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Deerfield Cemetery, Union Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Deerfield Cemetery
Union Township, Warren County, Ohio
K Surnames

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Death Vet
J 544   Kane, Gerald E. 1998  
J 545   Kane, Sue A. reserved  
L 110   Karns, Elva Faye [Karns/Bush on Burial Card; Bush on gravemarker] 2012  
G 290 C Keeton, Bertha 1977  
G 290 D&E Keeton, Elmer (Rev) 2003  
F 18 A Keeton, Hershel 2015  
G 290 E&F Keeton, Ivagean 1992  
B 107 C Keever, Edwin W. 1897  
B 100 F Keever, Elizabeth Roosa 1944  
B 100 D Keever, Ethel May 1900  
B 100 B Keever, Horace Coulter 1937  
G 132 A Kelley, Edgar J. (Rev.) 2007  
J 163   Kelley, Lillian 2012  
G 132 B Kelley, Ola 1983  
D 65 A Kelley, Opal Hopper 1958  
J 164   Kelley, Sam A. 1994 Korea
old     Kelly, Hannah 1815  

Kelly, John H.     [perhaps John R. Kelly]

old     Kelly, Nathan [removed from old cemetery in South Lebanon] 1845 Revolutionary War
old     Kelly, T. H. 1805  
F 29 A Kemplin, Robert Earl 1987  
H 130   Kennedy, Cordelia Loretta 1984  
H 131   Kennedy, Thomas Joseph 2002 Korea & Vietnam
old     Kenney, Daniel 1844  
old     Kenney, Eliza 1838  
old     Kenney, Elizabeth 1838  
B 98 B Kibbey, Catherine 1931  
G 62 E Kibbey, Charles E. 1980  
B 126 E Kibbey, Charles G 1934  
old     Kibbey, Ephraim (Major) 1809 Revolutionary War
B 126 F Kibbey, Leslie 1935  
B 126 E&F Kibbey, Lillie [no dates]  
B 126 A&B Kibbey, Lizzie [no dates]  
old     Kibbey, Phebe 1813  
old     Kibbey, Priscilla S 1851  
D 83 A Kilburn, Carter 1984  
D 16 C Kilburn, Cecil Lee 1932  
D 39 A Kilburn, Charlene Ann 1939  
F 93 C Kilburn, Clarence 2013  
F 167 B Kilburn, Decorsie    
F 168 B Kilburn, Decorsie    
F 167 C Kilburn, Dora    
D 16 B Kilburn, Elsie M. 1954  
D 39 F Kilburn, Floyd W. 1944  
I 114   Kilburn, Gregory D. 2006  
J 286   Kilburn, Janet Lee 1998  
D 16 F Kilburn, Jean I. 2012  
D 83 C Kilburn, Mabel 1948  
D 70 F Kilburn, Martin K. 1957  
D 85 A Kilburn, Martin L. 1987  
D 70 E Kilburn, Mary Bell 1956  
A 76 D Kilburn, Russell Lemuel 2009  
D 85 B Kilburn, Sarah M. 1983  
F 93 F Kilburn, Stephen Douglas 1967  
D 84 C Kilburn, Timothy C. 1963  
A 76   Kilburn, Vandwilla Elvira Hackman reserved  
D 16 A Kilburn, William H. 1981 World War I
D 16 E Kilburn, William H. 2013 World War II
J 287   Kilburn, William Ray reserved  
J 125   Kilpatrick, Christine 2016  
J 124   Kilpatrick, Edwin Jay 2004 US Navy
A 55 B King, A. 1909  
A 54 D King, Amanda 1917  
A 53 C King, Baby 1877  
A 56 B King, Beatrice Perrine 1925  
G 243 F King, Bessie 1994  
A 53 E King, Ella Mary 1874  
A 20 E King, Grace R. 1943  
A 20 F King, Harry L. 1933  
G 243 B King, Irene F. 1999  
G 243 D King, Kenneth Ray 1968  
H 224   King, Nora M. 2010  
D 118.5 D King, Patsy Louise 1952  
D 118.5 E King, Paul M. 1985 World War II
G 243 A King, Pleas 1990 World War II
G 243 E King, Sam 1978  
A 56 D King, Warren Ahimaaz


A 53 D King, William Henry 1871  
B 63 F/D Kirby, Gertrude Shurts 1995  
G 331 A Kirkpatrick, Charles M. 1978  
G 331 B Kirkpatrick, Grace E. 2002  
G 304 A Kiser, Joyce Sparks 2012  
F 80 F Kothe, William F. 1966  
G 301 B Krebs, Ethel L. 2017  
D 67 A Krebs, George 1958  
G 301 A Krebs, George Charles 2007 World War II & Korea
D 67 B Krebs, Julia 1996  
B 25 B Krekler, Alberta Bell 1887  
B 25 D Krekler, Arthur Pike 1884  
B 25 A Krekler, Belle Greely 1887  
F 73 A Kunkel, Sandra Sue reserved  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Deerfield Cemetery Home page]
if we have a photo, the name wil be a "clickable" link
[to add your photos email them in jpg format to Arne H. Trelvik]

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