Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
East 2     Wachter, Charlie   1869
East 2     Wachter, Edward   1929
East 2     Wachter, Hannah B.   1893
East 2   Wachter, J. C.   1891
East 6     Wade, Beulah Snider   1982
East 6     Wade, Charles H.   1926
East 6     Wade, Clara D.   1945
East 5     Wade, Donnamae   1936
West A     Wade, Dwaine Lawrence   1983
East 5     Wade, Edith M.   2010
East 5     Wade, Elizabeth   1965
West G     Wade, Flava B.   NC
West A     Wade, Fred H.   1986
East 6     Wade, George W.   1916
East 5     Wade, Glenn   1954
East 6     Wade, Glenn A.   1929
East 6     Wade, Jacob Raymond   1965
West A     Wade, Janis C.   1982
West A     Wade, Joseph Earnest World War II 2003
West A     Wade, Lucille A.   1965
West A     Wade, Luria B.   1989
West A     Wade, M. Iola   1954
East 6     Wade, Martha E.   1924
West A     Wade, Oscar C.   1961
West A     Wade, Perry E.   1956
West G     Wade, Ralph E.   1979
East 5     Wade, Raymond L. Korea 1993
West G     Wade, Robert H.   2006
East 7     Wade, Rodney D. World War II 2001
East 7     Wade, Roy W.    
East 7     Wade, Sue A.    
West D     Wages, Sarah Elizabeth   1985
East 7     Wagner, Gladys Mae   1929
East 7     Wagner, John H.   1968
East 7     Wagner, Lorene W. Metcalf   1994
East 7     Waites, Ida B.   1945
East 7     Waites, Samuel B.   1942
West F     Walker, Edna M.   1969
West F     Walker, William E.   1972
West A     Wallace, Charles Clark World War I 1953
East 6     Wallace, Charley E.   1956
West J     Wallace, Earl   1958
West A     Wallace, Elbert C. World War II 1998
East 8     Wallace, Elbert N.   1981
West J     Wallace, Elsie   1975
West A     Wallace, Emma   1985
East 6     Wallace, Ernest   1953
East 6     Wallace, George   1938
East 8     Wallace, Gertrude R.   1969
East 6     Wallace, Mary J.   1944
West A     Wallace, "Myrt"   2009
West A     Wallace, Sandra Kay   1949
West B     Waller, Harold I.   1993
West G     Waller, Hubert E.   1992
West G     Waller, Idora B.   2002
West B     Waller, Lillian   2008
West J     Wallett, Kenneth Lee   2006
West G     Walsh, Lela   1991
East 5     Walters, Allen   1963
East 5 Walters, Alvirta   1989
West C     Walters, Billy H. Korea 1994
West G     Walters, Darrel D. Veteran 2004
East 2     Walters, Eliza F.   1878
West C     Walters, Frances M.   1986
East 5 Walters, John W.   1995
East 2     Walters, Joseph   1861
West G     Walters, Myrtle   2000
West G     Walters, Tilda M.   1967
West C     Walters, Toby Scott   1984
West G     Walters, Vernon C.   1997
East 5     Walters, Viola   1990
West G     Walters, Wendell W. Veteran 2004
East 4     Ward, Andrew Civil War 1862
East 4     Ward, Andrew J.   1837
West C     Ward, Bobbie Jo   reserved
West C     Ward, Dorothy   2003
West C     Ward, Ernest R.   1990
East 4     Ward, Elizabeth   1837
East 5     Ward, Etta   1964
West C     Ward, Ellen Marie Rickard   1996
West C     Ward, Fred Robert   1994
West C     Ward, Henderson E. World War II 1997
East 2     Ward, J.   [no dates]
East 4     Ward, James   1831
Ward G     Ward, Janet M.   1992
West G     Ward, Jerry   2002
East 2     Ward, John   1896
East 4     Ward, John   1836
East 4     Ward, John   1851
West C     Ward, Lois B.   reserved
East 2     Ward, M.   [no dates]
East 2     Ward, Mahala Rhoads   1907
East 4     Ward, Mary   1853
East 4     Ward, Mary E.   1853
East 4     Ward, Nancy   1839
East 4     Ward, Rebecca   1875
East 4     Ward, Rebecca   1855
East 4     Ward, Sally   1835
East 4     Ward, Sarah   1836
East 4     Ward, Thomas   1877
East 4     Ward, Thomas J.   1856
East 4     Ward, William   1835
East 4     Ward, William H.   1860
East 5     Ward, William L. World War I 1956
East 4     Ware, Alexander   1837
West D     Ware, Edmonda C.   1971
East 4     Ware, Eleanor   1845
East 4     Ware, Eliza C.   1846
East 4     Ware, Elizabeth   1848
West G     Ware, Golden   reserved
East 4     Ware, Hamilton   1848
West G    

Ware, Harold W. Sr.

World War II 2000
West D     Ware, James W.   1973
West J     Warner, Albert L.   1998
West J     Warner, James A.   2008
West J     Warner, Karen F.   reserved
West J     Warner, Vera V.   1997
West G     Warnock, Phyllis Jean   reserved
East 7     Warrick, Arthur C.   1963
East 7     Warrick, Clem D.   1965
East 7     Warrick, Edith E.   1965
West D     Watkins, Anita B.   1993
East 7     Watkins, Cecil   1954
East 7     Watkins, Charles Erven   1915
West C     Watkins, Elsie E.   1972
West C     Watkins, Erven   1972
East 7     Watkins, Esther   1988
West D     Watkins, Lloyd L. World War II & Korea 1978
West D     Watson [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West G     Watts, Crystal A.   1999
West G     Waun, Jordan Lee   1991
East 5     Wead, Minnie B.   1954
East 5     Wead, Robert A.   1954
West D     Weaver, Dencie B.   1999
West D     Weaver, H. Ronald   1992
West F     Weaver, Harry Jr.   1974
West D     Weaver, Homer   1979
East 4     Weaver, Joseph   1841
        Weaver, Lawrence "Sibi" US Army 2014
West F     Weaver, Margaret M.   1984
West D     Weaver, Melvin Allen US Army 1963
East 4     Webb, Clara A.   1865
West C     Webb, Clarence A.   1988
West C     Webb, Eupha M.   reserved
East 4     Webb, Infant   1873
East 4     Webb, Lucinda   1859
West B     Webb, Major US Marine Corps 1990
East 4     Webb, Mercy A.   1864
East 4     Webb, Noah   1885
East 4     Webb, Thomas   1859
East 4     Wegman, Lorena Newport   1939
West D     Weichers, Archie   1958
West D     Weichers, Daisy M.   1962
West D     Weidle, Howard C.   1991
West D     Weidle, Louise R.   reserved
East 5     Weidle, Nellie G. Rosell   1960
West A     Weidner, Bertha R.   1988
East 2     Weidner, Callie   1879
East 2     Weidner, Daniel Civil War 1907
West A     Weidner, Ella M.   1947
West A     Weidner, James E.   1939
East 7     Weidner, Linda   1970
East 7     Weidner, Ralph   1967
East 7     Weidner, Ralph Leo   1925
East 7     Weidner, Robert G.   NC
East 2     Weidner, Rowena   1880
East 2     Weidner, Susan   1905
East 7     Weidner, Thelma   NC
West H     Weinrick, Carl C.   2002
West H     Weinrick, Lisa L.   NC
West G     Weir, W. George   1993
West C     Weisenberger, Sandra K. Baty   2010
West A     Weiss, Anna Mae   1984
West F     Weiss, Quinn Thomas   1997
East 6     Welbaum, Cora E.   1939
East 6     Welbaum, Earl A.   1950
West H     Wells, Hattie M.   2002
East 9     Wells, Joel R.   1957
West G     Wells, Marple E. Veteran 1999
West G     Wells, Ruby M.   2004
West H     Wells, Willard O. World War II 1995
East 6     Welsh, John B. Civil War [no dates]
West F     Welsh, John E.   1970
        Welsh, John M. World War II 2011
West D     Welsh, Pearl C.   2003
West F     Welsh, Rachel E.   1992
West D     Wemmer, Vernon G. World War II 1955
West C     Wenglikowski, Doris M.   1994
        Wenglikowski, Victor S. World War II & Korea 2014
East 2     Wentz, Ella B.   1898
West F     Wertz, Elsie   1987
West F     Wertz, Harry   reserved
West F     Wertz, Patricia   1003
West F     Wertz, Pearl C. World War II 1978
West F     Wertz, Sarah L.   reserved
West G     West, Vickie L.   NC
East 3     Wester, Anderson   1931
East 3     Wester, Ether   1904
East 3     Wester, Roxey   1903
West G     Wetz, Douglas E.   1976
East 3     Wheatley, Agnes Fox   1967
East Flag     Wheaton, Commodore P. Civil War 1927
East 3     Wheaton, Elijah   1863
East 3     Wheaton, Elizabeth   1890
East 6     Wheaton, Hannah Roberts   1918
East 3     Wheaton, Henry C. Civil War 1897
East 3     Wheaton, Minerva   1910
East 6     Wheaton, William   1932
West G     Wheeler, Almyra M.   1997
West H     Wheeler, Donald Jr. Korea 2005
West G     Wheeler, James B.   1979
West G     Wheeler, Joanne C.   NC
West G     Wheeler, John C.   NC
        Wheeler, Joseph Civil War 1920
East 3     Wheeler, Maria   1922
East 5     Whisman, Ethel M.    
West G     Whisman, George W. Sr.   1965
East 5     Whisman, James C.   1966
West H?     Whisman, John H.   1986
East 5     Whisman, Maranda   1965
West H?     Whisman, Roberta J.   reserved
East 5     Whisman, Sam   1963
East 9     Whisman, Samuel H.   1962
East 3     Whitacre, Benjamin A.   1900
East 1     Whitacre, H. T. Civil War [no dates]
East 4     Whitacre, M. B. Civil War [no dates]
East 1     Whitacre, Sarah A.   1914
West C    

Whitaker, Clifton

West C     Whitaker, Jean   1984
West J     Whitaker, Josie   2007
East 5     White, Beatrice A.   reserved
East 5     White, Carl E. Korea   Vietnam 1982
East 5     White, Danny Ray   1987
East 5     White, Ercel Elaine   NC
West H     White, Glyn (Rev.)   2010
West H     White, Grover C. World War II 1985
West H     White, Hazel M.   NC
West H     White, Mary E.   1986
West E     Whiteman, Donald Wayne   NC
West J     Whitney, Carl J.   1998
West H     Wical, George W. US Army 1989
West H     Wical, H. Lataine   NC
West F     Wical, James H.   1984
West F     Wical, L. Vaden   1985
West H     Wical, Steven   1960
West D     Wierman, Clifton James   1979
West D     Wierman, Lauretta Day   reserved
West B     Wiese, Carl D.   2009
West B     Wiese, Nancy J.   2004
East 7     Wikle, Delilah V.   1961
West J     Wilburn, Mary Sue   NC
West J     Wilburn, Ronnie D. US Navy 1994
West J     Wiley, Earl   1990
West J     Wiley, Geneva C.   NC
West J     Wiley, Kenneth R.   NC
West J     Wiley, Pearl   2003
West J     Wiley, Ronald R.   1983
West J     Wiley, Tonya L.   1996
West G     Wilhoit, Howard H.   NC
West G     Wilhoit, Mary R.   NC
East 7     Wilkerson [surname only]    
East 6     Wilkerson, Annie J.   1923
East 6     Wilkerson, Walter S.   1925
West F     Williams [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West J     Williams, Allen R.   reserved
West B     Williams, Berry E.   1958
West H     Williams, Bobby R.   2008
West H     Williams, Dorothy M.   2003
East 6     Williams, Erma R.   1940
West J     Williams, Flora   NC
West F     Williams, Gladys   1999
West G     Williams, Isa F.   reserved
West H     Williams, James E.   1994
        Williams, John Korea 2013
West J     Williams, Mary Jean   reserved
West B     Williams, Maude L.   1982
West F     Williams, Milford   1988
West B     Williams, Nana Lou   1995
West H     Williams, Oakley Ray World War II 1984
West H     Williams, Phyllis Irene   NC
West B     Williams, Ralph Edward World War II & Korea 1973
West J     Williams, Robert   1991
West G     Williams, Russell B.   reserved
West H     Williams, Sandra K.   reserved
West G     Williamson, Patricia Ann   2007
West G     Williamson, Sherman   reserved
East 7     Willis, Charles L.   1936
West G     Willis, Robert E.   1986
East 7     Willis, Stella M.   1986
West G     Willis, Sylvia A.   NC
East 4     Williss, E. C.   1851
East 4     Williss, Rachel   1891
East 4     Williss, Wm. W.   1867
West B     Wills, Bruce   1962
East 1     Wills, Dorothy   1958
West B     Wills, Ed   1958
West B     Wills, Edward World War II 1960
East 1     Wills, Harley   1957
West B     Wilmoth, Tennessee   1978
East 2     Wilson, Aaron   1892
West J     Wilson, Clifford William   1992
West B     Wilson, Donald Eugene   1952
West C     Wilson, Edith   reserved
West B     Wilson, Eleanor V. Richard   1998
East 2     Wilson, Elmar   1864
West C     Wilson, Fred C. World War II 1996
East 5     Wilson, Goebel   1937
West B     Wilson, Gordon   2003
East 2     Wilson, Israel   1849
East 5     Wilson, James T. World War II 1944
West K     Wilson, Jean M.   NC
East 2     Wilson, Jesse E.   1851
West H     Wilson, Joyce Marie   NC
East 2     Wilson, Lucy H.   1868
East 5     Wilson, Mary   2002
West B     Wilson, Pauline H.   1993
West H     Wilson, Peggy Rose A.   1990
West J     Wilson, Robert S.   1988
West B     Wilson, Ronald Dean   1952
West H     Wilson, Rufus Preston World War II 1989
East 2     Wilson, Sarah J.   1907
West H     Wilson, William R. Korea 1994
West B     Winebarger, Margaret   2006
West B     Winebarger, Ronald   2004
West B     Winebarger, Sheila   1956
West F     Winters, Alice E.   2001
West J     Winters, Patricia Ann   1996
West F     Winters, Russell A.   1975
West F     Wiseman, Betty F.   1979
West F     Wiseman, Richard F.   reserved
West H     Witham, Katherine   reserved
West H     Witham, Kenneth P. World War II 1991
East 8     Withrow, Clifford E. U. S. Army 1963
West D     Witt, Flogean E.   1996
West D     Witt, Jewell D.   1978
West D     Witt, Lee   2000
West D     Witt, Mabel R.   reserved
West D     Witt, Malvia   2004
West D     Witt, Otis   1989
West D     Witt, Willard L.   reserved
East 4     Witteman, Carrie A.   1874
West A     Witteman, Chester A.   1965
West A     Witteman, Martha E.   1970
West D     Woehler, Blanche   1987
West D     Woehler, Daniel H.   1983
West A     Wolcott, Elsie Wright   1967
West H     Wolf, James R.   1997
West H     Wolf, Margaret O.   NC
West H     Wolfe, Joyce Ann   NC
East 5     Wolfe, Lucy M.   1919
West H     Wolfe, Russell Everett Veteran flagholder 1997
West H     Wonderly, Anna   2001
West H     Wonderly, Jack Russell US Air Force 2013
West F     Wood, Alice   1963
East 7     Wood, Arress B.   1952
East 2     Wood, Arthur   1887
East 7     Wood, Earl World War II 1976
East 7     Wood, Helen   1923
East 4     Wood, J. Frank   1921
East 3     Wood, James R.   1907
East 3     Wood, Jesse   1867
East 2     Wood, John   1906
West C     Wood, Laura B.   1975
West F     Wood, Lenox World War I 1966
East 3     Wood, Lydia V.   1917
East 4     Wood, M. Ida   1922
East 2     Wood, Martha   1862
East 7     Wood, Martha W.   1964
West C     Wood, Mary Catherine   1955
East 3     Wood, Mary E.   1917
East 7     Wood, Maude M.   1980
West C     Wood, Philip O.   1986
East 2     Wood, Susannah   1887
East 7     Wood, Walter A.   1925
East 4     Woods, Andrew L.   1887
West F     Woods, Elizabeth W.   1997
West F     Woods, Hugh E.    
West F     Woods, Joseph D.   1983
West J     Woods, Kyle L.   2000
West J     Woods, Laura R.   1994
East 4     Woods, Mary (Mrs.)   1828
East 4     Woods, Mary   1917
East 7     Woodward, Edward E.   1951
East 7     Woodward, John C.   1970
East 7     Woodward, Mary S.   1933
East 7     Woodward, Violet F.   1989
West G     Woody, Gilbert L.   reserved
West G     Woody, Ida B.   2004
East 6     Wooldridge, Bertha E.   1971
East 6     Wooldridge, Samuel E.   1974
West G     Woolery, Willa Jean (Martin)   2007
West G     Woolery, Paul Eugene   reserved
West A     Workman, Harold F.   1998
West A     Workman, Louise M.   1999
West A     Workman, Terry Lee   1974
West J     Worrell, John World War II 1994
West J     Worrell, Virgie M.   1999
West F     Worth, John L. World War II 1973
West J     Worthington, David   2008
        Worthy, Charles Dean "Chuck" US Air Force 2016
East 4     Worwick, Mary J.   1855
West C     Wright, Aaron   1954
East 2     Wright, Baby   [no dates]
East 1     Wright, Charles L.   1959
East 1     Wright, Charles L.   1957
West G     Wright, Deborah B.   reserved
West F     Wright, Dorothy S.   1977
East 2     Wright, Eliza   1894
West C     Wright, Elizabeth   1961
East 3     Wright, Elmira R.   1913
West F     Wright, Estel J.   1959
West C     Wright, Harold O. US Army 1996
West C     Wright, Hubert Wayne World War II 1956
        Wright, James Vietnam 2016
East 3     Wright, James K.   1917
East 2     Wright, Joel E.   1860
East 2     Wright, Jno. M. (Dr.) Civil War 1925
East 1     Wright, M. Alice   1976
East 2     Wright, Mahlon   1877
West C     Wright, Mary L. "Babe"   reserved
East 2     Wright, Nella G.   1918
East 2     Wright, Phebe   1852
East 2     Wright, Phebe Grace   1882
West F     Wright, Phyllis Jean   2003
West G     Wright, Raymond E.   2005
East 2     Wright, Rolla M.   1931
East 2     Wright, Rowena E.   1930
West F     Wright, Ruth L.   1989
West C     Wysong, Daniel J.   1982
West C     Wysong, Michael D.   1996

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[To contribute your photos email them in jpg format to Arne Trelvik with any other details that you would like to share]

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