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Largest Draft Call Send 101 Men To Army

Arne H Trelvik 14 January 2012
"Largest Draft Call Sends 101 Men To Army," The Western Star (Lebanon, Ohio), Thursday, January 7, 1943, pages 1A & 3A
We know of at least three men listed in this article who were killed in action - William E. Montgomery, Orval R. Reynolds and Ward C. Talcott. Additional information has been posted for those names which are hyperlinked in the article. At least two thirds of these men have since passed away. If you would like to contribute additional information or photos for any of these men, you may email it to [email protected] .

Village, County Officials, Business Men Make Up Contingent
Relatives and Friends Gather to See Men Off
The largest contingent of Lebanon and Warren county draftees numbering 101 men, ever to be called to the colors from Draft Board One left yesterday afternoon for Ft. Thomas, Ky., where they will be inducted and sent to various camps throughout the nation.
Forty-six residents of Lebanon, including childless husbands and 18-19 year-olds, comprised the largest group to be sent from this area. Franklin selectees numbered 30 men.
Relatives and friends of the men gathered in the downtown area to wish them good luck and a speedy return.
Village, county officials and business men were included in Lebanon’s list of men.
Registrants who left yesterday for Ft. Thomas include:
Clifford D. Rosencrans, Marvin E. Young, Arthur C. Sumner, Eldon F. York, Charles Vanderbrink, Wilson M. Robinson, Edgar B. Miller, Hubert L. Sams, Kenneth L. Jones.
Edward G. Semmler, Robert E. Russell, Ward Talcott, Harold A. Bean, George A. Hancock, Silas D. James, Harold C. Odle, Charles E. Atkinson.
Austin R. Trovillo, Ernest G. Pope, Lawrence E. Coates, Herschel L. Hollingshead, Loren V. Reason, Lenville C. Mavity, Omar R. Meloy, Vernon E. Reynolds.
Robert Downey, Myron L. Nixon, Russell Ray, Paul E. Dakin, Charles F. Osborn, Meryl B. Gray, Paul E. Fisher, Thomas M. Liddil.
Donald C. Thoma, Earl G. Saunders, Francis S. Marconet, Russell E. Burnett, William A. Sims, Chris C. Brumenschenkel, Glen Frost.
Edwin C. Coburn, Orval R. Reynolds, Jimmie Fitzsimmons, Paul R. Allison, Howard Pierce.

Joseph E. Cramer, Charles H.

(continues on Page Three-A)

Arne H Trelvik
14 January 2012

(continued from Page One-A)

Leight, David W. Hetzler, William A. Glossip, Orville C. Hurley, Walter H. Eastham, Delmas Dalton, Harry A. Allmyer.
Warren Robert Fink, James R. Green, James E. Wolfe, Joseph Q. Perry, William K. Kinney, Jr., Alvin F. Harrison.
Gerald Kennedy, Stanley L. Wonderly, Leonard J. Smith, William J. Rothwell, Clyde Taylor.
Ernest Collins, Raymond R. Zugg, John Beckett, William A. Black, Ossie Neall, Huber Newcomb.
Woodston Lakes, William E. Montgomery, Cecil E. Kelly, Vernon Smith, Wells S. Bridge.
Charles R. Mount, George C. Mount.

Paul J. Becker, Jr., Elmer R. Hains.
Harold Wood, Springboro; Charles R. Sannan, West Middletown, Cecil E. Wilson, Oregonia.


Jess James, Jr., Woodruff L. Gullett.


Clyde B. Marlatt, Donald Volkerding.


Joseph H. Girton, Orville Lynch, Joey E. Davis, Leo J. Baker, Cornell D. Cole.


Ronald J. Shurtz, James H. Taylor, Junior D. Tucker, Albert Grehl, Harold E. Dumford.


Wilton C. Holden, Donald Reynolds, Willis Gevedon, Everett Reynolds.

Arne H Trelvik
14 January 2012

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