Springboro Cemetery, Clearcreek Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Springboro Cemetery
Clearcreek Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Road Sec Lot Grave Name Veteran Death
East 2     Cafferty, Ann C.   1878
East 2     Cafferty, Anna M.   1911
East 2     Cafferty, Hannah   1870
East 2     Cafferty, Henrietta A.   1885
East 2     Cafferty, James   1880
East 2     Cafferty, John   1850
West C     Cafferty, John F.   1942
East 2     Cafferty, Josiah B.   1889
West C     Cafferty, Josiah B. World War I 1969
West C     Cafferty, Mary M.   1960
East 2     Cafferty, Oliver P.   1849
West C     Cafferty, Rosa F.   1942
East 5     Cain, Ruby E.   1984
West H     Caldwell, Farmer Jr.   1999
West H     Caldwell, M. Wanda   NC
West J     Caldwell, Patricia Ann   1998
West H     Caldwell, Reed H. Veteran 2008
East 4     Calhoon, Mary E.   1851
East 2     Calhoon, Ruthie J.   1882
East 2     Calhoon, Zacariah E.   1882
East 7     Callahan, Andrew J.   1964
West A     Callahan, Clifford   1989
East 8     Callahan, Flora B.   1963
East 7     Callahan, Frank   1936
West A     Callahan, Gerald Edward   1947
East 7     Callahan, Gertrude T.    
West G     Callahan, Helen   2008
East 5     Callahan, Herman   1937
East 8     Callahan, J. P.   1986
West G     Callahan, J. Roy [Roy L. Callahan on 2d stone] World War II 1969
West G     Callahan, Leonard   1976
East 7     Callahan, Lucy   1975
West A     Callahan, Margaret Sue   1943
West G     Callahan, Myrtle   2000
West A     Callahan, Octava   2000
West G     Callahan, Ray   1993
West G     Callahan, Rinda   1982
East 7     Callahan, Robert E.   1983
West G     Callahan, Roland   1965
West G     Callahan, Thelma L.   NC
East 4     Callison, Augusta P.   1951
        Calmes, Dewitt T. Jr. Korea 2015
West C     Calmes, Melissa D.   1949
West C     Campbell, Alice M.   1987
West C     Campbell, Clyde   1972
West C     Campbell, E. Catherine   1983
West F     Campbell, Edward   2004
West B     Campbell, Eileen Haifley   reserved
West C     Campbell, Eva L.   1968
West C     Campbell, F. Earl   1977
West C     Campbell, Hilda   1972
West C     Campbell, Ida E   1948
West D     Campbell, Jacqueline A.   1993
East 6     Campbell, James C.   1950
West B     Campbell, James C. World War II 1969
East 6     Campbell, James G.   1924
East 2     Campbell, M. E.   1878
East 6     Campbell, Mary T.   1920
West C     Campbell, Rhodabelle   1971
West C     Campbell, Robert   1981
West C     Campbell, Robert W.   1944
West C     Campbell, Ruth   reserved
West F     Campbell, Ruth   1999
West G     Campbell, Viola   2002
West G     Campbell, Walter G.   1992
West C     Campbell, Wm. Kenneth   1949
West G     Canton, Hazell S.   1962
West G     Canton, Ralph W.   1960
West F     Cantrell [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West F     Cantrell, Rebecca Lynn   2001
West B     Carberry, James E.   reserved
West B     Carberry, Stephen Shane   1980
West B     Carberry, Timothy C.   reserved
West B     Carberry, Vivien Y.   reserved
West E     Carl, Fannie G.   1952
West E     Carl, Harriette E.   1977
West E     Carl, William E.   1988
West B     Carles, Howard K. World War II 1977
West B     Carles, Phyllis J.   2010
West J     Carlton, Rose   [no dates]
West C     Carmack, James R.   reserved
West C     Carmack, Nina F.   2006
West C     Carmack, Olivene B.   2008
West C     Carmack, Robert E. World War II 1983
West H     Carmody, Michael S.   NC
West H     Carmody, Sarah A.   2001
East 9     Carnahan, Orrie   1914
East 7     Carney, Ida H.   1972
West C     Caron, Lucille   2001
West G     Carpenter, Alpha E.   1974
West F     Carpenter, Betty   reserved
West F    

Carpenter, Bonnie "B. J."

West G     Carpenter, Bruce O.   2001
West F     Carpenter, Charles Gary Vietnam 2004
West H?     Carpenter, Clara A.   reserved
West H     Carpenter, Clara Marie   1993
West F     Carpenter, Danny L.   reserved
West B     Carpenter, Edward M.   1972
East 2     Carpenter, Elizabeth   1880
West C     Carpenter, Elizabeth A.   1947
West F     Carpenter, Esther   reserved
West F     Carpenter, Garnett F. Korea 1970
West G     Carpenter, George   1967
West G     Carpenter, Golden G.   1998
West F     Carpenter, James W. Korea 1986
West F     Carpenter, Joe M. Vietnam 2001
West H     Carpenter, Kyle   2001
East 2     Carpenter, L. A. on monument;
L. A. Newport on footstone
        Carpenter, LeRoy World War II 2016
West F     Carpenter, Lloyd D.   1980
West B     Carpenter, Marcella   1962
West G     Carpenter, Monica S.   reserved
West F     Carpenter, Odena   reserved
West H     Carpenter, Ollie E.   1991
West F     Carpenter, Patty S.   2009
West F     Carpenter, Raymond Dean Vietnam 1986
West F     Carpenter, Robert E.   1991
East 2     Carpenter, Sallie J.   1874
East 2     Carpenter, Samuel   1867
West F     Carpenter, Viola   1964
East 2     Carpenter, W. H.   1892
West C     Carpenter, W. Miles   1956
East 2     Carpenter, William   1874
West G     Carpenter, William A.   1971
West D     Carr, Frank B. World War II 1966
West G     Carr, Fred E.   1965
West D     Carr, Mabel G.   reserved
West G     Carr, Thelma M.   1964
West D     Carroll, Cecilia Anetta   1988
West D     Carroll, James T.   reserved
West D     Carter, Clarence R.   1989
West F     Carter, Donald Vietnam 1973
West C     Carter, Ethel Faye   2006
East 5     Carter, Goldie P.   1955
West J     Carter, John A.   2003
East 4     Carter, Joseph   1866
West F     Carter, Mary Elsie   1989
West D     Carter, Michael A. US Air Force 1974
West D     Carter. Pauline M.   2004
East 5     Carter, Roy L.   1974
West C     Carter, Thomas L. Korea 1984
West G     Carter, Tom   1969
West F     Carter, Wathen US Army 1991
West C     Caserta, Jacqueline   reserved
West G     Cassidy, Bethel   1994
East 7     Cassidy, John W.   1971
East 7     Cassidy, Minnie A.   1983
West C     Caton, Pauline E.   1992
West C     Caton, Robert L. Sr. World War II 1990
West G     Caudill, Alamander   1972
West G     Caudill, Bessie   2000
West J     Caudill, Cora Sue   NC
East 8     Caudill, Gene J.   1997
West H     Caudill, Joan   1983
West G     Caudill, Kreszenz "Centa"   NC
West G     Caudill, Lee Korea 1996
West G     Caudill, Millie   1968
West J     Caudill, Paul   reserved
West G     Caudill, Roy   reserved
West A     Caudill, Shirley   2004
West G     Caudill, Susanna   1983
West G     Caudill, Wesley   1975
West G     Cavagnaro, Carol E.   2001
West G     Cavagnaro, Jeffrey D.   reserved
West G     Cawley, Michael Shawn   1982
West G     Centers, Bessie Lee   1981
West J     Centers, Charles W. World War II   Korea 1983
West H?     Centers, Donald   2008
West H?     Eunice   2008
West G     Centers, James A.   1977
West J     Centers, Loretta A.   reserved
West F     Chamberlain, James M.   reserved
West F     Chamberlain, Phyllis J.   2009
West J     Chambers, Linda L. [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West H?     Chaney, Dixie   reserved
West H?     Chaney, Matthew D.   1991
East 9     Chapman, Courtney L.   1965
East 9     Chapman, Flossie A.   1970
West F     Chapman, Jean   2008
West F     Chapman, Melvin US Army 1983
West F     Chapman, Melvin II   1997
West J     Charlton, Albert M. World War II 1996
East 7     Charlton, Andrew R.   1955
East 6     Charlton, Emery A.   1961
East 7     Charlton, Emma L.   1956
East 9     Charlton, Esther   1914
East 6     Charlton, George   1922
East 6     Charlton, Harry   1916
East 6     Charlton, Janie G.   1932
East 7     Charlton, Marie   1924
West A     Charlton, Marjorie M.   1999
West A     Charlton, Robert C. World War II 2003
West J     Charlton, Ruby P.   NC
West F     Chasteen, David W.   1989
West F     Chasteen, Henry World War II 1996
West F     Chasteen, Lula F.   2008
West F     Chasteen, Pearl L.   1976
West F     Chasteen, Robert   1976
West F     Chasteen, Ronald E.   1960
East 9     Cheadle, Jacqueline M   1965
West H     Chenault, Hugh Kenneth Jr. World War II 1997
West H     Chenault, Marjorie Kirk   NC
East 3     Chenoweth, Anna Fox   1960
East 7     Chenoweth, Cora Blanche   1972
East 6     Chenoweth, Harley S.   1943
East 6     Chenoweth, Mary E.   1967
East 7     Chenoweth, Pearl Floyd   1961
East 6     Chenoweth, Sarah J.   1905
East 3     Chenoweth, William R.   1957
West G     Cherry, John R.   2005
West G     Cherry, Nancy P.   2007
West C     Chesnut, Clark H.   1950
West C     Chesnut, Nannie E.   1968
West C     Childers, Cordie   1998
West C     Childers, Lula G.   1992
West C     Childers, Muzenta Calmes   1990
West H     Childers, Thelma   1993
West H     Childers, Theodore   1995
West B     Childress, Ethel M.   1972
East 5     Childress, Orbery B.   2005
West B     Childress, Orvis A.   1967
East 5     Childress, Vivian (Carter)   2003
East 6     Chilton, Alice M.   1967
East 8     Chilton, Carl R. World War II 2001
East 6     Chilton, Dora   1934
East 8     Chilton, Helen E.    
East 8     Chilton, Lawrence R.   2000
East 8     Chilton, Mary E.   1976
East 6     Chilton, Oliver T.   1958
East 8     Chilton, Oscar A.   1966
East 8     Chilton, Richard K. Vietnam 1968
East 6     Chilton, William S. Sr.   1916
East 2     Christman, Jacob (Rev.)   1810
East 2     Christman, Solomon   1814
East 3     Christopher, Ida Pence   1943
West C     Church, Nellie   1989
West C     Church, Richard C. Sr.   1990
West C     Cinnamon, Ethan Gregory   2009
West H     Clark [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West H     Clark, Barbara G.   2007
West C     Clark, Belle   1961
West D     Clark, Floyd E. Korea 2004
West G     Clark, James H. World War I 1983
West G     Clark, Melvin M.   reserved
West D     Clark, Mildred M.   2006
West G     Clark, Neva A.   1967
West H     Clark, Rodney D.   reserved
West G     Clark, Sandra K.   1994
West B     Clayton, Golda O.   1995
West B     Clayton, Jesse C.   1971
East 2     Cleaver, Eddie   1858
East 2     Cleaver, M. T. Civil War [no dates]
East 2     Clemmer, Ameliaoria   1905
East 2     Clemmer, Anna E.   1904
East 2     Clemmer, Robt. H.   1895
West B     Clemmons, Edith M.   reserved
West B     Clemmons, George W.   1957
East 6     Clevenger, C. Oscar   1940
East 6     Clevenger, Elsie M.   1953
East 6     Clevenger, Elwood   1924
East 4     Clevenger, Emma   1891
West C     Clevenger, Flossie Mae   [no dates]
East 4     Clevenger, Frankie   1890
East 7     Clevenger, Garrett   1930
East 4     Clevenger, Grace    
East 4     Clevenger, Grace L.   1905
East 2     Clevenger, Henry A.   1884
East 7     Clevenger, Ida B.   1939
East 6     Clevenger, India   1927
East 4     Clevenger, Jonathan   1930
East 4     Clevenger, Jonathan   1870
East 4     Clevenger, Joseph   1897
West C     Clevenger, Joseph   [no dates]
East 6     Clevenger, Lizzie   1959
West F     Clevenger, Lory W. World War II 1975
East 2     Clevenger, Maggie May   1880
East 6     Clevenger, Mamie L.   1919
East 4     Clevenger, Mary   1888
East 2     Clevenger, Mary L.   1879
West F     Clevenger, Pauline I.   reserved
East 4     Clevenger, Ralph A.   1891
East 6     Clevenger, Rhoda   1945
East 4     Clevenger, Sarah   1870
East 4     Clevenger, Stephen   1854
East 4     Clevenger, Stephen   1906
East 4     Clevenger, Susanna   1892
East 4     Clevenger, William   1920
East 2     Clevenger, Zachariah   1908
West H     Clifford, Jamison G.   2004
West C     Clifton, Arkie   1978
West F     Clifton, Bernice   reserved
West C     Clifton, Clarence   1950
West F     Clifton, Millard F.   1975
West F     Clifton, Ora E.   1994
West F     Clifton, Paul E. Sr. World War II 1983
West H?     Clingman, Nancy M.   reserved
West H?     Clingman, Neil E.   2003
West C     Coates, Lawrence E. World War II 1997
West C     Coates, Ollie   reserved
West C     Coffee, Betty J. (Mull)   2001
West C     Coffee, William O. World War II 1997
East 7     Coffeen, Amy R.   1943
East 7     Coffeen, E. Foster   1976
East 7     Coffeen, Edward   1922
East 7     Coffeen, Eva Dugan   1981
East 7     Coffeen, Marilyn R.   1996
East 7     Coffeen, Ted S.   1990
East 7     Coffeen, Theodore S. World War II 1990
West J     Cohn, Karen   1998
West J     Cohn, Larry   reserved
West J     Cohn, Taryn Ashley   1997
West D     Colarusso [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West H     Cole, Dorsey   2002
West H     Cole, Eloise   1997
East 5     Cole, Hazel Kirby   1973
East 6     Coleman, Alfred Civil War 1923
East 6     Coleman, Annah E.   1924
West A     Coleman, Betty Jo   1986
        Coleman, Oliver Civil War 1917
East 3     Coleman, Rebecca [Stansell]   1868
East 4     Coleston, Jane   1864
East 4     Collens, Martha Jane   1838
East 4     Collens, Moses   1839
West J     Collier, C. Shane   1993
West J     Collins [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West J     Collins [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West G     Collins, Amy E.   2008
West H     Collins, Beverly Ann   1991
East 3     Collins, Charles B.   1960
East 5     Collins, Charles M.   1964
East 3     Collins, Corda H.   1950
East 5     Collins, Delila Estep   1964
West G     Collins, Donald R.   1991
West H     Collins, Edgar D.   NC
West H     Collins, Elisha E. World War II 1984
East 3     Collins, Elsie M.   1990
West G     Collins, Ethel   1993
West C     Collins, Evelyn J.   reserved
West G     Collins, Everett   1981
West G     Collins, Frank C.   reserved
East 3     Collins, Frank M.   1971
West G     Collins, Fred   1996
West C     Collins, Glenn 'Doc'   reserved
East 5     Collins, Keith A.   1981
West C     Collins, Michael G.   reserved
West F     Collins, Mossie   1980
East 4     Collins, Nellie A.   1974
West A     Collins, Norval Glen "Arlo" US Navy 1983
West G     Collins, Opha   2000
West C   wa-533-1 Collins, Raymond W. World War II 1981
East 3     Collins, Robert Lee   1980
West G     Collins, Rosie M.   2004
West C     Collins, Ruby L.   1999
West F     Collins, Sam   1975
West C     Collins, Terry Patrick Sr.   1998
West F     Collins, Theadore   reserved
West B     Collinsworth, Iris   reserved
West B     Collinsworth, Jack   1960
West A     Colwell, Harley R.   reserved
West A     Colwell, Helen L.   reserved
West A     Colwell, Mae M.   1938
West A     Colwell, Samuel M.   1952
West C     Combs, Amanda   reserved
West C     Combs, Debra   reserved
West C     Combs, Dishmon   2004
West C     Combs, Doris A.   reserved
West D     Combs, Dorothy Mae (Hurtt)   2001
West D     Combs, Ella R.   2008
West C     Combs, French A.   reserved
West G     Combs, Henry E.   1995
West G     Combs, Isaac   2005
West G     Combs, Juanita   reserved
West D     Combs, Kelly C. Korea 1989
West F     Combs, Leslie   1973
West D     Combs, Oleta   1978
West F     Combs, Pearl   1979
West G     Combs, Ronnie Veteran 2003
West C     Combs, Roy   1988
West G     Combs, Scott Allen   1974
East 4     Comer, Dilworth   1922
East 4     Comer, Ellen   1859
East 4     Comer, Harris    
East 4     Comer, John   1862
East 4     Comer, John   1865
East 4     Comer, Mary Hampton   1911
East 4     Comer, Ralph W.   1928
West C     Condon, Charles E.   1985
West C     Condon, Foster O.   1976
West C     Condon, Mabel M.   1981
West C     Condon, Mary V.   1980
West C     Condon, Nellie M.   1984
West C     Condon, Paul J.   1947
East 6     Conger, Alice C.   1921
East 6     Conger, Charles M.   1948
East 6     Conger, Charles S.   1921
East 6     Conger, Elmer H.   1915
East 6     Conger, Georgia Ann   1946
East 6     Conger, Harold   1899
East 6     Conger, Lester   1976
East 6     Conger, Lucile   1902
East 6     Conger, Lucille   1964
West H     Congleton, Eleanor M.   1991
West H     Congleton, Winfred J.   2004
East 5   376 Conley, Donald World War I 1960
East 5   345 Conley, Donald Lee Jr. Korea 1997
East 5     Conley, Edward (Abe)   2001
West G     Conley, Elmer Korea 2009
East 5     Conley, Flora J.   reserved
West B?     Conley, Hazel   1987
East 5     Conley, Susie   1975
West G     Conley, Virginia   NC
West B?     Conley, Walter   2008
West G     Conn, Betty M.   2003
West H?     Conn, Louis W.   1990
West H?     Conn, Virginia R.   reserved
East 4     Connor, Daniel   1871
East 4     Conover, Alfred T.   1881
West 3     Cook, Allen   2007
West 3     Cook, Ann   2005
West F     Cook, Elizabeth M.   2007
West D     Cook, Eva C.   1991
West F     Cook, Hugh N. World War II 1980
West D     Cook, Jess   1985
West J     Cook, Joyce (Ingold)   reserved
West C     Cook, Robert C.   1984
West J     Cook, Robert James   2009
West D     Cook, Willie   1989
West D     Cooper, Oscar J.   1975
West C     Cooper, Rita Jean (Fox)   2008
West H     Copas, Roger W. Vietnam 1995
West J     Cope [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West J     Cope, Arnold O'Dale   1997
West J     Cope, Dinah Renee   1996
West G     Cope, Colonel   2005
West G     Cope, Evalena   reserved
West G     Cope, Tish M.   1986
West G     Cope, William P.   reserved
West G     Copenhaver, Alden W.   1986
West G     Copenhaver, Amanda E.   reserved
West G     Coppock, Bruce E. US Army 2007
West G     Coppock, Josephine   reserved
West H     Cornett, Bill World War II 1994
West G     Cornett, Ethel   NC
West G     Cornett, Harper World War II 1988
West H     Cornett, Rosemary   NC
East 2     Corwin [no given names]    
West G     Corwin, Betty   NC
East 2     Corwin, David F.   1913
West G     Corwin, Denver D.   1996
East 1   Sec 2? Corwin, Elizabeth   1897
East 1   Sec 2? Corwin, Jesse E.   1898
East 6     Corwin, Lora Lee   1943
East 2     Corwin, Mary M.   1906
East 6     Corwin, Robert Scott   1953
East 7     Costello, Sam   1976
East 5     Couch, Taylor Jenelle Laura   1986
West B     Cox, Amanda   1970
West H?     Cox, Anna   2009
West G     Cox, Arthur Dale Korea 2008
West H     Cox, Darrell Seitz World War II 1991
West G     Cox, Eva Mae   reserved
West F     Cox, Herbert D. World War II 1976
West H?     Cox, Lloyd Dennis World War II 2008
West H     Cox, Manuel E.   NC
West H     Cox, Norma Maxine   NC
West G     Cox, Paul Edward   2009
West H     Cox, Phyllis J.   1992
East 9     Cox, Susan Kay   1949
West G     Cox, Valerie Arlene   1983
West J     Coyle, Alice A.   2003
East 5     Coyle, Arnold V.   1932
East 5     Coyle, Della F.   1986
East 5     Coyle, Elmer W.   1954
East 5     Coyle, George R. World War II 1958
East 5     Coyle, Howard J.   1943
East 5     Coyle, Ina   1960
West G     Coyle, Jac Catherinella   2000
        Coyle, Joseph US Marine Corps 2016
East 5     Coyle, Martin L.   1957
East 5     Coyle, Opal Marie   1969
East 5     Coyle, Wesley C.   1956
West F     Craig [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West F     Craig, E. [temporary marker]   [no dates]
West C     Craiger, Berttha M.   2002
West C     Craiger, Curtis E.   reserved
West C     Craiger, Michael Garrett   1995
East 4     Crain, William   8 Aug 1836
West B     Cramer, Charles W.   1986
East 7     Cramer, Clara E.   1952
West J     Cramer, Cilfford John World War II 1995
West B     Cramer, Glenna B.   reserved
West B     Cramer, Georgia L.   1962
East 7     Cramer, Lester L.   1922
West J     Cramer, Margaret L.   2003
West B     Cramer, Richard E.   2010
West J     Cramer, Todd   2007
East 7     Cramer, Walter P.   1952
East 7     Crane, Alva B.   1936
East 7     Crane, Clement L.   1942
East 7     Crane, Dora J.   1936
East 7     Crane, Edwin   1875
East 2     Crane, Eleanor J.   1901
East 7     Crane, Huber   1904
East 4     Crane, John S.   1837
West D     Crane, Leamon B.   reserved
East 7     Crane, Lillian   1913
West D     Crane, Mabel Witt   reserved
East 2     Crane, Mary E.   1859
East 7     Crane, Rachel   1902
East 2     Crane, Samuel R.   1893
East 2     Crane, Sylvester E. Civil War 1862
East 2     Crane, Sylvester E. Jr.   1865
West F     Craner, Andrew W.   1999
West F     Craner, Mary L.   2000
East 9     Crawford, Charles   1937
East 9     Crawford, Clara   1942
West A     Creager, Charles E. World War II 2004
West H     Creager, Leonard W.   1989
West H     Creager, Margaret M.   1998
West J     Creager, Richard C.   1995
West J     Creager, Susan E.   NC
West A     Creager, Yeola M.   2005
East 7     Crew, Mina Siefried   1964
East 7     Crew, Wilbur Van   1949
East 7     Crockett, Carrie M.   1966
East 7     Crockett, Charles A.   1934
East 7     Crockett, Chester D.   1969
East 7     Crockett, Cornelia J.   1927
East 2     Crockett, Jane S.   1902
East 2     Crockett, John L.   1921
East 2     Crockett, Marmaduke   1867
East 2     Crockett, Oliver E.   1898
East 2     Crosby, Jacob   1883
East 4     Crosby, Margaret   1849
East 4     Crosley, Isabel    
East 4     Crosley, Milton    
East 3     Crosley, Moses   1891
East 3     Crosley, Sally Ann   1895
East 6     Cross, Charles   1944
East 6     Cross, Margaret   1963
East 4     Cross, Susan   1891
East 2     Crossley, Nancy   1864
West G     Crow, Fred R. Vietnam 1980
West G     Crow, J. Monette   NC
West J     Cruz, Nancy A.   NC
West J     Cruz, Philip M.   2004
West H     Cuddy, David   1995
West H     Cuddy, Keith   NC
West H     Cuddy, Thelma   NC
West J     Culbertson, Paul   1996
West J     Culbertson, Ruth   1983
West H     Cummings, Luther O. Korea 1988
West H     Cummings, Wilma J.   NC
West F     Cummins, Wanda Lee (Morris)   reserved
West F     Curlis, Dorothy   2003
West F     Curlis, Paul A.   1979
West D     Curtis, Freda M.   2006
East 1     Curtis, Susie Gaines   1943
West D     Curtis, T. Frank   1976
West D     Cushman, Eleanor   reserved
West D     Cushman, Maynard   reserved
East 4     Cussins, Almira Cosbby   1860
East 4     Cussins, Samuel M.   1853
East 4     Cussins, Sarah M.   1853
East 4     Cussins, Sylvester   1853
West C     Cuzner, George W.   1962
West C     Cuzner, Lillie A.   1981

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