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Civil War Widow's Pensions for Warren County, Ohio Soldiers
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Warren County, Ohio Military Heritage
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Warren County, Ohio Civil War Soldiers
Civil War Widows' Pension Applications Available at

Case Files of Approved Pension Applications of Civil War and Later Navy Veterans (Navy Survivors' Certificates), 1861-1910

Digitization of approved pension applications of widows and other dependents of Civil War veterans who served between 1861 and 1910 is the result of a partnership between FamilySearch, NARA, and Fold3. Ultimately, the Civil War Widows' Pensions project will digitize, index, and make available approximately 1,280,000 Civil War and later widows’ files in the series. These are paper records scanned from pension files archived at the National Archives in Washington, DC. They are part of Record Group 15, Records of the Department of Veterans Affairs, 1773-2001. To learn more visit

In addition to name, state, regiment, company, and pensioner given name, the pension files are also indexed by widows' Certificate number (WC#). The original pension applications at NARA are organized by certificate number, given according to when the widow applied for a pension. The digitization project is being done in chronological order according to the widows' certificate number.

The List below are those widows' pensions, that we know of, for Warren County soldiers and sailors.
If we have also located the file in the footnote collection, the Dependency column will provide a link to the Footnote images for that particular file.
We will add others as they are found. 
If you know of any additions, email the information to [email protected]

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Warren County Soldier or Sailor Co Reg Unit Certificate # Dependant Name


George W. Allen     US Navy 27978 n/a Self Navy Survivors' Certificate
John H. Baker A 79 OVI 39,929   Widow  
John W. Barkley I 79 OVI 15,627 Mary H. (Kimbrough) Barkley Widow  
Peter Basore E 31 OVI 146,231 Maria Charlotte (Schwartz) Basore Widow
3 minors
57 pages
Samuel Beal B 146 OVI 789800 Catherine S. Beal Widow  
Wesley Berry A 35 OVI 91359 Hannah Berry Widow 2 pages. Consolidated with Minor No. 215,295
Thomas E. Bispham H 79 OVI 60,706 Sarah F. Bispham Widow 2 pages. Consolidated with #465440, Sarah F. Dinwiddie
Thomas E. Bispham H 79 OVI 145,876 minor children Minor children 3 pages. Minor children Mary E. Bispham & Francis Malcolm Bispham
Consolidated with #465440, Sarah F. Dinwiddie
Benjamin F. Boatman F 35 OVI 26,173 Martha J. Boatman Widow consolidated with #116428
Michael Bowker A 4 OVC 134,660 Amanda Bowker Widow & Child 75 pages
Job Braddock F 35 OVI 38,383 Mary Braddock Widow & Minors  
David N. Brown H 79 OVI 93,432 Lucinda Brown Mother 33 pages. Widow of William Brown.
Ebenezer Burch A 69 OVI 48,728 Margaret E. Burch Widow & Minors  
Jasper N. Burns K 179 OIV 83,452 Elizabeth Burns Mother 20 pages. Widow of Zephaniah Burns who died 15 Jun 1854.
George L. Capp H 2 OVI 19,235 Susan (Bursk) Capp Widow 16 pages.
Joseph B. Carpenter H 79 OVI 36,985   Widow  
George Riley Carroll E 79 OVI 97,792 Sarah Jane Carroll Widow & child  
John W. Cartwright A 34 OVI 47,750
Hannah A. Cartwright
I. Mullen Guardian
Widow &
minor son
148 pages - This file contains a consolidation of a number of pension filings:
Certificate #47750 Hannah (Mullen) Cartwright as widow of John W. Cartwright
Certificate #127244 Lawrence Cartwright, minor son of John W. Cartwright
Certificate #715120 John H. Reichel, 146th OVI, 2nd husband of Hannah Cartwright
Certificate #521594 Hannah (Mullen) Reichel as widow of John H. Reichel
Daniel Chambers B 5 OVC 66,972 Nancy Chambers Widow & Minors  
Benajah Clark A 35 OVI 32,041 Mary Ann (Peterson) Clark Widow  
Christopher Clem Jr. K 78 OVI 131,997 Christopher Clem Sr. Father 21 pages
Jacob R. Coleman F 75 OVI 3,074 Narcissa M. Coleman Widow  
Alexander Compton C 79 OVI 66,874 Mary Compton Widow  
Israel D. Compton H 79 OVI 33,702 Margaret Compton Widow & Minors  
Jacob A. Conover G 89 OVI 80,750 Sarah Ann Conover Widow &
2 children
Noah F. Cotton G 17 OVI 8,903 Lydia A. Cotton Widow consolidated with #705244
John M. Cottrell G 17 OVI 40,661 Catharine Cottrell Widow & Minors  
Robert Cleaver H 79 OVI 77,924 Ellen Cleaver Widow & child minor son, George L. Cleaver
Sylvester E. Crane F 2 OVI 45,702 Sarah Ann Reed
formerly Sarah A Crane
nee Sarah A. Eyer
Widow 26 images
minor son Sylvester E. Crane
William J. Crane H 23 OVI 50,264 Margaret Crane Widow also F 12 OVI
Daniel Creegan H 37 OVI 55,917 Mary A. Creegan Widow & Minors  
John Crosson F 38 OVI 62,284 Annis (Adams) Crosson Widow  
Adam Curry I 83 OVI 11,293   Widow consolidated with minors' certificate #136,846
Lewis F. Daugherty A 35 OVI 40,758 Frances A. Ricketts Widow &
3 Minors
35 images
John F. Davis B 180 OVI 69,013 Sarah Davis Widow & Minors  
Charles Diffy
aka Charles Duffey
E 17 OVI 77,251 Anna (Gossel) Oldenburg Widow 80 images [early records spell the name Diffy and evolved to Duffee in later records]
Daniel Doughman K 79 OVI 62,285 Mary E. Doughman Widow  
David Doughman K 79 OVI 69,014 Sarah Doughman Widow  
Samuel F. Dudley K 79 OVI 61,689 Nancy A. Dudley Widow  
Benjamin Franklin Duke F 35 OVI 51,833 Jemima Duke Mother 23 images
Daniel Dumford H 175 OVI 86,650 Margaret Dumford Widow & Minors  
William H. Durell
aka Harrison Durell
A 79 OVI 57,626 Elizabeth Durell Widow 25 images - Name generally listed as William H. Durell except Harrison Durell is used on marriage record and in Lebanon Cemetery Records.
Ralph E. Ellenwood G 2 US Inf 25,505 Rebecca E. (Drake) Ellinwood Widow  
Robert Ertel E 79 OVI 45,219 Nancy E. Ertel Widow  
John H. Evans E 56 OVI 33,834 Mary P. Evans Mother 27 images - does not appear to have a connection to Warren County?
Stephen A. Fairchild F&S 6 Kan Cav 35,590 Beulah W. Fairchild Widow &
5 Minors
48 images
John Frazier recruit 79 Ohio 145,322 Melinda Frazier Widow &
3 minors
65 images
William H. Girton E 2 Ind
95,565 Helen M. (Purcell) Girton Widow 1 image - see file for minor children
William H. Girton E 2 Ind
111,441 Sarah, George & Helen Girton 3 Minors 61 images - claim filed by guardian, George W. Osborn, who married their mother.
George Groves H 79 OVI 7,162 Lucinda (Irons) Groves Widow & Minors  
Joseph J. Gustin A 75 OVI 14,2328 Emeline Poffinbarger 4 Minors 50 images - Matthew M. Tressler, guardian for Jeremiah Gustin, John Gustin, Anna Rebecca Gustin & Sarah Belle Gustin. Their mother, died while her own claim was pending.
John P. Haggett/Haggott F&S 57 OVI 2,701 Mary Ann B. (McAvoy) Haggott Widow & Minors  
Patrick Haley I 83 OVI 19,563 Bridgetta (Finiey) Haley Widow & Minors  
Jacob Wesley Hampton I
Ill Inf
Ill Inf
847,458   Survivor
Compiled Military Service Record and Pension file contributed by Dan Reigle - see images
Richard V. Hanna I 83 OVI 23,359 Rebecca Hanna Widow & Minors  
William Harrison Hay K 71 OVI 39,012   Widow  
Enoch Hayner A 12 OVI 65951 Julia Hayner Orphan Daughter 25 images
Elisha Hill A 12 OVI 130552 Marshall Hill and
Margaret Ann Hill
26 images
David R. Hoffman B 2 OVHA 40,406   Widow  
Benjamin H. Howard E 17 OVI 54,413 Almira Howard Widow & Minors  
Emanuel Howard E 17 OVI 132,622 Nancy (Phillips) Howard Widow & Minors 90 images - 7 children; John H. b. 6 Dec 1849, Marion b. 8 Nov 1852, James b. 27 Sep 1854, Ann Louisea b. 18 Jun 1857, Mary Jane b. 10 Jul 1859, Edward b. 29 Aug 1861 and Harriet b. 18 Jun 1864.
Joseph Hunt G 183 OVI 87533 Jane Hunt Widow & Minors  
Benjamin Franklin Ingersoll E 17 OVI 50,631 Mary D. Ingersoll Widow 37 images
James Benton Ireland A 12 OVI 24,520 Mattie E. (Ward) Ireland Widow 14 images
Adam Jack F 28 IA Inf 41,102   Widow  
Granville Jackson G 89 OVI 17,169 Marissa Jackson Widow & Minors  
John Kell F&S 2 OVI 87,618 Martha Jane Kell
Eliza R. Kell
Joel R. Kell
Minors 71 images
William S. Keys F 35 OVI 46,318 Eliza J. Keys Widow & Minors 38 images
Adam Koogle H 39 OVI 44,189   Widow  
Henry Kruse C 2 Mo Cav 29,084 Jane Kruse Widow & Minors 4 images
Charles H. Kunkle     US Navy 6,121 Matilda (Doughman) Kunkle Widow  
John Kurfiss B 4 Ky Cav 126,736 Caroline E. (Weisenberger) Kurfiss Widow & child 40 pages
Daniel McF. Lamb I 50 OVI 21,846 Henrietta Lamb Widow &
2 Minors
4 pages - see Minor Certificate 214,237
John Leach A 35 OVI 108,093 Margaret (Barton) Leach Widow &
2 Minors
30 pages - captured at Chickamauga and believed to have died at Florence, SC prison.
Thomas Lyon A 35 OVI 46,313 Elizabeth Lyon Mother 21 pages
James Harrison McKee A 35 OVI 120,660   Widow 1 image indicates that the file was charged out to "Naylor" on 21 Jan 1934
William Miltenberger D 93 OVI 30,920 Elizabeth Miltenberger Mother  
Francis D. Morris F&S 35 OVI 40,399 Elizabeth Y. Reeder Widow &
Minor Son
31 images
John M. Murray F 12 OVI 3,597 Elizabeth Murray Widow & child See Minor Certificate #115,492
John T. Negus I 83 OVI 14608 Sarah Ann (Hammond) Negus Widow & child  
John L. Newman A 35 OVI 11,910 Catharine (Reagan) Newman Widow & Minors  
Joseph Nicholson B 79 OVI 82,277 Hannah J. Nicholson Mother 17 pages. Joseph H. Nicholson died at Nashville, Tennessee on 23 Jul 1864 from wounds received in action on 15 Jun 1864. It does not indicate where he was wounded – perhaps Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia.
Michael O'Brien G 183 OVI 82463 Catharine O'Brien Wife & minors 63 images. Captured at Franklin, Tennessee on 30 Nov 1864. Died of disease while a POW at Tupelo, Mississippi on 12 Jan 1865
Edward O'Neil/O'Neilll D 183 OVI 84,924 Mary O'Neill


40 pages
William R. (Dr.) Owens G 27 Ky Inf 59,984   Widow  
Oliver H. Parshall F 35 OVI 31,957 Belle E. Parshall Widow & Minors  
Henry Patterson A 69 OVI 27,620 Ruth (Lamb) Patterson Widow  
Andrew J. Patton G & I 83 OVI 146,293 Nancy (Miller) Patton Widow & 3 minors 41 oages
Nathan D. Pence A 79 OVI 51,618 Elizabeth Pence Mother  
Patrick H. Rains F 75 OVI 76,306 Ida Rains Widow no file found - see XC Pension #662373
Jesse K. Randall F 35 OVI 99,283
252. 628
J. D. Martin, Guardian
Margaret E. Randall

2 pages - consolidated with Widow's Certificate #252, 628

Stephen Ransom E 79 OVI 91,158 Hannah (Butler) Ransom Widow &
3 children
387 pages
Jeremiah Reece I 83 OVI 6,662
Sophia Reece
Minor Children
Widow & Minors 45 images - Sophia died in 1869
Minors: Jonatthan K. Reece, Sarah Matilda Reece, Cornelia Ellen Reece
Joseph W. Reeder D 79 OVI 116602 Miles Eli & Martha Reeder minors 3 images - file transferred to widows' file (Application #253970, Certificate #217866)
Zachariah Reeder H 79 OVI 109,755

Nancy Jane (McKinney) Reeder


Widow &
4 children
125 pages with personal letters, a second woman claiming marriage to Zachariah, claims of desertion & court martial, and a 41 page special examiners report. The widow, who went blind shortly after the death of Zachariah, kept her pension until her death 25 Apr 1898. She is buried in an unmarked grave at Miami Cemetery.
John H. Reichel A 34 OVI 715120 Hannah A. Reichel Widow 148 pages - This file contains a consolidation of a number of pension filings:
Certificate #47750 Hannah (Mullen) Cartwright as widow of John W. Cartwright
Certificate #127244 Lawrence Cartwright, minor son of John W. Cartwright
Certificate #715120 John H. Reichel, 146th OVI, 2nd husband of Hannah Cartwright
Certificate #521594 Hannah (Mullen) Reichel as widow of John H. Reichel
Clem Reid     US Navy 6414 Self Invalid Pension 231 pages documenting ongoing efforts to obtain an increase in his pension due to his failing eyesight in his left eye.
Robert Reiley/Reily F&S 75 OVI 9404 Isabella 'Bella' (Gano) Reily widow &
5 children
41 images. Minor children were named Clara, Agnes C., Joseph H, Emma G. & Florence Reily.
John Romine F 35 OVI 52,964 Elizabeth Romine Widow consolidated with Widow's Certificate #496063
Jacob W. Roosa K 71 OVI 58,749 Rosetta Roosa Widow 2 page file
Christian Schmetzer A 75 OVI 1,146 Maria Schmetzer Widow &
3 Minors
27 pages. Minor children named Maria, Julia and Christiana Schmetzer.
George W. Sellers C 146 OVI 40541 Nancy E. Sellers Widow 2 pages
John W. Slagle C 1 OVC 119,894 Sarah (Johnston) Slagle Widow &
2 minors
51 pages
Peter H. Snook F 12 OVI 185622 Jane Snook Mother  
Noah B. Spray H 79 OVI 78,203 Christiana Spray Widow & Minors  
Samuel A. Spurgeon A 35 OVI 15,166   Widow  
Franklin E. Stevens
aka Eugene Stevens
C 23 OVVI 125,565 Fannie (Cullom) Stevens Widow 28 pages (He served as Eugene Stevens in Co A, 12th OVI and Co C, 23rd OVI
Flavius Josephus Thackara A 95 OVI 78,894 Mary E. Thackara Widow &
2 children
120 pages. Minor children Tirza Adeline & Martha Elizabeth
Nathaniel B. Thompson F, H 79 OVI 47,847

Elizabeth Thompson

Granville M. Thurston A 79 OVI 42,780 Clara Thurston Mother  
John H. Timler Jr. A 35 OVI 27,055 Ann (Lafferty) Timler Mother  
James J. Todd D 146 OVI 113,352 Mary A. Todd Widow &
1 Minor
39 pages
Jabez H. Turner F 12 OVI 25,909 Eleanor C. Turner Widow & Minors  
Hilkiah G. Walker I 83 OVI 11,673
Martha A. Walker Widow &
1 Minor
28 pages
Frederick J. Weiser aka
Frederick J. Wisser
A 35 OVI 58,683 Amelia Wisser Widow &
3 Minors
33 images
Andrew J. White G 35 OVI 52,337 Mary E. White Widow  
Benjamin Whittlesey H&I 83 OVI 79,898 Jane Whittlesey Widow & child  
William Wilkerson C 4 OVC 104,951 Elizabeth (Thompson) Wilkerson Widow &
3 minors
63 images
Eli M. Williams Musc 12 Ind VI 104,194   Widow see widow certificate #366824
Johnson Williams F 74 OVI 4,840 Mary Ann (Crosson) Williams Widow & Minors  
Conrad Wilmer F 75 OVI 17,057   Widow consolidated with #148670
George D. Wilson B 2 OVI 95,898      
Frederick J. Wisser A 35 OVI 58638 Amelia Wisser Widow 33 images
Joseph H. Wolf/Wolfe H 79 OVI 80,105 Wellington, Sarah, George, John & Mary Wolf Minor children  
Thomas Wood E 15 OVI 66,357 Zeruah Wood Mother  
Jackson Woodburn G 5 OVC 126,808 Louisa Woodburn Mother 19 images
Samuel H. Yarnell F 146 OVI 78,779 Hannah Yarnell Widow &
3 children
39 images

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