Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
East 2     La Fetra, Mary J.   1864
West B     Lackens, Ida M.   1952
West C     Lackens, Jane C.   reserved
West C     Lackens, Paul C. World War II 1991
West B     Lackens, Samuel F.   1951
East 5     Lacy, Alfred E. World War II 1961
West A     Lacy, Elmer E.   1945
West A     Lacy, Mary R.   1975
East 2     LaFayette, Joseph Alford   1896
East 2     LaFayette, Sallie B.   1944
West H     Lafferty, Ella Rose   NC
West H     Lafferty, George Elzie Korea & Vietnam 2004
West H     Lafferty, Raymond K.   1990
West C     Lahman, Amanda A.   1947
West C     Lahman, Catherine M.   1989
West C     Lahman, Edith   1991
West C     Lahman, George World War I 1983
West C     Lahman, Grace L.   1995
West C     Lahman, Guy H.   2000
West C     Lahman, John R.   1999
West C     Lahman, Milton G.   1955
West C     Lahman, Priscilla V.   1997
West C     Lahman, William   1985
West G     Lainhart, Emma   2001
West F     Lainhart, Herschell C. Korea 1974
West G     Lainhart, J. K.   1964
West F     Lainhart, Jesse   reserved
West G     Lainhart, Midford World War I 1971
West D     Lairson, C. M.   1970
West D     Lairson, Edna   1990
East 5     Lake, Anna G.   1960
West G     Lakes, Charity M.   NC
West F     Lakes, Clemie   1971
West G     Lakes, Ella   1987
West G     Lakes, Ermon O.   1965
West G     Lakes, Forest Keith   1991
West F     Lakes, Hazel   1979
West F     Lakes, Jack Dale   1976
West G     Lakes, Jearl D.   reserved
West G     Lakes, John L.   1970
West G     Lakes, Joyce E.   reserved
West G     Lakes, Myrtle   1997
West G     Lakes, Vernon E. Jr.   2007
West G     Lakes, Willie A.   2001
West C     Lamb [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West F     Lamb, Alice M.   reserved
West J     Lamb, Charles R.   2005
West B     Lamb, Charlotte   1988
West B     Lamb, Charlotte Louise   1993
West A     Lamb, Dennie Bell   1958
West C     Lamb, Dora I.   1977
West J     Lamb, E. Jean   reserved
West C     Lamb, Earl J. US Navy 2004
West F     Lamb, Etta Mae   1975
West E     Lamb, Green   1960
West C     Lamb, Henry M.   1957
West F     Lamb, James W.   1992
West E    

Lamb, Jeannette (Mullen)

West B     Lamb, John D. Korea 1973
West E     Lamb, John W. World War II 1955
West A     Lamb, John Will   1949
West J     Lamb, Joshua Daivd II   2005
East 5     Lamb, Joyce Carolyn   1945
West C     Lamb, Linda   1949
West G     Lamb, Lonnie B.   1975
West B     Lamb, Louis Edward   1953
West E     Lamb, Maggie N.   1967
West G     Lamb, Mary E.   1987
West C     Lamb, Matthew M.   1946
West C     Lamb, Monroe   1961
West C     Lamb, Nora E.   1964
West J     Lamb, Terry L. Veteran flagholder 1992
West F     Lamb, Vernon Luther   1977
West F     Lamb, Virgil L. World War II 2001
West B     Lamb, Whitt F.   1981
West D     Lambert, Alice M.   reserved
West D     Lambert, Anna Lee   1985
West D     Lambert, Joseph E. Korea 1980
East 9     Lambert, Joyce Ann    
West D     Lambert, Marion F.   1967
West H?     Lambright, Nancy C.   reserved
West H?     Lambright, Teddy Gene Korea 2003
East 5     Landers, Euphema L.   1966
        Lane, Dwight H. US Army 2014
East 4     Lang, Charles   1856
East 4     Lang, Charles H   1827
East 4     Lang, Elmina   1818
East 4     Lang, Elmina A.   1849
East 4     Lang, Margaret G.   1886
East 4     Langdon, C. C. Civil War 1911
East 4     Langdon, M. Jane   1927
West G     Langford, Darrell   1995
West G     Langford, Earl J.   NC
West G     Langford, Glenna   1996
East 4     Langsdon, Delano   1853
East 4     Langson, Elizabeth   1861
West F     Lansdale, Betty L.   reserved
West F     Lansdale, Earl E.   1987
East 1     Larimore, Jack   2004
East 1     Larimore, Nadia L.   2000
West F     Lashley, Dorothy L.   2006
West H     Lashley, John   1988
West H     Lashley, Marjorie   1998
West G     Laughner, Thomas Joe   1990
West G     Lawhorn, Joshua Ray   1989
West H     Lawson, Danny Keith   2006
West G     Lawson, Dicie L.   1983
West B     Lawson, Donald L.   2001
West B     Lawson, Elsie M.   1952
West G     Lawson, Ercel C.   1989
West B     Lawson, Glenna A.   1977
West G     Lawson, Lexie   1986
West G     Lawson, Lizzie Alice   reserved
West B     Lawson, Perry C.   1957
West C     Lawson, Russell Richard Korea 1973
East 4     Laymon, Charlotte   1895
West H     Layne, Michelle K.   1995
West H     Layne, Timothy J.   NC
East 4     Layton, Joseph B.   1849
East 4     Layton, Margaret   1874


J     Leach, Carl   1987
West J     Leach, Carl D.   1997
East 3     Leach, Catharine A.   1864
West J     Leach, Elsie M.   NC
West J     Leach, Fairy   2004
East 3     Leach, Grant   1947
West G     Leach, James Scott   1968
West H     Leach, Joseph K.   NC
East 7     Leach, M. Josephine   1976
West H     Leach, Marilyn G.   2001
East 7     Leach, R. Hayes   1969
West J     Leach, Raymond

World War II

West H     Leach, Robin R.   1971
West D     Leber, Agnes M.   1974
West D     Leber, Carl F.   1964
East 2     Leconey, Edward J.   1888
East 2     Leconey, James   1867
East 2     Leconey, Jennie Wheaton   1942
East 2     Leconey, John   1863
East 2     Leconey, Rachel   1885
East 2     Lecony, Mary F.   1929
West G     Ledford, Charlie US Army 2007
West G     Ledford, Mitch   reserved
West G     Ledford, Penny   1999
West G     Ledford, Ruby H.   1984
West G     Lee, Katie J.   1976
East 6     Leever, Alfred K.   1935
East 6     Leever, Eva R.   19__
East 6     Leever, Mary E.   1940
East 6     Leever, Stanley A.   1942
East 2     Lefferson, Hannah A. Keever   1890
West G     Lehman, Judith Ann   2001
West C     Lehman, Robert C. World War II 1960
West C     Lehman, Robert L.   1947
West C     Lehman, Sarah E.   1994
West G     Lehman, William O. "Red" US Army 2000
West E     Lehr, Elsie   1990
West C     Leibrock, Howard M. World War I 1969
West C     Leibrock, Mary Anna   1988
West C     Leichty, Albert C.   1961
West C     Leichty, Elizabeth   1949
East 3     Leichty, Joseph A.   1942
East 3     Leichty, Mary A.   1923
East 3     Leichty, Mary B.   1959
East 7     Leichty, Susan Cora   1961
East 7     Leichty, William H.   1956
West H     Leis, Kermit Paul Vietnam 1998
West B     Leis, Lawrence D.   1994
West H     Leis, Reta F.   1996
West B     Leis, Ruby J.   1983
West C     Leisbrock, Howard M. World War I 1969
West C     Leisz, Brittany Ann   1990
West C     Leisz, Charles E. World War II 2017
West H     Leisz, Peggy A.   reserved
West C     Leisz, Phyllis G.   1998
West H     Leisz, Ward W.   2007
West G     Leonard, Harriet D.   1985
West G     Leonard, Jeptha T.   1973
West G     Leonard, Vada B.   2002
West G     Leonard, William R.   1990
West H     Lester, Geneva   1993
West H     Lester, Glen World War II 1993
West J     LeVangie, Frances E.   NC
West J     LeVangie, Joseph E. World War II 1986
East 5     Levy, Laurence A.   1944
East 5     Levy, Richard M.   1977
East 5     Levy, Richard M. II   1958
East 5     Levy, Thelma M.   2002
West A     Lewis, Albert F.   1961
West H     Lewis, Arbell   2006
West D     Lewis, Carl   1982
East 2     Lewis, Clarence   1918
West H?     Lewis, Claudis H. World War II 2003
West C     Lewis, David   1992
West H     Lewis, Donny Earl   1988
West C     Lewis, Eleanor C.   2003
West F     Lewis, Ellen J.   1992
East 5     Lewis, Elsie Pauline   1970
East 6     Lewis, Emma E.   1945
West C     Lewis, Eugene E. World War II 1990
East 6     Lewis, Eva F.   1947
East 2     Lewis, Harry G.   1926
West F     Lewis, Jacob H.   1958
West A     Lewis, Mary Ann   1981
West C     Lewis, Minnie   1963
West D     Lewis, Pauline E.   1999
West D     Lewis, Ralph E.   1985
West C     Lewis, Ralph E. Sr.   reserved
East 2     Lewis, Sarah M.   1927
East 6     Lewis, Wm. Campbell   1939
West H     Lewis, Willie   1979
West A     Libecap, Coral   1965
West A     Libecap, Paul B.   1970
West A?     Lieungh, Ellis H. World War II 1984
West E     Lighter, Charles H.   1971
West E     Lighter, Harry S.   1971
West E    

Lighter, Mary S.

West E     Lighter, Ruth Ann   1987
West E     Lighter, Simon P.   1955
West E     Lighter, Virginia R.   NC
East 2     Lightfoot, Edward   1840
East 2     Lightfoot, Mary D.   1847
East 2     Lightfoot, William   1847
East 4     Lilly, E. C. Vallandigham   1864
East 4     Linder, Zilpah   1862
East 7     Line, Alda Pope (Leichty)   1992
East 7     Line, Clayton M. World War II 1977
West B     Ling, Marilee Anderson   1985
West E     Linkins, Mary K.   1983
West E     Linkins, William B. US Army Veteran 1960
West G     Linkous, Charles R.   1959
West G     Linkous, Louann   1987
West G     Linkous, Martha L.   2002
West G     Linkous, Michael Joseph   1981
West G     Linkous, Mildred   1998
West G     Linkous, Phillip   1996
West G     Linkous, Wilfred L.   1997
East 5   341 Lipscomb, Roy World War II 1983
East 5     Lipscomb, Ruth   1998
West F     Lisbinbee, Rhonda   1960
East 7     List, Irene   2001
East 7     List, John   1976
West H     Litsch, Brenda S.   NC
West H     Litsch, Thomas V.   NC
West D     Little, Ann E.   1986
West G     Little, Dolores   2002
West G     Little, Harold E. World War II 1978
East 3     Livingston, Flora L.   1924
West A     Locke, Clara M.   1977
West A     Locke, Leora M.   1960
West A     Locke, Norman C. World War II 1961
West A     Locke, Philip A.   1958
East 2     Loehr, Jane   1878
East 2     Loehr, John F.   1866
East 2     Loehr, Michael   1827
West C     Long, Calvin W.   1987
West C     Long, Daniel H. World War II 1957
West D     Long, Darlene Elam   reserved
West F     Long, Donald E. World War II 1964
West F     Long, Doralene M.   reserved
West F     Long, Fern   1979
East 7     Long, George   1957
East 6     Long, Harper D.   1932
West C     Long, Hazel Lois   1946
West D     Long, Hazle I.   1978
West D     Long, Herbert G.    
West C     Long, Janice E.   1941
West D     Long, Jesse L. US Army 2015
West D     Long, Jesse M.   1966
West C     Long, Judith M.   1973
West C     Long, Karen Sue   1946
West C     Long, Linda K.   1942
West D     Long, Lora C.   reserved
West F     Long, Mabel L.   1997
West D     Long, Mafrey R.   2001
East 6     Long, Maggie D.   1916
West F     Long, Marie R.   2009
West F     Long, Marvin H. World War II 2003
West C     Long, Marvin Harry   reserved
East 7     Long, Mary E.   1922
West F     Long, Mary E.   1987
West D     Long, Matthew Lee   1989
West F     Long, Mildred   1972
East 6     Long, Mildred Mary   1962
West D     Long, Robert W.   1989
West F     Long, Thomas H.   1968
West F     Long, William E.   1959
West F     Long, William E.   1959
West C     Loucks, George L. World War II 1992
West C     Loucks, Helen B.   1976
West C     Love, Bessie M.   1963
West C     Love, Robert L.   1968
West C     Lovelace, Anthony   reserved
West C     Lovelace, Robin   1989
        Lovely, Daniel D. US Army 2012
West H?     Lovely, Dorothy J.   reserved
West H?     Lovely, Jack R.   reserved
West 3     Lovely, Robert Lee World War II 2005
East 2     Loveridge, Sarah R.   1872
West H?     Lovin, ___ [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West H?     Lovin, Ina Jean   reserved
West H?     Lovin, James P.   2003
East 7     Low, Sherry Jo (Wade)   2004
East 7     Low, Thomas Cameron    
West G     Lowman, George F.   1975
West G     Lowman, John C. World War II 1989
West G     Lowman, Lucy E.   1986
West G    

Lowman, Wilma L.

East 6     Luburgh, Homer M. (Dr.) World War II 1973
East 6     Luburgh, (infant)   1911
East 6     Luburgh, James M. (Dr.)   1916
East 6     Luburgh, Marianna   NC
East 6     Luburgh, W. M. (Dr.)   1918
West F     Lucas, Cleo E.   1982
West F     Lucas, James K. World War II 2009
West F     Lucas, Mary A.   reserved
West F     Lucas, Milton G.   1979
West H     Lucas, Milton L. World War II 2006
West H     Lucas, Naoma C.   NC
West E     Lunsford, Barbara A.   1991
East 2     Lupton, Charlie H. A.   1868
East 2     Lupton, Cornelia B. Keever   1905
East 2     Lupton, Nathan E.   1916
West F     Luttringer, Eugene E.   1966
West F     Luttringer, Mildred M.   1988
West G     Lykins, Drexel Gray   reserved
West G     Lykins, Viola Jones   reserved
West H?     Lynch, Nealie   reserved
West H     Lynch, Peggy   reserved
West H     Lynch, Otis US Army 1998
West H?     Lynch, William Riley World War II 2014
West G     Lyons, Bonnie J.   reserved
West G     Lyons, Phillip L. US Army 2001

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