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Warren County in the Civil War, Part IV, Warren County, Ohio Newspaper
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Warren County, Ohio News Items
Warren County in the War
Part IV

Beginning on Saturday, October 31, 1885, the Lebanon Gazette, a bi-weekly newspaper published in Lebanon, Ohio, published this 12 part series

Publication Date Part SubTitle
October 31, 1885 Introduction Warren County in the War.
October 31, 1885 Part I The First War Meeting in Lebanon.
November 7, 1885 Part II More about the Early Days of the War - The Meeting in Washington Hall was not the First War Meeting in Lebanon - Important Addition to the History of Those Stirring Days.
November 14, 1885 Part III April, 1861, in Waynesville - A Glorious Story of Patriotism - The Firing on Sumpter Arouses the Town - Flying the National Colors - A Cannon at the Top of a Union Pole - The Great Assemblage in front of Oscar J. Wright's.
November 21, 1885 Part IV Up with the Flag - Judge George J. Smith Orders the National Colors Flung to the Breeze at the Courthouse. - A Roll of Honor - Company F, 12th O. V. I. - Taking the Boys to South Lebanon
November 28, 1885 Part V First Papers From an Old Soldier - More To Follow - Military Companies in Lebanon Prior to the War - the Old Warren Guards - Very Interesting Local History - The Early War Days at South Lebanon - First Meeting in the Old School-House and a Speech by Lawrence Smith, of Lebanon.
December 5, 1885 Part VI Second Papers from an Old Soldier - The "Lebanon Rifles" - They Offer Their Service to the Government. - Early War Days at Morrow - Company A, of the 12th Ohio - Off To Columbus and Down to Camp Dennison - Starting the First Campaign
December 12, 1885 Part VII Some Corrections by Captain Sausser - Interesting Additional Items - The Early War Spirit in Maineville - Volunteers for Many Regiments - Hamilton Township Not Behind Other Parts of Warren County.
December 19, 1885 Part VIII Third Papers from an Old Soldier - Recruiting and Muster in of Company A, 35th Ohio, With a Full List of Officers and Privates - Also Something of Company F, of the same Regiment - The Friends of the Cause at Lebanon - Facing the Realities of a Soldier's Life.
January 2, 1886 Part IX Early Days at Harveysburg - Enlistment of Ex-Auditor Randall and History of the Recruiting Expedition of Captain Parshall.
January 9, 1886 Part X A Complete List of the Officers and Privates of Company F, 12th O. V. I., As Organized for the Three Years' Service; A Queer Combination - Testaments and Liniment; The Old Sanitary Committee of the South Lebanon Pike.
January 16, 1886 Part XI The Death of Jabez Turner, The First Man the County Lost in the Great Struggle as told by an Eye Witness.
January 30, 1886 Part XII Life at Camp Dennison - Drilling and Preparing for the Battles the were to Follow - How the 12th Ohio Spent its Two Months of Probation.




There is one patriotic page in the journal of the Warren County Common Pleas Court for the January term, 1861. On the morning of the 16th of April of that year, Judge George J. Smith, who was then upon the bench, had the following entered upon the minutes of the court for that day:

“It is ordered by the Court that the Sheriff of Warren County procure, at the expense of the county, a National Flag, and cause to be erected on the top of the court-house a suitable flag staff, and that he cause said flag to be displayed therefrom at each and every term of this court and during the time the court may remain in session.”

It was found to be inconvenient to erect the flag staff on the top of the Court-house, and it was therefore placed in the ground a little to the left of the front entrance to the building; and here for a long time the stars and stripes testified to the loyal sentiment which found expression in those days in sedate courts of justice as well as in the popular assemblages of the people.

In reading the series of your reminiscences of the war, and the part that Warren County took in that struggle, I will say: I remember the great meeting at Washington Hall which you mention, and well do I recall the noble boys that formed the first company from Warren County, and the great crowd that witnessed the presentation to each one of them of a pocket testament as they were drawn up in line on the west side of Broadway, before their departure to the camp for instruction preparatory to going to the front. If I remember right the testaments were presented by the Rev. Dr. Stone, at that time pastor of our Baptist Church and Capt. J. P. Gilchrist. On April 13th, 1861, the news reached Lebanon that Ft. Sumpter had been fired upon, and by April 22 a company was formed and the next morning, Tuesday, April 23, 1861, left for Camp Jackson, at Columbus.

I have a complete list of the officers and members of that company in my possession and they are as follows:
Captain, Rigdon Williams.
First Lieutenant, James W. Roosa.
Second Lieutenant, James W. Ross.
First Sergeant, Daniel W. Pauley.
Second Sergeant, John Drake.
Third Sergeant, Frank M. Baker.
Fourth Sergeant, R. Bruce Wilson.
First Corporal, W. Frank Yeo.
Second Corporal, Lewis McMichael.
Third Corporal, Silas W. Egbert.
Fourth Corporal, J. Durbin Ward.
Fifer, Jacob Linder.
Drummer, O. N. Tichenor.


* Henry Ast,   E. K. Snook,
  Thomas J. Atkinson,   John Shurts,
  A. M. H. Booth,   James Turner,
  Joseph L. Booth,   Daniel VanKirk,
  J. W. Boyce,   Robert Walsch,
  J. T. Blair,   W. H. Wroten,
  Frank C. Brown,   R. H. Wilson,
  Edward Calph,   John Ward,
  Samuel W. Compton, * Selby Wiley,
  H. T. C. Coffeen,   H. T. Weiser,
  Michael Carroll,   John White,
  Hiram Cadwallader,   David B. Kobel,
  Lee Coffeen, * John M. Oxley,
  J. Calvin,   John Weaver,
  George M. Cochran,   Charles Winner,
  James Scofield,   Fred W. Bowker,
  William Crane,   John L. Clevenger,
  Elias Drake,   John VanNote,
  Edgar C. Earnhart,   Joseph Coleman,
  Joseph Frazier,   A. S. Kendall,
  James C. Freeman,   John Baker,
* Frank Gleason,   A. B. Gooch,
  Milt B. Graham,   William Taylor,
  John W. Colnor,   J. K. Brigham,
* Ralph Hooglan,   Thomas Patterson,
  L. E. Hicks,   Fred Cline,
  Will F. Hinsch,   T. L. Boller,
  Henry W. Hooglan,   L. Verbryche,
  E. S. Haynes, * Benjamin F. Down,
  David Hufford, * Joseph Luce,
  T. P. Hutchinson,   Frank L. Fornshell,
  John Hustead,   W. Cummings,
  John P. Heffeman,   C. E. Osborn,
  George T. Harris, * Morris Gratz,
  Theodore P. Hatch   S. D. Trimble
  Hart Irons,   Jacob Tindle,
  Charles Keever,   George Cadwallader,
  W. G. Keever,   John P. Daly,
* Andrew Lytle,   Lee S. Torbett,
  Caleb Lucas,   Jacob A. Cline,
  Peter Lyons,   John Sage,
  C. W. Mercer,   Robert Merchant,
  William M. Valy,   Frank Sweney,
  James W. Masterson,   J. H. Verbryche,
  G. W. Miller, * Allen Baysore,
  J. A. Meldoon,   Francis Hayner,
  John A. Miers,   A. W. Redd,
  Wilson Paxton, * W. M. Coulson,
  W. H. Rockhill,   Joel Hormell,
  Henry Smith,   Thompson C. Keever,
  John M. Snook,   W. J. Mercer,
  Thomas Share,   T. A. Jeffries,
  James R. Sweney,   Oscar Dodds,
  John H. Smith,   S. Bryant,
  Peter H. Snook,   Frank Fox,
  Jesse Simpson,   Owen Donahue,
  Thomas J. Sagerty, * George Fox,
  John Snyder,   James H. Herold,
  Daniel Sykes,   W. V. S. Walters.
[* added if no confirmed service in the 12th OVI found - service information not found for those that are not hyperlinked]

Thinking the foregoing might be of interest and bring up the recollections of over twenty-five years ago it affords me pleasure to add this much towards the history of Warren County in the beginning of the rebellion.

Thus it will be observed that Warren county was prompt in tendering her services to the government, and among the first to send in one of the largest companies organized during the rebellion, which was assigned to the 12th O. V. I., Col. Low commanding.

I also remember that the Sabbath before the National Guards left they were drawn up in line and marched to the M. E. Church, where the Rev. Charles Ferguson preached a sermon to them.

Their first service was in Western Virginia, at Carnifax, Laurel Hill, Gauley Bridge, Rich Mountain, Scarey Creek and Greenbriar, where they acquitted themselves nobly.

About this time a company was organized at Franklin by Capt. Kell and the late General O. C. Maxwell, and which was assigned to the second Ohio, which, if I remember right, was under command of General Robert Schenck, another Warren County boy. And this was one of the first regiments to go to Washington, or Harper’s Ferry. A list of the names of the boys forming this company I do not recollect of ever seeing, but perhaps this notice will be the means of learning their names.

I thought as these facts were never published I would furnish them for the interest of the readers of your valuable paper.

Geo. W. Carey

Mr. W. D. Mulford informs the Gazette that he took a load of boys of Co. F, 12th O. V. I., to south Lebanon, in April, 1861. On William Gallaher’s high gate post, on the road to that place, was an old musket cocked and pointed towards the South. About one hundred farmers in the vicinity of Lebanon unhitched from their plows at that time to assist in taking the boys of this company to the railroad station. The scene was in every way remarkable and memorable.

Arne H Trelvik
25 June 2011

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