetzel, Whalen, Whaley, Wharton, Wheeler, Whipple, Whisman, Whitacre, Whitaker, White, Whitis, Whitney, Whitt, Whobrey, Wichard, Wiebell, Wientjes, Wiggins, Wikoff, Wilburn, Wilder, Wilders, Wilkerson, Wilkinson, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willison, Wills, Willwerth, Wilson, Wimmer, Windsor, Wingham, Winglewich, Winkle, Winston, Winter, Winters, Wise, Witham, Witt, Wittrock, Woertz, Wohlgemuth, Wolf, Wolfe, Wolffrum, Womble, Wood, Woodruff, Woods, Woodward, Woody, Woollard, Workman, Worley, Worrell, Worth, Worthington, Wright, Wyatt, Wyles, Wyrick,

Yaple, Yeazel, Yenco, Yetter, Yinger, York, Young, Younker, Yungbluth,
Zachman, Zang, Zink, Zuroweste, Zwick,

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