Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
West G     Dafler [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West E     Dailey, James H. World War II 2000
West E     Dailey, Lucy A.   2009
West E     Dailey, William E.   1979
West G     Dale, Emmett O.   1964
West G     Dale, Nettie R.   1971
West D     Dalton, Betty L.   reserved
West H     Dalton, Betty L.   reserved
West D     Dalton, Freda   2008
West G     Dalton, Georgia D.   2004
West H    

Dalton, Joe G. (Rev.)

West D     Dalton, Robert G. Korea 2004
West D     Dalton, Roy Huey   reserved
West D     Dalton, Sara Effie   1976
West G     Damron, Jeremiah Scott   1976
West G     Danenberger, Albert H.   1991
West G     Danenberger, Gladys O.   2003
West G     Dangel, Holly A.   reserved
West G     Dangel, Timothy J.   2001
West A     Davenport, Jack   reserved
West A     Davenport, Virginia J.   1972
West F     Davidson (temporary marker)   [no dates]
West F     Davidson (temporary marker)   [no dates]
West H     Davidson, Becky Belinda   NC
East 6     Davidson, Clara B.   1915
West H     Davidson, John R. Sr. US Army 2017
West F     Davies, Erle L. Veteran 1978
West F     Davies, Mary K.   1980
West G     Davis, Anneta   2001
East 5     Davis, Emily Louise   1993
West F     Davis, Ervin C. World War II 2010
East 2     Davis, Fannie A.   1904
East 2     Davis, Guy B.   1904
        Davis, Jack Dean US Army 2012
East 5     Davis, James B.   1933
West G     Davis, James Ralph World War II 1986
East 5     Davis, Jane S.   1975
East 5     Davis, Louise Stanton   1964
East 5     Davis, Marion Goodkind   1996
East 5     Davis, Martha A.   1897
East 9     Davis, Mary   1927
East 2     Davis, Mary W.   1899
West F     Davis, Norma Lee   1972
West D     Davis, Reason S.   1965
East 5     Davis, Royal J.   1934
East 5     Davis, Royal S.   1983
West H     Davis, Ruth E.   2005
East 2     Davis, Susie V.   1884
West D     Davis, Teresa M.   1967
West F     Davis, Terry N.   1972
West F     Davis, Thelma L.   reserved
West F     Davis, Thomas Jefferson World War II 2005
West H     Davis, Wilbur Sr.   2002
West J     Dawes, Delbert   NC
West J     Dawes, Omalee   2005
West D     Dawson, Darlene Eaton   2009
West D     Day, Andy   1990
West F     Day, Charles Keith Vietnam 1969
West F     Day, Charles W. World War II 1978
West F     Day, Daniel   1960
West C     Day, Delmar D.   1995
West F     Day, Ethel   1961
West F     Day, Florence E.   1982
West G     Day, Irvie W. Korea 2005
West C     Day, Linda D.   reserved
West G     Day, Reva F.   1994
West H     Deardoff, Claire Dale Korea 2000
East 4     Deardorff, John Johnson   1832
West G     Deardoff, Raymond P.   1996
West G     Deardoff, Sarah M.   1965
East 3     Dearth, Ambrose T.   1913
East 2     Dearth, Aseal   1807
East 2     Dearth, Basil   1822
West F     Dearth, Cecil L.   1972
East 7     Dearth, Clinton R.   1932
East 2     Dearth, Edward Revolutionary War 1816
East 2     Dearth, Elizabeth   1863
East 2     Dearth, Elizabeth   1837
East 4     Dearth, Elizabeth   1875
East 2     Dearth, Elizabeth Ann   1883
East 2     Dearth, Emily C.   [no dates]
East 6     Dearth, Florence E.   1962
East 3     Dearth, Frank W.   1908
East 3     Dearth, Hattie E.   1946
East 7     Dearth, Hulda Ann   1931
East 6     Dearth, Irvina E.    
East 2     Dearth, Isaac N.   1882
East 4     Dearth, J. E.   1898
East 2     Dearth, James B.   1883
East 2     Dearth, James E.   1814
East 2     Dearth, James E.   1856
East 2     Dearth, Judith A.   1846
East 2     Dearth, Julia A.   1886
East 2     Dearth, Keturah   1868
East 7     Dearth, L. Irene   1989
East 3     Dearth, Luella Jane   1951
East 3     Dearth, Margaret   1902
East 2     Dearth, Mary E.   1878
East 2     Dearth, Mary G.   1833
East 6     Dearth, Mary M.   1933
East 2     Dearth, Rebecca F.   1848
East 7     Dearth, Sam C.   1971
East 2     Dearth, Samuel War of 1812 1862
East 2     Dearth, Samuel   1885
East 2     Dearth, Samuel G.   1853
East 2     Dearth, Stanley   1883
West F     Dearth, Susan A.   1989
East 2     Dearth, William [foostone]   [no dates]
East 2     Dearth, William   1855
East 6     Dearth, William H.   1920
East 2     Dearth, William Long   1898
        DeBra, William Henry II Vietnam 2013
East 5     Deck, Robert W.   1965
East 6     Decker, Andrew J.   1904
East 4     Decker, Elizabeth   1897
East 4     Decker, Eva L.   1896
East 4     Decker, Granville P.   1928
East 6     Decker, Harriet E.   1922
East 4     Decker, Henry M.   1926
East 4     Decker, Huldah   1907
East 4     Decker, Jesse E.   1911
East 4     Decker, Jesse Floyd   1880
East 4     Decker, John E.   1893
East 4     Decker, Joseph   1886
East 4     Decker, Lydia J.   1942
East 4     Decker, Mary   1891
East 4     Decker, Sarah A.   1931
East 5     Dederick, Anna M   1972
East 9     Dees, Charles Everett Jason   1966
West H     DeHaven, Jessie   reserved
West H     DeHaven, Raymond D.   1998
West J     DeLaney, Lucille   reserved
West J     DeLaney, Merle Sr. World War II 2010
West B     Denison, Bertha B.   2000
West B     Denison, Philip World War II 1970
West D     Denney, Betty L.   2002
West D     Denney, Earl J.   1974
West D     Dennis, Alice E.   reserved
West D     Dennis, Bessie Byrd   1993
West G     Dennis, Earl C.   1995
West G     Dennis, Flora M.   1985
West G     Dennis, G. Estill   1997
West D     Dennis, Leonard R.   1986
West G     Dennis, Louisa   1983
West G     Dennis, Marian E.   2008
West G     Dennis, Paul A.   2003
West G     Dennis, Taylor C.   1966
West D     Dennis, Wendell E.   2009
West J     Denniston, Don   NC
West J     Denniston, Linda   1988
East 9     Depew, Diana Lynn   1958
West D     Depew, Ginger K.   2003
West D     Depew, Jewel F.   reserved
West D     Depew, Paul Hugh Korea 1987
        Dermis, George J. Korea 2017
West F     Derringer, Lisa K.   2002
West G     DeWitt, Amos Everett   1997
West G     DeWitt, Amos E. Jr. US Marine Corps 2001
West G     DeWitt, Mabel Wood   2002
West G     DeWitt, Peggy   NC
West G     DiBlasi, Korey Lee   2003
East 2     Dickson, John   1880
East 2     Dickson, Margaret   1901
East 2     Dickson, Tho's. R.   1850
West G     Diehl, Clarence R.   1970
West G     Diehl, Leona   1971
        Dietz, Richard L. Vietnam 2015
West F     Dillinger, Elizabeth B.   reserved
West F     Dillinger, Herman J.   1981
West G     Dillon, Dorothea Kemp   1982
West G     Dillon, Ralph E.   1995
West G     Dinus, James J. World War II 2003
West G     Dinus, Mary Kay   2005
West G     Dischler, Michael J. Korea 2004
West G     Dixon, Eva   1987
West G     Dixon, Fred   1983
West G     Dixon, Minnie L.   1986
West G     Dixon, Woodrow World War II 2002
        Dobson, Calloway World War II 2015
West G     Doliboa, Carolyn F.   2005
West G     Doliboa, H. Vincent   1985
West C     Dome, Alberta   reserved
West C     Dome, George   1975
West C     Dotson, Betty J.   reserved
West G     Dotson, Etta Mae Lakes   2009
West C     Dotson, Riley Leonard World War II 1982
West C     Dotson-Mullis, Beverly Sue   1999
West G     Doty, Aaron R.   1988
West B     Doty, Faye M.   2006
West B     Doty, Malcolm D. Veteran


West B     Doty, Nancy C.   1978
West G     Doty, Victoria M.   2000
West A     Douglas, Anna M.   2001
West E     Douglas, Contance M.   2006
West E     Douglas, George US Army Veteran 1952
West A     Douglas, James C.   2010
West A     Douglas, Paris   1946
West A     Douglas, Sue E.   reserved
West G     Downey (surname only)    
West G     Downey, Arthur Patrick   1995
West G     Downey, Maureen Kathrine   NC
East 9     Downing, David   1937
East 9     Downing, Marvin   1928
East 9     Downing, Opal M.   1931
East 6     Doyle, Anna Mary   1997
East 6     Doyle, Ira B. World War I 1955
West E     Drake, Bernice Brotherton   1965
West E     Drake, Glenn Kerans   1972
West E     Drake, Martha G.   1954
West E     Drake, Walter P. II   1991
West E     Drake, Walter Promen US Marine Corps 2000
West E     Drake, Virginia Claire   reserved
West H?     Drinnon, Sybil G.   reserved
West H?     Drinnon, Thomas T.   1990
East 6     Dudley, Pearl Wheeler   1927
West D     Duff, Mary Ross   1964
West D     Duff, Thomas   1981
East 7     Dugan, Carrie L.   1931
West C     Dugan, Dale E.   1955
West C     Dugan, Miriam R.   1995
West C     Dugan, Raymond H.   1978
East 7     Dugan, William C.   1961
West F     Duggins, Lavinia D.   1973
East 2     Duke, Amanda   1872
West B     Duke, Delma P.   1967
East 2     Duke, Father   [no dates]
East 2     Duke, George   1894
East 2     Duke, James E.   1924
East 2     Duke, John W.   1905
East Flag     Duke, Joseph Civil War 1864
East 2     Duke, Lizzie   1883
East 2     Duke, Mary L.   1888
East 2     Duke, Milton   1882
East 2     Duke, Mother   [no dates]
East 2     Duke, Newton   1869
East 2     Duke, Perry   1888
East 1   or Sec 2? Dumbacher, Frances M.   1882
East 6     Dumbacher, George A.   1909
East 6     Dumbacher, Judith Amanda   1919
        Dumford, Velma E. Sweny   1985
West G     Dunaway, Alice   NC
West H     Dunaway, Bettie I.   2008
West H     Dunaway, Eugene   reserved
West G     Dunaway, George L.   1992
West G     Dunaway, Hugh World War II 1990
West H     Dunaway, John   1977
West H     Dunaway, Mae   1997
West G     Dunaway, Maude   1998
West F     Dunaway, Melvin Douglas   1994
        Dunaway, Melvin Douglas Korea 2010
West G     Dunaway, Olga   NC
West G     Dunaway, Tom   1976
West G     Dunaway, Tommy   NC
West C     Duncan, Elizabeth   1950
West F     Duncan, Evelyn R.   1992
West G     Duncan, Lance Edward   1981
West C     Duncan, Luella G.   1970
West C     Duncan, Luther World War I 1957
West F     Duncan, Paul A. World War II 1999
East 6     Dunham, Clem World War I 1963
East 6     Dunham, Tina   1939
West D     Dunn, Helen L.   reserved
West E     Dunn, Jack Batten World War II 1989
West D     Dunn, James Jr. World War II 1976
West D     Dunn, James L. Sr.   1975
West C     Dunn, Jesse US Army 1992
West C     Dunn, Margaret   reserved
West E     Dunn, Mildred Hogan   1996
West D     Dunn, Paris   2007
East 7     Dunn, Robert J.   1987
East 7     Dunn, Ruth C.    
West H     Dunning, Lonnie O. Korea 1993
West H     Dunning, Ruth E.   NC
East 2 62 1 Durbin, James [Sec 3 in V.G.R.] Civil War [no dates]
West D     Dutko, Elta   1989
West D     Dutko, Juletta A.   2007
West D     Dutko, Michael J.   reserved
West H     Duty, Billy G.   NC
West H     Duty, Phyllis J.   1994
West C     Dwinell, Anna Bell   1942
West C     Dwinell, Carl E.   1955
West C     Dwinell, Chris   1965
East 6     Dwinell, Geo. C.   1917
East 7     Dwyer, Annis L.   1951
West F     Dwyer, Charles E. World War II 1962
West A     Dwyer, Claudia Joan   1943
West E     Dwyer, Dorothy L.   1998
West E     Dwyer, Ellen Jane   1996
West F     Dwyer, Ivy   reserved
East 7     Dwyer, James J.   1940
West A     Dwyer, James L.   1948
West A     Dwyer, Lawrence C.   1972
West A     Dwyer, Lillian K.   2006

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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[To contribute your photos email them in jpg format to Arne Trelvik with any other details that you would like to share]

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