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; Warren County, Ohio, Military Heritage
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Warren County, Ohio Military Heritage
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John Kell Post No. 241 Grand Army of the Republic
Franklin, Ohio

Post Officers:
P. C. (Post Commander), S. V. C. (Senior Vice Post Commander), J. V. C. (Junior Vice Post Commander), Q. M. (Quartermaster), Surg. (Surgeon), Chap. (Chaplain), O. D. (Officer of the Day), O. G. (Officer of the Guard), Adjt. (Adjutant), S. M. (Sergeant Major), Q. M. S. (Quartermaster Sergeant)

John Kell Post, G. A. R.

Source: 1910 "Souvenir Franklin Home Coming Celebration" (two-eyed string-bound booklet)

Terry Easton
8 August 2016
20 August 2016

Woodhill Cemetery
G. A. R. Lot, Section 10 Lot 1
Franklin Township, Warren County, Ohio

Terry Easton
11 October 2016
The Military History of Ohio: Warren County Edition (New York: H. H. Hardesty, 1886), page 315-316

page 315

The Post was chartered June 29, 1882, and is located at Franklin. It is named for Colonel John Kell, late of the Second Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Sprung from a line of soldiers, having himself been in the Mexican war, of a high spirit and dauntless courage, John Kell was fitted to be a leader of volunteers of ’61. Enrolling Company F, First Ohio, for three months’ service, with a pledge “to be in the struggle to its end,” he joined early friends in organizing the Second Ohio Volunteer Infantry, three years, becoming its lieutenant-colonel. His service ending with his fall at Stone River, summed up the best results of a strong, resolute manhood.
The following is taken from the Post charter, is the list of charter members: J. M. Dachtler, L. Stockman, Charles S. Mickle, M. W. Earhart, James A. Miller, Joseph E. Decker, W. H. Robinson, E. L. Bone, E. Bridge, H. Y. Rush, Joseph M’Carty, I. N. Snell, J. C. Brown, J. B. Woodward, J. H. Thompson, A. S. Reeder, W. W. Decker, John M’Nellis, B. F. Archdeacon, John Sheedy, Ed. M.


Arne H Trelvik
2 August 2016

Page 316

Meeker, Jacob Cautle, L. Meckling, J. L. Ingraham, J. S. Johnston, T. C. Hatfield, S. G. Schenck, H. F. Vandevere, Ed. Crawford, B. F. Anderson, J. R. Sweeney, Joseph Wear, A. B. Spader, J. P. Deardoff, Charles Brown, W. W. Whiting, W. F. Hailman, H. Bennett, A. F. Meeker, Ben Morgan, John G. Gage, John Bridge, J. W. Dakion.

The following charter members have gone over to the majority: John Bridge, died February 28, 183; B. F. Anderson, died March 31, 1886; T. C. Hatfield died before December 19, 1885.

Officers 1882 – P. C, Lloyd Stockman; S.V.C, John M. Dachtler; J.V.C., Charles S. Mickle; O.D., Wm. H. Robinson; Adjt., E. L. Bone; Q.M., M. W. Earhart; Chaplain, Rev. H. Y. Rush; O. G., Joseph E. Decker; S. M. Joseph M’Carty; Q.M.S., Erasmus Bridge.
1883 – P. C., John M. Dachtler; S. V. C., Wm. H. Hailman; J. V. C., Joseph M’Carty; O. D., W. W. Whiting; Adjt., E. L. Bone, to June 14th – A. S. Reeder, after Oct. 11th; Q.M., M. W. Earhart; Chaplain, H. Y. Rush; Surg., C. S. Mickle; O. G., Joseph WearJ. E. Decker, after Oct 25th; S. M., A. S. Reeder, to Oc. 11th – E. Bridge, after Oct. 11th; Q.M.S., James A. Miller – J. P. Deardoff, after Oct. 11th.
1884 – P.C., Wm. H. Robinson; S. V. C., Wilbur C. Nelson; J. V. C., J. B. Woodward; O. D., E. Bridge; Adjt., W. W. Whiting; Q.M. M. W. Earhart; Chaplain, H. Y. Rush; Surg., John Sheedy; O. G., J. H. Thompson; S. M., Joseph M’Carty; Q. M. S., J. M. Dachtler.
1885 – P.C. W. W. Whiting; S.V.C., J. B. Woodward; J.V.C., E. Bridge; O. D., Ed. Crawford; Adjt., Joseph M’Carty; Q.M., J. M. Dachtler; Chaplain, Rev. R. E. Smith; Surg., J. P. Deardoff; O. G., J. M’Nellis; S.M., A. S. Reeder; Q.M.S., A. B. Spader.
1886 – P.C., Joseph M’Carty; S.V.C., Joseph E. Decker; J.V.C., J. P. Deardoff; O.D., J. C. Brown; Adjt., A. S. Reeder; Q.M., J. M. Dachtler; Chaplain, H. Y. Rush; Surg., Charles Millard; O.G., Jacob Cautle; S.M., R. G. Burrowes, to July 8th; Q.M.S., Arthur B. Spader; Historian, R. G. Burrowes, from July 8th.


Comrades deceased with Date of Death:
John Bridge, Feb. 28, 1883; T. C. Hatfield, † before Dec. 19, 1885; O. Crozier, † before Jan. 14, 1886; B. F. Anderson, March 31, ’86; J. M. Miller, May 25, ’86.
†Dying away from Franklin.
Comrade J. A. Miller served as A. D. C. in 1882; Comrade L. Stockman served as A. D. C. in 1886.
For the record of Kell Post the publishers are indebted to Comrade R. G. Burrowes, the efficient Post Historian.

Arne H Trelvik
2 August 2016

ROSTER OF MEMBERS Date of muster into the Post listed when available

Surname Given Name GAR Muster Date Comments
Anderson Benjamin F. 29 Jun 1882  
Archdeacon Benjamin F. 29 Jun 1882  
Barkalow Arthur B. 13 May 1886  
Bennett Hampton 27 Jul 1882  
Bone Elias L. 29 Jun 1882  
Boner John W. 10 Jan 1884  
Bridge Erasmus 29 Jun 1882  
Bridge John 28 Sep 1882  
Brinkman A. 13 Dec 1883  
Brown Charles 13 Jul 1882  
Brown James C. 29 Jun 1882  
Burrowes Richard G. 10 Dec 1885  
Cautle Jacob L. 29 Jun 1882  
Cautle William T. 25 Jun 1885  
Crawford Edward R. 29 Jun 1882  
Crozier O. 8 Jan 1885  
Dachtler John M. 29 Jun 1882  
Dakin John W. 12 Oct 1882  
Deardoff John P. 13 Jul 1882  
Deardoff Perry H. 12 Oct 1882  
Decker Joseph E. 29 Jun 1882  
Decker William W. 29 Jun 1882  
Denise Ira Condit 8 Feb 1883  
Earhart Martin W. 29 Jun 1882  
Eby Wm. S. 10 Jan 1884  
Eldridge Carleton Sr. 13 Mar 1884  
Frainer William W. 25 Jun 1885  
Gage John G. 28 Sep 1882  
Gaunt Jesse 12 Jul 1883  
Glassford William T. 25 Jun 1885  
Green Peter A. 25 Jun 1885  
Hailman William F. 13 Jul 1882  
Hatfield Thomas C. 29 Jun 1882  
Hemphill Granville M. 25 Oct 1883  
Ingraham James L. 29 Jun 1882  
Johnston J. S. 29 Jun 1882  
Johnston Joseph 13 Dec 1883  
LeFever William R. 23 Aug 1883  
Maley Patrick Henry   sole resident survivor
Marshall Micajah H. 9 Aug 1883  
McCarthy Joseph 29 Jun 1882  
McNellis John 29 Jun 1882  
Meckling Lewis 29 Jun 1882  
Meeker Andrew Fuller 13 Jul 1882  
Meeker Edward M. 29 Jun 1882  
Merchant Isaac A. 25 Oct 1883  
Merchant Robert 25 Oct 1883  
Mickle Charles S. 29 Jun 1882  
Millard Charles 12 Jul 1883  
Miller James A. 29 Jun 1882  
Miller John L. 10 Jul 1884  
Miller John M. 11 Jan 1883  
Miller William F. 11 Jan 1883  
Moery/Morey Frederick K.    
Morgan Benjamin 28 Sep 1882  
Murphy Squire 22 Apr 1886  
Nelson Wilbur C. 13 Sep 1883  
Nickle Phillip    
Reeder Andrew S. 29 Jun 1882  
Robinson William H. 29 Jun 1882  
Robison William M.    
Rook George W. 25 Jun 1885  
Ross Tobias 11 Oct 1883  
Routzahn Josiah 10 Dec 1885  
Rush Henry Yount (Rev.) 29 Jun 1882  
Schenck Alexander DuBois 11 Oct 1883  
Schenck Samuel G. 29 Jun 1882  
Sheedy John 29 Jun 1882  
Smith R. E. (Rev.) 22 May 1884  
Snell Ira N. 29 Jun 1882  
Snell William A. 25 Jun 1885  
Snuff John Edward 27 Nov 1884  
Spader Arthur B. 29 Jun 1882  
Stace Edward R. 28 Dec 1882  
Stockman Lloyd 29 Jun 1882  
Sweeny James R. 29 Jun 1882  
Tansey Martin    
Terry Anthony T. Brown 25 Jan 1883  
Thompson J. H. 29 Jun 1882  
Tressler Hiram S. 24 Jan 1884  
Vanderveer Henry Francis 29 Jun 1882  
Hardesty's 1886 Military History of Ohio, Warren County Edition, page 316
Member John Kell Post No. 241, GAR
Walling Alvin T.    
Wear Joseph 29 Jun 1882  
Wedderstrand Alexander R. 14 Dec 1882  
Whiting William W. 13 Jul 1882  
Witters Noah    
Woodward Joseph B. 29 Jun 1882  



Arne H Trelvik
2 August 2016

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