Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
East 4     T. B. R. [footstone]   [no dates]
West G     Racanelli, James   2003
West A     Rager, Doris Jean   2004
West A     Rager, Harold R. World War II 1993
West H     Rakes, Helen E.   2006
West H     Rakes, John G.   1987
West D     Raleigh, Leonard US Army 2012
West D     Raleigh, Lois Jean   reserved
West F     Ramsey, Monzelle (Rose)   reserved
West F     Ramsey, Neil L.   1990
East 6     Randall, Addison   1916
West J     Raney, Carl Jr.   NC
West J     Raney, Nancy Ann   2002
West G     Ratliff, Dorsie   1992
West G     Ratliff, Emmit   1986
West H     Ratliff, Ethel P.   1989
West H     Ratliff, Mary E.   2006
West H     Ratliff, Ottis F. World War II 1981
West H     Ratliff, Stephen D.   1996
West C     Ray, Estell D.   2009
West G     Ray, Lenwood   reserved
West C   WA-603-W2-3 Ray, Virgil M. World War II 1985
West G     Ray, Wilma S.   2010
East 2     Read, George W.   1880
East 2     Read, Jesse   1849
East 2     Read, Margaret   1898
East 2     Read, Nancy L.   1875
West J     Redmon, Denver L. US Marine Corps 1992
West J     Redmon, Linda S.   NC
East 2     Reed, Aden Paul   1887
West H     Reed, Billy   2008
West C     Reed, Cora L.   reserved
West G     Reed, Edith D.   1978
West G     Reed, George Washington Korea 1998
West H     Reed, Lorene   reserved
West F     Reed, Loretta   1978
West F     Reed, Mary Jo   1997
West H     Reed, Piney   reserved
West C     Reed, Ragnold L. Korea 1981
East 2     Reed, Sarah A.   1869
East 7     Reeder, Jacob R.   1956
East 7     Reeder, Julia   1925
East 6     Reedy, Bernice Ann   1939
West A     Reedy, Bessie M.   1948
West A     Reedy, Charles E.   1997
West A     Reedy, Curtis A.   1965
West H     Reedy, Edgar   1991
West A     Reedy, Edna M.   2004
West A     Reedy, Elwood A.   1944
West F     Reedy, Florence M.   1985
West A     Reedy, Francina   reserved
West E     Reedy, H. Iolene   2002
West F     Reedy, Homer A.   1974
West F     Reedy, Inez A.   reserved
West E     Reedy, Kenneth E. World War II 1988
West H     Reedy, Maegene   NC
West A     Reedy, Myrtle I.   1979
West A     Reedy, Pauline   1959
West F     Reedy, Richard   1971
West A     Reedy, Robert Lee   1979
West A     Reedy, Robert W.   1975
East 2     Rees, David F.   1873
East 2     Rees, Henry   1832
East 2     Rees, Henry   1873
East 2     Rees, Joseph Richardson   1832
East 2     Rees, Mary   1832
East 2     Rees, Sarah Ann   1886
East 5     Reese, David F.   1938
West D     Reese, Dorothy I.   reserved
West F     Reese, Ella M.   1983
West D     Reese, James E.   2009
West H     Reese, James E.   reserved
West F     Reese, James W.   1968
West H     Reese, Joyce A. (Callahan)   1998
West F     Reese, Margaret K.   1981
West F     Reese, Martin A.   1967
East 5     Reese, Sarah L.   1920
West H     Reeves, Criss   1998
East 3     Reeves, F. Clifford   1958
West H     Reeves, Melissa G.   NC
East 3     Reeves, Mabel H.   1965
West C     Reeves, Nannie   1964
West C     Reeves, William   1945
East 2     Reichel, Benj. Franklin   1868
West H     Reid, Gilbert Wightman   1991
West A?     Renner, Scott Allan   1995
West G     Retherford, Charlie   1987
West C     Retherford, Curtis N.   2004
West G     Retherford, Joy B.   NC
West G     Retherford, Linda L.   2000
West C     Retherford, Linda Marie   2001
        Retherford, Marion "Groucho" Korea 2014
West G     Retherford, Susie   NC
West G     Retherford, William G. US Army 2005
West G     Retherford-Gibson, Kelli D.   2004
East 6     Revenaugh, Kathryn   1982
East 6     Revenaugh, Max C.   1994
East 6     Revenaugh, William C.   1953
East 6     Revenaugh, William D. World War II 2002
West D     Reyes, Effie M.   1960
West D     Reyes, Manuel   1949
West E     Reynolds, James M.   1962
West E     Reynolds, Marvin C.   NC
West E     Reynolds, Rosa W.   1968
West E     Reynolds, Sarah J.   NC
West E     Reynolds, W. Bruce   1968
West J     Reznor, Bette   NC
West J     Reznor, John Kennedy   1989
East 4     Rhoades, Catharine   1893
East 4     Rhoades, Ella B.   1940
East 4     Rhoades, Hannah Graham   1910
East 4     Rhoades, John   1897
East 4     Rhoades, John H.   1936
West A     Rhoades, Lambert R.   1942
East 4     Rhoades, Wm. A.   1900
East 2     Rhoads, Keziah   1872
West C     Rice, Carol Diane   1981
West E     Rice, Edmund H.   1991
West E     Rice, Florence M.   1982
East 5     Richards, Albert E. World War II 1995
East 5     Richards, Clarence    
East 5     Richards, Clarence S.   1948
East 5     Richards, Elizabeth S.   1989
East 5     Richards, Floyd E.   2002
East 3     Richards, Foster W. World War II 1972
East 3     Richards, Harold L.   1937
East 3     Richards, Hattie J.   1941
East 5     Richards, Howard M. U. S. Army 2004
East 5     Richards, John E. World War I 1952
East 5     Richards, Paul L. World War II 1993
East 3     Richards, Robert E.   1939
East 3     Richards, Stella   1996
East 3     Richards, Wilbur E. Jr. Persian Gulf 2000
West G     Richards, William Bill   2004
East 3     Richards, William J.   1955
West F     Richardson, Glenn   1978
West F     Richardson, Helen E.   1975
West F     Richardson, Michael R. Vietnam 1972
West H     Richardson, Thomas H. Veteran 1999
West H     Richardson, Virginia B.   NC
West F     Richie, Ellie   2000
West F     Richie, Lloyd World War II 1977
West C     Richmond, Samuel E. Korea 1992
West G     Rickard, Clara W.   1998
West F     Rickard, Dewene M.   1986
East 7     Rickard, Edwin A.   1932
East 7     Rickard, Elizabeth   1975
East 7     Rickard, Elizabeth E.   1932
East 7     Rickard, Frank J.   1931
East 7     Rickard, Harold F.   1949
East 6     Rickard, Magdelena   1921
West G     Rickard, Stanley B. World War II NC
West F     Rickard, Ralph W.   1984
East 6     Rickard, William Civil War 1917
West H     Riddell, Helen   1989
West D     Riddell, Ida Mae   1990
West D     Riddell, Malcolm   1990
West H     Riddell, Paul M.   1989
West D     Ridell, Lucy W.   1960
East 7     Rider, Bruce Elmer   1929
East 7     Rider, Cliff World War II 1945
East 7     Rider, Elmer J.   1954
East 7     Rider, Ethel Sarah   1999
East 8     Rider, Eugene H.   1967
East 7     Rider, Freddie Eugene   1958
East 8     Rider, Ida Louise    
East 7     Rider, Malinda K.   1991
East 7     Rider, Ruby Viola   1993
East 7     Rider, William Raymond Jr.   1948
West D     Ridgway, Dr. Eleanor S.   2001
East 5     Ridinger [temporary marker]    
West E     Ridinger, Ona M.   1976
West E     Ridinger, Paul   1962
East 2     Riley, Ann Thatcher   1848
West H     Riley, Arkansas Jr.   1997
West H     Riley, Charles David   2005
West B     Riley, Claude (A.D.) Korea 1975
West H     Riley, Daniel P.   2006
West H     Riley, Detra Charlene   NC
West G     Riley, Don M.   1999
West H     Riley, Edith H.   2000
West H     Riley, Gregory K. [temporary marker]   [no dates]
East 2     Riley, Jacob   1882
West G     Riley, Lillian F.   2009
West F     Riley, Mabel S.   2007
West H     Riley, Marjorie Jean   reserved
West G     Riley, Michael Lee   1980
West G     Riley, Robert L.   reserved
West H     Riley, Roy S. World War II 2015
West G     Riley, Shawn Michael   1997
West G     Riley, Verla N.   reserved
West B     Riley, Vivian   reserved
West H     Riley, Wanda L.   reserved
West F     Riley, William E. World War II 1970
East 2     Riley, William Hadden   1859
West G     Ritchie, Cora   2000
West G     Ritchie, Johnnie L. US Army 2015
West H     Roach, Jackqueline R.   1988
West D     Roach, Nellie R.   1995
West H     Roach, Sidney P. US Army 1995
West D     Roach, Tandy T.   2002
East 8     Robbins, Thomas Y.   1955
West H     Roberds, Rebecca Jean   2002
West C     Roberts, Alma L.   1996
West H     Roberts, Barbara A.   reserved
West G     Roberts, Bill   1999
East 4     Roberts, Charles   1894
West G     Roberts, Donna   reserved
West G     Roberts, Estill   reserved
West A     Roberts, Hazel E.   2002
East 9     Roberts, James William   1954
East 4     Roberts, Margret   1893
West G     Roberts, Maxine F.   reserved
West F     Roberts, Nancy Lee   2009
East 5     Roberts, Raymond World War I 1962
West A     Roberts, Roy M.   1958
West A     Roberts, Sarah "Betsy"   1961
East 5     Roberts, Sarepta   1956
West G     Roberts, Sonja Jo   NC
West F     Roberts, Spencer A.   reserved
West H     Roberts, Tammie Lynn   1986
West C     Roberts, William T.   1975
West H     Roberts, Winfred M. "Bue"   reserved
West C     Robertson, Betty June   1982
West F     Robertson, Claude   2010
West C     Robertson, Ellis   reserved
West F     Robertson, Juanita   reserved
East 6     Robinson, Alice M.   1948
West D     Robinson, Bill   1975
West J     Robinson, C. A.   1978
West G     Robinson, Carrie L.   1977
East 7     Robinson, Earl J.   1947
East 6     Robinson, Emma   1909
West A     Robinson, Evelyn   1941
West A     Robinson, Farris L.   1997
West C     Robinson, Farris L. Jr.   reserved
West H     Robinson, Grace Ann   [no dates]
East 4     Robinson, Harvey   1822
East 4     Robinson, James   1822
        Robinson, James C. Jr. Afghanistan 2010
East 4     Robinson, John   1843
West F     Robinson, John   1971
East 6     Robinson, John E.   1922
East 2     Robinson, Lucy Barnhart   1910
West F     Robinson, Luella   1972
West C     Robinson, Marie   reserved
West A     Robinson, Marilyn R.   reserved
East 2     Robinson, Mary   [no dates]
East 4     Robinson, Mary   1843
West J     Robinson, Mary E.   1957
East 7     Robinson, Miley L.   1958
West F     Robinson, Mollie L.   1959
West C     Robinson, Norma J.   reserved
West F     Robinson, Pauline T.   1974
West F     Robinson, Ralph K. World War II 2009
West F     Robinson, Ralph M.   1971
East 1     Robinson, Roy Conner   1957
West D     Robinson, Ruth   2009
East 4     Robinson, Sam'l.   1819
East 4     Robinson, Sam'l. Sen.   1807
East 4     Robinson, Sarah A.   1888
East 6     Robinson, Susie M.   1943
West C     Robinson, Ted Glenn World War II 1985
East 4     Robinson, Thomas B.   1852
East 1     Robinson, Verl R.   1972
East 1     Robinson, Violet C.   1967
West G     Robinson, Virgil L.   1965
East 6     Robinson, William   1972
East 1     Robinson, Wilma J.    
West E     Robison, Anna May   1970
West E     Robison, Erskine   1976
West H     Robison, Irma Jane   1990
West E     Robison, Mark E.   1956
West H     Robison, Maurice E. World War II flagholder 1989
West E     Robison, Maruice E.   1992
West A     Roby, Dorothy Frances   1989
East 2     Rodgers, Albert C.   1858
East 4     Rodgers, Elizabeth   1822
East 4     Rodgers, James   1824
West G     Rodgers, Mary K.   1978
West G     Roe, Allison C.   1995
West H     Roe, Ethridge L.   reserved
West H     Roe, Karen K.   reserved
West G     Roeder, David L.   reserved
West G     Roeder, Lillian I.   1998
East 3     Roesch, Adam   1941
East 3     Roesch, Mary E.   1944
East 7     Rogers, Ann    
East 2     Rogers, Atlantic H.   1865
West C     Rogers, Bertha Emma   1952
West C     Rogers, Clifton V.   1959
West C     Rogers, Donald W.   1989
East 2     Rogers, E. H.   1908
East 7     Rogers, Eli Arthur World War II 1973
East 7     Rogers, Elizabeth N.   1953
East 9     Rogers, Flora A.   1987
West C     Rogers, Harold G.   1978
West B     Rogers, Jimmie E.   1993
East 9     Rogers, John S.   NC
East 2     Rogers, L. M.   1889
East 2     Rogers, Lotta A.   1894
West C     Rogers, Lucille Post   1981
West C     Rogers, Lucy E.   1999
West C     Rogers, M. Elizabeth   1981
West F     Rogers, Margaret P.   1998
West F     Rogers, Marquis P.   1958
East 2     Rogers, Mary   1828
East 2     Rogers, Mary K.   1887
West G     Rogers, Mary K.   1978
West C     Rogers, Nathan Louis   1946
East 2     Rogers, Ruth H.   1887
East 7     Rogers, Walter W.   1963
West C     Rook, Clarice V.   reserved
West C     Rook, Layton W. World War II 1987
East 2     Rook, Mary J.   1895
East 4     Rook, May G.   1901
West G     Rose, Agnes Maxine   1990
West H     Rose, Anna Lee   1995
West H     Rose, Barney C. World War II 1999
West G     Rose, Catherine   1983
West G     Rose, Cynthia A.   NC
West B?     Rose, Dallas C.   1997
West B     Rose, E. Carol Cox   1963
West A     Rose, Elbert C. World War II 2001
West G     Rose, Ernest E.   2002
West B?     Rose, Geneve B.   1996
West F     Rose, Ira F.   1967
West A     Rose, Isaac W.   1981
West B     Rose, Jennifer K.   1963
West F     Rose, Jesse   1964
West G     Rose, Lloyd   1963
West F     Rose, Margaret   1981
West A     Rose, Marie   2001
West C     Rose, Mary C. Fox   1981
West A     Rose, Nannie H.   2003
West C     Rose, Solomon   reserved
East 5     Rosell, Alfred R.   NC
East 5     Rosell, Fred E.   1942
West E     Rosell, Merlin H. J. World War II 1993
East 5     Rosell, Sue Ann   NC
East 5     Rosell, Virgil L.   1930
East 5     Rosell, Virginia L.   2000
West D     Rosenbalm, L. Lucille Hodges   1990
East 2     Roser, Jacob   1917
East 2     Roser, Philip   1871
East 2     Roser, Phoebe   1913
East 2    

Roser, Victor P.

East 6     Rosnagle, Alice H.   1930
East 4     Rosnagle, Catharine   1855
East 4     Rosnagle, Edith A.   1867
East 6     Rosnagle, Francis E.   1930
West E     Rosnagle, Fred W.   1954
East 4     Rosnagle, Frederick   1891
West A     Rosnagle, George H. World War I 1994
East 4     Rosnagle, infant son of F. & C.    
East 6     Rosnagle, Laura E.   1993
East 6     Rosnagle, Lelia D.   1929
West A     Rosnagle, Marie B.   1982
East 4     Rosnagle, Mary M.   1892
East 6     Rosnagle, Mary W.   1943
West E     Rosnagle, Reba E.   1986
East 4     Rosnagle, Rebecca   1870
East 6     Rosnagle, Rufus M.   1929
East 4     Rosnagle, Samuel K.    
East 4     Rosnagle, Solomon   1909
West A     Ross, Alton Jack   1972
West A     Ross, Alton N.   1955
West A     Ross, Andrew Mac   reserved
West A     Ross, Annetta   1961
West A     Ross, Clara Mae   1986
East 7     Ross, Emma E.   1932
West A     Ross, Flora J.   1967
West A     Ross, George L. Korea 1997
West D     Ross, Grace F.   1998
West F     Ross, Ilda H.   1974
West D     Ross, James A.   1985
West A     Ross, James C.   1985
West H     Ross, Jesse W. World War II 1987
West D     Ross, Kathryn   reserved
West F     Ross, Leroy E.   1974
West A     Ross, Lillian M.   1949
West H     Ross, Marcil   NC
West A     Ross, Nellie L.   1997
West F     Ross, Rhonda Faye   1983
East 7     Ross, Robert   1930
West D     Ross, Vincent   2001
West A     Ross, Viola F.   1972
West A     Ross, William   reserved
West E     Roten, Artie Snell   2007
West B     Rothman, Leslie R.   1994
West B     Rothman, Virginia A.   1998
East 7     Routt (son of Lewis & Betty)   1958
East 7     Routt, Albert   1932
West F     Routt, Betty Ann   1989
East 8     Routt, Daniel   1978
East 7     Routt, Gayla   1991
East 7     Routt, Hartwell World War I 1968
East 8     Routt, Laura B.   1983
West F     Routt, Lewis H.   2002
East 7     Routt, Mary E.   1941
East 7     Routt, Wm. Henry   1928
West A     Rowland, Frank Van Meter   1982
West H     Rowland, Hearl   1989
West D     Rowland, Louis W.   1988
West G     Rowland, Martha Lee   1996
West H     Rowland, Myrtle   2001
West H     Rowland, Rebecca   2006
West C     Roy, ___ [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West H     Royalty, Merit W.   1994
West H     Royalty, Sylvia E.   2001
East 8     Royston, Cora B.   1955
East 8     Royston, George W.   1955
West G     Royston, Mary L.   1984
West F     Ruark, Della   1984
West G     Ruark, Donald   reserved
West F     Ruark, Donald E.   1990
West G     Ruark, Mae   reserved
West G     Ruark, Richard E.   2006
East 7     Ruble, Mary E.   2001
West B     Rummel, Floyd William   1950
West F     Ruppert, Dorothy L.   reserved
West G     Ruppert, Jordan Matthew   1986
West G     Ruppert, Mark R.   1990
West F     Ruppert, Paul M. World War II 1986
East 4     Russell, Ann P.   1853
East 6     Russell, Doris C.   1973
East 6     Russell, Elbert D.   1929
East 6     Russell, Eli A.   [no dates]
East 4     Russell, Elizabeth A.   1850
East 4     Russell, Emily   1905
East 6     Russell, Emma I.   [no dates]
East 2     Russell, Esther   1850
East 2     Russell, Finley R.   1928
East 2     Russell, Harriet B.   1887
East 6     Russell, J. Robert   1966
East 2     Russell, James   1840
East 6     Russell, Jas. C.   1925
East 2     Russell, James F.   1916
East 4     Russell, James K.   1874
East 2     Russell, Jennie R.   1869
East 2     Russell, John M.   1898
East 2     Russell, Joseph   1853
East 2     Russell, Margret J.   1850
East 2     Russell, Mary E.   1926
East 6     Russell, Mary E.   1939
East 6     Russell, Mary L   1936
East 4     Russell, Rachel J.   1888
East 4     Russell, Samuel B.   1934
East 2     Russell, Sarah M.   1873
East 4     Russell, Susie   1877
East 4     Russell, Wm. S.   1909
East 2     Russum, Abigail K.   1869
East 2     Russum, Charles P.   1871
East 2     Russum, Harriet E.   1855
East 2     Russum, John B.   1864
East 2     Russum, Sarah A.   1910
East 4     Ryan, Hannah Z. Thompson    
East 4     Ryan, Joshua W.   1901
West G     Ryczek, W. F.   1989

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[To contribute your photos email them in jpg format to Arne Trelvik with any other details that you would like to share]

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