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The 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Warren County, Ohio Newspaper
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Warren County News Items

Newspaper Clippings
The 35th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment

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Warren County Boys Prisoners in Nashville.

We learn from the Memphis Appeal that the following soldiers from the 35th Ohio Regiment are prisoners of war at Nashville, Tennessee:
Wm. S. Keys, Thomas Holloway, George Barbee and Andrew White, all of Captain Parshall's company.

Source: The Western Star, Lebanon, Ohio, Thursday January 16, 1862
[copy obtained from microfilm available at the Warren County Genealogical Society]

Arne H Trelvik
20 March 2010

Held at Hamilton – Well Attended
By Veterans From Lebanon.
The Program.

The forty-seventh annual reunion of the veterans of the 35th O.V.I. was held at Hamilton last Thursday. In this association are most of the veterans in Lebanon and in Warren County.
The morning session was called to order by President J. W. Meyers. Then followed the roll call, report of deaths, selection of place of meeting for next year and other business.
The afternoon session was taken up with the program. The audience sang America, Mrs. Mary A. Goldrick rendered some music and prayer followed. J. W. Meyers delivered the address of welcome, and Judge J. W. O’Neall gave the response. A memorial address was given by James Fitton. Miss Olga E. Herman sang “Tenting Tonight On the Old Camp Grounds” as a solo after which two more addresses were delivered by E. A. Belden and Rev. J. H. Moorehead. Other members gave short talks and the meeting was closed with the singing of “Marching Through Georgia.”
The veterans and families from this vicinity were: Major J. W. Budd, Albert Brant, Thomas Starry and wife, A. D. Strickler, Mary Strickler, A. E. Mulford, John Perrine, Al Booth, Oscar Thompson, Selby Wiley, Joseph W. O’Neall, John Adams, C. Randall and wife, J. M. Snook and wife, Frank Cunningham and wife, Frank Brandon and wife, Mrs. P. O. Monfort and Mrs. Henry Ried.

Source: The Western Star, Lebanon, Ohio, Thursday, September 28, 1911, page 1
[copy obtained from microfilm available at the Warren County Genealogical Society]

Arne H Trelvik
6 June 2009

"Our Museum" by Hazel Spencer Phillips
The Western Star, Lebanon, Ohio, Thursday August 5, 1948
[The Warren County Historical Society has a collection of the
"Our Museum" articles published from 18 Sep 1947 to 28 Oct 1948 in a binder at their library - Call #977.176 Phi]

Historians of Warren County have written that Durbin Ward was the first volunteer of his county in the Civil War. When President Lincoln issued his call for Volunteers on Monday morning, April 15, 1861, Durbin Ward, a promising young attorney, was trying a case in the Warren County Court. He immediately drew up a paper pledging those who signed it to the service of his country, signed it, and proceeded with the case. We have often wondered what became of the paper thus signed and who the others were who, in the first fever of patriotism, followed down the list of volunteers.

Recently there has come to us a long paper containing the original roll of Volunteers for the 35th Regiment at Lebanon. Believing this list to be of considerable historic interest and values the names as signed, with penciled notations of rank, is now printed.
Original roll of Volunteers enlisted by Oliver H. Parshall for the 35th Regiment O. V. M. at Lebanon, on Sept. 4th, 1861:

1 - Oliver H. Parshall, Capt., 2 - Joseph H. Taylor, O. S., 3 - Thomas M. Harlan, 2nd Lieut., 4 - Thomas W. Rose, 1st Corporal, 5 - Jesse K. Randall, Corporal, 6 - Andrew J. Griffin, 7 - Webster Finley, 8 - John G. Koerner, 9 - George Mountjoy, 10 - Robert Holt, 11 - John Harris, 12 - David Mills, 13 - Sock Harlan, 2nd Corporal, 14 - James Whitesell, 15 - Samuel M. Denny, 4th Corporal, 16 - John G. Bennett, 17 - Wesley Randall, 18 - Horace McGinley, 19 - Nathan Schaeffer, 20 - David Smith, 21 - James Hartman, 22 - John W. Miller, 23 - Samuel Elmore, 24 - John Disbrow, 25 - Job Braddock, 26 - Edward R. Printz, 27 - William S. Keys, 28 - Milton Smith, 29 - John W. Dakin, 30 - Nathan Harvey, 31 - John W. White, 32 - William West, 33 - Fletcher Swaney, 34 - Joshua Crow, 35 - Bassel Leach, 36 - James Howland, 37 - Albert Howland, 38 - John Romaine, 39 - Edward Smith, 40 - Benjamin Campbell, 41 - William Owens, 42 - George Owens, 43 - Asa Owens, 44 - John Everhart, 45 - John Olvis,
on Saturday, 46 - John W. Hudson,
next week, 47 - Barclay Dakin, 48 - John T. Fisher, 49 - Mordica T. Cleaver, 50 - Joseph Hains,
on Monday, 51 - Alfred Thomas, 52 - Henry Hageman, 53 - Morris Gratz, 5th Sergt., 54 - Sidney B. Gephart, 55 - John Ford, 56 - Henry Ford, 57 - Joseph Vickers, 58 - Joseph Simmons, 59 - Nathaniel Strong, 60 - Henry Hudgel, 61 - John Montgomery, 62 - Samuel A. Atkinson, 63 - Theodore Burrows, 64 - William Hamilton Jr., 65 - George Archdeacon, 66 - Michael Brookes, 67 - Alfred B. Ivins (discharged), 68 - William Hughes, 69 - George Barber, 70 - Robert Mills, 71 - Franklin M. Mills, 72 - William R. Flack, 73 - James Cretors, 74 - James Frost, 75 - Franklin R. Drake, 76 - John D. Vinson, 77 - Thomas Holoway, 78 - Joseph Duke, 79 - Thomas Stevens, 80 - B. F. Archdeacon, 82 - Samuel H. Haines, 83 - B. Franklin Duke, 84 - John Wm. Perry

Captain Parshall was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga. His portrait, painted by the Quaker artist, Marcus Mote, was given to The Warren County State Museum by his granddaughter, Miss Helen Smith, and may be seen in the library there. A receipt made out to Mrs. Belle Parshall, his wife, for the sum of $10.00, for the portrait and the frame is signed by Marcus Mote, and may also be seen in our museum.
Michelle Holmes 16 March 2010 email:
Grandmother Bessie clipped this article regarding her father, Frank Drake's civil war registration.

Arne H Trelvik 17 Mar 2010: 
The bulk of the men listed in this article served in Company F, 35th OVI but the following names were not found in the published Roster for the Regiment
12 - David Mills, 22 - John W. Miller, 30 - Nathan Harvey, 40 - Benjamin Campbell, 41 - William Owens, 42 - George Owens, 43 - Asa Owens, 45 - John Olvis, 46 - John W. Hudson, 50 - Joseph Hains, 58 - Joseph Simmons, 61 - John Montgomery, 66 - Michael Brookes, 67 - Alfred B. Ivins (discharged), 73 - James Cretors, 79 - Thomas Stevens

also see "Warren County in the War, Part IX," The Lebanon (Ohio) Gazette, Saturday, January 2, 1886
Michelle Holmes
17 March 2010

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