Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio

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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
East 6     Jack, Ferne Marie   1916
West C     Jackson, Anna Gilletta   1982
West B     Jackson, Clifford H. World War II 1966
West B     Jackson, Cora W.   1985
East 5     Jackson, Eva   1969
West C     Jackson, Ida P.   1994
West F     Jackson, Jackie   1983
West C     Jackson, James H. World War II 1980
East 5     Jackson, Lafe   1967
East 5     Jackson, Lucille   1948
West B     Jackson, Robert H.   1993
West D     Jacobs, Alpha P. World War II 1996
West D     Jacobs, Paul Edwin World War II 1993
East 7     James, Archie E.   1937
East 7     James, Hazel   1956
East 2     James, John J.   1887
East 3     James, Louisa   1900
East 3     James, Ransom R. Civil War NC
East 2     Janney, Aaron   1871
East 6     Janney, Anna C.   1942
West H?     Janney, Benjamin M.   2009
East 6     Janney, Benjamin T.   1913
East 2     Janney, C. E.   1888
East 6     Janney, Edward C.   1956
East 2     Janney, Elizabeth   1862
East 2     Janney, Elizabeth H.   1922
East 6     Janney, Ella Millard   1951
East 2     Janney, Fannie M.   1965
East 2     Janney, Frances S.   1883
East 2     Janney, Hannah H.   1940
East 2     Janney, infant    
East 2     Janney, Jacob   1876
East 2     Janney, Jesse   1885
East 2     Janney, Joseph Civil War 1887
East 2     Janney, Letitia   1859
East 2     Janney, Lucretia M.   1967
East 2     Janney, M. A.   1892
East 2     Janney, Mahlon T.   1885
East 2     Janney, R. S. Civil War 1904
East 2     Janney, Sallie F.   1867
West H?     Janney, Sarah E.   1988
East 2     Janney, Susan   1891
East 2     Janney, William   1857
West C     Jarnagin, Lowell   2001
West C     Jarnagin, Millie   2005
West G     Jauch, Cheryl   NC
West G     Jauch, Jerry   NC
West G     Jauch, Stacie   2006
East 8     Jeffery, Elmer F. World War I 1962
West J     Jeffery, Louis E. "Bud" World War II 1985
East 8     Jeffery, Maybell   1966
West J     Jeffery, Phyllis J.   1989
West F     Jeffery, Robert M. World War II 1987
West G     Jeffery, Thelma   2002
West F     Jeffery, Vickie Lynn   1968
West G     Jeffery, Wilbur W.   1988
West G     Jenkins, Helen Whiteted   2000
West J     Jenkins, Phyllis B.   1995
West H     Jenks, Audrey M.   2001
West J     Jenks, Joseph Brett   1997
West H     Jenks, Paul H.   2004
West H     Jent, Arthur   1989
West F     Jerrery, Vickie Lynn   1968
West D     Jessee, Ralph L. World War II 1980
West D     Jessup, Faye   2003
West D     Jessup, Glen E.   1995
West H     Jewell, Melda   1999
West F     Jewett, Barbara A.   reserved
West G     Jewett, Dorothy R.   reserved
West F     Jewett, Harry A.   1963
West G     Jewett, Lawrence A.   reserved
West D     Jewett, May M.   1961
West F     Jewett, Wilbert A.   1987
East 1     Johns, Anna L.   1963
West G     Johns, Betty A.   reserved
East 1     Johns, Florence V.   1993
West G     Johns, Larry N.   2006
East 1     Johns, Oscar F.   1942
West D     Johnson [temporary marker] World War II [no dates]
West G     Johnson [temporary marker]   [no date]
West H     Johnson [temporary marker]   [no date]
East 6     Johnson, Alexander World War I 1922
East 7     Johnson, Alice E.   1946
West J     Johnson, Amanda   1988
East 4     Johnson, Andrew Civil War


East 4     Johnson, Anna M.   1911
West G     Johnson, Archie W. World War II 2002
West C     Johnson, Barbara Ann   1992
West F     Johnson, Berley   reserved
West G     Johnson, Bertie   1993
East 6     Johnson, Bessie Leever   1919
East 6     Johnson, Clarence   1936
West H     Johnson, Clarence A. World War II 1987
West F     Johnson, Clarence Jr.   reserved
East 7     Johnson, Clifford   1957
West G     Johnson, David C.   1991
West F     Johnson, David Lee   1969
West G     Johnson, David Owen   1970
West D     Johnson, Delmar   1952
West D     Johnson, Delores Viola   1991
West G     Johnson, Dewey   1989
West D     Johnson, Dora E.   1973
West D     Johnson, Doris N.   reserved
West H     Johnson, Edgar Veteran 1999
West A     Johnson, Edward   1939
East 4     Johnson, Elizabeth   1898
West A     Johnson, Ellen   1959
West C     Johnson, Everette J.   2008
West D     Johnson, Forrest "Frosty"   reserved
East 6     Johnson, Geneva   1920
East 7     Johnson, George L.   1929
West J     Johnson, Gloria   NC
West D     Johnson, Harold   reserved
West D     Johnson, Harold David   1966
West D     Johnson, Hayes   1981
West D     Johnson, Herbert Neal   1994
West G     Johnson, Ida   2000
West G     Johnson, Imogene   NC
East 2     Johnson, James Sen. Revolutionary War 1836
West G     Johnson, Joey   1987
East 4     Johnson, John   1807
West D     Johnson, John J. World War II 1978
East 6     Johnson, Joyce Jane   1957
West D     Johnson, Julian Mills   reserved
West G     Johnson, Kathern   1987
West J     Johnson, Lewis C.   1985
West J     Johnson, Lonny James   1986
West D     Johnson, Loue Pierson   reserved
East 6     Johnson, Luella Boger   1950
West D     Johnson, Mae Mills   2005
West G     Johnson, Margaret A.   1979
West F     Johnson, Marie   2004
West F     Johnson, Marjorie Pressel   1999
East 2     Johnson, Mary   1843
West H     Johnson, Mary Ann   NC
West D     Johnson, Matthew Forrest   1997
West F     Johnson, Mildred   1975
East 3     Johnson, Napoleon Civil War [no dates]
East 4     Johnson, Napoleon B.   1928
West D     Johnson, Neal Jr. World War II 1985
West D     Johnson, Norma Jean   1999
West D     Johnson, Opal   reserved
West G     Johnson, Paul Jr.   1998
East 4     Johnson, Relie   1968
East 6     Johnson, Robert L. World War I 1974
West G     Johnson, Roger   1995
West G     Johnson, Ronald K. US Navy 1999
West D     Johnson, Sandra Lewis   1990
West D     Johnson, Sarah H.   reserved
West C     Johnson, Terry Lee   1953
West D     Johnson, Thelma M.   reserved
East 6     Johnson, Thomas J.   1969
West D     Johnson, Tina M.   2001
West D     Johnson, William (Rev.)   1951
West G     Johnston, Mae L.   2004
West C     Johnston, Opal   2004
West C     Johnston, Samuel   1982
        Jones, Adam D. (Corporal) Afghanistan 2011
West G     Jones, Alice Jane   1997
West F     Jones, Arzella Jones   1993
West G     Jones, Betty J.   reserved
West D     Jones, Carolyn   reserved
West H     Jones, Elmer   1998
West H     Jones, Evelyn R.   NC
West G     Jones, Everett World War II 1973
West H     Jones, Hattie Mae   1991
West D     Jones, Joe R. Vietnam 2001
West G     Jones, John Frank   1989
West G     Jones, John Junior US Coast Guard 2006
West C     Jones, Ken M.   1988
West G     Jones, Leroy   reserved
West G     Jones, Mary A. then Mary A. Fritzsche   2002
West G     Jones, Millard D.   1978
West G     Jones, Nathan   1983
West H     Jones, Oscar L.   NC
West G     Jordan, Beau Robert   2005
East 4     Jordan, Clayton   1904
East 4     Jordan, Dasey   1892
East 3     Jordan, Eva L.   1964
East 3     Jordan, Harold Layton World War II 1969
East 5     Jordan, Wilbur J.   1961
East 3     Joslin, Elmor E.   1899
West C     Joslin, Frederick S.   1948
East 3     Joslin, Jeremiah   reserved
West C     Joslin, Maggie M.   1945
East 3     Joslin, Sarah E.   1899
East 3     Joslin, William O.   1937
West H     Jraisat, Fawaz M.   2001
West H     Jraisat, Laura L.   reserved
West D     Julian, Paula   reserved
West D     Julian, Tony J.   reserved

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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[To contribute your photos email them in jpg format to Arne Trelvik with any other details that you would like to share]

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