Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
West J     Hacker, Adam Ryan   1988
West F     Hadden, Andrew L.   1974
West F     Haddix, Betty Jo Murray   reserved
West F     Haddix, Lawrence C. US Army 1971
East 4     Hafer, Mary Frances   1859
East 2     Hageman, Martha Jane   1866
East 2     Hagerman, Cornelius   1863
East 2     Hagermen, Infants   [no dates]
East 2     Hagermen, Oliver P.   1856
East 4     Haggerty, Mary Kemp   1894
East 9     Hagwood, C. Steven   1950
East 9     Haigh [temporary marker]   [no dates]
East 3     Haines, Alfred T.   1946
East 2     Haines, Ann M.   1883
East 7     Haines, Charles A.   1938
East 7     Haines, Christiana   1937
East 7     Haines, Edna M.   1961
East 3     Haines, Georgianna B.   1933
East 7     Haines, Jerry V.   1961
East 2     Haines, Joseph K.   1901
East 3     Haines, Mary A.   1876
East 3     Haines, Samuel H. Civil War 1929
East 3     Haines, William P.   1947
West H?     Hale, ___ (temporary marker)   [no dates]
West J     Hale, Bette   reserved
West J     Hale, Ernest   1998
West H?     Hale, Hershel G. US Army 1986
West H?     Hale, Vada M. K.   2009
West H     Hall, Ashley Sarah   1988
East 1     Hall, Charles Z.   1959
West H     Hall, Christopher M.   1988
West G     Hall, Earl W.   2006
West G     Hall, Edd L. World War II 1977
West G     Hall, Edna   2000
West D     Hall, Elizabeth J.   1998
East 1     Hall, Ethel   1963
West G     Hall, Hazel M.   2004
West H?     Hall, Leo R.   reserved
West B     Hall, Linda M. Wyatt   1976
West G     Hall, Marie M.    
West G     Hall, Mella Mills   2008
West H?     Hall, Nellie F.   2002
East 1     Hall, Raymond M. World War II 1985
West G     Hall, Robert Bruce   1983
East 1     Hall, Robert R.   1957
East 4     Hall, Roxanna B.   1926
West D     Hall, Vernon R.   1980
East 4     Hall, William Civil War 1919
East 3     Hallam, Clara E.   1929
West E     Hamacher, Agnes E.   1967
West D     Hamilton, Beatrice   reserved
East 9     Hamilton, Inous   1976
West D     Hamilton, James O.   1985
East 4     Hamilton, James S.   1834
West D     Hamilton, Katherine E.   1986
West D     Hamilton, Paul W.   1988
West D     Hamilton, Philip Warren Vietnam 1975
West G     Hammock, Bill   reserved
West G     Hammock, Christi L.   reserved
East 9     Hammock, David Stephen   1964
West G     Hammock, Howard E.   1978
West E     Hammock, Howard L.   2005
West G     Hammock, Jeremy M.   1969
West F     Hammock, Lynn Sharr   reserved
West G     Hammock, Margie   1983
West G     Hammock, Nanie   2005
West E     Hammock, Norma J.   2000
West F     Hammock, Robert Joseph Korea 2008
West E     Hammock, Robert T.   2000
West G     Hammock, Steven H.   2007
West E     Hammock, Vicki L.   NC
West H     Hammons, Phyllis J.   2003
West H     Hammons, Vestal D. World War II 2011
West G     Hampton, Fannie   1969
East 3     Hampton, George N.   1891
West G     Hampton, Hendricks World War II 2004
West J     Hamric, Bert   1984
West J     Hamric, Helen   1987
West E     Handley, Flora E.   1994
West E     Handley, J. Frank World War II 2009
West E     Handley, Marsha   1957
West G     Handlin, Dorothy   2004
West G     Hanes, Faye   1989
West G     Hanes, Larry S.   reserved
West H     Hanes, Melody Sue   2001
West G     Haney, Charles   2005
West G     Haney, Ruth   reserved
West H     Hanger, Wanda J.   2006
East 2     Hankinson, Hannah Lucile   1896
West C     Hannah, Deborah Jo   1948
West C     Hannah, Dick H.   reserved
West C     Hannah, Edith M.   reserved
West C     Hannah, Martha M.   1989
West C     Hannah, Raymond A.   1977
West C     Hannah, Walter L. World War II 1945
West C     Hanson, Laveta   1982
West C     Hanson, Sidney L.   1973
East 3     Harbach, Harold    
East 4     Harbach, Henry   1909
East 4     Harbach, Louis   1864
East 4     Harbach, Margaret   1899
East 3     Harbach, Rufin E.    
East 3     Harbach, Rufin E.   1946
East 3     Harbach, Sarah J.   1950
East 4     Harbach, Zeno   1864
West C     Harbaugh, Amanda A.   1964
West C     Harbaugh, August O.   1958
East 3     Harbaugh, Catherine M.   1925
West F     Harbaugh, Harry O. (Rev.)   1960
West C     Harbaugh, Irene   1997
West F     Harbaugh, L. Katharine   1945
West C     Harbaugh, Leonard A.   1991
East 3     Harbaugh, Lillian E.   1919
East 3     Harbaugh, Paul S.   1941
West C     Harbaugh, Phebe L.   2000
West J     Hardesty, C. [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West J     Hardesty, M. [temporary marker]   [no dates]
East 2     Hare, Alice E.   1929
East 2     Hare, Anna   1890
East 2     Hare, Etta   1890
East 2     Hare, Marcia   1887
East 2     Hare, Robert   1872
East 2     Harkrader, Infant son   1855
East 2     Harkrader, Mary V.   1856
West J     Harner, Gerald Warren Vietnam 2003
West G     Harover, Phyllis   reserved
West G     Harover, Richard L. US Air Force 2007
East 4     Harris, Armina P.   1943
West B     Harris, Charles E.   1972
West H?     Harris, Charles W. Korea 1999
West H?     Harris, Charlotte R.   reserved
West E     Harris, David E.   NC
East 3     Harris, Ella   1933
West F     Harris, Evalyn   reserved
East 8     Harris, George D.   1977
West F     Harris, Harry   1997
West E     Harris, Janet S.   2002
East 3     Harris, Jesse   1927
East 8    

Harris, Lucile M.

West B     Harris, Opal M.   1990
West J     Harrison, Bert   2005
West D     Harrison, Margaret L.   reserved
West J     Harrison, Mary   reserved
West D     Harrison, Mervin L.   2009
East 7     Harry, Sarah E.   1931
West D     Harsh, Harold E. US Navy 1981
East 6     Harshbarger, Sue Null   1967
East 9     Hart, A. L.   1937
West 1     Hart, Frances M.   reserved
East 7     Hart, Franklin K.   1942
West 1     Hart, Robert T.   2009
West H?     Hartsock, David "Mark"   2000
West F     Harville, Annive C.   1976
West G     Harville, Calvin E.   2009
West G     Harville, Edith   reserved
West F     Harville, Howard World War II 2013
West F     Harville, James   reserved
West F     Harville, L. C.   1987
West F     Harville, Linda Lou   1974
West F     Harville, Margaret Jane   2002
West F     Harville, Pauline   reserved
East 6     Hastings, Lewis T.   1908
East 2     Hatfield, Hattie   1888
West G     Hatfield, Kenneth Lee   2009
West G     Hatfield, Lonnie L. World War II 1998
West G     Hatfield, Robyn Lynn   reserved
West A     Hatfield, Roy M.   1986
West G     Hatfield, Ruby M.   2003
East 3     Hathaway, Ann E. Ivins   1920
West A     Hathaway, Beatrice L.   1990
East 3     Hathaway, Benjamin   1900
West A     Hathaway, Earl E.   1983
West A     Hathaway, Eleanor G.   reserved
East 2     Hathaway, Esther   1897
West A     Hathaway, Stanley   1978
West F     Hatton, Anna E.   reserved
West F     Hatton, Barbara Ann   1979
West F     Hatton, Charles E. Korea 2000
West G     Hatton, Ervin J.   2001
West F     Hatton, Georgia   2007
West F     Hatton, Thomas World War II 1981
West G     Hatton, Vanada B.   1995
West F     Hawthorn, Cleo M.   2002
West F     Hawthorn, Robert L.   2001
West H     Hayes, Carol Sue   NC
East 5     Hayes, Dorene   1960
East 1     Hayes, James P.   1958
West H     Hayes, Joseph N.   2003
East 1     Hayes, Marian A.   1938
West D     Hayes, Roy E. World War II 2004
West D     Hayes, Wilma E.   1997
East 3     Haygaman, Charles   1851
East 3     Hayner, Cora E.   1927
East 3     Hayner, Emma L.   1896
East 3     Hayner, James B.   1877
East 3     Hayner, Jane   1858
East 3     Hayner, John   1860
East 3     Hayner, John P.   1902
East 3     Hayner, Julia A.   1915
East 3     Hayner, Lida Mary   1942
East 3     Hayner, Orissa Fox   1963
East 3     Hayner, Sarah E.   1898
East 3     Hayner, W. F.   1898
East 3     Hayner, William   1899
East 3     Hayner, Wm. Everton   1947
East 2     Haynie, Nellie Janney   1927
East 2     Hays, Eliza D.   1847
West G     Hayslett, C. Diane   NC
West G     Hayslett, M. Kathleen   NC
West G     Hayslett, Robert K. World War II 1981
West G     Hayslett, Robert K. Vietnam 1989
West G     Hazelwood, Beatrice Z.   1967
West G     Hazelwood, George W.   1969
West G     Hazlett, M. K.   2005
West G     Hazlett, Mary F.   reserved
West A     Heaton, Earl N.   1962
West A     Heaton, Louella F.   2006
West A     Hedger, Harry L.   1964
West A     Hedger, Mary E.   2000
East 6     Hedger, Richard L.   1933
West A     Hedger, Richard Lee   1933
West J     Hedric, Donald E.   1994
East 5     Heffner, Christena Florence   1959
East 5     Heffner, Janet E.   NC
East 5     Heffner, John   1961
East 5     Heffner, Laveda C.   1988
East 2     Heiss, Christiana   1899
East 2     Heiss, Henry   1911
East 2     Heiss, Jesse B.   1887
East 2     Heiss, John   1892
East 5     Helm, Goldie Mae   1952
West D     Helton, Bonnie   reserved
West F     Helton, Charles R.   1974
West D     Helton, Ernest M.   2008
West H     Helton, Glennis G.   reserved
West D     Helton, Jean Smith   1994
West H     Helton, Kennith Jr. "Dale"   2008
West H     Helton, Linda S.   reserved
West F     Helton, Lydia   reserved
West F     Hemmert, Julia Ann   1984
West F     Hemmert, Maurice "Moe"   1984
        Hency, Michael US Army


West G     Hendricks, Evadene   reserved
West G     Hendricks, Ray S.   2006
West C     Henderson, Anna Blanche   1964
West C     Henderson, Carl Bryan   1990
East 5     Henderson, Dolly K.   1978
East 5     Henderson, Hattie M.   1973
East 5     Henderson, J. L.   1944
East 6     Henderson, J. Walter   1928
West C     Henderson, Joel Leonard   1961
East 5     Henderson, Lafe A. World War II 1985
West C     Henderson, Willa Faye   1949
East 5     Henderson, William M.   1957
East 6     Henderson, Zue W.   1944
West H     Henry, Anna Mae   2002
West H     Henry, Clark Hall   1985
East 9     Henry, Jeann   1961
East 6     Hensel, Edmund C.   1947
East 6     Hensel, Elizabeth   1912
East 6     Hensel, George M.   1907
East 8     Hensel, Harold T.   1954
West A     Hensel, Isabelle   2002
West A     Hensel, Myron R.   1979
East 8     Hensel, Nellie Gustin   1969
East 6     Hensel, Stella   1939
West G     Hensley, Ada W.   1999
West G     Hensley, John   1989
West G     Hensley, Kathryn   NC
West G     Hensley, Rickey USMC 1995
West G     Hensley, Wardie   1998
West G     Henson, R. Jean Woodford   1966
West H     Hepner, E. Maureen   1992
West H     Hepner, Irvin K.   2007
West G     Herrin, Virdee   1996
        Hertenstein, Herbert Charles US Army 2012
West A     Hess, Ethel L.   1978
East 4     Hess, Harold E. World War I & World War II 1983
West A     Hess, Martin W.   1973
East 4     Hess, Opal Sheets   1966
East 7     Heston [surname only]    
East 7     Heston, Albert   1941
East 7     Heston, Charles A. World War II 1994
East 7     Heston, Margaret J.   1961
East 7 Hetzler, Betty Zinck    
East 7     Hetzler, H. "Mike"   1954
West G     Hetzler, Henry E.   1963
East 7 Hetzler, Ida B.   1981
West G     Hetzler, Mayme M.   1985
East 7 Hetzler, Richard E.   1981
West H     Hibbard, Robert L.   2006
West H     Hibbard, Shirley M.   1991
West F     Hickman, Sarah C.   1976
East 4     Hicks, Mary Frances   1853
East 4     Hicks, Sarah Jane   1852
West F     Hill, Alma L. (Taylor)   2004
West E     Hill, Belle   1959
East 5     Hill, Ben   1947
East 8     Hill, Charles H.   1953
East 7     Hill, Charlie S. World War I 1939
West C     Hill, Elizabeth J.   1985
West F     Hill, Harold S.   1980
East 7     Hill, Laura Louise   1941
East 5     Hill, Norman L.   1929
East 5     Hill, Pearl   1959
West E     Hill, Sherman   1959
West C     Hillard, Betty L.   reserved
West C     Hillard, Ronald E. US Army 1994
West G     Hilt, George V.   2003
East 6     Hinkel, Fred   1918
East 4     Hinkle, George E.   1865
West G     Hinkle, John M.   1986
West G     Hinkle, Naomi E.   1988
West G     Hinkle, Terry Lee Vietnam 1968
West D     Hipsher, Barbara R.   reserved
West D     Hipsher, John M. "Bud" Korea 1975
West G     Hirschbach, Carl Lee   1982
West G     Hirschbach, Darlene   1959
West G     Hirschbach, Lauretta M.   2003
West G     Hirschbach, Marlene   1959
West G     Hirschbach, Stanley C.   1979
West D     Hisle, Clarence E. World War II 1992
East 5     Hisle-Barr, Beulah M.   2003
East 7     Hitesman, Leon   19__
East 7     Hitesman, Marie   1943
West B     Hitte, Grace E.   1976
West H     Hitte, Ronald Eugene II Persian Gulf 2009
West G     Hixon, Helen V.   2007
West G     Hixon, Oris   reserved
East 6     Hobbs, Alva C.   1953
East 4     Hobson, Wooster B.   1876
West J     Hodge, Glen   1994
West J     Hodge, Lela   2002
East 3     Hodgen, Agnes   1982
East 5     Hodges, Bill R.   reserved
East 5     Hodges, Lois D.   reserved
East 5     Hodges, Loretta   reserved
East 5     Hodges, Maurice   1988
West D     Hodges, Joe   1988
West D     Hodges, Sue   reserved
West J     Hodock [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West C     Hoff, Mary A.   1981
West C     Hoff, William E.   1998
East 2     Hoffman, David R. Civil War 1864
East 4     Hogan, George H.   1949
East 4     Hogan, Margaret   1911
East 4     Hogan, Paul L.   1911
West E     Hogan, Pearl Olive   1954
West E     Hogstrom, Daisy D.   1961
West E     Hogstrom, Donald E.   NC
West E     Hogstrom, Mildred E.   NC
West D     Hoke, Howard E.

World War II

West D     Hoke, Myra E.   1969
West H     Holbrook, Inis   2006
East 9     Holbrook, Joseph Kevin   1961
West G     Holderbaum, Amy Sue   2005
West G     Holderbaum, Darwin I. Sr. Korea 1988
West G     Holderbaum, Naomi M.   NC
        Holland, Steve Korea 2015
East 7     Hollingsworth, Malcom   1976
East 7     Hollingsworth, Sarah   1995
West G     Holloway, Claude   1991
West G     Holloway, Jewell   reserved
West H     Holt, Colleen E.   NC
West H     Holt, Edward G.   1998
West H     Holt, Garrett L.   2002
West F     Holt, Hattie   1970
West F     Holt, Hugh K.   2001
West H     Holt, Marie N.   2008
West C     Holt, Roger Lee   1986
East 2     Hoover, Ada B.   1898
East 3     Hoover, Elizabeth   1904
East 4     Hoover, George   1898
East 2     Hoover, Henry   1934
East 2     Hoover, Herman E.   1946
East 2     Hoover, John L.   1952
East 4     Hoover, Sarah A.   NC
East 2     Hoover, V. Jennie   1921
West G     Hopkins, Betty Jo   2007
East 4     Hopkins, Clarisa C.   1855
East 4     Hopkins, Elizabeth   1856
East 4     Hopkins, Emma C.   1857
West C     Hopkins, Everett   1995
West C     Hopkins, Gladys   1985
Wesg G     Hopkins, John Phillip   reserved
East 4     Hopkins, Luella   1851
East 4     Hopkins, Sarah E.   1849
East 4     Hopkins, William E.   1852
East 2     Hormel, America H.   1861
East 8     Hormel, Frank   1977
East 7     Hormel, Jarias   1851
East 7     Hormel, Mary A.   1915
East 8     Hormel, Ruth B.   1963
East 7     Hormell, Anna D.   1967
East 2     Hormell, Evaline   1933
East 2     Hormell, Freddie   1879
East 7     Hormell, Gladys L.   1937
East 2     Hormell, J. Courtland   1913
East 2     Hormell, Joseph C.   1893
East 7     Hormell, Louis C.   1963
East 7     Hormell, Maurice L. World War I 1937
East 2     Hormell, William B.   1927
West C     Horn, James A.   1986
West C     Horn, Marlene   reserved
West G     Horner, Elizabeth   2005
West G     Horner, Jerry   1972
West G     Horton, Edna Hasty   2008
West G     Horton, Gladys   2002
West G     Horton, Rollie   1985
West C     Hoskins, Leon   2005
West C     Hoskins, Mary Novell   reserved
West D     Hoskins, Pearl   1979
East 7     Houk, David Lee   1980
West G     Hounshell, Leona   NC
West C     House, Margaret D.   1990
West C     House, Robert P.   1997
West C     House, Robert Jr.   2003
East 5     Houser, George B.   1919
East 5     Houser, Jennie L.   1942
East 7     Houston, Edna M.   1959
East 7     Houston, Harry   1953
West G     Howard, Charlie   1996
West B     Howard, Dixie Ruth   1974
West F     Howard, Ed   1992
East 8     Howard, Floyd E.   1994
West B     Howard, George   1999
East 8     Howard, Lucille M.   1981
West F     Howard, Middie   2000
West G     Howard, Ray W.   1980
West G     Howard, Ruby   reserved
West B     Howard, Ruby Eileen   1978
West G     Howard, Ruby M.   2006
West G     Howard, Shelby World War II 1995
West H     Howell, Beverly A.   2004
East 7     Howell, Frances E.   1930
West H     Howell, John D.   reserved
East 7     Howell, Marion M.   1939
East 6     Howk, Mary Arline   1934
West D     Howland, Denver   2007
West D     Howland, Jean   2002
West C     Howse, Annetti   1942
West D     Howser, Becky Beck   reserved
West D     Howser, Doris L.   1994
West D     Howser, Ivan William   reserved
West D     Howser, V. C. Buck   1976
West F     Huber [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West F     Hudson, Coleman   reserved
West F     Hudson, Dorothy   reserved
West A     Hudson, Myrtle   1992
West A     Hudson, Samuel T.   1996
West J     Hue? [temporary marker - perhaps Huff]   [no dates]
West H     Huff, James E. US Army 2002
West H     Huff, Minnie B.   NC
West A     Hughes, Ada E.   1985
West H?     Hughes, Eava   2003
West H?     Hughes, Joseph   1993
West A     Hughes, Solomon F. US Air Force 1981
        Hull, Huldah M.   1991
West A     Hull, Robert L. World War II 1945
East 1     Humbert, Alberta A.   NC
East 4     Humbert, Caroline   1923
East 4     Humbert, Charles F.   1911
East 4     Humbert, Cora Delong   1959
East 4     Humbert, Edward H.   1949
East 4     Humbert, Etta M.   1904
East 1     Humbert, Herschel Van   1966
East 1     Humbert, Irma   1985
East 4     Humbert, James Peter   1962
East 4     Humbert, Louise   1936
East 4     Humbert, Mary C.   1958
East 4     Humbert, Michael   1904
East 1     Humbert, Walter V.   1989
East 4     Humbert, William   1937
East 4     Humbert, William M. Jr. Korea 1957
East 4     Humbert, William Michael Sr.   1977
East 3     Humphrey, Cora Matlock   1948
East 5     Hunt, Carl O. World War I 1964
West F     Hunt, Donald G.   1967
West E     Hunt, Earl D.   1954
West B     Hunt, Edna M.   1956
East 5     Hunt, Grace A.   1964
West E     Hunt, Grace L.   1970
West F     Hunt, Leola T.   2008
East 2     Hunt, Nathan   1870
East 5     Hunt, Nora Marie   1958
East 2     Hunt, Ruthanna   1911
West A     Hunter, Arnold World War II 1981
West J     Hunter, Audrey L.   NC
West A     Hunter, Bryan   2001
West E     Hunter, Curt   1967
West J     Hunter, Darrell E.   2006
West E     Hunter, Etta   2005
West E     Hunter, Frank D.   1951
        Hunter, George (Rev.)   2000
East 7     Hunter, George E.   1927
West A     Hunter, H. Louise   1967
West A     Hunter, Mary   1990
West A     Hunter, Nannie   1943
West A     Hunter, Opal   1998
        Hunter, Otis   2002
West G     Hunter, Peral Dennis   NC
West J     Hunter, Robert R.   NC
East 7     Hunter, Ruth Eva Crockett   1934
West A     Hunter, Vernon   1970
West A     Hunter, William   1958
West E     Hunter, William Clifford Korea 1950
West A     Hunter, Witt   1979
West E     Huntsberger, Norma J. World War II 1969
East 2     Hurd, Martha   1884
East 2     Hurd, Robert   1870
West H     Hurley, Howard World War II 1988
West H     Hurley, Phyllis   reserved
West H     Hurley, Ronald   reserved
West A     Hursh, D. Lucille   2003
West A     Hursh, infant son   1948
West A     Hursh, Lewis Henry Jr. World War II  Korea


West A     Hursh, Lois Ann   1950
East 5     Hurst [temporary marker]    
West G     Hurst, Bernice   2003


H?     Hurst, Jessie   1996
West G     Hurst, Odas   1968
East 5     Hurst, Rachel L.   19__
East 5     Hurst, Robert Martin Vietnam 1973
West H?     Hustt, Stanley World War II 2003
East 5     Hurst, Thomas W.   1938
West D     Hurtt, America   1965
East 3     Hurtt, Frank A.   1950
West D     Hurtt, Fred   1970
East 3     Hurtt, Ida May   1967
West D     Hurtt, Mary W.   1992
West D     Hurtt, William F.   1958
West G     Hutchens, Jerald R. US Army 1968
East 1     Hutchinson, Charles   1965
East 1     Hutchinson, Lauretta   1960
East 3     Hutchinson, Nellie T.   1978
East 7     Hutt, Bertha E.   1984
West D     Hutt, Clinton J.   1964
East 7     Hutt, Cora E.   1967
West D     Hutt, Hazel M.   1990
West D     Hutt, Helen L.   2009
East 6     Hutt, Horace B.   1909
East 6     Hutt, Joseph   1927
West D     Hutt, Lucy B.   1965
West D     Hutt, Manford   1988
West D     Hutt, Michael   2007
East 6     Hutt, Sarah   1903
West D     Hutt, Ralph C.   reserved
East 7     Hutt, Wilber M.   1962
East 7     Hutt, Will E.   1960

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