Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
East 6     Salisbury, Clara Lou   1999
West D     Salley, Arnold Sr.   2004
West B     Salley, Charles E.   1968
West B     Salley, Charles Jr.   1952
West D     Salley, Hardin World War II 1984
West D     Salley, Ida M.   1993
West D     Salley, John   1953
West D     Salley, Johnney E. World War II 1972
West B     Salley, Susie   1970
West A     Salmons [10 Jul 2010 photo of tempory marker]   [no dates]
West H     Salmons, Bueford   reserved
West H     Salmons, Gail K.   2009
West A     Salmons, Tracy Allyn   1982
West F     Salyer, Daniel   1960
West F     Salyer, Goldie F.   1960
West D     Salyer, Lockford   1979
West D     Salyer, Mildred M.   2006
West F     Sams, Alvin M. World War II 2007
East 4     Sams, Clyde A.   1942
East 4     Sams, Dorothy E.   1919
West F     Sams, Earl E.   1993
West F     Sams, Earla Mae   1991
West F     Sams, Ethel P.   1993
East 4     Sams, Evelyn A.   1942
        Sams, Everett World War II 2011
East 5     Sams, George A.   1958
West F     Sams, Howard   1920
East 8     Sams, Jasper F.   1975
East 8     Sams, Lillie M.   1977
West F     Sanders, Bessie M.   reserved
West F     Sanders, Herman F. World War II 1962
West F     Sanders, Steven F. US Army 1979
East 5     Sargent, Jeanne E.   1995
West H?     Satterfield, Chester World War II 2004
West H?     Satterfield, Geraldine   reserved
West H?     Satterfield, Myrtle   reserved
West C     Savage [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West D     Savage, Charles F.   1980
West D     Savage, Doris A.   2005
West K     Savin, Gayle   reserved
West K     Savin, William P. "Bill"   2007
East 2     Sawyer, Alexander   1805
East 2     Sawyer, Benjamin   1836
East 2     Sawyer, Benjamin Rush [no stone found]   1814
East 2     Sawyer, daughter   1837
East 2     Sawyer, Infant son   1829
East 2    

Sawyer, Isaac McCoy

East 2     Sawyer, Mary Jean   1837
West C     Saylor, Estella   2000
West C     Saylor, Vincent E.   1981
West H? 58 WA E2 Scearce, Billie   2009
West H? 58 WA E2 Scearce, Frank   1989
West J     Scearce, Melodye L. "Moodie"   NC
West J     Scearce, William M. Jr.   NC
East 5     Schneider, Danielle Lynn   1995
East 5     Schneider, Jamie Lee   1995
West D     Schrader, Evelyn   1992
West D     Schrader, Philip L.   1994
West G     Schenck, Paul Jr. World War II 2006
        Schlosser, Charles W.   1994
        Schlosser, Doris L.   2003
West G     Scott, Anna R    
West G     Scott, David   1979
West C     Scott, David Russell   1943
West C     Scott, Frances Thelma   reserved
West C     Scott, Ira L. World War II 1996
West F     Scott, Lawrence Joshua   1977
West C     Scott, Lillie Mae   1963
West C     Scott, Orena W.   reserved
West F     Scott, Violet B. "Dolly"   reserved
West F     Scott, William E. "Bill"   1995
West C     Scott, William S.   1973
East 4     Seaman, Elizabeth   1823
East 4     Seaman, William B.   1826
East 8     Sears, Brian Gregory   1988
West H     Sears, Earl E. World War II 1989
East 8     Sears, Ethel M.   1987
East 8     Sears, Frank R.   1987
East 3     Sears, Hattie Leach   1932
East 3     Sears, John F.   1907
West B     Sebald, Dorothy G.   1967
West B     Sebald, Robert D.   1958
East 1   or Sec 2? Seger, Elsa L.   1938
West D     Seiker, Ada May   1984
East 7     Seiker, Amelia   1921
East 7     Seiker, Anna   1967
East 7     Seiker, August A.   1908
East 7     Seiker, Frank   1942
East 7     Seiker, Helen M.   1978
East 4     Seiker, Margaret E.   1920
East 7     Seiker, Minnie   1941
East 7     Seiker, Walter A.   1972
East 2     Sellers, Anna   1856
East 2     Sellers, Elizabeth   1891
East 2     Sellers, George   1868
East 2     Sellers, George H.   1891
East 6     Sellers, George M.   1945
East 6     Sellers, Helen Ione   1914
East 2     Sellers, J. M.   1902
East 2     Sellers, James N.   [broken]
East 2     Sellers, John   1863
East 6     Sellers, Luella L.   1948
East 2     Sellers, Martha E.   1884
East 2     Sellers, Rowena C. Mundy   1920
East 6     Sellers, William A.   1916
East 6     Sellers, William F.   1914
West G     Selph, Nancy E.   NC
West G     Selph, Roger C.   NC
West H?     Selsor, Guy Banning   1988
West H?     Selsor, Martha (Lamastus)   1998
West C     Setser, Gregory A.   2003
West H?     Sexton, Micah   1989
East 5     Seybold, Vira E.  


West C     Shaffer, C. Maie   1981
West C     Shaffer, Elra   1943
East 6     Shaffer, Helen C.   reserved
East 6     Shaffer, Kenduall B.   2001
West C     Shaffer, M. Jean   2007
West F     Shaffer, Ruth Ann   reserved
West F     Shaffer, Walter L.   2002
West G     Sharp, Charlie E. World War II 1999
West G     Sharp, Lillian L.   2005
West G     Sharpe, Marley Lee World War II 2011
West G     Sharpe, Mary Edith   reserved
East 2     Sharts, John   1893
East 2     Sharts, Mary C.   1918
East 2     Sharts, Mary Jane   1848
East 2     Sharts, Sarah E.   1887
East 2     Sharts, Simon P.   1913
East 2     Sharts, Susannah   1884
West D     Shaw [temporary marker]    
East 4     Shaw, Garfield   1918
East 4     Shaw, Mary E.   1928
West C     Sheehan, Bert   1950
East 2     Sheehan, John J.   1990
East 4     Sheehan, Lizzie   1889
East 4     Sheehan, Maggie Jane   1884
West C     Sheehan, Stella M.   1955
West B     Sheese, F. Annabel   1996
West B     Sheese, F. Ervin   1978
East 6     Sheets, Amanda E.   1932
East 3     Sheets, Annabelle   1967
East 6     Sheets, Augustus   1958
West A     Sheets, Bernice   1962
West D     Sheets, C. Eugene   1994
East 6     Sheets, Cassie A.   1940
West A     Sheets, Clyde E..   1970
West A     Sheets, Cora   1947
East 4     Sheets, Cornelia E. Alexander   1921
West F     Sheets, Donald W.   1993
East 4     Sheets, Earl E.   1916
West A     Sheets, Edith M.   1983
West A     Sheets, Elmer   1960
East 6     Sheets, Elmer E.   1948
West G     Sheets, Ethel B.   1965
West H     Sheets, Ethel M.   reserved
West A     Sheets, Firman C.   1986
East 3     Sheets, Florence [no stone found]    
West A     Sheets, Grace V.   1956
East 3     Sheets, Irma    
East 3     Sheets, Jacob   1907
East 7     Sheets, Jane Marie   1936
East 3     Sheets, Jessie F.   1901
West A     Sheets, John   1947
West G     Sheets, John   1975
East 4     Sheets, John William Civil War 1928
East 3     Sheets, Laura   1949
East 2     Sheets, Lemuel   1871
West D     Sheets, Lenore E.   1955
East 6     Sheets, Louvisa A.   1931
East 6     Sheets, Luella M.   1914
East 3     Sheets, Mary   1915
West F     Sheets, Mary Anne   1993
West A     Sheets, Mary E.   1956
East 2     Sheets, Mary Jane   1837
West F     Sheets, Melissa Ann   1993
West A     Sheets, Myrtle A.   1944
East 4     Sheets, Myrtle B.   1956
West A     Sheets, Robert A.   1944
West D     Sheets, Ruth E.   1999
East 6     Sheets, Sadie E.   1885
East 2     Sheets, Samuel   1893
East 6     Sheets, Samuel F.   1916
East 2     Sheets, Sarah Sellers   1888
East 4     Sheets, Victor O. Vietnam 1995
East 3     Sheets, Virgie   1934
East 3     Sheets, Webster   1935
West H     Sheets, William I. World War II 1994
East 3     Sheets, Willie    
West C     Sheley, Dianna Lee   1945
West C     Sheley, Edward LeRoy   reserved
West C     Sheley, John   1968
West C     Sheley, Marian Joyce   reserved
West C     Sheley, Maude Points   1959
West C     Sheley, Sandra Yvonne   1978
West G     Shelton, Forest Raymond World War II 1977
West G     Shelton, Margaret   1964
West H?     Shelton, Mary Ann   2010
East 3     Shepard, Daniel W.   1947
East 3     Shepard, Gertrude E.   1962
East 9     Shepherd, Benny Clay   1958
West G     Shetterly, Dorothy   NC
West G     Shetterly, John Keller   1968
West G     Shetterly, William   1982
West G     Shinn, Fairalee B. (nee Harris)   1990
West G     Shockley, Carol L.   reserved
West E     Shockley, Clayton [aka Loyal C.] Korea 1999
West E     Shockley, Della Mae   NC
West G     Shockley, Ellis E.   reserved
East 8     Shockley, Ethel   1984
West E     Shockley, Loyal C. [aka Clayton] Korea 1999
East 8     Shockley, Oscar J.   1992
East 8     Shockley, Richard S.   1980
East 8     Short, Sophrona Stacy   1954
East 4     Shumard, Adeline   1950
East 4     Shumard, Clarence   1891
East 4     Shumard, Enoch   1894
East 4     Shumard, George W.   1893
East 4     Shumard, James C.   1891
East 4     Shumard, Vella   1894
West D     Shupert, Robert Allen   1997
West D     Shupert, Ruth Anne (Dennis)   reserved
West F     Sidener, Hazel I.   1989
West F     Sidener, John J.   1969
West F     Sidenstick, Esther E.   1994
East 3     Sidenstick, George A.   1988
East 3     Sidenstick, Verna M.   1970
West D     Siegfried, Anna G.   1963
West D     Siegfried, Anna L. World War II 1969
East 4     Siegfried, Elizabeth   1901
East 4     Siegfried, Flossie H.   1883
East 7     Siegfried, Flossie H.   1883
East 4     Siegfried, Frank P   1883
East 4     Siegfried, John   1893
West D     Siegfried, John Wm. "Jack" World War II 1965
East 4     Siegfried, Lydia V.   1885
East 7     Siegfried, Mary E.   1939
West D     Siegfried, Velma Mace   2001
West D     Siegfried, Walter H.   1961
East 7     Siegfried, William H.   1928
West F     Siford, Edward A.   reserved
West F     Siford, Edward C.   1995
West F     Siford, Julia V.   1970
West F     Siford, Mary K.   1994
    220 N 1/2 Silver, David   1875
East 2     Silver, Pemberton   1844
East 4     Silvester, George   1884
East 4     Silvester, George A.   1872
West F     Simkins, Clarence F.   1977
East 5     Simkins, Emma J.   1955
East 5     Simkins, Eunice V. Flege   1940
West F     Simkins, Kathryn   1973
East 5     Simkins, William E.   1930
East 1   or Sec 2? Simmons, Joshua Mexican War & Civil War 1919
East 1   or Sec 2? Simmons, Lydia   1889
East 1   or Sec 2? Simmons, Mary J.   1863
West F     Simpson, Dora   1992
East 2     Simpson, Ellen J.   1890
West C     Simpson, Herman World War II 2001
West G     Simpson, Jerry R. (Pastor)   1999
West F     Simpson, Jesse   1967
West G     Simpson, Karen   reserved
West C     Simpson, Mary N.   reserved
West C     Simpson, Myrtle A.   1978
West C     Simpson, Rachel J.   1943
West C     Simpson, Samuel L.   1944
West C     Simpson, Stella F.   1990
West C     Simpson, William H.   1955
West G     Sims, Alma Beatrice   1978
West G     Sims, William Franklin World War II 1969
East 7     Sinclair, Laurence W.   1921
East 7     Sinclair, Lowell L. World War II 1949
East 7     Sinclair, Pearl M.   1973
West H     Singleton, Esther   NC
West H     Singleton, James   2002
        Singleton, William W. "Bucky" US Army 2014
West G     Sizemore, Alex   1973
West G     Sizemore, Alice   1986
West H?     Sizemore, Carl   1997
West H?     Sizemore, John M.   1998
West H?     Sizemore, Willa Rae   1988
West C     Skidmore, Leanne S.   1996
West A     Skidmore, Ruth M.   2001
West F     Skinner, Joyce G.   reserved
East 3     Slade, Drummond W. Civil War 1922
East 2     Slade, John W.   1904
East 2     Slade, Margaret A.   1905
West G     Slaton, Gary Lee   2001
West B     Slaton, Jerry   1980
West B     Slaton, Roger Dale   1986
West B     Slaton, Ronnie   1980
        Slaton, Roy Korea 2017
East 5     Sloan, Audrey E.   1975
West E     Slusher, Edna   1980
West E     Slusher, Lester N. World War I 1974
West B     Slusser, Carl E.   1972
West C     Slusser, Carl Jr. World War II 1958
West B     Slusser, L. Lucille   reserved
East 4     Small, Daniel   1824
East 4     Small, Margaret   1824
West E     Smith, Adam D.   1955
West B     Smith, Alpha M.   2001
East 1   or Sec 2? Smith, Anna M.   1884
West J     Smith, Alex World War II 1995
West G     Smith, Alice M.   1993
West H     Smith, Berlin Jr. Vietnam 1984
East 7     Smith, Brice   1956
West F     Smith, Carolyn E.   1976
West F     Smith, Catherine R.   1994
East 7     Smith, Charles H.   1924
West F     Smith, Charles W. Sr.   1999
West G     Smith, Clinton Cash   1981
West D     Smith, Conley   reserved
East 5     Smith, Della    
West D     Smith, Edith   2008
West G     Smith, Elton L.   2009
West J     Smith, Elsie   1987
West F     Smith, Emma Hunt   1999
East 5     Smith, Ephraim H.   1949
West B     Smith, Ethel   1969
East 7     Smith, Ethel E.   1931
East 5     Smith, Eugenie E.   1943
West F     Smith, Eva B.   1987
West H     Smith, Everett Jr. "Bruce"   2008
West G     Smith, Everett N.   1963
West C     Smith, Frank J.   1973
West D     Smith, George   1964
East 5     Smith, George L.   1951
West E     Smith, Gillie M.   1964
West F     Smith, Herbert D.   1961
West H     Smith, Howard F. World War II 2000
West C     Smith, Ida Z.   1961
West G     Smith, J. E.   1980
West C     Smith, Jacob   1970
East 1   or Sec 2? Smith, Jarrett   1885
West F     Smith, Johanna E.   2004
West B     Smith, John B.   1981
West F     Smith, John F.   1976
West D     Smith, Judy [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West D     Smith, Lawrence Z.   1974
West D     Smith, Lillie   1978
West C     Smith, Louis H.    
West E     Smith, Mabel E.   1995
West G     Smith, Maggie A.   1966
East 4     Smith, Martha   1856
West H     Smith, Martha L.   NC
East 4     Smith, Mary A.   1894
East 7     Smith, Mary J.   1944
West B     Smith, Matt B.   1964
West C     Smith, Maud L.   1978
West B     Smith, Mima A.   2002
West D     Smith, Myrtle M.   1974
West D     Smith, Nannie E. "Nancy"   reserved
West D     Smith, Oakley World War II 2001
West B     Smith, Oliver D. World War II 1998
East 5     Smith, Othe   1951
East 5     Smith, Ottie P.   1951
West F     Smith, Paul E.   1974
West F     Smith, Pauline R.   1997
West D     Smith, Ralph   1969
West D     Smith, Ray   2000
West G     Smith, Robin   1966
East 9     Smith, Roger Dale   1948
West G     Smith, Rosemary   reserved
West G     Smith, Roy E.   1966
East 5     Smith, Ruth A.  


West G     Smith, Ruth M.   NC
West G     Smith, Sarah B.   1966
West G     Smith, Sherley M. World War II 1992
West H     Smith, Sherry L.   reserved
West D     Smith, Syren   1980
West B     Smith, Verna W.   1992
        Smith, Wesley   1995
East 4     Smith, Willard   1839
West C     Smith, Willetta L.    
East 6     Smith, William   1946
East 2     Snapp, Charlotte Antram   1949
West E     Snell, Francis C.   1973
West G     Snelling, Genny   NC
West G     Snelling, Tom Vietnam 2003
West D     Snider, Caroline   1968
West D     Snider, Cecil   1952
West D     Snider, Esther M.   1994
West D     Snider, Fred R. World War II 1990
West D     Snider, Harry C. World War II 1982
West F     Snider, Iona M.   1989
West D     Snider, Mayme D.   1977
West F     Snider, Morrow E.   1989
West F     Snodgrass, Eugene L. World War II 1973
West F     Snodgrass, James E.   1986
West F     Snodgrass, Karen   1995
West F     Snodgrass, Ruth   1999
West G     Snowden, Bernice Marie   1998
West H     Snowden, Harold E. World War II 2002
West B     Snowden, Hazel H.   1982
West B     Snowden, James A.   1970
East 6     Snyder, Harry B.   1998
West D     Snyder, Wilbur H.   1981
East 6     Somers, Brewster G.   1932
East 6     Somers, Eletha S. Kincaid   1955
East 1   Sec 2? Somers, Eli   1885
East 4     Somers, Hannie   1892
East 4     Somers, John   1917
East 5     Somers, Lewis Eli   1934
East 2     Somers, Martha Jane   1863
East 6     Somers, Mary E.   1965
East 5     Somers, Mary Emma   1935
East 1   Sec 2? Somers, Ruth   1893
East 4     Somers, Ruth   1920
East 6     Somers, Walter E.   1939
West J     Sorah, Christine   [no dates]
        Souders, James G. Veteran 2011
West E     South, Bertha M.   1958
West E     South, Charles M.   2006
West E     South, Charles R.   1986
East 6     South, Ebben M.   1978
West E     South, Gwen J.   NC
West C     South, Lillian   1948
West E     South, Margaret M.   1964
West E     South, Marie O.   1988
West E     South, Robert K.   1988
West E     South, Wilber G.   1977
West G     Sparks [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West B     Sparks, Arthur E. US Army 1971
West B     Sparks, Charlie   1985
West B     Sparks, Florie   1982
East 6     Spence, Clara M.   1950
East 4     Spence, Colon   1908
East 4     Spence, Hannah V.   1891
West 3     Spencer, James Milton World War II 2005
West 3     Spencer, Norma L.   2007
West J     Spicer, Earl   reserved
West J     Spicer, Helen   reserved
West A     Spieler, Gladys L.   1940
        Sproat, Benjamin F. World War II & Korea 2012
West H     Sprowls, Donald Roger Vietnam 2003
West H     Sprowls, Joanne Theresa   NC
West J     Spry, Spencer C. Vietnam 1999
East 5     Spurgeon, Minnie B.   1934
West H     Spurlock, Donald   NC
West H     Spurlock, Donna C.   2004
West H     Spurlock, Lou V.   1983
West H     Spurlock, Virgil N.   NC
West J     Stacey, Davie G. Jr.   2006
West J     Stacey, Imogene "Jean"   1997
East 7     Stackhouse, Lena Whitaker   1923
West G     Stacy [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West G     Standifer, Margaret   1996
West G     Standifer, William   1997
West G     Staneck, Elizabeth A.   NC
West G     Staneck, Robert W.   1998
West J     Stanley, Sheila D.   2006
East 3     Stansell, Caroline   1919
West C     Stansell, Elizabeth   1949
West C     Stansell, Emily E. Jirtle   1970
West A     Stansell, Frank B.   1945
West C     Stansell, George Bliss   1948
East 3     Stansell, Jeremiah   1868
East 3     Stansell, Nancy A.   1875
West A     Stansell, Norval Glenn World War II 1957
East 3     Coleman, Rebecca [Stansell]   1868
West C     Stansell, William Allen   1938
East 2     Stanton, Abbie K.   1884
East 5     Stanton, Bessie S.   1975
East 2     Stanton, Catharine Ann   1914
East 1     Stanton, Dorothy J.   2001
East 2     Stanton, Ellen J.   1895
East 5     Stanton, Emily H.   1910
East 1     Stanton, Frederic M. (MD)   1942
East 2     Stanton, J. Albert   1864
East 5     Stanton, James F.   1919
East 5     Stanton, John F.   1925
East 2     Stanton, Joseph   1894
East 2     Stanton, Juliet Keever   1940
East 5     Stanton, Mariella   1975
East 5     Stanton, Mary Dora   2003
East 1     Stanton, Nellie Swartzel   1924
East 2     Stanton, W. E.   1884
East 5     Stanton, William E.   1967
West G     Stapleton, Betty Pauline   2002
West G     Stapleton, James Ancil   1967
West G     Stapleton, Lloyd Ancil   1994
West G     Stapleton, Sweetie   1981
East 2     Staton, Juliet D. Janney   1940
East 2     Staton, W. E. MD   1884
East 5     Steadman, Margaret   1977
East 5     Steadman, Samuel S. World War I 1955
West F     Stee? [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West J     Steinbrugge, Harry R.   2000
West J     Steinbrugge, Mary   1998
West D     Stephens, Charles Franklin Vietnam 2001
West D     Stephens, Daniel I.   2009
West D     Stephens, Donal E.   1976
West D     Stephens, Ermon F.   reserved
West D     Stephens, Fairy May   1980
West D     Stephens, James F. Sr.   1980
West D     Stephens, James Jr. World War II 1959
West D     Stephens, Modean   reserved
West H?     Stephens, Ruth Ann (Barnhart)   reserved
West D     Stephens, Ruth L.   1998
West D     Stephens, Vivian M.   reserved
West H?     Stephens, Walter F. Jr. World War II 2009
East 6     Stephenson, Bertha   1954
East 6     Stephenson, Joseph R.   1916
East 6     Stephenson, Mary A.   1905
East 6     Stephenson, Mary J.   1922
West G     Stepp, Beverly "Bill"   2004
West G     Stepp, Clyde J. World War II 1993
West G     Stepp, Reatha M.   reserved
West G     Stepp, Rosalee   1994
West D     Stevens, Charlie World War II 1992
West E     Stevens, Chloe   2009
West G     Stevens, Doris A.   reserved
West D     Stevens, Laura   1980
West G     Stevens, James I. US Navy 1996
West G     Stevens, John   2005
West E     Stevens, Mike   reserved
West E     Stevens, Stephanie   reserved
West B     Stewart, Arnold   1974
West B     Stewart, Bennie   1990
West H     Stewart, Carl E.   1994
West G     Stewart, Cecil W. Sr. World War II 1991
West G     Stewart, Della F.   1970
West G     Stewart, Dixie L. Pursley   reserved
West G     Stewart, Evelyn   1998
West H     Stewart, Fern   2006
West G     Stewart, Florence C.   1961
West G     Stewart, Julina R.   1986
West F     Stewart, Lena G.   reserved
West H     Stewart, Leslie World War II 1995
West G     Stewart, Lorene   1996
West G     Stewart, Ora A.   1983
West H     Stewart, Peggy S.   NC
West G     Stewart, Sherman A.   1965
West H     Stewart, Steve Lee   1995
West G     Stewart, Thomas I.   1969
West F     Stewart, Wilburn V. Korea 1979
West G     Stewart, Winford L.   2006
West C     Stidham, Margie M.   1994
West C     Stidham, Roy Jr.   reserved
West J     Stiens, Barbara L.   NC
West J     Stiens, Donald G. Sr. US Army NC
West J     Stiles, Melodi A.   1995
East 3     Stiles-Leach, Melodi A.   1995
West F     Stitzel, David H. II US Navy 1999
West F     Stizel, D. Howard   1974
West F     Stizel, John C. (Rev.)   1966
West F     Stizel, Nora Pearl   1973
West F     Stizel, S. Luella   2000
West F     Stitzel, Wilma J.   1999
East 4     Stock, Silas A.   1942
West J     Stoffel, Leola B.   1993
West G     Stolzenburg, Ellen   1975
West B     Stolzenburg, Harold L.   1981
West G     Stolzenburg, Harry L. World War II 1966
West B     Stolzenburg, Mabel E.   1993
West C     Stone, Anna M.   1990
West J     Stone, Rebecca A.   1995
West J     Stone, Roy L.   reserved
West F     Stonecash, Elizabeth B.   2008
West F     Stonecash, Robert O. World War II 1968
        Stoneking, Donald James Korea 2013
        Storie, Foiest Walden Korea 2011
West E     Stoutimore, Lynn   reserved
West E     Stoutimore, Ralph R. World War II 1995
East 3     Stowe, Edward   1905
East 3     Stowe, Elizabeth   [no dates]
East 7     Stowe, Elizabeth   1936
East 3     Stowe, Florence   NC
East 7     Stowe, Henry C.   1930
East 3     Stowe, Lelia C.   1951
East 3     Stowe, Samuel   [no dates]
West E     Stratton [surname only]   [no dates]
West G     Stratton, Greta   2002
West G     Stratton, Ronald R.   reserved
East 3     Stratton, Rose A.   1939
East 2     Stroop, John   1898
East 2     Stroop, Sarah   1905
East 5     Strunk [surname only]    
West B     Stultz, Arthur H.   1963
West B     Stultz, Ethel F.   1987
East 3     Stump, Horace D.   1951
West A     Stutelberg, Charles F.   1992
West A     Stutelberg, Edith M.   1997
East 2     Sultzbach, Elma   1982
West D     Summer, Cleo J.   1997
West D     Summer, Laban J.   1974
        Summer, Thomas David Ohio National Guard 2012
East 7     Sunman, Thomas W. W.   1933
West G     Surber, Jack D.   2009
West G     Surber, Norsue   reserved
East 4     Surface, Abraham   1858
East 2     Surface, Abraham   1874
East 4     Surface, Andrew A.   1846
East 2     Surface, Catharine   1922
East 6     Surface, Cornelius   1903
West A     Surface, Edna B.   1989
East 7     Surface, George E.   19__
East 4     Surface, Hannah C.   1853
East 7     Surface, Howard H.   1952
East 2     Surface, Ida   1887
East 7     Surface, Katharine M.   1906
East 7     Surface, Lillie M.   1973
East 7     Surface, Mable   1953
East 7     Surface, Mariane   1920
East 7     Surface, Morris E.   1922
East 2     Surface, Nancy J.   1918
East 7     Surface, Nora K.   1930
East 7     Surface, Phyllis Ann   1939
East 4     Surface, Reuben F.   1850
West A     Surface, Stanley E. World War I 1988
West E     Sutton, Asa T.   1955
West E     Sutton, Lucinda   1968
East 2     Suydam, Amelia A.   1928
East 2     Suydam, Charles H. Civil War 1899
East 2     Suydam, John   1846
East 1     Swayne, Clarine F.   NC
East 1     Swayne, Earl H. World War II 2004
West F     Sweitzer, Albert R.   1961
West B     Sweney, Anna Bea   1990
West F     Sweitzer, Elsie A.   1965
West F     Sweitzer, Margaret J.   1986
East 5     Sweney, Florence B.   1945
East 5     Sweney, Floyd E.   1914
West B   WA-70-1 Sweney, Floyd H. Sr. World War II 2000
East 5     Sweney, Harmon L.   1922
West B     Sweney, Hazel   1976
West B     Sweney, Howard E.   1983
West 2     Sweney, Howard O. World War II 2007
West C     Sweney, James W.   1950
West C     Sweney, Lucinda J.   1947
West 2     Sweney, Velma I. (Stoutenborough)   reserved
East 5     Sweney, Wilbur C.   1960
West B     Sweney, Wilbur E. Korea 1951
West A     Sweny, Charles E.   1971
West A     Sweny, Ethel L.   1969
East 3     Swigert, Alice McClure   1931
East 3     Swigert, Charles E.   1935
East 2     Swigert, Margaret A.   1876
East 7     Swink, Daisy Belle   1973
East 7     Swink, Eather Eanos   1970
West G     Swope, Fred L.   1980
West G     Swope, Miriam F.   2008
East 4     Sylvester, Charles   1888
      2-46-1 Sylvester, George W. Civil War 1884

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