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147th Infantry, 37th Division AEF, Warren County, Ohio
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The 147th Infantry
The 37th "Buckeye" Division
American Expeditionary Force, World War I

Co. E 147th Inf. 37 Div.
[click on photo for larger image]
undated photo submitted by Stephen Ridge 24 Oct 2010
"not sure if this is Camp Perry, Ohio or Camp Sheridan, Alabama"

Camp Sherman, Ala. Sept. 26-18 Company G 147th Inf. - 37th Div. W.W.1
photo contributed by Chip Henriss on 8 Sep 2015

The 147th Infantry was formed when Ohio National Guard units were mobilized during World War I. The 147th trained at Camp Sheridan, Alabama and arrived in France to join the American Expediaionary Force [AEF] on 5 Jul 1918 and participated in numerous battles. At the end of the war, they were shipped back to the Camp Sherman, Ohio and were demobilized on 18 Apr 1919.

Below is a partial list of names of the men from Warren County known to have served in the 147th. Many of them served in Company E, which was formerly the 1st Ohio National Guard
If you know of others from Warren County who served in the 147th, please let us know.


Company Rank
Name Remarks
E Private Bowman, Dock Wounded In Action severely 5 Oct 1918
      Braddock, Fred  
E Wagoner   Braden, Arthur L.  
E Sergeant   Braden, Clyde  
E Corporal   Burns, Edward M.  
F Cook   Chaney, Charles Herbert  
B Private Cockrum, Hirl 8 Jan 2012 email from his son, Chuck Cockrum
"Please add my father to the site? His name is Hirl Cockrum. Here is his info from Franklin County, Illinois, war history, 1832-1919 , page 155, digital image at
COCKRUM, Pvt. HIRL; (Benton)
miner; age 23; b. Whittington; son of Charlie and Liza Cockram.
Entrained April 27, '18, Benton;
overseas June 22, '18;
battles Argonne, Flanders front; wounded right eye, right hand and leg by shrapnel;
attached Co. B, 147th Inf., 37th Div.";
discharged Jan. 9, '19, Camp Columbus, Ohio.
E Private   Collins, Joseph Co E 1 Infantry ONG to --; Supply Company 147 Infantry to Discharge Wagoner 21 May 1918. Meuse-Argonne; Ypres-Lys; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 23 June 1918 to 23 March 1919. Honorable discharge 19 Apr 1919
E Private Collins, Nathan Co E 1 Infantry ONG (Co E 147 Infantry) to 3 Feb 1918; Headquarters Company 147 Infantry to 12 June 1918; Supply Company 147 Infantry to Discharge Wagoner 20 Sept 1918. Ypres-Lys; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 23 June 1918 to 23 March 1919. Honorable discharge 19 Apr 1919
[Nathan was a victim of a gas attack during the war which caused the loss of one of his lungs & contributted to his early demise]
  Corporal   Clements, Jesse  
E Sergeant   Dakin, Dean C.  
  1st Lieutenant   Dilatush, Charles Donald  Dilatush, Charles Donald, 1st Lt., White, 117 Silver St., Lebanon, O.
born Lebanon, Ohio Feb. 13, 1896
2 Lieutenant 20 Dec 1917 from National Guard; 1 Lieutenant 29 Apr 1918. 147 Infantry to Discharge Cp Sheridan Ala; France; Cp Lee Va. Ypres-Lys; Meuse-Argonne. American Expeditionary Forces 22 June 1918 to 16 Aug 1919. Honorable discharge 3 Sept 1919.
E Captain   Dilatush, Frank A. Dilatush, Frank Allen, Capt. White, Lebanon, O.
born Lebanon, O. Feb 12, 1891
2 Lieutenant Infantry from National Guard; 1 Lieutenant 19 Dec 1917; Captain 1 Nov 1918. 1 Infantry ONG (147 Infantry) to Discharge Cincinnati O; Cp Sheridan Ala; France. Meuse-Argonne; Ypres-Lys; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 28 June 19
L PFC   Doughman, Floyd F.  
Supply Wagoner   Doughman, Stanley M. Co B 1 Infantry ONG to 25 Oct 1917; Co L 147 Infantry to 19 Dec 1917; Supply Company 147 Infantry to Discharge Wagoner 21 May 1918; Private 30 May 1918; Wagoner 11 Jan 1919. Meuse-Argonne; Ypres-Lys; Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 23 June 1918 to 23 March 1919.
L Wagoner   Doughman, Virgil W.  
E     Hall, Archibald K.  
E Corporal   Hatfield, Robert P.  
E Cook   Hearne, Chester C.  
  PFC   Hodgson, William H.  
HQ Corporal   Hopkins, Lester  
E Sergeant   Hutchinson, Thomas Boyd "Tom Hutchinson Dies In Georgia," obituary, The Franklin (Ohio) Chronicle, Wednesday, April 11, 1973
" . . . When America became involved in World War I, Tom Hutchingon [sic] volunteered in Company E of the 147th Infantry Regiment and served as a Sergeant in France with the American Expedionary Force. He was gassed in the Battle of the Argonne Forest. He later graduated from Officer's Candidate School at La Val Bone near the French Alps but at the close of the war he chose to return home to America instead of taking a commission to serve in the Army of Occupation in the Rhineland. . . ."
G PFC Keenan, Charles R. 25 Feb 2017 email from his grandson, Steve Burns who writes,
"My grandfather, Charles Keehan, was a member of that division and was wounded in action fighting in France. I have the certificate he was awarded for being wounded in action. I believe he was a victim of a gas attack. Please add his name to the roster."
Official Roster of Ohio soliders, Sailors and Marines in the World War 1917-1918,
Vol. 9, page 8875
27 Jun 1917 - Charles R. Keenan, age 24 years 9 months enlisted at Cincinnati in Co G 147 Infantry
7 Nov 1917 - Private First Class
22 Jun 1918 to 30 Dec 1918 - American Expeditionary Force, Meuse-Argonne Defensive Sector
27 Sep 1918 - slightly wounded in action
31 Jan 1919 - Honorable Discharge. 10% Disabled
E Corporal King, Fred wounded in action slightly 30 Sep 1918
E Corporal King, Robert D. wounded in action slightly 30 Sep 1918
E Corporal Laymon, Charles Wounded In Action severely 27 Sept 1918
D Wagoner   Lyons, Arthur L.  
  PFC   Manning, Charles B.  
E Major   McCreary, Earl C.  
E Private   McElfresh, Marion E.  
M Sergeant   Montgomery, Junior James Died 9 Jun 1953 and buried in the Veterans Section, Oak Ridge Cemetery, Hillside Illinois
E Mess Sgt.   Reid, John Jacob  
E Corporal   Ridge, Charles Forrest  
E 1st Lieutenant   Ridge, Hugh Carroll Died 22 Jan 1957 West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida
E Sergeant   Roll, Arlie M.  
E Corporal   Ross, Edward A.  
E Sergeant
Snook, Ralph E. "Warren County, Ohio and Beyond" by Dallas Bogan, page 239
" . . . On September 23, the 147th moved north of Ricourt to Boisede Parois in anticipation of the Argonne Forest campaign. On the 25th the men advanced toward Avicourt, a German held fortification. Attacks of a large measure were evidenced with the line of battle extending from the English Channel on the north to Belfort on the south.
The engagement of the greatest battle of the war was now underway. The Allies, with their multi-sized guns and cannon, were relentlessly fighting for their lives. It is sad that this battle was fought, for within a little over a month the Armistice was signed. On September 28, with the battle raging to an unheard of degree, the opponent persistently delivered fierce resistance. Men were being gassed, shot and falling in droves, many being mortally wounded. However hard the enemy fought, it was not enough to stop the onward march of the Allies. Among those wounded heroes on this day was Sgt. Ralph Snook. He was immediately carried off to a field hospital, thence to base hospital No. 31, where he was received by the Red Cross. On October 9, 1918, Sgt. Snook died of his wounds. A Higher Power had now taken him to report up There. . . ."
E Corporal Stibbs, Carl D. Co E 1 Infantry ONG (Co E 147 Infantry) to Discharge Corporal 15 May 1918. Ypres-Lys; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. Wounded In Action slightly 29 Sept 1918. American Expeditionary Forces 15 June 1918 to 22 March 1919. Honorable discharge 19 Apr 1919.
E Private   Thoms, George Lee  
E Corporal   Vorhes, Charles Leslie aka Leslie Vorhes
E Sergeant Vorhes, John Lisle aka Lisle Vorhes. Wounded In Action severely 28 Sept 1918
E 1st Lieutenant Waterhouse, George James wounded in action slightly 2 Nov 1918
E Private   Wilson, Oakley W.  
E Private   Winkler, Albert  
E Corporal   Young, Charles  

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