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Frost Family Obituaries Family Obituaries, Warren County, Ohio
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Frost Family Obituaries
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Arne H Trelvik

George W. Frost (1823-1890)


Life’s work well done,
Life’s race well run,
Life’s crown well won,
Now comes rest

George W. Frost was born in Lebanon, Ohio, August 12, 1823, and was the oldest son of William and Sarah Frost. With the exception of two years spent in the South in early manhood, and thirteen years in Washington D.C., where he held a position of trust in the Pension Office, his life was passed in Lebanon, which was to him the dearest spot on earth.

He studied law with Milton Williams and was admitted to the bar on his twenty-first birthday, but ill-health forced him to abandon the active practice of his chosen profession; yet his was far from an idle life, few can boast of greater diligence and will power which often conquered physical suffering.
He held various positions: was mayor of Lebanon in 1862-63, and at his death was justice of the peace of this township. An ardent Republican, he often proudly said, “I have never missed a State election since I was old enough to vote.”
Mr. Frost was an honored and respected citizen. He had great strength of character, and never wavered in his convictions of what was right. To enlist his sympathy was to gain a loyal untiring friend, and many will look back to years gone by and recall the kindness that came to them from the hand and generous heart of George Frost.
He was a lover of good books, an authority on church and State affairs, and possessed a ready pen, his articles were often seen in the Star, Gazette and other papers.
He united with the First Presbyterian church of Lebanon, in 1848, and always continued a consistent Christian, devoted to church work. Said a gentleman in speaking of his faithful life, “He is the only man I ever knew, whom I thought did too much for his church.” He had been a ruling elder of the church for the past 37 years, and while in Washington City a constant attendant at the New York avenue church, still retained his membership and office in the home church.
He was married to Miss Angeline Stevens, daughter of the late Joshua Stevens, who with their three children; mourn the first break in the family circle, and the absence of a devoted and endearing husband and father.
Although a sufferer for years, and in failing health for many years, his hopeful nature would not give way. He was confined to his room but three weeks, and then at sixty-seven years of age this faithful laborer had exhausted earthly strength, and peacefully entered into rest, August 19, 1890.
The funeral services were held at the family residence on Friday morning, August 22, at 10 o’clock, and in the absence of the pastor, Dr. J. P. Scott, were conducted in a beautiful and touching manner by Rev. Sylvester Weeks D. D., a near relative of the family, assisted by Rev. C. M. Williams, of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Source: The Western Star, Lebanon, Ohio, Thursday, August 28, 1890
Copy from the Obituary Collection at the Warren County Genealogical Society,
406 Justice Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036-2349, (513) 695-1144 - [email protected]

Arne H Trelvik
15 September 2009

Eldress Hester Frost (1827-1911)

SEPTEMBER 28, 1911


Death has removed from the ranks of the fast diminishing people, called Shakers, at Union Village, Eldress Hester Frost, a most worthy and amiable sister in her 85th year. She was born in the state of New York, in 1827, but her parents removed to Cincinnati in 1839 and at the tender age of 12 she came to live at the then flourishing Shaker settlement of Whitewater, where she resided till about 1860 when she was transferred to the fast declining society of Waterviet. That was her home till 1900 when that branch was disbanded and she, and the few other old people there, consolidated with Union Village where she has since resided.

Of Eldress Hester, it can be said she was a woman of strong spiritual, convictions and the faith she imbued in her young womanhood, together with the emotional phase of religious exercises (now happily a thing of the past - were to her very sacred. Still she constantly kept in touch with the advanced views of the day; her life, like one of old was spent in good works and there is comfort in the thought that "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die," and for years to come Eldress Hester's friends will say with Bulower Lytton:

"There is no death; an angel form
Walks o'er the earth with silent tread;
He bears our best-loved things away
And then we call -them dead."

The best medical skill was in daily, attendance upon her. Tender and loving hands ministered to her every want but she quietly sank to sleep on the night of the 17th.

Her declining years were embittered by the unnecessary vicissitude, that caused her two - former homes to pass into the hands of strangers, and with the knowledge of the doom of Union Village, for graft and greed, at the instigation of the Eastern Ministry whom she once honestly (but mistakenly) looked upon as her spiritual leaders, human nature at last revolted and she requested (which is the wish of many others, including the writer) that her remains should receive Sepulchral rites in the Lebanon cemetery and not in Shaker soil.

In accordance with her wish her remains rest there where a suitable headstone will mark her resting place.

The large assembly hall of the family dwelling was filled with friends and neighbors. The simple and impressive burial service of the Presbyterian church was conducted by the Rev. Dr. Gowdy who briefly dwelt on the consolation to be found in the 23rd Psalm. Appropriate musical selections were beautifully rendered- by Mr. and Mrs. Will R. Lewis, Mr. Ed S. Conklin and Miss Mildred Conklin.

Resting on the casket were some beautiful floral offerings bearing cards from Judge and Mrs. Runyan, Sister Molly, Mrs. Emily Beach and a beautiful tribute from the employees Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brown, Margaret Sesher and Stella Hysten.

As the setting sun was slowly sinking in the west on the 19inst. the funeral cortege entered the City of the Dead, where a brief invocation was offered by the officiating clergyman and amid suppressed emotion the remains were committed to their narrow house of clay and from many hearts doubtless assended the prayer.
Hold thou thy cross before my closing eyes,
Shine through the gloom and point me to the skies,
Heavens' morning breaks and earths vain shadows flee;
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me.

-M. S. M.

Source: The Western Star 28 Sep 1911
Copy from the Obituary Collection at the Warren County Genealogical Society,
406 Justice Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036-2349, (513) 695-1144 - [email protected]


Sue Frary
23 July 2005

infant of James R. & Josephine Frost

The Dead Body of a Child taken from Dubuque to Keokuk in a Skiff.


Source: "A Distressing Affair," obituary, Keokuk (Iowa) Daily Constitution, May 10, 1877

Terry Altheide
14 May 2012

James R. Frost (1831-1912) - Sergeant, Company F, 35th Ohio Infantry Regiment

Was a Resident of Keokuk, Married there and Moved to Dubuque Over Forty Years Ago.
Funeral Held This Afternoon at Keokuk Under the Auspicies of the Grand Army of the Republic.


Source: "James R. Frost Died At Dubuque," obituary, Daily Gate City, Keokuk, Iowa, December 27, 1912

Terry Altheide
14 May 2012

Josephine Frost (____-1931)

Mrs. Josephine Frost, Who Came Here Twenty-two Months Ago to Visit Her Niece, Dies At St. Joseph's Hospital.


Source: "Mrs. Frost of Dubuque Dies At Noon Today," obituary, Daily Gate City, Keokuk, Iowa, June 20, 1931

Terry Altheide
14 May 2012

  Sarah (Woodruff) Frost (1797-1873)
Sudden Death
About 3 o'clock P.M., of Sunday last, Mrs. Sarah Frost of this place, wife of Wm. Frost, sr., died suddenly of an attack in the nature of apoplexy. She had been slightly unwell the evening previous but had taken dinner as usual, shortly before the fatal stroke. Her death followed the stroke so speedily that there was not time to assemble the members of the family present in the house. Mrs. Frost was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, in 1797, and was one of the oldest, perhaps the oldest, of the natives of Ohio.

The Western Star, Lebanon, Ohio, Thursday August 28, 1873.
Copy from the Obituary Collection at the Warren County Genealogical Society

Mrs. Sarah Frost, whose death was announced in the paper of the 28th ult., was born in Hamilton County, Ohio, April 29, 1797. Her father, Edward Woodruff, left his native home in New Jersey in company with his father-in-law, Jonathan Tichenor, in the early part of 1789, and in the spring of that year descended the Ohio and landed at Columbia, above Cincinnati, where the two families resided until after Wayne’s Treaty, when they removed to what was known as “Round Bottom.” There, Mrs. Frost was born. In the year 1798 the families removed to this county and opened a farm about two and a half miles west of Lebanon, where the parents, and many of the children of the succeeding generations lived and died.The subject of this memoir was married December 18, 1821, to William Frost, who survives her. Their married life of more than a half century has been spent in Lebanon and its vicinity.Mrs. Frost was one of Nature’s noble woman. Her character was one of rare excellence. She was a loving and devoted wife and mother. She was kind and gentle, modest and unobtrusive. Her acts of kindness and benevolence were many. No one was ever denied a favor that was in her power to bestow. In her the poor had a friend – she ever sympathized with the suffering and unfortunate. To these qualities of the heart were added the graces which adorn the Christian character.On the 1st of October, 1827, she mad a public profession of her faith in the Lord Jesus, and united with the Presbyterian Church of Lebanon. She continued a faithful member of that church until the 4th of March, 1837, when she took a letter of dismissal and united with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church then recently organized in which communion she remained until her death. She died on Sabbath afternoon August 24, 1873, of disease of the heart. Her departure was sudden, but peaceful and without a struggle. Thus has passed away on of whom it can be truly said, none knew her but to love her.

The Western Star, Lebanon, Ohio, Thursday September 11, 1873.
Copy from the Obituary Collection at the Warren County Genealogical Society

Arne H Trelvik
15 September 2009


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