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Applications for Headstones in Private Cemeteries, 1909-1924, Warren County, Ohio
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Warren County, Ohio Military Heritage
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Applications for Headstones in Private Cemeteries, 1909-1924
Warren County, Ohio
Warren County Name Index

The government program to provide headstones for graves of soldiers, sailors and marines had its beginnings in the removal of Civil War dead to national cemeteries. Initially graves were marked with wooden headstones. These were followed by a small headstone or block. In 1873, the headstones specifications called for white marble or granite, 4" thick, 10" wide, and 42" long (36" in the south) with 12" of the stone visible after installation.  In 1873, burial in National Cemeteries was opened to all honorably discharged Civil War veterans who died after passage of the act. In 1879, an act was passed by congress authorizing government headstones over the graves of Unions Soldiers interred in private, village, or city cemeteries."  In 1903, the height of the stones for southern gravestones was increased to 39" and following World War I, the top of the stones was slightly rounded and the height and width was increased to improve durability.  Flat markers started to become available in the late 1930s.  Up until 1972 the applications were part of the Records of the Quartermaster General (Record Group 92) broken down as follows:
  • The Quartermaster General's office created 166,000 3x4 cards for soldiers who died between 1851 & 1903. These cards, arranged alphabetically, were microfilmed (M1845 - 22 rolls) and have since be digitized by - see link below. The Ohio Genealogical Society is in the process of creating a database capturing all significant items included on the cards.
  • Applications for Headstones in Private Cemeteries, 1909–1924 (entry 592)
  • Applications for Headstones for Soldiers Buried at Soldiers' Homes, 1909–1923 (entry 591) - This includes burials in both state and federal Soldiers' Homes.
  • Applications for Headstones 1925-1963 (entry 2110C) organized alphabetically in year groups 1925–1941, 1942–1948 then in groups of 2 or 3 years to 1963. The first set within this entry for the years 1925–41 has been reproduced as microfilm publication M1916, Applications for Headstones for U.S. Military Veterans, 1925–1941.
  • Applications for Headstones 1964-1970 (entry 1942A)
  • Interment Control Forms ca. 1928-1962 (entry 2110B) are arranged alphabetically by name of decedent so you would not need to know the date of the application.
In 1972 the national cemetery system and the responsibility of providing headstones was transferred to the U.S. Veterans Administration. The applications are contained in Record Group 15, entry 52.  Access is limited.
Headstone Applications 1909-1924 (entry 592). Cemeterial Records. Records of the Office of the Quartermaster General. Record Group 92. National Archives, Washington, D.C.
Records include preprinted forms and related correspondence arranged as loose papers by State & county.
The images in our collection of Warren County applications were obtained from the textual records located at the National Archives, Washington, DC on 16 July 2010 by Arne H Trelvik

top of form
To the Quartermaster General, U. S. Army, Washington, D.C.
General: Following is a list of unmarked graves of soldiers, sailors, and marines for which headstones are desired, it being understood that if they are furnished and delivered at Government expense, freight prepaid, to railroad station or steamboat landing indicated below, they will be promptly removed and set up at private expense.
(When the consignee is some person other than the applicant, a letter from him giving his permanent address and stating that he will promptly remove the headstone from the depot must accompany the applications.)

reverse side

Write plainly and be careful to spell correctly the names of soldiers or other persons for whose graves headstones are desired; if any of them served under an assumed name, both the true name and the alias must be given.
Write the first or given name in full if known, as Chas. T. Jones instead of C. T. Jones.
Where soldier served with State troops, the State and arm of service (whether infantry, cavalry, or artillery) should be given; and in the case of a sailor or marine, the name of one or more vessels on which he served, and the approximate date of enlistment is required. The approximate dates of enlistment and discharge should also be given where the soldier served in the Regular Army.
By carefully observing these directions and giving the information called for in each column, delay will be avoided.
Officers or Committees of G.A.R. Posts and other persons having charge of securing headstones for soldiers buried in their vicinity should ascertain before ordering headstones whether or not the relatives or friends of the soldiers desire the headstones or whether they intend to erect private monuments.
Applications for headstone, the receipt of which have been once acknowledged by this office, should not be duplicated; the headstones will be furnished as soon as practicable.

Upon application to the Quartermaster General, U. S. Army, headstones will be furnished for unmarked graves of soldiers, sailors, and marines who served in the Army or Navy of the United States during any war or insurrection (including the Revolution), whether regular or volunteer, and whether they died in the service or since their muster out or discharge there from. Headstones will be furnished also for the unmarked graves of Army Nurses who had regular or volunteer commissions as such.
These headstones are of best American white marble, 39 inches long, 12 inches wide, and 4 inches thick, the top slightly rounded, and the portion of the stone which will be above ground when set is sand-rubbed; each headstone is inscribed with the name, rank (if above private), company, and State regiment, or other organization, to which the deceased belonged, cut in relief within a sunken shield. No deviation can be made from these specifications, which are prescribed by the Secretary of War, and the law does not provide for any expenditure for fences or for any other purpose except for the headstone as above described.
No money allowance is made in lieu of furnishing headstones.
Headstones will be shipped, freight prepaid by the Government, only to the nearest railroad station or steamboat landing; they will not be delivered to street addresses or to the cemetery.

Applicants must answer advisedly the following questions before stones can be furnished:
1. Are the headstones ordered at the request of the relatives in each case?
2. Is there a private monument or headstone at the grave (or graves)?
3. Do any of the relatives or friends intend to erect private monuments or headstones in the future?

Label on Box
at the
National Archives
RG 92 Records of the Office of The Quartermaster General
Cemeterial Records
Applications for Headstones in Private Cemeteries, 1909-1924
Tuscarawas County - Washington County
Box 243                         Entry 592
  This Index began 5 Sep 2010. We have about 60 application files on hand. This on-line collection will be added to as time permits.
Application Submitted by Date Soldiers
R. W. Nixon (Pisgah, Ohio) to "Dear General sir" [Quartermaster General], letter R. W. Nixon 7 Apr 1879 Samuel A. Nixon
Application for 13 headstones Joseph B. Woodward 3 Oct 1911 Elias B. Brandon, James C. Brown, William Corwin, John W. Dakin, Joseph E. Decker, Martin W. Earhart, John S. Evans, William Houser, Steven B. Hunt, William McLane, John L. Merritt, Thomas H. Stains, George W. Unglesbee
Application for 5 headstones D. J. Morris 28 Nov 1911 Daniel Brandenburg, James D. Davis, William H. Miner, David H. Nuss, Orah Warbington
Application for 12 headstones E. Wilkerson 29 Oct 1913 Jasper Ayres, Abraham Bailey, Joseph R. Bretney, Cyrus Hamilton, Ebenezer D. Leonard, John Lucas, Henry C. Parker, James Phillips, Thomas C. Shotwell, William H. Smith, Richard Stringfellow, Alexander Sutton
Application for 8 headstones Joseph B. Woodward 25 Jun 1915 Daniel C. Anderson, George H. Buchner, Perry H. Deardoff, William Hildebrand, Eli Hiddlebaugh, Owen Morgan, Isaac S. Reece, Martin Tansey
Application for 12 headstones E. Wilkerson 15 Jul 1916 James Collier, John Connor, John Dunn, John Emerson, John Espy, Hiram Foster, Charles D. Gilmour, George Goodwin, Joseph Ludlum, Albert McKinney, Granville M. Payne, Benjamin  F. Wolf
Application for 3 headstones E. Wilkerson 3 Jul 1919   Levi Brant, Samuel Brant, Elias Whitacre
Application for 1 headstone Mrs. L. V. Nixon 8 Jun 1923 William Nixon
Application for 3 headstones S. C. Kersey 11 Dec 1911 John R. Drake, George W. Turner, R. Heber Holbrook
Application for 1 headstone S. C. Kersey 17 Jun 1912 John Keller
Application for 1 headstone A. B. Haney 31 Aug 1912 Wm. H. Haney
Application for 1 headstone John Connell 8 Aug 1912 Ralph W. Connell
Application fo 1 headstone Mrs. Frank T. Stevens 4 Feb 1914 Franklin Stevens
Application for 11 headstones Peter K. Pence 12 Jan 1914 Samuel W. Bigsby, Absalom Brandon, Arthur Gillespie, Napoleon Johnson, William Morton, Charles H. Suydam, Elias H. Vickars, Calvin Charles Vickars, Joseph Vickars, John B. Welsh, Harve Whitacre
Application fo 1 headstone Ralph W. Comer 26 Mar 1914 John Mullin
Application for 2 headstones S. C. Kersey 28 Oct 1916 Edward Smith, George Murray
Application for 3 headstones J. B. Woodward 21 Dec 1916 William H. H. Davis, Andrew Butt, George B. Crawford
Application for 1 headstone S. C. Kersey 4 Jun 1910 William Schuyler
Application for 1 headstone Mrs. Nannie M. Goldsberry 2 Jul 1911 Calvin J. Goldsberry alias Corbin J. Goldsberry
Application for 1 headstone Mrs. Sarah A. Wilkins 1 Mar 1914 John W. Thompson
Applrication for 1 headstone Ed. S. Bretney 6 Jul 1914 Michael H. Johnson
Application for 1 headstone S. C. Kersey 7 May 1914 Ephraim Sellers
Application for 2 headstones Charles Hildebrant 1 Oct 1914 Henry C. Hildebrant, John W. Hildebrant
Application for 1 headstone S. C. Kersey 11 Nov 1914 JamesMcMullen
Application for 1 headstone S. C. Kersey 28 Apr 1915 George Hidee/Hydee
Application for 1 headstone Walter Kenrick 22 Apr 1922 Drummond W. Slade
Application for 2 headstones Peter K. Pence 7 Apr 1919 John M. Vickers, Charles H. Newport
Application for 1 headstone Mrs. Wm. Heeg 31 Jan 1919 John Stillwell
Office of National Cemeteries to Mr. Henry T. Watkins, Maineville, Ohio   14 Mar 1885 W. H. Watkins & S. L. Watkins
Application for 12 headstones James Ireland 12 Jul 1886 Andrew Bailey, Scott Bailey, Sylvester Bailey, Thomas J. Bailey, Francis M. Brant, Stephen Burgoin, Charles Cartwright, Martin Fath, Charles Goodpaster, Jacob Hester, James M. Stephenson, Wm. Webb

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